Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Honorable Ones - full transcript

After a mission goes awry, Zeb finds himself trapped with of all people, Agent Callas. Both learn to trust each other to fight the frigid temperatures and strange creatures on the moon of Geonosis. Through the sharing of the experiences they realize their differences may be based on false information and brainwashing, and in the end, a more sympathetic figure appears who starts to question allegiances and all he knows. He's left asking himself - is he on the right side?

Rebel intelligence was right.

The Empire was building
something over Geonosis.

Yeah, but what?

I've never seen an orbital
construction field this big.

The Geonosians made weapons
back in the Clone War.

Whatever they were up to, I'm
betting we're not gonna like it.

Must've been huge if they had to build it
up here instead of down on the surface.

Chopper, run a planetary scan.

Good idea.

I know through experience
the bugs down there

don't take to unexpected guests.

No life?

You cross-wired?

There are billions of bugs on Geonosis.

Scan again.

They're dead. All of 'em.

- I don't like any of this.
- We don't know that for sure.

Let's check out
that construction module.

- Keep it running in case things...
- In case things go like they usually do?

Pretty much, yeah.

- What exactly are we looking for?
- The primary data banks.

They might have records
of what the Empire was making.

My gut tells me those
data banks will be empty.

My gut tells me this is a trap.

How perceptive.

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Lasats. Never know when to give up.

Spectre-2, we're in the usual mess.

Agent Kallus has joined us,

and there's some droid
out there locking down doors.

Agent Kallus, how lovely.

Chopper, go get that droid.

Come on, Chop. Get him!

Took you long enough.


We'll meet you at the ship!

You heard him. Let's go.

Spectre-4, we're leaving.
Where are you?

Busy right now!

- Zeb, where are you?
- Spectre-6, no need to wait.

Got my own ride outta here. Escape pod.

What a day we're having.

Zeb made it out. Zeb, you copy? Zeb?

He must've lost his comlink.
He's heading for Geonosis.

- We'll be able to find him.
- TIEs incoming.

Hey, Chop, you track Zeb's trajectory?

Yes, we want him back. Don't
be a sleemo. Find him.

What... What are you doing?

I'm just thinkin' about how
easy I could crush your head.


I'd rather wait for you to heal

so we can finish our fight
fair and square.

You're expecting your rebel
friends to come to your rescue?

Your friends fled.

If anyone finds us, it'll be
the Empire, and you will be captured.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

That's not happening either.

It'll be night soon.

Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark.

It's not just going to get dark.

It's going to get colder, too
cold for this to keep us warm.

And here I thought Geonosis
was a desert planet.

That is Geonosis. We
are on one of its moons.

How is it that you have
bested me even once?

Oh, get a sense of humor, Agent.

The transponder, probably
damaged in the crash.

If you can repair it,
reactivate its signal,

maybe the Empire will
find us before we freeze.

Or worse.

I'll take my chances with the cold

and whatever we're sharing
this hole with.

I know what happens to Lasat
in an Imperial prison.

You don't know much. Cooperate,
and you will get a trial.


You better decide soon.

We should make another sweep.
Maybe we missed him somehow.

Bio-signs on the planet
are still negative,

and there was no sign of the
pod anywhere on the surface.

What about its transponder?

I checked all
the frequencies. Nothing.

It's only a matter of time
before Imperial reinforcements arrive.

- If we're not gone by then...
- Well, then we need to work faster.

Widen all scans.

There. Fixed it. And
I adjusted the frequency.

Now anyone can pick up its signal.


Maybe you won't die today,
but the Empire will win.

Every day, we recruit more informers.

Every day, we persuade rebel sympathizers
to reconsider their allegiances.

And every day, more beings get fed
up with the Empire and join us.

Its power cell is...


And we'll be next.

What... Where are you going?

What are you doing over there?

Huh. It's warm.

What did you find? What is that?

I don't know, but it's warm.

And it throws light.

Probably some kind of meteorite.

Here. Warm yourself up.

You really think we'll survive,

with whatever that is in there?

Plus the temperature's dropping,
and our only heat source is this thing.

And who knows how long it'll last?

