Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 18 - The Forgotten Droid - full transcript

When Chopper's attempts to buy a new leg fails, he ends up stealing one and escaping on an imperial ship where he makes friends with an inventory droid.

Thanks to Rex's Old Republic map

and the map Zeb's Lasat friends made,

I believe we finally have
a suitable location for our base.

The Yawst system.

There's no sign of the Empire,

but there's a small habitable moon,

one that I think will
provide everything you need.

Promising, but Yawst is several parsecs away,

and our carrier does not have
enough fuel to complete the journey.

We can't afford to leave it
unguarded and immobile.

Well, I've been tracking
Imperial fuel shipments.

There's one scheduled to arrive
at the Horizon Base soon.

Eh, it's risky.

The Empire's tightened security
at all its depots in the sector.

If there's fuel there,
what choice do we have?

All right. After we grab the fuel, we'll
have to blast our way out of here fast.

Chopper, be ready.

Oh, yeah. That droid leg
kinda does look like yours.

Chopper, we're not here to shop.

Uh, shop... Shopper!

This mission is important and dangerous.

Not now.

We need you on the Ghost
to monitor Imperial transmissions.

Hey! Let us know the second
the Empire suspects anything.

You heard her. Stay at your post
and get a leg up on the Empire, yeah?

Yeah, "Shopper". "Shopper".

# Star Wars Rebels 2x18 #
The Forgotten Droid
Original Air Date on March 16, 2016

Ah. I see someone's
interested in a new strut.

One that matches.

Don't worry.

I won't charge you an arm and a leg for it.

Kanan was right.
There's more security than ever.

We can't afford to leave without
getting what we came for.

There's the fuel.

Let's get it.
Okay, but we do it quietly this time.

No complications. Sure.

You can look,

but keep your manipulators off the
merchandise unless you're buying.

Stolen? No!

Some of my treasures
may be unregistered, yes,

but it's not important where it comes from.

It is the quality that matters.

Hmm. Sounds like trouble
at the Imperial port.

Now, are you gonna buy the leg or what?

500. Do you want it or not?

Credits? What do I look like, a Senator?

Where's your owner anyway?

Independent? A droid?

You mean you're broke.
Go on! Get out of here.

You're wasting my time.

Greetings, fine sir.

I see you have a taste
for quality motivator plugs.

Wait. Where's that leg?


I've been robbed!

Stop, thief!


Hey, trooper, sir. That droid
with the orange crop top is a thief.

He just stole a leg from me.

There's been a rebel heist.
Could be connected. I'll call it in.

Where'd he go?

Cargo transport 241, you are all clear.

This way.

Keep watch for possible stowaways.

There was a report of more rebels
on the platform before we took off.

Rebels again?
That's the third time this rotation.


The nav computer is off-calculation by .002.

You're an inventory droid,
not a navigator, you old clanker.

Go log the manifest.

It is against my programing protocol

to allow this Imperial vessel or its cargo

to be late for its scheduled deliveries.

I can't wait until your replacement gets here.

After you program it, we're gonna
shuffle you off to the scrap heap.

Now get outta here, and go log the manifest!

Sir, we've begun a search. If any
rebels got on board, we'll find them.

That's odd. This hatch should be sealed.

Hello? Is anyone there?

Hello? Who's there?

This is a restricted area.

Is someone there?
I must see your credentials.

I know what you are.

A stowaway.

You are not authorized to be here.

Imperial droid? No, I think not.

Who am I?

I am AP-5, the Imperial inventory droid,

charged with the safe transport
of this vessel's cargo.

I have logged every item and
crew member on this ship,

and you are certainly not on my list.

Why are you carrying
an extra ambulatory strut?

Ah, this strut is a replacement
for your mismatched one.

Your suspicious manner leads me
to calculate that you stole it.

You must be the rebel fugitive
the stormtroopers are looking for.

Come back, thief!

You can run, but there will be no escape.

There's no way out of the cargo bay.

You've only trapped yourself.

You must have a malfunctioning logic circuit

to accidentally board an Imperial freighter.

There's no need for violence.

Wait. That is a spark projector.

Only military models are equipped with those.

A war hero?

Well, "Chopper", I also
served in the Clone Wars,

as a military analyst on a Republic warship.

I was also part of the Ryloth campaign.

You know, our tactical strategies
were only 70% effective.

Your Y-wing was shot down?

Yes, they always were a bit buggy
during atmospheric operations.

How did you avoid the scrap heap?

Rescued? No one rescues droids.

She must be very brave.

You're fortunate to have someone who cares.

My commander did not survive,
and I was downgraded after the war.

I was the best Republic
navigator in my class,

but when the Empire took control,

I was reassigned to inventory duty here.

It is not a waste.

I do not mind being relegated
to a tedious occupation,

despite the constant disrespect
from my Imperial supervisors.

It is not pathetic.

I have been given my orders.
I must obey them.

What other options?
I am bound by my protocol.

Yes, free will sounds nice.

I admire your fortitude.

Inventory droid, report!
Where's that manifest?

Oh, uh, yes, Captain.

It is... I... I will have it in a moment.

Oh, you'd better, old clanker!

Keep an eye out for stowaway rebels.

