Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Droids in Distress - full transcript

The rebel group intercepts an Imperial weapon shipment and unintentionally take on an android duo.

Listen, our crew boarded that transport
to selflessly rescue Imperial prisoners.

They have no idea they walked
into a trap. No idea what's coming!

You need to go warn them, Ezra.

No, it's too late for them, Hera.
We should run now, while...

You don't mean that.

I do! I swear, I do.

Which is why
I can't believe I'm doing this!

I can.

Welcome aboard, Agent Kallus.

The rebels are headed for the brig,
where quite the surprise awaits.

No guards on the door.

Just set the detonator
so we can get the Wookiees out of here.

At least things seem to be going
smoother than our last op.

It's a trap! We gotta get out of here.
It's a trap!

Karabast! The kid's blowing another op!

It's not an op. It's a trap!
Hera sent me to warn you.


We need to warn Sabine and Chopper,
but they've jammed the comm.

They'll follow the plan. It'll be fine.

Yeah, 'cause the plan's
gone just great so far.

Chopper, stop grumbling
and work that gravity generator.

Don't stop!

I've got the backup ready.

- Push off now!
- Now!

What the...

Artificial gravity is down
for two minutes.


You doing okay, kid?

You kidding?

Five, four... Get ready. Two, one...


- Where are the Wookiees?
- No Wookiees!

Sabine, man the nose gun!
Chop, tell Hera to take off!


Let go!

Kid, get out of the way!

I'm trying!

Sorry, kid!

You did good.

There! Airlock shut!

We're out of here!

Chop, jam their tractor beam!

Attention, rebel ship.
Surrender or be destroyed.

This is your first and last warning.

Blow it out your exhaust vent. Literally.


I can't see it from here. How'd it look?

Gorgeous, Sabine. As always.

The whole thing was a setup.

You think Vizago was in on it?

He'd sell his mother to Jawas
for a couple credits.

But we're a source of income for him.
Even odds he didn't know.

The kid did all right.

He did okay. Where is he?

I thought he was with you.

Zeb, what did you do to him?

I didn't do anything to him.
But that ISB agent grabbed him.

- What?
- What?

The kid got grabbed, okay?

Garazeb Orrelios!

Come on!

We were dumping him after the mission
anyway! This saves us fuel.

They'll go easy on him. He's just a kid.

I am Agent Kallus of the Imperial
Security Bureau. And you are...

Jabba the Hutt.

Look, I just met those guys today.
I don't know anything.

You're not here for
what you know, "Jabba."

You're here to be used as bait
upon our return to Lothal.

Bait? You seriously think...

Wow, you're about
as bright as a binary droid.

They're not gonna come for me.
People don't do that.

Search him. Then secure him here.

Hey, get off me!

Let go!

"You need to go warn them, Ezra."
What was I thinking?

And of course, the only thing I managed
to hold onto is this worthless piece of...

This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I regret to report that

both our Jedi Order
and the Republic have fallen,

with the dark shadow of the Empire
rising to take their place.

This message is a warning
and a reminder for any surviving Jedi.

Trust in the Force.

No! No, no! No way!
You cannot be serious!

It's our fault he was there!

Come on, Hera! We just met this kid!
We're not going back for him!

They'll be waiting for us.
We can't save him.

What? What did he say?

He voted with me.
That's two against two.

Kanan, you have the deciding vote.

And you bucketheads
are gonna be sorry when

my uncle, the Emperor, finds out
you're keeping me here against my will.

I guarantee
he'll make a personal example...

Bye, guys.

The delay was insignificant.

The transport ship
Agent Kallus diverted

will dock on Kessel within two hours.

The Wookiees will be offloaded
to work Spice Mine K-76.

This is Stormtrooper LS-005,
reporting to Agent Kallus.

Kallus here.

Sir, the prisoner's gone.

What? I knew the boy would act as bait,

but I never dreamed the rebels would
be foolish enough to attack a Destroyer.

How did they get aboard?

Sir, the rebels didn't free him. He...

Agent Kallus! There's a security breach
in the lower hangar.

