Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 15 - Homecoming - full transcript

The Ghost crew journeys to Ryloth to aid a rebellion cell.

Hurry up, Zeb!


Cargo transfer complete.

Thanks, Phoenix Squadron.

Transport's clear. Let's get out of here.

Phoenix Leader, my hyperdrive is damaged.
Attempting to dock.

Make it quick, Phoenix Two.
Those fighters are closing in!

Phoenix Two is gone.
We have to jump now!

At best, our squadron is at half strength.

We're not just losing fighters,

we're losing pilots faster
than we can replace them.

Until we can find a base, we need
somewhere to land our fighters.

Perhaps we can solve
two problems at once.

A rebel cell has reported an
Imperial carrier over their world.

If we can steal that ship, we can
use it to house all our fighters.

This cell is located
in the Ryloth system.


I know the cell you're talking about.

I'll contact them.

You're actually gonna talk to him?

I don't think we have much choice.

We need that carrier.

What's wrong with Ryloth?

Hera. This is unexpected.

Father, we need to talk.

# Star Wars Rebels 2x15 #
Original Air Date on February 17, 2016

How do I look?

Hmm, same as always. Why?

No reason.

Straighten up a little bit.
You're making me look bad.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing. Just calm down.

You calm down.

It's been a long time, Father.

Ah. You must be the Jedi I've heard about.

Jarrus. Kanan Jarrus. I've...

Heard a lot about you too, sir.

This is the rest of our crew.

Ezra, Sabine and Zeb.

A fine group of fighters.

Cham Syndulla at your service.

The Liberator of Ryloth.

I studied your Clone War
tactics at the Academy.


The Empire is still trying
to figure out how to beat me.

These are two of my finest warriors.

Numa and Gobi.

Well, we should get to the briefing.

There's a lot to do.

The Empire has a light
carrier in orbit over Ryloth

they use to bomb the Twi'lek rebels.

The ship's well defended, but we can
get aboard using the stolen bomber

while the squadron is away.

One team secures the hangar,
the other storms the bridge.

Then we jump out before they
figure out what hit them.

No. This monstrosity has
rained destruction and death

on the citizens of Ryloth.

It is not enough that it simply disappears.

My people need to see it fall from the sky
in flames, as a symbol of our strength.

So I recommend a change in plans.

Using my bomber, schematics and timetables,

we can destroy the carrier
when it's most vulnerable.

If you could have destroyed it,

you would have done so already.

You need us, and we need the carrier.

We need each other.

Cham's intel, Hera's plan.

This works, we all win.

Very well.

With Jedi on our side, how can we fail?

Hey, what's going on
between you and your father?

We haven't spoken in years.

He was a hero in the Clone War,

fought with the Jedi to free
Ryloth from the droid army.

But after the war, the
Republic became the Empire

and refused to leave,

so he started fighting them.

Once my mother was killed in the resistance,

Ryloth's freedom

became the most important thing to him.

More important than family?

It's almost time.

We should head out soon.

Well, there's nothing more important to me.

Is that the old astromech
you found during the Clone War?

His name is Chopper.

If you gave me half the attention
you gave this second-rate junk pile,

we'd have liberated Ryloth by now.

This is what's wrong with you, child.

You hold on to the wrong things,

devote your time and effort to lost causes.

What a waste.

I am not wasting my life.

I help people.

I lead ships into battle.

I am part of something bigger.

The Rebellion.

I thought you knew better than
to put your faith in outsiders.

You forget what happened
when we trusted the Republic.

This is different.

The rebels are fighting to free everyone.

Free everyone?

I don't care about everyone.

I care only about Ryloth.

So I've noticed.

Master Windu spoke highly of your
heroics at the Battle of Lessu.

Ah. Mace Windu, hmm.

Outnumbered 100 to one,

we charged across Lessu's
energy bridge to certain doom.

We would not be stopped.

They named that attack in songs,

"The Hammer of Ryloth."

Cham has taken a shine to your Jedi.

More the other way around.

General Syndulla, I could
listen to your stories all day.

And I could tell them all day.

Your father's not such a bad guy.

I see a lot of him in you.


You're both great leaders
trying to help people.

You don't know him like I do.

Gobi, get ready for landing.

If the Empire is on schedule,

they should be sending
their bombers to the surface,

which will make the ship more vulnerable.

They're always on schedule.

There they go. I'm signaling the A-wings.

Let's hope this works.

Bomber pilot to carrier.
We are under attack by rebel fighters!

Request permission for emergency landing!

Incoming bomber,
transmit your clearance code.

Code is 7-2-5... Ahh!

Proceed to bay two.

We'll cover you.

Rebels have fled.

We've been hit!
Coming in hot!

Might consider slowing down.

This has to look good. Hang on!

I hate it when she says that.

Get a squad down there.
Initiate crash protocols.


Sorry, my friends. What?

Traitors! No, wait!

I heard shots.

Ahh! Father, what are you doing?

We only needed your help
to get on board. I'm sorry.


Drop your weapon! Hands up!

