Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Rise of the Old Masters - full transcript

The rebel crew undergoes a rescue mission only to face a powerful foe.

And halt!

Squad LRC-077 for your inspection, sir!

Cadets, you entered
this facility as children.

And in a few short weeks,
you will leave as soldiers.

By the time you complete your training,

you will be prepared
to serve your Emperor.

Today, we will test
your strength and resolve.

Are you ready
to become stormtroopers?

Sir, yes, sir!

At ease.


Hey, Dev. Dev.

- What?
- Dev Morgan, you in there?

Yeah. Dev Morgan's in here, all right.

- That's me.
- Wow.

You must really be feeling the pressure.

Sorry, Jai. Who's under pressure?

Not the guy who's won
every assessment.

Yeah, but today I can taste victory.

You said that yesterday
and went hungry.

Cadets, you are descending
into the Well

and must climb out
with all deliberate speed.

You will be given the honor of serving
as aides in Imperial Headquarters.

Those who lose
will be serving Taskmaster Grint

and wish they'd stayed
at the bottom of that well.

- I'm taking that prize.
- Not today, Kell.

- Back off, Oleg.
- You too, Morgan.

You're both going down.

Actually, we're going up.

The assessment begins in four,

three, two...

How exactly are we going up?


There's your answer, Jai.

See ya at the top!

Yes, you will.

From below!

Failure is not acceptable.

This Empire has no use for weakness.

Morgan, how do you do it?

It's like you know the platforms
are coming before they're there.

What can I say? It's a gift!

Morgan is impressive.

Perhaps too impressive.
Make a note of that.

- You lose, Morgan.
- Jai, look out!

First again.

Yeah. Well, I'll get you tomorrow.

You said that yesterday too.

Quite a finish, cadets.

It seems this trial was too easy.

Morgan, Kell,
you both set course records.

- And is it Leonis?
- Sir, yes, sir!

You three are today's winners.

But rest assured,
your next trial will be a great challenge.


Spectre-5 to Ghost.

Looks like the kid passed the first test.

He's inside Imperial HQ.

Roger, Spectre-5. Ghost standing by.

We've been standing by for weeks.
I'm sick of this.

You're worried about Ezra.

I'm not worried about the kid.
I'm worried about the op.

What were we thinking,
putting him undercover?

What were we thinking?
This was your idea.

He's just not ready.
And if he gets caught...

He hasn't gotten caught so far.

The minute he gets that decoder,
Zeb yanks him out of there.

- That's the plan.
- I should've done this myself.

Yeah. You'd make quite a cadet.

Excuse me, sir.
I have your new datapad.

- I can leave it on your desk.
- No. I'll take it now.

One decoder, as ordered.

What do you think you're doing?

Hey, get outta there!

- Figured it would be something like this.
- It's not what you think.

I think this device has a built-in sensor,
which would trigger that.

You try walking out with this thing,
the whole facility goes on lockdown.

Wait. Are you trying to help me?

You really want to discuss this
here and now?

Not so much.

Spectre-5 to Ghost.
Something went wrong.

The kid didn't get the device,
and he didn't come out.

Copy that, Spectre-5.
Give him one more day.

This decoder better be worth this risk.

What's the alternative?

Do you want to stop
that kyber shipment or not?

You know what the Empire
could do with that crystal.

- Nothing good.
- So we give Ezra one more day.

What do you need that decoder for?

My friends need it to
stop an Imperial shipment.

- How'd you know about the sensors?
- From my sister, Dhara.

She was the star cadet in this place.

She knew the entire Imperial complex
backwards and forwards.

- What happened to her?
- Well, they told us she ran off.

But I don't believe it.

What were you doing
breaking into Kallus' office?

That's a great way to get shot.

Long story, but I need that decoder.

And I could use a partner
who knows his way around.

What's in it for me?

Do you really need a reason
to mess with the Empire?

No, I don't.


We have to finish
in the top three tomorrow

if we're gonna get
back inside Imperial HQ.

Then let's do it. I'm Zare, by the way.
Zare Leonis.

- And you're Dev, right?
- Yeah.

Yeah, that's me.

Today's assessment will be
a little more challenging.

You will need to shoot the targets

to activate the panels
necessary to climb out.

Three, two, one!

Oleg seems to have taken
your correction to heart, Mr. Grint.

I'm not gonna make it!

Sorry, Jai.

Cadets, follow Morgan's example.

There is no friendship in war.

The only thing that matters is victory.

Victory at any cost.

Tomorrow's final trial
will push all of you to your limits.

The reward for success will be

a training session
aboard an Imperial walker.

Dev, you sabotaged me!

I did what I had to do.

Good to know.

How are you gonna reach
anything from up there?

Don't worry.
I've been training to be a Jedi.

Yeah, right. Who isn't?

You'll see.


Sir, your Podracer parts
have been delivered.

If you'll just sign off here,
I'll bring them up.

Obviously, there's been a mistake.

