Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 8 - Gathering Forces - full transcript

Kanan and Ezra try to protect an Imperial deserter by distracting the Imperial forces.

Chopper, I'm rolling us starboard.
Be ready to fire those rear guns.

Karabast! Chopper's down!

I've got you covered, Hera. Roll away!

Open fire.
Their shields will not hold indefinitely.

Sabine, I need you
in the nose gun, now!

- Didn't you hear Hera?
- Didn't you hear Tseebo?

He said he knows
what happened to your parents.

I already know what happened.
They're dead. So go!

Are they? Are my parents dead?

Someone want to explain to me
why we're extra popular tonight?

We've picked up a passenger...
The Rodian the Imperials are hunting.

And he's important because...?

Because his cybernetic implant has
downloaded half the Empire's secrets.

Okay, I can see why that's important.
Let's get him out of here.

The Bridgers should hide.
The troopers came.

They took Mira
and Ephraim Bridger away.

Where? Where did they take them?

Forgive Tseebo. Forgive him.

- Forgive you?
- Tseebo failed.

Tseebo was afraid.
Tseebo could not raise Ezra Bridger.

Coward! You could have stopped them!
Why didn't you stop them?


Shields down!
Ezra, I need you in the cockpit!

Yeah. On my way.

Forgive you?

My parents trusted you,
and you failed them and you failed me.

I'll never forgive you for that.

Quite a ship.

Ezra. Nav computer's offline.
With Chopper down, I need you to fix it.

Not exactly my specialty.

Well, make it your specialty
and make it fast.

Or this ship becomes a real ghost.

- Could really use that nav computer!
- Rewiring fast as I...

For fast travel over interstellar
distances, hyperspace is optimal.

What is he doing?

I don't believe it. Hang on!

Hera. This is Tseebo.

And did Tseebo just signal hyperspace
coordinates directly to my ship?

That would be my guess.

Well, then, thank you, Tseebo.

I think you saved our lives.

Yeah, I guess
there's a first time for everything.

We are receiving a signal
from the tracker.

They will not be able
to outrun us for long.

I still sense the Jedi
and his Padawan within my grasp.

So? Now what do we do with him?

We have a few ideas.

But you're the one
who has history with Tseebo.

What do you think we should do?

Don't know. Don't much care.

Ezra, you'll never advance as a Jedi
if you can't be honest,

with yourself, at least.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means Tseebo matters to you.

You do care what happens to him.

Why should I?
He did nothing to save my parents.

What could he have done
against the entire Empire?

And besides,
look at what he's done since.

The Imperials encourage these
implants, but they're not mandatory.

Not yet. He must have volunteered.

And then he uploaded
their secrets and ran.

Maybe he's trying to make up
for letting you down.

Why else would he take on
the Empire alone?


He said the Empire can track the Ghost.

Please. The Imperials
can't follow us through hyperspace.

Can they?

Imperial XX-23 S-Thread Tracker
was developed by Sienar Systems,

to trace ships
through hyperspace to destination.

Hera, could they have
tagged us with that thing?

Guess we better find out.

Calm down, Chop.
You were just offline for a few minutes.

We need you to scan the Ghost for that.

Stop grumbling
and find that tracker, you rust bucket!

- So they did tag us.
- Yes.

But the good news is the tracer's
actually on the hull of the Phantom.

How is that good news exactly?

It'll allow us to detach the Phantom

and lure the Imperials
away from the Ghost and Tseebo.

You want to detach
while in hyperspace?

Do you know
how incredibly dangerous that is?

Not as dangerous
as what I plan to do with the ship.

Can't wait to hear this.

I checked our current trajectory.

If you can modify
the hyperspace coordinates...

I could.

...then we can pass by the asteroid
field where the old clone base is.

You mean the base with the nasties
who live in the shadows?

Wait, what?
Why would we want to go down there?

He's right, Kanan.

Why not just drop
the Phantom into our trail

and let the Imperials
chase after their tracker?

Because there's more
than a tracker at work here.

Back on Lothal, I sensed it.
The Inquisitor is on our trail,

and as long as Ezra and I
are on board the Ghost,

we're jeopardizing Tseebo's escape.

So I gotta leave the Ghost
and go to this nasty-filled asteroid

as a favor to Tseebo?

As a favor to all of us.
And don't worry. I'll be right beside you.

So your parents...
Do you really believe they're dead?


No. I don't know. Does it matter?

Yeah, of course it matters.

You have to talk to Tseebo
before we go.

- Tried that already.
- Okay, so try harder!

Once Hera takes him away,
you may never see Tseebo again.

- Maybe that's for the best.
- Wha...

How can you say that?