You're so quick to give up hope.

Like I said, the transponder's working.

My friends will find us.

The transponder's signal will
never get through the ice.

Huh. Yeah, you're probably right.

But Lasat never know
when to give up, remember?

We'll just climb this
up to the surface.



You're going to hurt yourself.

Will you just shut up?

How'd you like a few more broken bones?

Like this day couldn't get any better.


What was that?

Don't know, but it's
probably going to come back.

Yeah, and it's probably
gonna bring its friends.

That is the order of things.

The strong survive, the weak perish.

Is that what happened on Geonosis?

The weak needed to perish?

The only thing I know about Geonosis
is that the population is gone.

- I never asked questions.
- Well, maybe you should start.

Or are you afraid of the
answers you'll get?

Afraid you'll learn the Geonosians were
wiped out by your precious Empire?

And why would we do that?

- What could possibly be the point?
- Ah, good questions.

Chase the answers, and maybe
you'll learn the truth.

You know, you'll never get
out of here without my help.

You're in no shape to help anybody.

I can tell you exactly
how to climb out of here.

All right. We'll work together.

I see you modified it
for close quarters fighting.


But you shouldn't have it. It's
not a trophy. Now hold still.

I didn't take it as a trophy.

The Lasat guardsman I faced...

He fought well, died with honor.

- He gave me the rifle before...
- The Boosahn Keeraw.

- The what?
- The Boosahn Keeraw, Lasat warrior way.

When one is defeated by a superior
foe, he gifts his weapon.

I was...

I was only doing my duty.

It was nothing personal.

Yeah, well, what the
Empire did on Lasan,

I'll never forget it.

We all have things
we won't forget.

I remember my first unit.

The boys and I were deployed to Onderon

to bring peace and security
to a troubled world.

We were on a routine patrol and ran
into one of your rebel friends,

a Lasat mercenary
who worked for Saw Gerrera.

I was lucky,

knocked out by the first blast.

I came to, but found I couldn't move.

And then I saw him,

the Lasat, calmly walk
through smoke and fire

to finish my unit off, one by one.

The injured never had a chance.

Always wondered why he let me live.

Well, you can't judge
all Lasats as the same.

Does that sentiment apply to Imperials?

All the Imperials I know.

I'll take that for you, for the climb.

We'll get it when we reach the top.

Time to go.

Hold it.

Don't climb the walls.
Go up the pillars.

What? Pillars will
never hold my weight,

never mind yours
added on.

They hold up this cave, don't they?

If you're wrong, I'm
feeding you to that thing.

Fair enough.

This is a terrible idea.

Just climb.

There are two of them!

- Karabast! "Karabast.
- Karabast!" What does that even mean?

Right now, it means you're a
lot heavier than you look.

The goal is not to fall.

- Hold still and hope this works.
- Hope? Hope what works?


No, no, no, no!

No, no, no!



Better activate the transponder.

It's a lot colder up here.

We won't last long.

Yeah, but I think I'd rather
freeze than be eaten.

Let's hope it works.

Of course, since you "adjusted" it,

we don't know who will
pick up its signal.

Guess all we can do is wait.

Least we've got this to keep us warm.

Still think your friends will find you?

Unless the Empire gets here first.

On Lasan...

It... It wasn't supposed
to be a massacre.

But I realized the Empire
wanted to make an example.

I know before,

I took credit for it.

What happened on Lasan,
it's over for me.

I've moved on.

By the way, it's Zeb.
My name, it's Zeb.

Short for Garazeb.

I know.

That's a ship.

Yeah. But whose?

Come on.

- Ah. Your friends did find you.
- Like I said they would.

You know, we will treat you fairly.

I'll take my chances with the Empire,


- Ah! Zeb!
- Zeb!

Told you he'd be fine.

Zeb, you made it!

We picked up your beacon.
We were so worried.

It wasn't so bad.

We've all been in tighter spots.

I knew you'd find me eventually.

Yeah, all right. Come on, Zeb.
It's, uh, it's cold out here.

- You've been in it for two seconds.
- Yeah, two seconds too long.

Admiral Konstantine.

Agent Kallus.

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