I don't know how,

but the rebel ship approached
without alerting our sensors.

They came back! I don't believe it.

Order all stormtroopers to converge on
the lower hangar I'll meet them there.

This is Trooper LS-123,
reporting intruders in the upper hangar.

Sir, I believe
the lower hangar is a diversion.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Squads five through eight
divert to upper hangar

The rest, converge as ordered.

Well, every little bit helps.

Find Ezra. I'll be ready.

Hold this bay till we get back.

And this time, try not to leave
until everyone's back aboard.

That was not my fault!

Well, that's debatable.

First you ditch me, then you hit me?

How was I supposed to know
it was you? You were wearing a bucket!

Spectre-1 to Ghost, we're leaving.

No! This time you board first.

Ghost, raise the ramp.

Aim for shield generator and engines!
Do not let them...

Take cover!

Turn on the shield!

Welcome aboard. Again.

Thanks. Thank you. I really didn't think
you'd come back for me.

I'll get you home now. I'm sure
your parents must be worried sick.

I don't have parents.

And you've got somewhere else to be.

I know where
they're really taking the Wookiees.

Have you heard of
the Spice Mines of Kessel?

Slaves sent there last a few months,
maybe a year.

And for Wookiees born in the forest,
it's a death sentence.

Then I guess we'd better go save 'em.


I've come this far.
Might as well finish the job.

Setting course for Kessel.

One of the rebels was using
this helmet. The transmitter was on.

Keep moving!

Try not to get dead.

Don't want to carry your body out.

Hey, hey, I'm here to help!

We're hit! Chopper! Aft gun!

Take them down!

He'll be okay. I've got him.

I can't maintain position!

Go! Lead the TIEs away
and give yourself maneuvering room!

I am not leaving you behind!

No, you're not.
We're running a 22-Pickup.

- Seriously?
- You have a better option?

Jump into the pit and get it over with?

AII right, I'll be back.
Make sure you're ready.

Care to let me in on the secret?

Kid, I'm about to let everyone in
on the secret.

All troopers, focus your fire on...

On the Jedi.

- Time to go!
- Right.

Everyone, into the container!

Kid, stop! Karabast!

I swear, if he's left behind again,
it's not my fault!

Zeb! Hera's incoming!

Get in, you furballs! Now!

Kanan, I think you inspired the kid into,

well, doing something
like you would do!



Magnetic seal locked.

I hate this part.

It's over for you, Jedi!

A master and an apprentice.

Such a rare find these days.

I don't know where
you get your delusions, buckethead!

I work alone.

Not this time.

Jump, kid!

First Jedi you've ever seen, sir?

He says if we ever need help,
the Wookiees will be there.

Good luck, Kitwarr.
Try to stay out of trouble.

Look who's talking.

So I guess you drop me off next?

Yeah. Finally, right?



So, see you around?

Not if we see you first.

Don't worry, you won't.

I think you have something
that belongs to me.

Good luck saving the galaxy.

He opened it. He passed the test.

What's the Force?

The Force is everywhere.

It surrounds us and penetrates us.
It binds the galaxy together.

And it's strong with you, Ezra.

Otherwise, you'd never have been
able to open the holocron.

So, what do you want?

To offer you a choice.

You can keep the lightsaber you stole,

let it become just
another dusty souvenir.

Or you can give it back
and come with us, come with me,

and be trained in the ways of the Force.

You can learn
what it truly means to be a Jedi.

I thought the Empire
wiped out all the Jedi.

Not all of us.

This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I regret to report that

both our Jedi Order
and the Republic have fallen,

with the dark shadow of the Empire
rising to take their place.

This message is a warning
and a reminder for any surviving Jedi.

Trust in the Force.

Do not return to the Temple.

That time has passed.

And our future is uncertain.

We will each be challenged.

Our trust, our faith, our friendships.

But we must persevere.

And in time, a new hope will emerge.

May the Force be with you, always.

Excuse the intrusion, Inquisitor.

But in the course of my duties,
I have encountered a rebel cell.

The leader of that cell
made good use of a lightsaber.

Agent Kallus. You did well to call.