Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Spark of Rebellion - full transcript

Ezra Bridger encounters the Ghost crew and joins them on a mission to free Wookiees from an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The Jedi Knights are all but destroyed.

And yet your task
is not complete, Inquisitor

The Emperor has foreseen
a new threat rising against him.

The children of the Force,

they must not become Jedi.

Yes, Lord Vader.

Hunt down this new enemy.

And if they will not serve the Empire,

eliminate them along with
any surviving Jedi who will train them.

This is my Master's command.

And so it will be done.

Your identification. Now.

I'm just trying to sell
a couple jogans here.

All trade must be registered
with the Empire.

I remember what it was like
before your ships showed up,

before you Imperials ruined Lothal
like the rest of the galaxy.

This is LRC-01.

I'm bringing in a citizen
under a charge of treason.

Copy that, LRC-01.
Dispatch to Cell Block AA-33.

Take him away.

You can't do this!

Yeah? Well, who's gonna stop us?

You? You?

Hey, mister, a spare jogan?

Move along, Loth-rat.

Sorry, sorry. Not looking for trouble.

But it sure has a way of finding me.

AII officers to the main square!
This is a code red emergency.

It's your lucky day, Lothal scum.
You two, come with us!

Stay on alert! Repeat, this is a code red.

Thank you.

No. Thank you.

Wait. Wait! What are you doing?

Hey, a kid's gotta eat.

Who is that kid?

Copy that. We have reached
the location and we are standing by.

- What's the emergency?
- Emergency?

You called in a code red.

I'm not sure what you mean.

My orders are to get these crates
to the Imperial Portal.

Well, get them loaded then!

Almost feel bad for them. Almost.

That was weird, I...


Get those crates out of here!
Keep them secure at all costs!

"All costs," huh?
I like the sound of that.

How's it going?

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting!

Now what?

After that kid!

Pretty gutsy move, kid!

If the big guy catches you,
he'll end you! Good luck!

Who are these guys?

Who is that kid?

That's never good!

Okay, you caught me! I give up!

What the...

Just kidding.

If Kanan catches that kid,
I'm gonna end him.

Who are you?

I'm the guy who was stealing that crate.

Hey, look, I stole this stuff,
whatever it is, fair and square.

And you made it pretty far.

But I've got plans for that crate,
so today is not your day.

Day's not over.


Have a good one!

This is Spectre-1. I need a lift.

Whatever's in these crates
must really be worth it!

Better be worth it!

You want a ride?

Kid, you have a better option?
Come on!

Leave the crate, you'll never make it!

Do you have any idea what
these are worth on the black market?

I do, actually.

Don't get any ideas.

They're mine.

If you hadn't gotten in our way...

Too bad. I got to them first.

It's not who's first. It's who's last.

Keep an eye on our friend here.

You said this was a routine op.
What happened down there?

Chopper, please.
It's been a difficult morning.

He has a point, love.
We've got four TIE fighters closing in.

Hera, how about a little less attitude
and a little more altitude?

If I didn't know better,
I'd think you did that on purpose.

If you knew better,
we wouldn't be in this situation.

Seriously, Kanan, what happened?

He did.

Look, I was just doing the same thing
you were. Stealing to survive.

You have no idea what we were doing.
You don't know us.

And I don't want to.
I just want off this burner.

Please. Nothing would thrill me more
than tossing you out while in flight.

A kid tripped you up?
Must be some kid. Spill it.

- Aren't you a little busy at the moment?
- Spill.

Get off. I can't breathe.

I'm not that heavy in this gravity.

Not the weight, the smell.

You don't like the air quality in here?
Fine. I'll give you your own room.

Hey, stop!

Let go!

Kid sounds impressive.

You're not thinking
what I think you're thinking.

He held onto a crate of blasters
with a pack of troopers on his tail.

Because I was there to save him.

He's a street rat.
Wild, reckless, dangerous and...


Zeb, Sabine. Where's the kid?

Calm down, chief. He's in...


Zeb, where is he?

Well, he is still in the ship.

Oh, he's in the ship all right.

Very creative.
Sounds like someone I used to know.


I'm in space!

And I'm about to die!

Shields are holding for now,

but you need to buy me time to
calculate the jump to light speed.

Buying time now!

My name's Ezra. What's yours?

My name's Zeb, you Loth-rat.

Calculations complete,
but we need an opening.

Found one.

Entering hyperspace!

They knew our protocol
and were waiting in position.

I've no doubt.

