Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Out of Darkness - full transcript

While on a supply run, Hera and Sabine find themselves stranded but not alone in a seemingly abandoned locale.

Hera, shouldn't we be firing back?

Stay calm. It's all part of the plan.

Is getting blasted out of the sky
part of the plan too?

Because if it is,
then the plan's going great.

Ezra, you should know better.

There isn't a pilot in the Imperial fleet
that can outrun me.

Yeah. So, how 'bout teaching me
some of those high-flyin' moves?

You? Fly my ship?

I don't know, Ezra.
You really think you're ready?

Not ready. Not ready!

Well, we've gotten ourselves
into another fine mess.

I admit it's a little messier
than our intel indicated.

That's been happening a lot lately.

Where, may I ask,
does this intel come from?

You may ask.

Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt,

but could we maybe focus
a little more on not dying?

Hang on!

It's okay.

Paint might be a little scratched,
but no real damage.

There's damage. Steering's off.

- Not what this says.
- It's what I say, and I know my ship.

Hey, I'm all for sticking it to the Empire,
but what was in that convoy?

You never told us
why the mission was so important.

I've told you before, Fulcrum's intel
is on a need-to-know basis.

And I told you before,
I need to know more.

Everyone okay?

We're fine,
but I scraped the Phantom's underbelly.


It was somewhat unavoidable,
once your plan went south.

There we go. Knew there had to be
a way this was my fault.

And you were right, dear.

Zeb, I'll need the Phantom ready
to pick up the supplies from Fulcrum.

Adjust the steering
and run a diagnostic.

Chopper and Ezra will help you
fix any problems you find.

Really? Have you met them?


And I'm leaving soon, so get to it.

What happened out there?

- Well, we took out the target.
- Yeah. I got that part.

Fulcrum was right about
the timing and route,

but underestimated
the Imperial defenses.

It's getting harder to anticipate
the Empire's moves. That's for sure.

Yeah, about that,

I'd like to know why we're relying on
intel from this Fulcrum, whoever he is.

It's Hera's job to find missions

that create problems for the Empire
and profit for us.

If she trusts the contact,
I trust the contact. No questions asked.

At the Imperial Academy,

they didn't want me to
ask questions either.

That didn't work for me.
That's why I ended up here.

And we're glad to have you.

You are so frustrating.

Yeah, I've heard that before.

Fine. I'm done asking questions.

I'm telling you. I'm coming
on your run to meet Fulcrum.

You know,
you can be pretty frustrating too.

Learned from the best.

This diagnostic's taking forever.
How's it going in there?

Hera was right.
Steering's definitely out of whack.

But I almost got it fixed.

There we go.
Life support filters need cleansing.

Chopper, as soon as Ezra's
out of the repair duct, purge 'em.

All fixed!


Perfect. Steering and life support
are back in working order.

Nice work.

Sorry, kid.
I told him to wait till you were out.

Not funny.

Hold it. We're not done here.
The diagnostic's still running.

You can run a diagnostic on Chopper
when I'm done with him.

Come back here, you little monongs!


I take it you've finished the repairs?

You were right.
The steering needed fixing, which I did.

And life support filters needed purging,
which we also did.


I'm gonna "dismantalate"
that nut bucket!

Leave a few bolts for me.

Let's go.

So what's the deal?

Is Fulcrum just another smuggler
like Vizago?

Why all the secrecy?

It's no secret
we're fighting against the Empire.

We need as many allies as we can get.

How do you find a way of answering
questions without giving any answers?

Do you really want me to answer that?

Phantom, this is Fulcrum. Come in.

- This is Spectre-2, Fulcrum.
- Why don't I talk to him?

Don't you dare.

Already at the rendezvous, Spectre-2.

Supplies are unloaded and ready.
Should I wait?

Yeah, stick around.

Spectre-2 and I
would love to talk to you.

Spectre-2, what's the problem?

No problem, Fulcrum.

Spectre-5 decided to help
with the supply run.

Understood. Fulcrum out.

You know, an outburst like that
is not appreciated.

Neither is all this secrecy.

So, where's the mystery man?

I don't know.
Maybe Fulcrum didn't like your attitude.

I know I didn't.

I'll take that one.

Look, Hera, I'm sorry for the attitude.

It's just things seem to be
getting more dangerous every day,

and I need to know
that you and Kanan can trust me.

We trust you, Sabine.
We just can't tell you everything.

It's for the safety of the whole crew.

If captured,
you can't reveal what you don't know.

You think I'd talk?

I think, we think,
the Imperials can make anyone talk.

You've seen what they're capable of.

Yeah, I have. That's why I need to know.

You already know exactly
what you need to know and no more.

I need you to trust me now.

And that's supposed
to make me feel better?

