Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Under the Cloak of War - full transcript

Captain Pike and his crew welcome a Klingon defector aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, but his presence triggers the revelation of some shocking secrets.

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Previously on
Strange New Worlds...

Years ago, I was
stationed on the moon of J'Gal.

If you
had served on J'Gal,

you'd be dead.

We both served in
the Klingon War.

A hundred million Federation
bodies, slaughtered.

- What does this mean?
- I don't know.

Shut up.

Learn when to leave
people alone, Spock.

Sorry. I'm working on that.

You sure you
want to do this again?

Again? No.

The war is over, Joseph.

Yes, but how can it ever be?

Captain's Log
stardate 1875.4.

TheEnterprise has arrived
at the Prospero system

for a rendezvous
with theKelcie Mae

in order to pick up
a special visitor.

Prospero has been under
Starfleet jurisdiction

since the end of
the Klingon War.

After years of infighting,
all three planets

have finally reached a
cease-fire agreement,

negotiated by a unique
Federation ambassador.

Enterprise has been tasked with

transporting the
ambassador to Starbase 12.

Our orders are to
make him feel welcome.


our esteemed guest is a Klingon,

a former general who
defected to our side.

Most of my crew didn't
fight in the war,

but some did.

Ambassador Dak'Rah,

Son of Ra'Ul, it is my honor

to welcome you aboard
the USS Enterprise.

It's just Rah.

Formal Klingon names
are a mouthful.

What is that peculiar device?

Ah, the boatswain's whistle.

An old Earth custom from
the time of ships at sea.

It's become somewhat of a
tradition here on Enterprise

for our most
distinguished guests.

Uh, I see.

Kind of like rolling
the red carpet out?


Yes, exactly like that.

We want to extend every
courtesy the ship has to offer.

- Mm.
- My head of security

is ready to escort
you to quarters.

Captain Christopher Pike,
if you wouldn't mind,

I've heard so many great things
about the Federation flagship.

Could I trouble you for
a brief tour of the ship?

The Summit of Scorpi Ten,

the Klingon
Free-Trade Agreement,

negotiating the Perez Accords.

Sure, he's done some stuff.

He's an effective voice

in spreading Starfleet's
message for unity.

A former enemy
speaking on our behalf?

It's incredible.

Or it's a long con to gain
access to Federation secrets.

Just because
he's Klingon...

Trust me, I know Klingons.

This guy with the peace
treaties, that's not Klingon.

So you don't trust
Ambassador Rah

because he believes in peace?

That's not what... Mm.

Ha ha.

The slaughter at Lembatta Five.

The siege at Starbase
Zetta. Athos...

I didn't mean to hit a nerve.

It's okay. You're right.

I don't really know
what he's about.

All I know is the stories,

like that he killed his own
men to cover his retreat.

There's a reason other Klingons
call him the Butcher of J'Gal.

Captain on the bridge.

What an amazing view.

A Bird-of-Prey isn't built
to take in its surroundings.

Klingons will never admit it,

but the Federation
has much better ships.

Well, our ships are designed
primarily for exploration.

Ah, but this one,

I bet, is fun to fly.

Lieutenant Erica Ortegas here is
our senior officer at the helm.

A beautiful ship, Lieutenant.

And I'm sure it's in good hands.

Thank you, sir. I do my best.

Captain, may we
continue the tour?

I don't want to distract your
bridge crew from their duties.

As you were.

This one's cold.

It is a simple matter of coding.

We will have ample time to
work out the inconsistencies

before presenting this
to the ambassador.

Not as much time as you think.

My science officer has been
preparing a small surprise

to make you feel more at home.

Mr. Spock?

Ambassador Rah, it is an honor.

In anticipation of your visit,
we are attempting to produce

a popular caffeinated
beverage from Kronos.

On a recent mission,

Spock was able to parley
with a Klingon captain

and procure a recipe.

I must admit, it has
ignited a curiosity in me,

a desire to experience
more of your culture.

There's nothing to experience.

They're a warmongering
race limited by ideology.

I have breached a
complicated subject.

Please accept my apology.

No, no, no. I... apologize.

My distaste for the
past colors my words.

No, I appreciate
this kind gesture,

and I would love to
try the raktajino.


I think perhaps we should
let this cool a bit.

We are still working
out the coding.

- This is entirely my fault.
- I'm fine.

One good thing about Klingons,

we have a high
tolerance for pain.

Still, if you would indulge me.

Right this way, ambassador.

Our dermal regenerator will
patch that up in no time.

It will be good as new.

I'll handle this.

General Dak'Rah.

General Dak'Rah.


The final frontier.

These are the voyages of
the starshipEnterprise.

Its five-year mission:

to explore strange new worlds...

to seek out new life

and new civilizations,

to boldly go where no
one has gone before.

shuttlecraft 12648.

- You're clear for descent.
- Copy, I've got approach.

Taking her down
around the east side,

approaching from the south.

Lowering blast shields.

Where are
the landing pads?

It's too
hairy down there,

so we drop you in transit.

It's the safest way to
get you on the ground.

FOB's a mile from the
front, so don't wander out.