You're not the first on Lothal
hit by this crew.

That's a relief.

I mean, I assume
that's why you're here, Agent Kallus.

The Imperial Security Bureau
pays attention to patterns.

When the Empire's operations
are targeted on an ongoing basis,

it could signify something
more than the theft of a few crates.

It could signify the spark of rebellion.

Next time they make a move,
we'll be waiting for them,

to snuff out that spark
before it catches fire.

Let go! You can't keep me here!
Take me back to Lothal!

Calm down.
That's exactly what we're doing.

Wait, right now?
With Imperials chasing us?

We lost the TIEs when we jumped,

and the Ghost can scramble
its signature

so they won't recognize us
when we return.

That's pretty cool!

So just drop me and my blasters
outside Capital City and...

They're not your blasters.

And we're not going back to
Capital City. The job's not done.

Hey, where are they going?

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
And I might just kill you anyway.

Grab a crate, pull your weight.

Lived on Lothal my whole life.
Never been here.

The Imperials don't advertise it.

Locals call it Tarkintown.

Named for Grand Moff Tarkin,
Governor of the Outer Rim.

He kicked these folks off their farms
when the Empire wanted their land.

Anybody tried to fight back
got arrested for treason.

Any problems procuring
these lovely ladies?

Nothing we couldn't handle, Vizago.
Your intel was accurate. This time.

We got the goods
and took a bite out of the Empire.

That's all that matters.

Business is all that matters.
But I love that you don't know that.

Keep going.

I could.

Or I could stop and trade
the rest of the bounty

for another bit of intel
you've been begging after.

- The Wookiees?
- The Wookiees.

Who wants free grub?

- Yes!
- Yes!

- Much appreciated.
- Please, please.

- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I didn't do anything.



Might be worth something.

Careful. You'll cut your arm off.

Look, I know
you're not gonna believe me,

but it's like this thing
wanted me to take it.

You're right, I don't believe you.
Now hand me the lightsaber.

Isn't that the weapon of the Jedi?

Give it to me, and get out.

Now we'll see.

Not too good at following directions,
are you?

Not so much. You?

Never been my specialty.

Who are you people?
I mean, you're not thieves exactly.

We're not exactly anything.
We're a crew. A team.

In some ways, a family.

What happened to your real family?

The Empire. What happened to yours?

Kanan wants us in the common room.

If he tries anything,
sound the alarm or shoot him.

Just watch him.

Sabine. My name's Sabine.

We have a new mission.

Vizago acquired the flight plan
for an Imperial transport ship

full of Wookiee prisoners.

Most of these Wookiees were soldiers
for the Old Republic.

I owe those hairy beasts.
They saved some of my people.

Mine, too.

If we're going to save them,
we've got a tight window.

They've been taken to
an unknown slave labor camp.

If we don't intercept this ship,
we'll never find them.

Now, I have a plan, but...

I ordered Chopper to keep watch!

Can we please get rid of him?

No. We can't. The kid knows too much.

We don't have time to
take him home anyway.

We need to move now.

I'll keep an eye on him.

You know, this whole
"mission" thing is nuts.

I'm not against sticking it to the Empire,

but there's no way I'd stick my neck out
this far. Who does that?

We do.

Imperial Transport 651,
this is Starbird, coming inbound.

State your business.

Bounty. We captured
an additional Wookiee prisoner

and have transfer orders
to place him with you.

We have no such orders.

That's fine. We already got paid
by Governor Tarkin.

If you don't want the oversized monong,
I'll jettison here.

Let you explain to your superiors
why the Empire has one less slave.

Permission to dock. Bay 1.

That thing's not a Wookiee.

Haven't you ever seen
a rare hairless Wookiee before?

Forget it.

Told you they wouldn't buy it.

You didn't exactly give 'em
a chance to buy it.

There's just something about
the feel of their helmets on my fists.

Okay, you know the plan. Move out.

No troopers. Security's soft.

Spectre-1, come in. Spectre-4?

Spectre-5? Comm's down.

No, not down. Jammed.

Something's coming.

That's an Imperial Star Destroyer!

This whole thing was a setup!

It's beginning to look that way.

Prepare to board.

You need to board the transport
and warn them.

What? Why don't you do it?

I need to be ready to take off,
or none of us stands a chance.

No, no way. Why would I risk my life
for a bunch of strangers?

Because Kanan risked his for you.

If all you do is fight for your own life,
then your life is worth nothing.

They need you, Ezra.
They need you right now.