Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - Legacy - full transcript

As the Empire attacks the Rebels, Ezra is drawn to information about his parents and their fate.

How's he taking it?

As you'd expect.

We both knew Ezra might not get the news
he hoped he would about his parents.

Governor Azadi, we're grateful
you stood by them for so long.

Not sure
what good it did.

Things don't seem any better
here on Lothal.

At the moment, maybe, but we hope
to change that in the future.

Speaking of which, Senator Organa
heard about our losses on Garel.

He's sending us reinforcements.

His agent is coming to
Lothal with three cruisers.

Three cruisers? That is good news.

Maybe a mission like this
is just what Ezra needs.

I hope you're right. We'll be
there as soon as we can to help.

Sir, three unidentified starships
have just entered our sector.

Launch fighters to intercept.

Open a channel.

Attention. This is Lieutenant Lyste.

Lothal is now a restricted
system by order of the Emperor.

- Identify yourselves immediately.
- Greetings, Lieutenant.

We come bearing relief supplies
for the citizens of Lothal.

Our mission is sanctioned
by the Imperial Senate.

I wasn't informed of your visit,
nor do you have a landing permit.

Permit's coming through now, sir.
They're from Alderaan.

Another meddling
delegation from Alderaan.

I'll handle this personally.

Attention, senatorial convoy.

Your landing has been granted,

and fighters will escort you to the
Jalath City Depot for processing.

I'll see you there.

This is Princess Leia Organa.

I look forward to it,
Lieutenant. End transmission.

Well, there's no turning back now.

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Ezra, we're gonna miss
our rendezvous. Let's go.

If you're going into
Jalath City, be careful.

The fleet may be gone, but Imperial
security is bound to recognize you.

Maybe dressed like this.

But who's gonna notice an
extra stormtrooper and cadet?


They know our ship, too.
Ryder, any chance we could...

Borrow my bike? Take it.

But I'm not getting involved any further.

Even after what the Empire did to you?

Come on, get back in the fight.

I won't go back to prison, Kanan.

Please don't ask that of me.

Those are our reinforcements?
Some old transports?

In our position, you
take what you can get, kid.

Hey, excuse me, miss.
Uh, where's your commander?

Not much of
a welcoming committee.


I'm Kanan. This is Ezra.
We're from Phoenix Squadron.

I know who you are.

And unless you want
the deck officer to know, too,

I suggest you put your helmets
back on and keep your mouths shut.

Excuse me?

You heard her. Shut it.

Deck Officer, I'd like to start
distributing my relief aid.

Stand by. My orders are to inspect
the cargo for contraband,

and detain these vessels
until the lieutenant arrives.

Scanning crew, move out.

Well, this plan's off
to a good start.

As a matter of fact,
it's going perfectly.

- Where's the rest of your team?
- They'll be here, eventually.

Good. Then you can
steal my ships.

- What?
- What?

I'll explain later. First I have
to deal with the lieutenant.

- Follow my lead and try and keep up.
- Wait.

Why does she get to give orders?
I don't get to give orders.

Do you ever listen to yourself?

Yes, and I happen to be
very interesting.

You must be Leia Organa, princess
of the royal house of Alderaan.

And aide to my father,
Senator Bail Organa.

I come with relief supplies
for Lothal's needy,

who are suffering terribly as a
result of the rebel insurgency here.

Surely you don't want
innocents to starve.

No, of course not.

Lothal has indeed suffered,
as has Alderaan.

From what I hear,

your ships have an unfortunate
habit of falling into rebel hands.

I assure you, that won't
happen on my watch.

What's that?

Gravity locks? This is hardly necessary.

I insist.

Plus a trooper detachment,
and for extra security...

Walkers will guard your ships
from the rebel insurgency.

- All for your safety, miss.
- It's "Your Highness."

As my ships are detained, I will
require your shuttle to begin my work.

Um, my shuttle?

Certainly I could arrange
for other transportation.

No. Your shuttle. I need
to leave immediately.

You two, bring those supplies and
escort me to the trauma area at once.

Yes, ma'am. Right away.

I hate to say it, but whoever
came up with this plan

severely underestimated
the Empire's security.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.

It's not your fault.

Yes, it is. This was my plan.

We need those ships.

Why didn't you just hand them
off to us in deep space?

You don't understand.
It's not that simple.

If the Empire could prove Alderaan
provided ships to the rebels,

we'd lose our seat in the Senate
and be charged with treason.

But if they're stolen on a planet
controlled by the Empire...

Alderaan would be blameless.

Have to admit, that was a good plan.

Well, now we need a new one.

Yeah, what is it, Chopper?


Friends of yours?

Not for much longer,
by the look of things.

What are we going to do?

This time,
you follow my lead.

This is a secure site.
State your business.

I'm taking the princess ambassador
here on a scouting mission

for possible refugee relocation.

This is not a safe area for you.

There's a high level of rebel
activity happening at the moment.

Well, we're finishing our survey.

We could take these prisoners
back to Jalath for you.

That won't be necessary. We have orders
to terminate one of them immediately.

Hold on, trooper. As a
representative of the Senate,

I demand to know
what this man has done.

He's a fugitive from an Imperial prison.

Now, depart immediately
for your own safety.

Where you find one rebel,
there are usually more.

Chopper's receiving a signal.

You know what that means.
Hera's here.

- More friends of yours?
- Yeah, I'm a likable guy.

You're coming with me!

No, you can't come on board!

You have to go get the Phantom.
Get moving!

