Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Empire Day - full transcript

While disrupting Empire Day festivities in order to destroy a prototype TIE fighter, the crew learns a refugee has important information and must get him off-planet before the Imperials find him.

Step outside of yourself.
Make a connection with another being.

- Can we do this another day?
- We can do it now.

- Focus.
- Just throw the rock.

I don't think he wants to connect.

You're resisting. He can sense it.

He can sense it?
What is he, like, a Padawan cat?

You don't seem to be getting this.

I get that this furball's trying to kill me.

Give me your lightsaber,
and I'll make the connection.

Excuse me?

Sorry. I just don't see the point of this.

The point is that you're not alone.

You're connected to every living thing
in the universe.

But to discover that,
you have to let your guard down.

You have to be willing
to attach to others.

And what if I can't?

If you hang on to your past,
if you always try to protect yourself,

you'll never be a Jedi.

Then maybe I'll never be a Jedi.

Kid, whatever's going on with you,
you need to spill it.

I'm sorry, Kanan.
I don't mean to wear you out.

Today's not a good day.
It's never a good day.


Empire Day.

What are so many TIEs
doing out this far?

Nothing good. Come on.

Not unless we have to.

Over here.


- What?
- Nothing.

He's not the one.

The Imperial HoloNet broadcast
should play here at all times!

No one's requested it for, well, ever.

It's the law.

...because today is Empire Day.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary
of the galaxy's salvation,

when our great Emperor Palpatine
ended the Clone Wars

and founded our glorious Empire.

On Lothal, Governor Pryce
has commissioned a parade.

You heard the man!
Raise your cups to Emperor...

Citizens, this is
Senator-in-Exile Gall Trayvis.

I bring more news
the Empire doesn't want you to hear

I urge you to boycott
all Empire Day celebrations

to protest the ongoing injustices
of the Imperial regime.

- Shut this off!
- Can't.

It's the law.

We're done here.

So come see the parade and...

TIE pilots on search patrols?
What's going on?

Imperials have locked down the ports
and put Destroyers in orbit.

It's a full planetary blockade.

They're after a Rodian.

Just be glad they're not
after us for once.

With what we've got planned
for today's parade,

they'll be after us again tomorrow.

Well, you're gonna have
to do it without me.

- Where do you think you're going?
- I just need to be alone.

Today has brought back
some memories.

Why are they looking for Tseebo?

- Ezra.
- Mom?

- Ezra.
- Dad?

Ezra, we have to stand up
for people in need,

especially those
in trouble with the Empire.

Tseebo. I know where he is.

Minister, I'm honored Governor Pryce
chose me to organize this spectacle.

This is no spectacle, Commandant.

Citizens, I am Minister Maketh Tua.

Governor Pryce sends her regrets,

but she was invited to Coruscant

to celebrate
with Emperor Palpatine himself!

Let's hear some enthusiasm!

Enjoy the celebration, citizen.

Okay, let's start the celebration.

Copy that. Commencing festivities.

Lothal is just as important to our
Empire as any world in the galaxy

And she wanted me to show you why.

Citizens, I present you

with the latest vessel
from Lothal's Imperial shipyards,

the Sienar Systems
advanced TIE starfighter!

- Pretty, isn't it?
- Yeah.

I almost feel bad about blowing it up.

I sense we'll need to make a quick exit.

And who better to take
this beauty on her maiden voyage

than one of the best
Imperial pilots on Lothal,

Baron Valen Rudor

Okay, when I say "now,"
throw this as high as you can.

Okay. Now?




Very good, Commandant.
The governor will be impressed.

Thank you, Minister.

- Another?
- Don't mind if I do.

You there. This area's off-limits.

Did you see it? It's so beautiful!

All the colors!
It's like a... Like a rainbow.

Dad, what are you doing?

Sorry, mister.
My dad is just so patriotic, you know.

Empire Day! I love it!

All hail our glorious Empire!

Right. Well, move along.

- Thanks. Where you been?
- Making some connections.

- How's the plan going?
- Just watch.


Who is responsible for this? Find them!

Nice of you to join us, kid.

Hey, where were you?

- Why? Did you miss me?
- Yeah, right.

Been spoilin' to finish things
with Agent Kallus.

Hey, if you want to take somebody out,
take out that guy!


Spectre-2, we're en route
to the rendezvous.

Negative, Spectre-1.
The streets are blocked.

I cannot, repeat,
cannot reach rendezvous.

I know a place we can hole up
till things calm down.

But "Shoulders" here
might have a problem taking my route.

