Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 12 - The Protector of Concord Dawn - full transcript

In need of new hyperspace routes due to Imperial pressure, the rebels find a shortcut but must gain permission from the leader of the nearby system.


We got the supplies,
but we were fortunate
to get away.

The Empire's
making our travels

around the Outer Rim
tougher all the time.

Yes. We need a new
hyperspace route in and out
of the Lothal sector.

I may have
a perfect shortcut.

The system of Concord Dawn.

It's a Mandalorian colony
and not an Imperial
territory yet.

Why not?
They've grabbed up
just about every other place.

Concord Dawn is known
for its elite warriors.

They were brought in
to train clones
back in the war.

Bet even the Empire
thinks twice
about a fight with them.

The question is,
who are they loyal to?

The Empire does occupy
their home world of Mandalore,

so Imperial influence
could be a factor.

Years before
the Clone Wars broke out,

the Mandalorians
were already at war
with each other.

This group call themselves
the Protectors.

They like to make up
their own rules.

Sounds familiar.

So we go in with strength,

scout the system for defenses
to see what we're up against.

Or why not try diplomacy?

Ask permission
to use their system
as a shortcut.


Warriors like these
only understand strength.

He's got a point.

But we shouldn't
make an enemy
if we don't need to.

If we get permission
to fly through
their space,

the next step
could be recruitment.

To grow the rebellion,
we need friends
like these Mandalorians.

We could have our route
and a powerful ally as well.

Very well, Captain Syndulla.

The mission is yours.

Okay if I tag along?

I was hoping you'd ask.

Hmm. Looks like
diplomacy won
the day for once.

There was a time
when it always won the day.

So, that's Concord Dawn.

Sure looks like
it's been through a war.

This system has endured
more than a hundred wars.

My people don't need a reason
to pick a fight.

Phoenix Squadron,
we have visitors.

Everybody, stay sharp.

unregistered ships.

This is Fenn Rau,
Protector of Concord Dawn.

You are trespassing.
Identify yourselves.

We come in peace, Protector.


That's not a word
I hear often.
State your mission.

We request safe passage
through your system.

Well, that depends.
Who is asking?

Those who would stand
with Concord Dawn

against the Empire.

So you're the rebels
I've heard about.

How unfortunate for you.

You haven't heard
what we have to say.

I don't need to.
Out here, I act
in the name of the Empire.

Hold on, Protector.


I'm hit!


Hera, what do we do?
What do we do?


I don't think they're
interested in talking, Hera.

Phoenix Squadron,
take evasive action.




Spectre-5, Phoenix-2,
get out of here.

There's too much fire.
I can't get an opening.

He's right.
If we attempt to jump,
we'll be cut to pieces.

Go to heading 257.
I'll get your opening.

What about you?

Just follow orders, Sabine.

(GROANS) Roger that.

That's it, Protector.
Follow me.

What are you up to?

Hera, where's that opening?

Prepare to jump.


Coordinates set.
Thanks, Phoenix Leader.

Get going, Sabine.

Not without you.

I'll be right behind you.

Close ranks.




Sabine, what happened?

We picked up a distress call.
Where's Hera?

She was right behind me.

Kanan, we didn't
have a chance.

These Mandalorians
work for the Empire, too.


Hera, can you hear me?



I see her.
I see her, Kanan.
It's bad.

You've got to hurry.
Please hurry!



How is she?

Her vital signs
have stabilized.

She is going
to make it.

But she requires rest.

This is my fault.
I shouldn't have left her.

There's nothing
you could have done.

I'm just glad
you're both back
in one piece.

Commander Sato
wants the details
on what happened.

Yeah, I'll be right there.


I'm so sorry, Hera.

They're going to answer
for this.

Fenn Rau,
the Protector of Concord Dawn.

That's who did this.
That's who we're up against.

Rex, does that name
sound familiar to you?

It sure does.

Fenn Rau was
a fighter pilot instructor

for the Grand Army
of the Republic.

He also served...
At the Battle of Mygeeto.

I know. I was there.