Hera, you know what happened

when I was a cadet at
the Imperial Academy on Mandalore.

I trusted the Empire, followed its orders
blindly, and it was a nightmare.

I want to believe we're doing good,
making a difference.

But sometimes it seems like the harder
we fight, the harder things get out there.

I feel like we can't
take down the Empire on our own.

That's why I need to know
this isn't all for nothing.

I need to know that I am not
walking into another nightmare here.

What you need is faith.

Faith that there is a long-term plan
that's bigger than you or me,

bigger than Lothal,
bigger than the entire Outer Rim.

Have faith in that and in us.

We... Kanan...
He knows what he's doing.



There were more crates,
but someone's dragged them away.

- Maybe he's still here.
- Who?

- Fulcrum?
- No.

- Well, who else knows about this place?
- Not sure.

This base was abandoned years ago,
after the Clone Wars.

Besides, why drag them?
Why not use the anti-grav?

Sunrise comes along fast
in these parts.

Let's see what else comes along.

Whoever did this must have been
pretty eager to get what was inside.

Too eager to just flip the latch
and open them? Who would...

We're not dealing with a who.
More like a what.

That's comforting.

You don't happen to know why
this base was abandoned?

I'm starting to have my suspicions.

Sabine, run!

Whatever those creatures are,
they can't take the sun.

Good, but do you see
the size of that asteroid?

That's going to block out the sun
for a long time.

- How long?
- I don't know.

Long enough for us
to become lunch.

Luckily we weren't planning on staying.
All right. Let's get to work.

Last one.

Good. Let's go.

No, no, no, no, no!

We had nearly a full tank
when we landed. Now we're out of fuel?

Hera's not here to save you now.

That's it!

Spectre-2 to Spectre-4. Come in.
Spectre-2 to Spectre-4. Come in!

Go ahead, Spectre-2.

You did run a full diagnostic
on the Phantom, correct?

- Of course.
- And you checked the results?

Spectre-2, there might be
a small problem with the fuel line.

Small problem?
Guys, we have a situation.

This is your fault, you and Chopper!

You were the one
running the diagnostic.

You should have checked.

I'll check you into the wall.

We have to tell Kanan.
But don't tell him it's our fault.


- Kanan.
- Kanan.

Hera and Sabine are in danger.

How could you tell?
Could you sense it?

No. I could hear you two
yelling outside the door.

We're on our way. Ghost out.

No way they get here before
that asteroid blocks the sun and...

I guess we could hole up
in the Phantom?

Judging by the torn-up shuttle in there,

locking ourselves in the Phantom
won't protect us.

Could get grim.

Well, I'll take grim right now.

Thought I recognized these markings.

Allow me to introduce you

to one of my oldest
and most explosive friends, rhydonium.

It's good to have friends.
So what's your plan?

Since we don't know how many
of those creatures are in there,

we can set up groups of canisters

and create explosions
that take them out a wave at a time.

How will you get the creatures
close enough

to the rhydonium to be effective?

- Well, we're gonna need bait.
- Where do we get that?

We don't get it. We are it.

Wave one. Move.

A lot of 'em.

Steady now. Follow the plan.

Fall back! Wave two.

Wait for 'em.


It worked. We just might survive this.

- Wait. You doubted your own plan?
- Never.

- Good, 'cause I sure did.
- Hey!

Come on. They're closing in.
Wave three.

Wave four. Incoming!

Did I mention there are a lot of 'em?

Sounds familiar.

Light it up.

Coming in from both sides.

What about wave five?

We didn't have a plan for wave five.

Afraid of that. The Phantom?

Not inside. Go up top.

They just keep coming!

Tell me something I don't know.

- We're going to die.
- That's no secret.

- The light's not hurting them.
- Then we better move.

Sabine! I got your back.

These guys aren't so tough.


Kid, come on!

Nice moves out there, champ.

Chopper! Close her up!

No hitchhikers!

Kanan, we're all aboard.

Something's wrong.
She's not responding.

Rerouting auxiliary power to the hull.

Didn't know the Ghost could do that.

There's a lot you don't know
about my ship.

Chopper, reroute coolant to the engine.

Thanks for saving me back there.

Don't read too much into it, kid.

Engaging magnetic lock.

Look, Hera, I'm sorry about
not checking the diagnostic.

We're all sorry. Right, Chopper?

- Anyway, we'll fix the Phantom.
- Don't even worry about it.

Now, why would I worry?

Maybe because
the last time they "fixed" it,

we nearly wound up as lunch?

Right. That's why.

Sabine, I know you have questions,
questions I can't answer right now.

But know that I trust you.

I just trusted you
with my life down there.

I know. I know you do.

We are making a difference, Sabine.

And I promise, we won't always
be fighting this battle alone.

Do you think you can trust me?

I think I can try.