Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 9 - Path of the Jedi - full transcript

Ezra must face a great challenge as part of his growth as a member of the team.

Ezra. Ezra, you in there?

Nope. No Ezras in here.

Hey, Kanan. Sorry I'm late.
I was with Sabine.

So, you gonna invite me in?

You didn't knock, so what
makes you think you need an invite?

I'm sorry.

Then you should knock first.

Not for that. For missing training.

It's all the same thing.
The fact that you don't see it...

Ezra, when we were on that asteroid,

you made a dangerous connection
through the Force.

Now I have to know if you are ready.

I am ready. Wait. Ready for what?

For a test, a real challenge,

one that could determine
if you're meant to be a Jedi

or not.

But you said I was a Jedi.
Why else would you be training me?

I never said you were a Jedi.

I said you had the potential
to become one.

But you lack discipline, focus.

Come on. You know how I grew up.
I'm not used to all these rules.

Kanan, I want to become the Jedi
you see in me,

the one I don't always see in myself.

You're lucky I'm not my Master.
She'd never let you get away with...

All the things
you tried to get away with?

You want a second chance or not?

I mean, if you want to give me one.

I'm not giving you anything.

Now go prep the Phantom.

As you say, Master.

- I might regret this.
- You have to do this, Kanan.

After what happened on the asteroid,
you have to help him.

- I hope I can.
- I know you can.

So, where are we headed for this test?

That's what you're gonna tell me.

When I was your age,

there were around 10,000 Jedi Knights
defending the galaxy.

Now, we are few.

But in those days,
we had small outposts,

temples spread throughout the stars.

The Empire sought out these temples
and destroyed many of them,

but not all.

I want you to meditate,
let the Force guide you to one of them.

- What if I can't find it?
- That's part of the test.

Trust yourself. Trust the Force.

So, did you take this test at my age?

It was different for me, Ezra.
Everything was different back then.

All that remains now is the Force.

And only my connection to the Force
can lead me to the temple.

He can be taught.

There's a massive stone,
with a tunnel, I think,

and a bright star inside of it.

- And it's right here, on Lothal.
- You sure?

I can't give you the coordinates,
but I can direct us there.

I know I can.

The stone from my vision.

- Autopilot disengaged.
- You already knew.

I checked the holocron
back in my cabin.

And it told you
there was a Jedi temple on Lothal?

The holocron holds
extensive star maps,

but I was as surprised as you
that there was a temple here.

Course, I couldn't be sure
this is where you were meant to be,

but it makes sense.

This is your home.

You better figure out how we get inside.
And don't take too long.

Remember, the Empire has access
to all the old Jedi records.

They may know about this temple
and have it under surveillance.

Nothing. No sign of an entrance.
Not even a crack.

But I know this is the place. I feel it.

Seriously, can't you give me a hint?

Don't look. Listen.

Use the Force to hear the stone
and its story.

The stone. The temple. It...

It wants to admit me.

No. Wait, not me.

Us. Master and Padawan.


Then together it shall be.

Don't lose focus.

We don't want this thing
crashing down on us.

You lost focus.

Well, dead guys are distracting.

In here, you'll have to face
your worst fears and overcome them.

And there's no guarantee of success.

I have plenty of faith.
Faith you'll keep me on track.

I'm not going with you.

What? Where are you gonna be?

Right here, with them,

Masters whose Padawans
never returned.

You're putting your life in my hands?

You put your training in mine.

Good luck.

Wait. What exactly am I looking for?

Nothing and everything.

- That doesn't help.
- I know.

But that's what my Master told me.

Great. Should've brought the holocron.

Loth-rat, Loth-cat, Loth-wolf, run.
Pick a path and all is done.

Really? That's how you're choosing?
What happened to using the Force?

What happened to having faith in me?

Second thoughts, fortunately.

Come on.

Kanan! Slow down.

I told you. We might not
have much time. The Empire could...

Kanan? Kanan!

The Inquisitor.

I felt a disturbance in the Force,

the moment the Jedi decided
to bring you here, Padawan.


Now, who dies first?


I'll die before I let you harm the boy.

How reasonable.

Kanan, no!


So he called himself "Kanan," did he?

Well, it hardly matters now. Your turn.

I'll make you pay. I swear you'll pay!

Apparently someone's not quite ready
to become a Jedi,

and never will be.

How do you figure the kid's doing?

I gotta agree with Chop.
I don't think Ezra was ready.

I don't think we'll be seeing him again,
which is too bad.

Really? 'Cause I'll be happy
just to get my cabin back to myself.

It's too bad because he had skills
that were useful to our cause.