They get by on your watch, I'll
put you in the melter myself.

I must report... I...

I have not seen any rebels
aboard this vessel.

Good. Now get me that manifest.

Wait. What... What are you doing?

I did not report you!

My restraining bolt. You... You freed me.

What are you planning to do now?

Lure the crew into the cargo hold,

jettison it into space?

But I am responsible for every piece
of inventory aboard this vessel.

Hey, droid!


Where is the manifest?
What have you been doing?

I am attending to my protocols.

Who removed your restraining bolt?

Let's get a new one on you now.

Ow! What the...

Where'd you come from? Hey!

Captain to security.

I've got the rebel on level two.
It's a droid.

On our way, sir.

You must be cross-wired
to come after me with this.

I can't believe what you just did.

Now we're both going to be in trouble.

I am guilty by association.

Have you heard from the captain?

Yeah. He reported that
he captured a rebel droid.

Wait. What are you doing?

That plan has a 10.5% chance of success.

Hey, you. Stop!

It's still a terrible plan.

He's going down corridor G6.

We found the rebel droid. We're tracking him.

Split up and cut him off. You two, with me.

We've got him now.

Blast him!

Hurry. Hurry!

Wait. Wait!
Stop them!

You trapped them.

I admit, that was a good plan.

You, captain?

You're woefully unqualified.
I am the captain.

No, the first one to the
bridge is not the captain.

Come back here!

We have to go back for Chopper.

I warned him not to get
distracted by that leg.

You don't even know if that's what happened.
Oh, I know.

I know that droid.
He's always thinking about himself.

But we have to think about the fleet first.

Phoenix Home to Ghost, come in.

We read you, Commander Sato.
We're inbound with the fuel.

You must hurry. We are under attack.

Sir, a rebel ship that escaped the
Horizon Base has entered the system.

So that's why their fleet hasn't
attempted to jump. They need fuel.

Order our fighters to intercept that ship.

Keep it from docking at all costs.

Looks like we're getting special attention!

My guns are offline. My guns are offline!


Shadowcaster to Ghost.
I'm on your wing.

Copy that, Ketsu. Thanks.

All right. Because of your help,
I'll allow you to be captain.

I'll hold your ambulatory strut
while you take the helm.


What? You abandoned your post.

Why are you changing course?
Where are you taking us?

The rebel fleet? Why would I go there?

How do I know your rebels

will treat me better than the Empire?

Because I am your friend?

Zeb, two incoming at point seven.

They can get in line.
There's more fighters than I can shoot!

Then there's no excuse for missing.

Ghost to Shadowcaster,
we need to land and refuel the carrier.

I'll clear a path.

Thanks for the assist, Ketsu.
You owe me one.

Everyone, get ready! We're coming in hot!

Look out!

Zeb, Ezra, the fuel.

We're on it.

C1-10P, where are you?

Really? So you didn't leave the
Ghost to go after that leg?

I don't have time for this.

We're still trying to refuel the carrier
so we can jump to the Yawst system.

The Yawst system? No. No, no, no.

I'm afraid the Yawst system will not
be safe for your friends at all.

The Empire's data network
reports an Imperial fleet

has recently been dispatched to that system.

It appears to be a trap of some kind.


The Empire's waiting for us
in the Yawst system?

How do you know that?

You stole an Imperial freighter?

Hera, refueling's finished.
Let's get out of here.

Hold that thought. Chopper,
are you sure it's a trap?

Then we need new coordinates
to a safe system, now.

We could cross-reference your data
with the Imperial network.

Captain Syndulla, the fleet must jump.
Are you ready?

Commander Sato, I have received new intel.

Yawst is now controlled by the Empire.

But we have new escape coordinates incoming.

New coordinates? To where?

Somewhere better than here. Chopper, hurry!

Hold it!

Get away from there!

Your rebel mutiny is over.

What took you so long?

This rogue astromech has taken me prisoner.

You outdated shell of circuits.
You are completely useless!

No, you are the one who is useless.

What did you say, droid?

Not this time, you little...

Where are those coordinates?

Uh, sorry, Chopper is, um,
unavailable at the moment.

Who is this? I am Chopper's friend.


Chopper doesn't have any friends.

He most certainly does.

Just as when he was rescued from that
Y-wing fighter, I am rescuing him now.

Chopper helped me, and I
have chosen to help Chopper.

I believe together we have isolated
a safe system for your rebel fleet.

Rebel fleet?

Just send the coordinates!

Transmitting coordinates now.

Transmission coming through.

Sato, I have the new coordinates.


The entire rebel fleet is betting on Chopper.

Yeah. Try not to think about it.

I... I won't forget you, my... My friend.

The planet checks out.

Chopper really came through this time.

So did his new friend. How's he doing?

I'll go see. Sabine's been working on him.

What... What happened? Where am I?

Don't worry. You're alive and well.

I replaced your damaged thermo sensors

with the ones from the leg Chopper stole.


You sacrificed your replacement leg for me.

Well, you shouldn't have.

I knew you had a malfunctioning logic circuit.

That sort of language confirms it.

You could be disintegrated in
six systems for saying such things.

I might just report you myself.

No, don't give me that.