Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 13 - Legends of the Lasat - full transcript

The rebels are stunned to discover two Lasat refugees, and together they must evade the Empire to get the Lasat to their prophesized new home planet.

Ezra, I'm proud of you
for taking the lead

on this rescue mission.

You would've done
the same thing.

You said these people
are wanted by the Empire.

Do you know why?

No, but I hear
they're closing in.

We better hurry.

So where'd you hear
about these refugees anyway?

Huh? Oh, you know,
one of our, uh, contacts.

Speaking of, Chopper,
you better let him
know we're here.



Hey! Where'd you get
that transmitter?


There's no answer!
We better hurry.

Oh, no.
We're too late.

Drag those refugees
out of there.



My people.

They're Lasat.

Where are you
taking us?

To a detention facility
for a nice, long stay.

Hmm. More likely
a blaster squad.



Hello, hello!

You arrived just in time,
as I knew you would.

You could have warned me
the Empire was here.

Ah, but I sold the Lasats
to the Empire

knowing the heroes
would save the day.

(CHUCKLES) You being
the heroes, of course.

Hondo is your contact?

To be fair,
he contacted me.

Yes, to be fair.

Because I knew these two
belonged with that one.

It is him.
Captain Orrelios.


By the Ashla.

The prophecy!


Captain Garazeb Orrelios

of the Lasan
High Honor Guard.


(LAUGHS) A reunion!

I was right again.

How wonderful.

Hondo could use
a little help.

Thought I was just
about the last of us.

How is this possible?

Do you remember me,

You look familiar.

Gron. I served
under you in the guard.

This is Chava the Wise.

Oh, yeah,
I know who she is.

I didn't know
you were a captain.

He never told
any of us.

It was so long ago,
I... I forgot.

We have not.

Well, we've gotta
get you out of here.

HONDO: Oh, wait, wait.

Does this mean I am not
getting my finder's fee?

You never were.

Perfect answer.

I am so proud of you
right now.

I never had a student
learn this quickly.


Uh, something wrong,
my friends?

Distress call
from an officer.

He was meeting
an informant here.

Oh, my, my.

Well, you know,
I just arrived, uh,

but a group of, uh,
Imperial fugitives,

uh, rebels, I believe,

they just fled the area.

Where did they go?

Good question.

I, uh, understand, though,
that there is a reward

for that kind
of, um, information.

So, tell us
where you're headed.

Our new world, Lira San.

Prophesized in the ancient
Lasat writings.

It is a safe system where
our people can begin anew.

Ugh. Look.

The only safe system
for us was Lasan,
and it was destroyed.

Lasan was not destroyed.

It was transformed
as part of the future
destiny of our people.

There's no future destiny.

Everything is gone.


We are not gone.

We carry the ways
of Lasan within us

and will until we reach
our new home.

Everything is happening
as it was meant to.

There. That's them.

Agent Kallus, the informant
came through.

We have the rebels
in our sights.

Move in.
I'll be there soon.

And, Commander,
I want them alive.

The rebels are headed
to Bay C-62.

All units,
mobilize to intercept.

Ezra, my boy.

It's your pal Hondo.


What is it, Hondo?

Just so you know,
there are, uh, (SNIFFS)

stormtroopers on their way.

How close are they?

Pretty close.

They've got backup!

So do we. Here!

Oh, no. We do not fight.
It is no longer our way.

What? You're Lasat.
You're warriors.

Course you fight!

This just keeps
getting better.

We'll never
get through now.
Well, we can't go back.


What happened?
Another rescue
by Hondo Ohnaka!

Thanks, Hondo!
We owe you one.

No. We don't.

Hold it right there!

Well, this must look

Imperial cruiser.
I see him.


I believe
that was them, sir.

Sir, the rebels escaped,

but I think we have
a way to find them.

Well, good news.
I will help.

Always eager
to assist the Empire.


Okay, so where
is this new world
we're taking you?

We do not yet have
the location of Lira San.

We have maps
if you need 'em.

There is no Lira San, Hera.

It's a myth, an old legend.

The time has come
to prepare the ritual

that will guide us
to our new home.

Come on.
I'll help you get set up.


Better go make sure they
don't drive that kid crazy.

This is going to be
an interesting ride.


I'm not weird.


Quiet, Chopper.

The Ashla led us
to the pirate,
then to you,

so that we may find
our path to the new world.

The Ashla?
The spirit of the galaxy.

Sounds like the Force.

The Force has
many names, Ezra.

And it is through
your Force, our Ashla,
that the prophecy comes.

It is written
and it is spoken.

The promise of Lira San
will follow the fate
of The Three.

The fool, simple
and selfish, he would lead.

The warrior,
bold and bloodthirsty,

to hunt the hope of tomorrow.

The child, to destroy him!

We will find
our new home only if

the child saves
the warrior and the fool.

Well, I have no idea
who the fool is,

and I only see one child.