That was a long time ago.

So I guess negotiating's
been taken off the table?

Yeah? You want to negotiate?

Let's negotiate,
by destroying their ability
to attack us.

I tracked them from
Concord Dawn's third moon.

They must have a base there.

If they scan our fleet
approaching, their fighters
will cut us to pieces.

Then I guess
we'll have to hit 'em
before they take off.

You think you can
infiltrate their base?

I believe I can.

We can take out
their fighters, all of them.


It's risky, but I approve.

Well, I don't.

This is a solo mission,
and I'm taking it.

I'm already one man down.
I won't risk anyone else.

Kanan, I know
the Mandalorians.

You need me on this mission.

No way.
We're a team.

You can't go
without us.

All right.
I'll take Chopper.


But that's all.
And this is not open
for further discussion.

Come on, Chopper.

Come on, Chopper!




I can hear you.
And, yes,
I know what I'm doing.

Just program the nav computer.


Chopper, load up the intel
Sabine gathered.

We can pinpoint
where their base is.


What do you mean,
"Just ask her"?

He means I'm standing
right behind you.

Better jam
those scanners.

What are you doing here?

You must be
pretty distracted

not to have noticed
I stowed away.

So, what are you
really up to?

You heard Sato's orders.

I'm gonna destroy
those fighters
before they take off.

I know you
better than that.

Fine. I'm going to finish
Hera's mission.

We need to recruit
the Mandalorians
to join the rebellion.

The Protectors
almost killed Hera.
What are you thinking?

I'm thinking
we can still offer them
a chance to change.

Everyone deserves a chance.

(SCOFFS) You know,
this Jedi philosophy stuff
doesn't work for everyone.

That's why we're at war.




Well? What are we
up against?

Including the two
starfighters on patrol?
Eight ships total.

But they're spread out,

so it's gonna
take me a while
to plant charges.

I think I brought
enough explosives.

You always bring
enough explosives.

Hopefully you won't
have to use 'em.

Now get down.
They got company.


Looks like the Empire
bought their loyalty.

See the Mandalorian
accepting the credits?

That's their leader,
Fenn Rau.

Here is the payment
for the next rotation.

This arrangement is working
to your benefit.

I encountered
a squadron of rebels.

The rebel fleet?

Not an entire fleet.

A couple fighters.
But my men and I
took care of them.

If they return,
be sure
to contact us.

Sounds like
your negotiations
are gonna go great.

What's the plan? I mean,
if diplomacy doesn't work.

You give me a chance
to recruit the Mandalorians.

If that doesn't work out,
then you get to
blow up their fighters.

We have a deal?

But not just the ships.

Rau has to pay
for what he did to Hera.

Let's hope
it doesn't come to that.


Two rebels burned.
The rest fled.

He wants us
to stay on guard.

Plant your bombs,
but wait for my signal.

(SIGHS) All right.

Hey. I trust you.

Pretty bold
to sneak onto my base.

I'm gonna assume
you're one of those rebels
I dealt with earlier.

That's a pretty good guess,
but not the entire truth.

I don't recognize you,
so before I gun you down,

why don't you tell me
what you want?

We never met,
but I do know you.

In fact,
I came to thank you.

In the Clone Wars,
you fought in
the Third Battle of Mygeeto.

And I was there.

You're a survivor.

That explains how
you got past my men.

My master, Depa Billaba,
and I were pinned down,
trapped by droids.

You and your Skull Squadron
flew into the Separatist fire
over and over to cover us.

You saved our lives.

Mmm. That was a long time ago.

I was younger
and more reckless then.

To be honest, I don't see
what that has to do
with you being here.

You gave me
a chance to live that day.

Now I'd like to
return the favor.






What was that?



How's it going, boys?

Where did you
steal that armor from,
bounty hunter?

Bounty hunter? Not lately.

I forged this armor
with my family.

That's a bold claim.

What's your house?

I'm Clan Wren,
House Vizsla.

House Vizsla?
She's Death Watch.


My mother was,
but I'm not.

