Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Fighter Flight - full transcript

After being annoying to each other, Hera sends Ezra and Zeb on an errand to gather supplies, but they pull a crazy stunt and steal a TIE fighter instead. When the Empire destroys the home of a farmer who used to be friends with Ezra's parents.

Okay, you can do this.


Very funny. But I don't need your help.


Come back here, you rolling junk pile!

Hey, Sabine.

I see you're painting stuff.

Well, nothing gets past you, kid.

You know, if you ever need
a little inspiration...

Yeah. Then I'll be sure
to look elsewhere.

Chopper! Stay out of my room!

Gotta go!

Kid, you wake me, you die.

- It's his fault!
- I don't care. I'm crushing you both.

That's Lasat gratitude for you.

All I did was save your life
from an Imperial agent.

Or did that slip your mind?

How could it?
You remind me every 23 seconds.

You know, Zeb, in some places,

when a man owes you his life,
he's your servant forever.

Well, this isn't someplace. It's my place.

- So get out.
- Sorry, roomie. No deal.

- It's not my fault!
- Tell it to my fist!

The bolts from Ezra's bunk?

Needs a little something.

- It's his fault!
- It's his fault!

My fault? This is your fault.

- Don't go blaming this on me.
- Enough!

This is my ship you're wrecking,
and I want you off it.

- Hera, be reasonable.
- Come on. You know what he's like.

- What's this?
- A market list.

The town of Kothal's
two clicks to the south,

and I'm sending you both
on a supply run.

- With him?
- With him?

With each other.

Don't even think about coming back
without at least one meiloorun fruit.

- Clear?
- Clear.

How do you expect them
to find meiloorun on Lothal?


Is that Ezra Bridger?

Mr. Sumar?

Ezra. Look how you've grown.

- Here, have a jogan.
- Thanks.

Don't suppose you have
any meilooruns?


- Meilooruns don't grow on Lothal.
- They don't?

No. Of course they don't.

I suppose you could find
an off-world importer, but it'd cost you.

Right. Well, great seeing you again.

You there. Sumar!

- Have you changed your mind?
- No.

I told you, I'm not selling my farm.

Very well.

I got everything but the meilooruns.

- Any luck?
- No.

And I don't think Hera meant
for us to have luck.

Well, someone has to be
selling those things.

Here, take this. I'll go find one.

Seriously? You want me to carry
your supplies after saving your life?

Stop saying you saved my life!

- Meilooruns!
- Meilooruns!

- How much for the whole crate?
- I'm sorry. They're already sold.

Well, maybe we can buy one from...

From the Empire? Yeah, good luck.

What are you smiling about?

The obvious answer to our problem.

- No.
- Hey, it's not like we've never

stolen from the Empire before.

Right. So what's the plan, kid?

- You gonna use the Force?
- Maybe. Sure. Why not?

- We should go.
- You go.

- I'm getting what we came for.
- Wait, kid.

You there!

I'll just put this back.


Stop them!

You made me lose
the rest of the supplies!

- At least we're even.
- Even? Please.

- I had the whole situation under control.
- Come here!

Where'd they go?

Up there!

- Zeb!
- Just keep going. I'll catch up to you.

Split up!

Hey, you don't have
any meilooruns, do you?

There is nowhere to hide.

Commander, take this monster in
for questioning.

Let's find out why he's running.

Hands up!

Never actually flown
one of these before.

Look out!

Too bad the kid wasn't here to see that.

On the other hand...

Great. Just what I need.


Zeb! Hey, Zeb, let me in!

So now, I'd be saving your life, right?

What? Yeah, sure. Yes!

- Whatever!
- If I let you in, we're even.

- Fine!
- You have to say it!

All right, all right. We're even.
Now let me in!

- Don't crowd me, kid. I'm flying here.
- You don't know how. Let me.

- Turn the ship!
- Let go!

- Turn the ship!
- I'm trying!

I can't see a thing!

- Gain altitude. Zeb.
- I know.

Sorry, Hera. No entry.

You do realize this isn't your room?

I was inspired. It was Ezra's idea.

Could be worse. Could be my room.

- I think we're too low.
- How can you tell?

Why don't you go clean the window?

We need to turn.


- How did you know?
- Not sure. I just knew.

Good. That's good.