Freeze! Don't move!

Set your charges on the munitions racks.

I'm going for the engine room.


Chopper, get up!

Yes, I know my father betrayed us.

Thanks for the update, buddy.

Kanan, come on! Kanan, wake up!

On second thought, I don't
like your father anymore.

Um, Hera, uh, our "friends"
have bags full of detonators.

Enough to blow up this carrier.

We're scrubbing the mission, right?

No, we're finishing it.

We'll stop my father,
then we'll steal this ship.

We'll take the bridge.

Zeb, you and Sabine check the
munitions rack for those detonators.

They blow those up,
and this whole ship will go too.

Everyone on Ryloth will be
able to see that fireball.

I think that's the idea.

Sir, we've lost contact
with the containment squad.

I want a full detachment sent
to the adjacent hangar.

There's Numa. Get down!

I can stun her from here.


You hit one proton bomb, and you'll
touch off the whole magazine.

I wasn't planning to miss.

You should've let me!
You'll get your chance.

See? There's something you can shoot.

That'll do.

General. The rebels are awake.

They are trying to stop us.

Is Hera with them?

No. It is just the Lasat
and the Mandalorian.

Set the charges.

I will deal with my daughter.

Blast 'em!

Close the blast doors.

Ezra, now!

After you.

Chopper, get this door open.

We don't have time for a standoff.

You got any ideas?

Yeah. Catch me that droid.

Stand down!

I have already contacted reinforcements.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Kanan, do your thing.

Actually, Ezra, you take this one.

Okay. Okay. I got this.

I got this.

You're going to abandon ship.

I will not abandon my ship.

You are going to abandon ship.

We are going to abandon ship.

The fire in hangar bay
three is out of control.

Abandon ship.
Get to the escape pods.

Uh... I really mean it.

"This is the captain."

I really mean it.
This is the captain.

Get to the escape pods.
Abandon ship.

The fire is out of control.

You should get going.

I should get going.

Not bad for your first time.

All right, Hera. We're on the clock.
Get us outta here.

The bridge is secure.
What's your status?

Oh, the usual.

But Sabine has a plan of sorts.

Yeah. Sort of a great plan.

Wow. Sabine's plan actually worked.

Hey, don't sound so surprised.

There's no sign of Cham.

Find him. Better hurry.

We are not going anywhere.

You're too late, Father.

Chopper, make the jump to hyperspace.

The hyperdrive's off-line? What did you do?

I must destroy this ship for Ryloth.

Gobi, Numa, proceed with our plans.

Apologies, General Syndulla.
We have been captured.

Cham, we don't have time for this.

Imperial reinforcements will be coming.

Destroy this ship, and the
Empire will just send another.

But if we take it,
we can use it to fight them.

You haven't been here to see what
the Empire has done to our world.

They plunder our wealth and
sell our people into slavery.

This ship must burn, for all Ryloth to see.

I want freedom from the
Empire as badly as you,

but this battle can't be won on Ryloth alone.

During the Clone War, you didn't
just fight for a village,

you rallied everyone to
liberate the entire planet.

You inspired me.

The Rebellion is no different.

But either you couldn't see
that or you didn't believe in me.

And that's why I left.

She's right. We have the ship.

We just have to buy her enough
time to get us out of here.

I am with you, Hera.

I am also with you.

Well, Father?

I guess you have your
chance to prove me wrong.

Everyone, get to the turrets.

We're on our way, Hera.

Father, tell Chopper
how to fix the hyperdrive.

Focus all fire on that shuttle.

We can't let them retake the ship.

Five targets inbound!

I'm on them!

They got past me! I see 'em!

Kanan, the shuttle!
I know, I know!

We did it!

Your victory will be brief.

As I feared, the bombers have returned.

We're not in the clear yet.

Incoming torpedoes!

Taking evasive action.

Two targets at 3.9.

Ugh! Missed one!

I've got it!

Lousy Imps!


Yeah, yeah!

Lost our stabilizer!

Come on!

We were always stronger together.

The rebels have stabilized the carrier.

All ahead full.
We must not allow them to escape.

The light cruiser is coming after us,
but I think I know a way to stop it.

I'll help you.

It's okay. Go. Hurry!

Droid, I shut down the
hyperdrive's power coupling

on the third and fourth reactor.

Sabine, meet me in the hangar.

I've armed the explosives.

You actually think this
ridiculous plan will work?

Yeah. Kinda fun, isn't it?

I set the anti-grav. Just give it a push.

You wanted to blow something up.
Here's your chance.

They've set one of the bombers adrift.

A foolish tactic. Expect more
obstacles, but stay the course.

The forward magazine's been hit!

For you, my people.

All right, let's see what she can do.

I'm getting reports from all over Ryloth.

Our people are rallying against the Empire.

Every hour, more join our ranks.

Glad to hear it, sir.

Daughter, may we speak?

When you left, I was heartbroken,

but now I understand.

You're like your mother.

She was once a dreamer too.

But I learned to be a leader by watching you.


I am proud of you, Captain Syndulla.