Knew there was a reason
you were being so nice to him.

That's pretty cold, guys.

After all, he's just a little kid,
scared, alone.

Me? I pity him.

Well, look who's here.

How long do you think
he was listening?

Long enough.

Nothing personal, kid.

No. This isn't you talking.
I'm not back on the Ghost. I couldn't be.

Well, that's just crazy talk.
You're standing here, aren't you?

No. I'm back in the temple...

No. No, this isn't real.

Ezra. Wait! Help us!


That's right. I'm in the temple. I knew it.

Kanan? Kanan, where are you?

No. He died! The Inquisitor killed him!

Or was that an illusion, too?

Either way, I'm trapped.
No way I get this open on my own.

I'm alone, abandoned again.


Yeah. Been alone before. Survived.

I can survive this.

Maybe Kanan's not dead.
Maybe he's just injured.

He might need my help in there.

How perceptive.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

You were on the Ghost,

and that, all that,
that was definitely an illusion.

It may have been,
but I assure you, I am not.

No way out, Padawan.

There's always a way out,

if I follow my training.

Ready to die, boy,
or are you afraid to face your demise?

No. Afraid of being alone again? Sure.

Afraid of letting down my Master?

Your Master lies dead and rotting
in a forgotten tunnel.

You could hardly
have let him down more.

I'm not afraid.

Big fears have you faced, young one.


For what lies ahead, ready are you?

I am.

Come. See more clearly
what you could not see before.

- Who are you?
- A guide.

The kid's taking too long.

Patience. Remember you
nothing of your own training?

Master Yoda.

It can't be. I'm losing it.

Losing? Lost. Yes.

But what loss?

The question, that is.

Master? How... How can this be?

Be not concerned with how

Know I am here because you are here.

Thank you, Master.

Thank you? Nothing have I done.

See you, I can. Before, I could not.

Changed, something has.

I've taken on an apprentice.


And now Master are you?

Of this decision, honest you must be.

It's true.
I'm not sure of my decision to train Ezra.

Not because of him or his abilities,

because of me, because of who I am.

Which way is the right way?

The wrong question, that is.

I'm sorry. I don't understand.

To be honest,
I don't even know what I'm doing here.

A better question, that is.

Kanan said I was gonna be tested,
but he never said what for or why.

And your Master,
tell you everything, must he?

Well... No.

Your path you must decide.

A dangerous time this is
for your apprentice, for you.

I know. I can sense it.

I feel as if his abilities are growing
faster than I can teach him.

You sense, or you fear?

I lost my way for a long time,

but now I have a chance
to change things.

Last chance.

I won't let him lose his way,
not like I did.

Tell me. Why must you become Jedi?

I don't know.
I guess because Kanan believes I can.

Kanan thinks you can.

And you?

Well, I'll become stronger, powerful.

Power you seek.

I'd make the Empire suffer
for everything it did,

for everything it took, for my parents.

I... I wouldn't be helpless anymore!

Jedi way is revenge?
Teach you this, your Master did?

No. Kanan would never.
He's a good Master, a great Master.

- Then why seek you revenge?
- I don't.

Inside you much anger, much fear

I just want to protect myself
and my friends.

And this is why you must be Jedi?

Yes, and not just them.

Everyone. I'll protect everyone.

Before I met Kanan,
I only ever thought of myself,

but Kanan and the rest,
they don't think like that.

They help people,
they give everything away, and I see it.

I see how it makes people feel.

Feel, yes. How?


They feel alive, like I do now.

Good. Good.

Ahead of you a difficult path
there is, Padawan.

A Jedi you may yet be.

- How are you?
- Different, but the same.

I know what you mean.

I found this.

I don't believe it.

What is it? It's good, right?

Ezra, that's a kyber crystal.

- What's a kyber crystal?
- It's a lightsaber crystal.

I have to admit,

when I brought you here,
I didn't see this happening.

Getting a lightsaber crystal
is a big step.

It's strange that it's just here.

And it will be, for now,

and hopefully it'll be here
long after you and I are gone.

I was just thinking, shouldn't we use it
as a base or something?

Who knows what else is in there?

I know what's in there.

The past.

He's been working on that thing
for weeks.

What kind of lightsaber
could he possibly build

with the junk we have laying around?

Well, I had a few spare parts
I found over the years.

And I had some bits and pieces
that might work,

modulation circuits, an energy gate.

Chopper even donated a power cell.

I gave him some additional tech.

He was pretty specific
about what he was looking for.

I thought I'd let you check it out first.

Well, it's different.

But that seems about right for you.

Go for it.