I've been on my own
since I was seven, okay?

If I'd let myself believe
my folks were alive,

if I let myself believe
they'd come back and save me,

I'd never have learned how to survive.

You ready?


Strap in.

Prepping for separation.
Once we're out of hyperspace,

we'll head towards the asteroid base
and lead the Empire there.

You sure about this? You won't be any
more welcome there than the Imperials.

- That's what I'm counting on.
- Just be safe.

And Ezra? Look out for Kanan.

Somebody has to.

- Ready for separation.
- Copy that, Ghost.

Five, four,

three, two,



Okay. Okay.

That was the easy part.

I sense movement in the Force.


The tracker indicates the rebel ship
has emerged from hyperspace.

- Should we...
- At once.

Should we go over the plan again?

- I never told you what the plan was.
- Exactly.

You remember the nasty creatures
Hera and Sabine found here?

Yeah. I'd rather forget them, but yes.

Well, I'm gonna need you
to connect with them,

like I was trying to teach you before,
if we're gonna survive this.

Is now really the best time for a lesson?

No, but I figure it's learning
like you do best, by surviving.

Kanan, I can't. I'm afraid.

I got news for you, kid.

Everyone's afraid,
but admitting it as you just did

makes you braver than most,
and it's a step forward.

Yeah, into the jaws of a nightmare.



I'll get the tracking device
off the Phantom.

You go make some new friends.

Here we go.

One with the Force. One with the Force.

One with the Force.

I'm one with the Force.
One with the Force. One with the Force.

You're blocked! Let go.

I can't!

Don't be afraid.

I'm not afraid of them.

- Then what?
- I don't know.

- Yes, you do!
- I...

Ezra! What are you afraid of?

I'm afraid of... I'm afraid of knowing.

I'm afraid of the truth!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I forgive you, Tseebo!

I, too, am sorry.
Forgive me, for everything.

Fulcrum to Ghost. Docking complete.
Heading to the airlock now

Acknowledged, Fulcrum.
We're ready and waiting.

I don't suppose Zeb and I
could get to meet Fulcrum this time?

Nope. This time you stay in the cockpit.

That's what we did last time.

You seem better.

Tseebo's mind is clearer now.
But it is difficult.

There's so much information
inside Tseebo.

Fulcrum's people will help you
with that and keep you safe.

But will Tseebo
see Ezra Bridger again?

I hope so. Someday.

Is there anything
you'd like me to tell him?

Tseebo failed Bridgers.
Did not watch over their son.

But Tseebo tried to make it right
by accessing Imperial files.

And that intel will be invaluable.

Intel unimportant, an accident.

Tseebo access file
on Ezra Bridger's parents.

Tseebo knows Bridgers' fate.

Then tell me, Tseebo.

Tell me, and I'll tell Ezra.

They're here, all right.
The rebel ship is inside.

Keep them contained. I want them alive.

Hold formation.

Lights up!


Sir, they're over here.

Wait. I sense...

Sir! They're not alone.

Shoot it! Shoot it!

This was your plan?

To lure us here and allow these
creatures to do your work for you?

How do you think it's going?


Guess if you want
something done right...


Your meager training is nothing
in the face of true power.

You're not going near him!

I believe I am.

In fact, it's time to end
both Jedi and Padawan for good.

Your devotion to your master
is admirable,

but it will not save you.

Nothing can.

Get back!

Yes, good. Go on.

Unleash your anger.

I will teach you
what your master could not.

You don't have anything to teach me.

The darkness
is too strong for you, orphan.

It is swallowing you up, even now.


- Your master will die.
- No!

Your friends will die.

And everything you've hoped for
will be lost.

This is the way the story ends.


Ezra? No!

- Ezra.
- Kanan?

What happened? I feel so cold.

I know. It's okay. We're leaving.

My master will not be pleased.

I saved us?

You did.

But something doesn't feel right.

If your will isn't strong enough
when you open yourself to the Force,

you become vulnerable to the dark side.

Well, I was trying to protect you.

I know. But your anger and fear
caused that giant creature to attack.

I don't remember it.

That's for the best.

Your powers are growing so quickly,
you weren't prepared.

I didn't teach you
what you needed to know. I'm sorry.

Welcome back, you two.

You outsmarted them again.
Good job, boss.

You made it.

- Was there any doubt?
- Never.

Ezra, I have something to...

Ezra needs a little time
to himself right now.

We need to talk.

Rough couple of days.

Yeah. It's been strange.

I have just what you need.

It's the holodisc from your old house.

It was pretty degraded,
but I cleaned it up.

And I found something.

Mom? Dad.

Happy birthday, Ezra Bridger.