What would I want with Podracer parts?

No mistake, sir.

It says right here

two crates of
second-hand Podracer parts

for Agent Kallus.

I enjoy a good Podrace myself, sir.

So were you gonna sign it?

Cadet, are you ignorant?

I said this is a mistake.

Sir, yes, sir! Sorry, sir.

As usual, the assessments have
proven quite illuminating.

I believe we've identified two cadets,
Morgan and Kell,

that meet
your special criteria, Inquisitor.

Excellent, Commandant.

Tomorrow, I will arrive on Lothal
to test them myself

Ifthe tests are conclusive,
I will take them into custody.

Did you get the decoder?

Good. Where's Ezra?

What? What do you mean
he went back to the Academy?

Guys, I know you're expecting me,
but I have to stay at the Academy.

There's this kid there, Jai Kell.

And he'll get scooped up
by the Inquisitor ifl don't heip him.

Wait. The Inquisitor?
Is Ezra out of his...

You probably think I've lost my mind.
And you're probably right.

But it's your fault. The old me never
stuck his neck out for a stranger

Clearly, I've spent way
too long with you heroes.

Decode the hyperspace coordinates
and get them to Spectre-1.

And ifyou're not too busy
attack the Academy tomorrow at noon.

I could use the diversion
so I can get out ofhere. Spectre-6 out.

Spectre-5 to Ghost.

Sending coordinates
for Imperialjump route.

Ifyou leave now, you should
still be able to intercept.

Coordinates received.
We're heading out.

Good work, Spectre-5,
and you too, Spectre-6.

Spectre-6 isn't with us.

What? Where is he?

Spectre-5, repeat! Where's Spectre-6?

Kanan, we're out of range.

All we can do now
is complete the mission

and get back as soon as possible.

Come with me.

Jai, trust me. Please.

And that's why you need
to come with us and leave tomorrow.

No. No way.
This is just another dirty trick.

You're trying to get me
busted out of the Academy.

Yeah. But not the way you think.
The Inquisitor...

Please. I don't believe
this Inquisitor exists.

And even if he does,
then maybe it's a good thing.

The Inquisitor trains me.
I get a top rank in the Empire.

Kell, you got a family?

It's just me and my mother.

And how would she feel
if she never saw you again?

My sister disappeared from this place.

And I'm betting it was the Inquisitor
who took her away.

So unless you're ready
to say bye to Mom forever...

Okay. What's the plan?

Simple. The three of us have
to win tomorrow's challenge.

- Not so simple.
- How's that gonna get us out of here?

Because it gets us inside that walker.

Kanan, there are three ships.

And we'll only get one shot at this.

The kyber crystal resonates
with the Force.

- It's in the middle ship.
- You sure?

I'm sure.

Come on. Keep up!

Jai, look out!


Keep going.

Well, well.

Cadets Kell, Leonis and Oleg
win the day and the prize.

You were supposed to be
on the walker with us. Now what?

Stick to the plan.
I'll find a way to get on board.

Come on, boys. Take the bait.

- Hera, you're good to go.
- Copy that.

So these control movement
and this fires the cannons.

- But what are these?
- Gyroscopics. Here, I'll show you.

We're under attack!

- What was that?
- My signal.

What are you doing?

- Guess there's no turning back now.
- No.

Calculate the jump to hyperspace.

Have every remaining ship
buy us the time we need.

We are under attack.
Repeat, under attack.

Lower the blast doors!

Look! Do something!

Commandant! Whoever's controlling
that walker is part of the attack!

This is LRC-01.

A rogue walker is loose in the Academy.

Advance and destroy.

- Fire back!
- I'm trying!

Hera, that transport's gonna be gone
any second and the cargo along with it.

Take your shot!

- Calculations complete.
- Commence hyperspace jump.

- Hera!
- I see it! Come on!

- Let me in!
- Look!

Morgan's attempting to fight off
the insurgents single-handed!

Hold on!

- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.

Help me! We gotta get 'em out.

- You guys okay?
- Yeah. Let's just get out of here.

- Wait. Give me that blaster.
- Sure. Why?

- Because I'm staying.
- What?

It's the only way I'll ever find my sister.

We got bucketheads inbound!

I'll keep in touch.

Get in!

This is a black mark, Commandant.

I do not know this boy,
but this one I know.

This is the Padawan
I encountered on Stygeon Prime.

That is Morgan. The other was Kell.

Cadet Zare Leonis here
came very close to stopping the escape.

He was part of the traitor's squad
and knew them well,

or thought so.

How admirable.

Well, Leonis,
let's take a walk, shall we?

I want to know everything
about your former friends.

Jai, we'll take you to your mother,
but you'll both have to go into hiding.

Yeah, from the Empire. No problem.

We'll help with that, too.

So how was it, kid?

Forgot what it was like to be on my own.

You miss it?

No grumpy robots, no smelly Lasats.
It's good to be back.

At ease, cadet.

Sir, yes, sir.