I came here
to settle a score,

and I invoke the code
to seek justice
through single combat.

No one has invoked
the code since
the Empire took over.

Well, who's in charge here?
The Empire or Mandalore?

I already fought
one losing war for the Jedi.

I'm not fighting another.

You can't possibly believe
in the Empire.

I believe they have
the strength to defeat you

and the resources
to back it up.

Why would I fight the Empire
when obviously destroying you
is so much easier?

You must know
the Empire isn't interested
in sharing their power.

In the end,
everyone is their enemy.

If we don't stand together,
then we're all alone.

Alone is who we are.

We have an infiltrator.

Don't worry.
I have the Jedi
under control.

I don't know anything
about this Jedi,

but a Mandalorian trespasser
has invoked the code.

She claims
she's House Vizsla.

I assume she came here
with you?

Let me handle this.

I'm afraid it's
out of your control
now, Jedi.

KANAN: Sabine, I thought
we had an agreement.

They started it.

Your house is an enemy
to the Protectors.

Call out your opponent
for combat to the death.

I thought you'd never ask.

I call out you, Fenn Rau.

You're gonna pay
for what you did to Hera.

Just like I said.
You rebels fight battles
you can't win.

I assume Hera is the pilot
I shot to pieces earlier.

I guess she didn't make it.

She's alive. Barely.

I got to admit this is
an interesting development.

One of you came here
to befriend me,
the other came to kill me.

We can't let you
attack our fleet.

But we'd rather
leave here as friends.

He's already the enemy.

Sabine, you know
this isn't what Hera wanted.

She didn't want to
create enemies

and she wouldn't
want you to die.

I'm not planning on dying.

I'm afraid the only way
you're getting
out of here alive

is if she kills me,

and that
is not going to happen.

What is it
with you Mandalorians,

never knowing how
to solve anything except
through the end of a blaster?

Sabine, you do this,
you're no better than him.

You have to trust me.

Sabine, you make this choice
and, win or lose,

the Empire is going
to be all over this system
and the fleet.

Kanan, you need
to stop talking now.


There are alternatives
to killing.


Come on!


Capture them alive.
I want them
to watch their fleet burn.


Are you feeling better now?
You got to blow stuff up.

I thought you'd be happy
I didn't kill anyone.

Actually, I'm thrilled.

Well, here's the bad news,

Rau's fighter is
at the far end of the field,

and I wasn't able
to set the charges on it
before they captured me.

You're saying
we should go after him?

For the first time today,
we agree on something.

Fine. But we are still
not killing anyone.

(GROANS) You love making
this hard for me.





Chopper, I think
we're done here.


Kanan. How's the plan going?


Just get up here!

SABINE: Okay! Hang on!


Still think we can't win?

Our ride's here.






(CHUCKLES) When you
set your mind to something,

you're kind of frightening.


How do you feel?

Like a prisoner.


Better get that.
Are you crazy?

You can't let
a prisoner receive
outside communications.


Just answer it.

Sir, are you all right?

We're marshaling
our reserve starfighters
for pursuit.

Stand down.
There's no need.

if the Empire finds out
about your capture...

You're not gonna
let that happen.

MANDALORIAN: And the rebels?

Until I give the word,
there is to be no mention
of the rebels.

And their ships are
to be granted safe passage
through our system.

MANDALORIAN: As you wish.

Welcome to the Rebellion.

Right now we are only friends
because we have to be.

What does that mean?

Well, the Empire
doesn't make a habit
of rescuing people.

The last thing Rau wants
is Imperial ships
all over his territory,

and that's exactly what
he'd get if they found out
he was our prisoner.

EZRA: Kanan. Sabine.

Hera wants to see you.

I hear
we're taking prisoners now.

I like to think of him
more as a
reluctant recruit.

It was better
than the alternative.

We're not at war
with the Protectors.

There was no need
to take their lives
if we didn't have to.

Hmm. Sabine, you're
sounding more like a Jedi
than a Mandalorian.

Well, I guess
I've just been raised right.