Your friends might shoot you
wearing that armor.

That's not a bad idea, Governor.

- Take the princess hostage.
- What?

If I'm seen escaping with you,
I'll be labeled a traitor.

You have to take me prisoner.

Well, you better make it look good.
I'll warn Sabine.

- We got two incoming.
- What about Ezra and Kanan?

They're the troopers on the left.

Help! Help! Commander!

Hold your fire! She's my responsibility!
I'll get her back!

Kanan's coming. He said
to make it look good.

- No, Zeb, wait! Easy!
- That's Kanan!

I know.

They're taking prisoners?
They do that now?

Kanan. Wake up!

Kanan! How's your face?

Why did you hit me?

What? You had a helmet on.

- Did you have to hit us so hard?
- Hey, you wanted it to look good.

Where's the princess?

In the cockpit
with Hera.

We've completed our search of the
transports and found no contraband.

Very well, Corporal.


Sir, my squad
was ambushed by rebels.

They escaped with
the fugitive Ryder Azadi.

- What?
- They also abducted a cadet.

And some princess ambassador.

She's under our protection.

Deploy search patrols, now!

I owe you my life.
You have my gratitude.

It's the least we could do after
leading the Empire right to you.

We heard what happened. Sorry, kid.

Hey, at least
now you know.

Yeah. I guess
I just need some time.

- Is he all right?
- He's okay.

He just lost some people
close to him.

It's a challenge being his age
with so much responsibility.

I know that feeling.

Maybe he could use a friend.

I know who you are.

You're Ezra Bridger.

I heard your transmission.

My parents heard it, too.

But they're gone now.

I'm sorry.

It's just there's so much against us.

Do you ever wonder...

If this fight is even worth it?

Every day.

- But I'm still here.
- But you're a princess.

You don't have to risk
your life doing this.

I feel like because I can fight,
I have to for those who cannot.

And I think you might
be the same way.

Let's figure out a way
to get your ships.

We did a scan of the landing field,
and looking at the Imperial security,

I just don't see us living long
enough to get near those ships.

Two walkers are a big problem.

Ugh. Even if we
reach the ships,

they're not going anywhere until we
can disable those gravity locks.

Those defenses are formidable.


Because the Empire
doesn't underestimate you.

They know how good you are.

We might be able to get one out,
but we'll never get all three.

It's impossible.

I know you need those ships, so don't
tell me why we can't get them.

Tell me how we will.

Well, Kanan and I still
have our disguises,

so we can get onto the platform.

But to get close to the ships,
we'll need a distraction.

- I can handle that.
- The Ghost can act as air support.

And I can use detonators to
blast off the gravity locks.

Won't work. You can't
forcibly remove the locks.

You know this how?

In prison I put
those locks together,

so I know how to take 'em apart.

Ryder Azadi, does that mean
you're getting involved?

Just this once.

It's clear
I can't stay on Lothal,

so I'll help you,
if you get me outta here.

Over there.

This is the rebel ship
we've been looking for.

Set weapons for stun.

I'd think you'd be pleased to see
me safe and sound, Lieutenant.

Of course, Your Highness. Very pleased.

Just, um, surprised.

We need to cut open
that access panel,

and bypass the primary
power flux coupling.


This brave trooper saved
us both from those rebels.

He deserves a medal.

He did it!
Sabine, you take this one.

We'll move on to the next ship.

I'll call in the air support.

As you can see, your ships are safe
and sound right where you left them.

If you're trying to
impress me, Lieutenant,

you're doing a miserable job of it.

- What do you mean?
- You don't know?

I didn't authorize this!
Who's piloting that ship?

- Sir! Rebels!
- Blast them!


Sabine's away.

Let's get outta here.

I'm not sure we're going anywhere.

Secure the third ship.
I'll handle the walker.

Handle the walker? How?

Just trust us. Go!

Unlock that ship!

He's a Jedi!

Look! What's that?

I don't think he's on our side.


Did you see that?

If you like that, watch this.

Drop your weapons.


- Get down!
- Whoa!

That is impressive.

Well, mostly.

She's all yours, Kanan.

Two down, one to go.

I'll handle this.

Thank goodness you've arrived.

The rebels are stealing my ships.

AT-AT 36, you have new
orders, shoot to kill.

- Repeat, shoot to kill.
- No, you can't!

I'm sorry, Your Highness. We can't let
your ships fall into rebel hands.

Destroy that ship now!

Did I get it this time?

Finish up here. I have to help them.



Time for me to go.

- Wait. What are you doing?
- Stop that rebel!

He's stealing my transport!

Make it look good.

Oh, we gotta
make this look good.

- You have my permission.
- See ya later, Princess.

The princess!

My ships. You lost my ships.

I'm afraid so.

You should be afraid!

Just wait until I tell the Senate

that the Imperial presence on Lothal
is helpless against the rebels.

No, no, no. That won't be necessary.

I-I assure you, Alderaan will be fully
compensated for your lost ships.


Oh, and I'll need your shuttle
so I can return home.

My shuttle. Right.

Uh, where is it?

Lieutenant, did you
lose your ship, too?

I'll summon you another right away.

So, Governor, we need to
find a safe place for you.

I already know where
I'm going, back home.

I knew you'd come around.

I couldn't see it before,

but going to prison with the
Bridgers started something.

That something has grown
bigger than I ever imagined.

I owe it to them and I owe it to
you to see it through to the end.

Welcome back to the fight, Governor.

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