Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 19 - The Mystery of Chopper Base - full transcript

The crew lands on the new base on a strange desert planet inhabited by strange spiderlike creatures. Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra prepare to solve the mystery of Darth Vader.

Ghost to Phoenix home,
we're heading down with another load.

Copy, Ghost.
I'll meet you on the surface.

So, one more run, then we'll take a break.

Are they still at it?

Pretty much non-stop.

Keep your blade up.

It's easier to drop it
than it is to raise it.

You know, that's my move.

I steal from the best.


And I got you.

Tied again?

There's no such thing as a "tie".

You lose, you die.

Yeah, and you win by killing an Inquisitor.

No. You win by surviving.

You two are getting pretty good.

Getting? Are you saying
we weren't good before?

I think she just meant
you're even better now.

I'll take it.


You never turn your back on an enemy.

Okay. But since when are you my enemy?

Let's go again.

# Star Wars Rebels 2x19 #
The Mystery of Chopper Base
Original Air Date on March 23, 2016

I thought you'd be more
excited about our new base.

We finally have a place to call home.

Trust me, Hera, I'm excited.

This is my excited face.

Yeah, very nice.

Here's that crate of power generators, AP-5.

This shipment was due hours ago.

So I can expect them to be
late all the time then?

The site doesn't look like much, I'll admit.

The good news is our scouts found
a fresh water source deep underground.

We're placing sensor markers
around the perimeter.

We'll know if anyone drops by unannounced.

Hey! Get away from that!

How I hate those little bogens.

This planet may be hot, dry, and unpleasant.

But at least there's
nothing trying to kill us.

Whoa! Whoa!

Hey! What?

Hey! Get away from that!

What are you guys doing over there?

What's wrong? Did something frighten you?

I can't believe it's all
finally coming together.

Ships, pilots, a base.

Everything you need.

Except you and Ezra.

So, when do you leave?

As soon as Ahsoka gets back.

We can't run from the Inquisitors forever.

I figured it was something like that,

with all that training.

Hera, what you've accomplished
here is important.

I understand that now, the need for us
to be a part of a larger rebellion.

I'm behind you...

But none of it will matter if
we don't do what we need to do.

All sensors on the Eastern face are in place.

Good. Have all the pilots checked in?

Lieutenant Deiser hasn't come back yet.

Phoenix-6, report.
Deiser, do you copy?

She was on the North face.
We'd better go check on her.

Take The Phantom.



Hey, do you know where Zeb is?

Yeah, do you know where he went?

What are you doing out here, big guy?

Oh. Hey, Ezra.

Just getting a little fresh air and privacy.

Hey, pull up a crate, watch the sunset.

We're gonna be leaving soon. Kanan and me.

Yeah, I figured.

Goin' after the "red blades", huh?

Yeah, I don't know when we'll be back.
Or if we'll be back.

Hey, hey, bad luck to talk
like that. You'll be back.

'Course we'll probably have
toppled the Empire by then.

We can swap war stories.

It's a deal.

Spectre-5 to Phoenix-6, where are you?

Deiser, come in.

Looks like whatever happened, happened
right after she placed that sensor.

Someone else is here.

Or something else.

Behind you!

Do you think it's aggressive?

I'm not waiting to find out!

More incoming!

Get to the ship.

This is Spectre-5. We're under attack!

We need backup...

Get off me, you lousy crawler!



What are you waiting for? Come on!

I hate multi-leggers.

Where's Rex?

Those creatures took him.

I think they got Deiser too.

Chopper, locate Rex's position!

He says this way.

I'll, uh... I'll guard the ship.

We need you, Zeb.

Chopper, stay here and keep the
Ghost ready for take-off.

More than two legs is just excessive.

Stay sharp and stick together.

They have tough armor. Aim for the eyes.

We need to split up.

Ezra, go with Hera.

No. Ezra, stay with Kanan.

Sabine, Zeb, with me.

Let's go.

Shouldn't we have a Jedi on each team?

We've gotta get used to
not having them around.

Oh, let me try to connect with it.

I don't think so.

Trust me, I got this.


Maybe I should teach you more common sense!

I had common sense before
you started teaching me!

We can argue about this later. Come on!

You always change the subject
when I start winning.

I don't like the looks of this.

Those big crawlers must eat them.

Ugh. Even I wouldn't wish that
fate on these little bogens.


Are those eggs?

I could really use a hand over here.


I met the neighbors.

I don't care for 'em.

Kanan! Ezra! We found Rex.

Good work! We're coming to ya!

Actually, I think it's time to go.

This way!

Aim for the eyes!

Get back, ya stinkin' crawlers!

They're boxing us in.

Huh. Glad you could drop in.

I wouldn't stand there if I were you.

Come on, we'll clear a path!

Chopper, open up!


This whole place is infested.

Maybe this base isn't so "perfect" after all.

I'm not giving up without a fight.

Hang on!

Hera, get us outta here!

It's no good!

I'm at full power.

Ah. They must have glued us down.

Well, we're safe in here, right?


Hungry, are ya? Well, eat this!

They're all over us!

Route auxiliary power to the hull.

That should knock 'em off.

It's not working. Hit 'em again!

No. If we drain too much power
we won't be able to lift off.

I hate to break it to you,
but we're not goin' anywhere.

We have to go outside and cut the ship free.

Yeah, fat chance surviving that... Huh?

Oh, that's great, Zeb. I'm gonna get eaten,

the last Jedi in the galaxy,
chomped up by some crawlers

because you were too afraid to go outside.

We're missing something.

Why didn't these things attack us before?

You're right.

They could've overrun the base,
they didn't come near it.

Sensor marker... that's it!

Kanan! I think I know why
they didn't attack the base...

Look! See that marker?

When I was looking for Deiser out there,

the creatures wouldn't come anywhere close.

They don't like the markers.

And the base is surrounded by them!

If we can get it, we can use it to
hold them off while we clear the ship.

Only problem is, how do we get to it?

We got a breach!

They're coming in the airlock!

I'll hold 'em here.
Get out and cut the ship loose!

We need a plan to get to the sensor.

Well, I think I have an idea.

Figure it out on the way!

Okay, kid, quick! What's the plan?

All right. Zeb, you and Hera,
out front laying cover fire.

Sabine, you're on the ramp.
Kanan, you're with me.

What am I doing on the ramp?

Kanan and I are gonna throw
you over to the sensor.

Times like these, I really
wish I had a jet-pack.




Whoa, whoa. Whoa!

Sabine! No!

Now, Chopper! Seal it up!



Hera, get us ready to fly.

Let's get to work.

That's it! We're clear!

Get us outta here!

Guess we should inform Commander Sato

our site... might not work out.

No. It took everything we had
just to find this place.

I'm not ready to give it up.

We're not going to.
The Rebellion needs this base

and we're gonna do whatever
it takes to keep it.

Don't worry. I'll handle it.

I think your fence is gonna hold.

You'd better go talk to Hera.

Why? What's wrong?

Kanan, wake up!
She might agree with your mission,

but you're still walking out...

and taking Ezra with you.


I told the Commander the site is secure,

and operations can resume.

We're gonna be okay. You know that, right?

You realize I know when you're lying, right?

Whatever you're facing,

I wanted us to face it together.

We'll see each other again.

I promise.


Fine. I guess we won't be friends.


I see the base is coming along nicely.

Yeah. Um, these creatures
almost ruined it though.

No matter what I do, I can't
seem to connect with them.

In my experience, just when you
think you understand the Force,

you find out how little you actually know.

I don't think I ever understood
the Force to begin with.

We should get going.