- Then we need another option.
- Nah, it's fine.

can you make it to the Old Market?

- Affirmative.
- I'm on my way.

- Get back to the Ghost.
- Follow me.

We'll signal a new rendezvous
when we can!

Over here!

I want schematics of the city's
ventilation systems, sewers, everything.

Lock down the entire city.

Sir, yes, sir!

These rebels have ruined Empire Day!
They must be punished!

We all want that, Minister,
but our priority is still the Rodian.

That's an Imperial warning
declaring this building off-limits.

What is this place?

You were coming here today.

This was your home, wasn't it?
Where you grew up?

I grew up on the streets, alone.

Then why here? Why now?

Had this feeling.

Tseebo. Tseebo, it's me, Ezra Bridger.

That's the Rodian the Imperials
are hunting. You know him?

Name's Tseebo. A friend of my parents.

But something's wrong.
What's that thing on his head?

Empire's been known to implant
lower-level technicians

with cybernetic circuits.

Personality sacrificed for productivity.

Tseebo's productivity is 19%* higher
than average Imperial data worker.

Tseebo went to work
for the Imperial information office

after the Empire took my parents away.

Your parents? You never told us.

What's to tell?
They've been gone for eight years.

I've been on my own since I was seven.

Seven. Imperial...

What's he saying?

He's detailing
Imperial fighter deployments on Lothal.

That's it. Tseebo has intel
the Empire doesn't want getting out.

Sabine, can you access it?

Think so. I need a few minutes.

Ezra. You okay?

I'm fine.

I told you, sometimes
you have to let your guard down.

I said I'm fine.

Ezra Bridger.
Son of Ephraim and Mira Bridger.

Born 15 years ago today.

Empire Day.

It's Ezra's birthday.

The risk you Bridgers take.
Tseebo say you must think of your son.

He's all we think about!

We're teaching Ezra
to stand up for people in need.

We're fighting for our son's freedom.

Tseebo not fight battle
Tseebo know cannot be won.

Neither should Bridgers.

You'll want to see this.

What's with the old disk?

My folks used to do
underground broadcasts from here,

speaking out against the Empire.

It's probably just one of them.

What are we looking at?


Well, it's everything.

Imperial specs on the new TIEs
and new T-8 disruptors.

Schedules of troop movements,
tactics and strategies.

Half of it's encrypted, but it looks like
there's a five-year plan for Lothal

and every other world in the Outer Rim.

No wonder his brain's shorting out.
All that data'd overload anyone.

The secrets in his head
must be damaging to the Empire.

We'll need to smuggle him off Lothal.

Gotta smuggle him out of town first.

You know the only reason
the Imperials haven't caught him yet

is because their forces
were occupied with Empire Day.

But the day's almost done.

Tear open every rathole in the sector.
Find that Rodian.

I miss Zeb.


Come on, Tseebo. Move it.

Commandant Aresko.

An Imperial troop transport has been
reported stolen from the Lower City

I'm on my way. but do not let it pass.

Acknowledged. We're ready. Positions!

That's far enough, rebel scum.

- I have no plans on stopping.
- That's good to know!


Punch it!


Stop, I said!

I said stop!

This is Agent Kallus, ISB-021,
calling the Inquisitor.

The rebels are through the main gate
and headed south.

Their ship will be waiting.
Slow them down. We're on our way.

The Rodian!

Get me closer.

Remember me?

Spectre-5 to Ghost.
We're coming in hot.

Can see that.
You got company upstairs.

Take them down!

Shields holding,
but I need that transport taken out.

Chopper, you got this?

Okay. you're all clear
Pull over, and we'll...

Belay that. Have to be a scoopjob.

Sensors reading
multiple TIEs incoming.

TIE fighters will begin mass-production
on Lothal within the next six weeks.

You're just full of fun facts.

- You ready?
- Yeah. Autopilot's engaged.

This thing'll run till it's out of fuel.

Get in!

Go! Go!

Kallus to Inquisitor. The Rodian Tseebo
is confirmed aboard the rebel vessel.

Acknowledged. TIEs,
assume attack formation. Fire at will.

I need my gunners.

Shields won't hold long
under this barrage.

Almost there.

Karabast! That came from behind!

Is that scrap heap
even payin' attention?

- I have to man the nose guns.
- I'm coming with.

Ezra? Ezra Bridger.

It is you!

Yeah, Tseebo. It's me.

But now's not the best time
for a reunion.

Ezra Bridger...

- What's he saying?
- He says...

He says he knows what happened
to your parents.