And you're not rescuing
this warrior.

Perhaps you are
not the warrior?

Well, finding these
unfindable enemies of yours

should be no problem
for Hondo,

especially after we work out
the details of my payment.

I assume you have
a tracking device.

I... Oh, well.

I was just getting to that!

You see, you are good.

This is why I prefer to
do business with the Empire.

What is your name?

Ah. Hmm.

We must begin.

The fool has set events
into motion.

The only fools I know are us
for listening to this gunk.

What would you have us do,
Captain? Fight?

Did that serve us
on Lasan?

Please join.

Lira San ko-ko mah-seeta,


Lira San ko-ko, mah-seeta,

Lira San ko-ko, mah-seeta,

Lira San ko-ko, mah-seeta.


What are you doing, huh?
These are your people.

You act like you want
nothing to do with them.

Chanting ain't gonna
help save anybody.

How do you know?

As captain
of the Honor Guard,

I was responsible for
protecting the royal family

and every single Lasat.

Their safety was my duty.

You couldn't have
stopped the Empire.

I fought to the end.
We held the palace.

And then there was a bomb.

And when I woke up,
it was all just gone.

We retreated.
I was as good as dead,

at least until Kanan
found me.

Huh. Karabast!

I can't imagine.

I lost my parents,
but you must have
lost everyone.

But at least you're alive,
and, and you've got a chance

to help your people again.

They called me Captain.

I don't deserve
to be called that.

I failed my people that day.

So don't fail them now.


Eeee, ah, naa.

We are ready for your map.


The path to Lira San
will be revealed

through the fates
of The Three.

The child must save
the warrior and the fool.

The child
must show us the way.


The child of Lasan.

Wait, wait.
I'm the child?

I really wanted
to be the warrior.


You're kinda acting
like a child.

Your bo-rifle,
as the ancients used it.

Those systems are beyond
the Outer Rim, in Wild Space.

Not on any map.

The child
must show us the way.

ZEB: That's it. That's it.

Lira San.


How far is it to Lira San?

Well, judging by this...



Power down the hyperdrive.
I'll ready the shields.


What's wrong?

There's something
in our path.

What is that?

Imploded star cluster,
biggest one I've ever seen.

Nice save.

If we get any closer,
the gravity field
will destroy us.

What happened?
Are we on course?

Sure are, but our course
is blocked

by the worst kind
of space anomaly
we could've encountered.

This is what happens
when we jump into
uncharted space.


This is the maze
that was prophesized.

Wait, a maze?

You never said anything
about a maze.

You prophecy types always
pull something like this.



Ugh. Now what?

Attention, rebels.

As much as I might like
to watch you consumed

by the maelstrom before you,

I will offer you
a chance to surrender,

an opportunity for survival.

How did he find us?

HONDO: Hello, my friends!

What are you doing
with him?

I must apologize, Ezra.

I hid a tracker
on that transmitter.

You know,
for insurance purposes.


Well, thanks a lot, Hondo.
You've been a great help today.

You have one minute
to prepare for boarding,

or to be destroyed.

I can't believe this.
Kallus has got us.

He plays his part,
as warrior.

Wait, he is the warrior?

And I got stuck
being the child?

There are many warriors,
fools and children, Captain.

The child in you
can't see how things are,

but how they can be.

The fool denies
his destiny,

but it is the warrior you are
who will create one.

You are never one of these.

In time,
you become all of them.

Ezra, bring me my bo-rifle.

What are you thinkin', buddy?

You can do this, Zeb.
I know it.

Just like the ancients
used it.

Your time is up, rebels.

Zeb, what are you doing?

Leading the way.


Trust me, Hera.

Sir, the rebel ship
is moving into the anomaly.

Such a nasty place.

Why would they go in there?

Because they believe
they can.

Launch fighters
to slow them down.

Open fire.

We'll be torn apart!


Let them go.

To their destruction.

Let them go.

Pull back, full retreat.

Yes, you'll
get them next time.

No. I will watch them
be destroyed.

I see it!
The way through!

I don't know how, but the
hyperdrive is activating.


Was that really necessary?


Get him up.

GRON: Captain Orrelios!

Hey, buddy.
You hurt?

I've had worse.

I've never seen better.

We're home.

Lira San.

Zeb has been
down there a while.

Are you sure
he's coming back?

Pretty sure.

You were right.


Well, I'm sorry, Chopper.

You're gonna have to put
all of Zeb's stuff
back in his room.


Kinda sad, those two Lasat
all alone on that planet.

ZEB: They're not alone.

What are you talking about?

There were already Lasat
down there.

Lira San is where my people
originally came from.


Yes, Chopper, that means
there's a lot more of him.



We can go home now.

How do we get home?

Consider this system

which means now
that the Ghost
has been here,

we can always come back.

And if we meet
any other Lasat,

I will show them the way.