Now get out there
and clean the canopy.

Have to admit, it's a lot more peaceful
aboard with the kids gone.

Yeah, but I'm feeling a bit guilty
about sending them...

On a wild meiloorun chase?

Specter-4 to Ghost.

Right on cue. Go ahead, Specter-4.

Right. Well, we've had
a bit of a problem.

I thought you might.

Look, don't worry about the meilooruns.

Yeah, meilooruns. We found some.

But we lost them.

Then we found them again,
but we smashed them.

Just cut to the chase, kid.

Wait! What am I hearing?
It sounds like...

Yeah, about that. See, well...

We stole a TIE fighter

You what?

- He's taking it better than I thought.
- Get rid of it!

Do we have to?

At least tell me you dismantled
the locator beacon.

Of course. We're not fools.

Under there. The red wire.

- No, wait. The blue.
- Well, which one?

It's the red and the blue.

Right. Got it.
I mean, got it a long time ago.

You know, back when we first boarded.
Right away. Immediately.

Stealing a TIE attracts
unwanted attention.

Rendezvous at Shadow Site 2.
Fly straight there.

Do not stop. And don't do anything.

On our way. Specter-4 out.

- That went well.
- Yeah.

Do you know which way
we're supposed to go?

No idea.

I told you before,
we're not selling this farm.

You misunderstand.

We are no longer interested in buying.

Okay. Navigation system's online.

Course set for rendezvous point.

Wait. What's that?

- Looks like smoke.
- Yeah.

Only, I think I know
where it's coming from.

Go check it out. Please.

- Friends of yours?
- Of my parents.

There's a convoy of troop transports
heading northwest.

Karabast! I know that look.

- What's the worst that could happen?
- Well, we both wind up dead.

Besides that.

Oh, boy. Here goes nothing.

Attention, transports.
This is Imperial Commander Meiloorun.

Meiloorun? Seriously?

There's a report of rebel activity
in your sector.

- Reduce speed.
- Acknowledged, Commander.

Reduce speed.

- You sure, kid?
- Just get me in close.

A TIE fighter?

This is Supply Master Lyste, Lsm-03.

My men reported a stolen TIE.

That's not the TIE you're looking for

It's a totally different TIE.

I sent it to seek out the rebels.

Commander, repeat
your operating number

Sorry. Didn't catch that.

But maintain current position.

All transports, resume speed.

And man the cannon.

You see that TIE again, take your shot.

Don't think he's taking Commander
Meiloorun's orders anymore.

- Mr. Sumar!
- Ezra?

Hold on. I'll have you out soon.

You'll never reach it. It's too dangerous.

Okay, you can do this.

I knew I'd get the hang of that.

Sir, someone's unlocked the prisoners
on Transport 3.

I want troopers up top, now!

You have to jump. Jump and scatter.

We're moving too fast!

So you'd rather stay prisoners?

- Sir, the prisoners are escaping.
- Open fire.

That gun turret's gonna be a problem.

- This bird has no shields.
- Working on it.

Well, hello, stranger.

Maintain fire.
His shots won't penetrate your armor.

What the...

Not bad, kid.


Wait! You did all this for fruit?

No! Okay, maybe a little.

There's gotta be
something useful in here.

A wrench? A wrench!

All for fruit!

Not bad, ace.


How are you flying this thing?

Thanks for the save.
Guess I owe you now.

Let's just say we're eternally even.

- You collect these, right?
- Already have that one.

But this is a nice one.

Besides, maybe I can get Sabine
to paint it for me.

So thanks.

So, what do we do about the TIE?

They should have been here by now.

Over there!

One fresh meiloorun, as ordered.

Thank you, kind sir.

Team effort.

Forget about the fruit.
Where's the TIE fighter?

- I crashed it.
- On purpose.

We didn't want it to fall
back into the Empire's hands.

That's what I like to hear.


Finished with what, Sabine?

Thought it was a moment
that needed to be immortalized.

And you did say you wanted
to be my inspiration.

Yeah, but that makes me
look like a fool.

Makes me look like a bigger fool.

I paint what I see.

- Chopper!
- This was all your fault!

Come back, you metal menace!

I'm tearing that rust bucket apart!

- It's his fault!
- It's his fault!

At least they got rid of the TIE.