Good luck down there.

Christine Chapel.

Welcome to J'Gal.

Commander Martinez, thank you.

- Everyone calls me Buck.
- Okay.

Whatever you need, we
probably don't have it,

but ask anyway.

I'll run it up the flagpole
and see if it quacks.

- Right. Sounds good.
- You could also ask Joseph.

Uh, Joseph?

I'm the Chief Medical
Officer, but Joseph,

he does a lot around here.

Watch your feet.

Oh, that reminds me.

We do not have an internal
organ regenerator.

I keep putting in requests,

but apparently a watched
pot doesn't get the oil.

This needs to be scrubbed.

- Right away, Buck.
- Uh, where's the head nurse?

- I should report in.
- You haven't heard?

Head Nurse Chapel.

Me? I just got here.

Well, you have the
most experience

of anybody on the staff.

We couldn't wait for
roster rotations,

so I did what I had to
do to get you assigned.

Cost me a case of Romulan ale.

Did we just take fire?

You get used to it.

We scramble sensors,

but the Klingons
know we're here.

It's only a matter of time
before they get a lock on us.

We call it Tent City.

I think you see why.

It's not home, but it'll do.

You've been assigned Echo 25.

It's down there somewhere.

Uh, I'll put down my things
and get started right away.

Enjoy your downtime.

See a show.

You'll figure out the rest.

Who's that?

That's Joseph.

Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

Bills and bows, people!
Bills and bows! Let's go!

Let's go!

You're late!

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Burns. Um, this way.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Get him to surgery.

- Treat him for shock.
- Yes, Doctor.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Nurse, over here.

Look after these two.

Doctor! I need a doctor!

Hey, buddy, what's your name?

- Stay with me.
- Alvarado.

Alvarado. Excellent.

He needs immediate attention.

Incoming transport.

Internal bleeding,

massive damage to
every major organ.

- Let's prep him.
- No regenerator.

Right. So, what, we just...

A morphine drip and let him die?

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

We need to get him off the pad.

If we don't, more
people will die.

When the convoy gets here,

the starships will
have a surgery bay.

Just hang tight, Alvarado, okay?

We need to do something.

Load his pattern
into the buffer.

We can keep him
suspended in there

- until the starships arrive.
- You can do that?

- Show me.
- I do it all the time with the bad ones.

Load the bio-data

as a backlog with a
pending transport.

Once he's in, delete
the transport.

We can recall the backlog later.

Just hold on.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Medical Officer's Log,


stardate 1875.8.

Biobed two has shut down again.

Ever since the Gorn
attack at Finibus Three,

it hasn't been the same.

Dr. M'Benga.


Do you have any more
of that Deltan parsley

in your apothecary?


Deltan parsley is deadly
in excessive amounts.

And in small amounts, delicious.

You could have just called.

Or sent a yeoman.

Mm-hmm. I wanted to
check in with you.

Because of our Klingon visitor?

I know you and Chapel were
both stationed on J'Gal,

where Rah earned his reputation.

Apparently, there was...

a minor protest during
his last transport,

so we have direct orders.

Klingon War veterans need
to interact with Rah.

We have to make him
feel welcome here,

and we will, but
I don't want that

to come at the personal
expense of anyone on the crew.

I'm fine.

As for Chapel...

Oh. Hey.

All good here, too, Captain.

Great. Good to hear it.

Ultimate goal of the Federation

is to make peace
with our enemies.

True, but it's also
an organization

that waged war
with the Klingons.

As I mentioned, we have
orders from pretty up high.

I'm hosting a dinner tonight
in honor of Ambassador Rah.

It would mean a lot...

I'll be there.

Totally. Me, too.

Thank you.

I appreciate you
both being there.

See you tonight.


- We can still ditch this.
- No.

Chris needs us there.

I've handled worse than
polite conversation.


I don't want to give
Rah the satisfaction

of chasing me away from
the captain's table.


We got this.

We got this.

Dermal team!

He's in cardiac arrest.

We're losing him.

- Manual stimulation.
- What?

Grab his heart
and start pumping.

It's not working.

Eyes up. We got this.

We got this.

Say it with me.

- We got this.
- We got this.

- We got this.
- We got this.

That's right.
Continue stimulation.

He's back!

Dermal team, now!

transport. Incoming transport.

Bills and bows, people!
Bills and bows! Let's go!

Attention, all personnel.

Tactical reviews
have been updated

and are available on
your personal datapad.


Everything all right?

No. The Butcher of
J'Gal is in there,

and everyone's acting like
he's the freaking Dalai Lama.

I've got a bad poker face
when I don't like someone.

I need to bail.

Why didn't you just
tell the captain no?

Why didn't you?

There's a chance General...

Ambassador Rah has
genuinely reformed.

No, he's pretending.

I sense it, and I don't
want to play along.

Sometimes you pretend
something long enough...

it becomes the truth.

So let's pretend the
war doesn't bother us,

at least for tonight.

Put on the Starfleet face?

It's a good face.

Plus, Pike made jambalaya.

Ooh, jambalaya?

With Deltan parsley.

There were eight delegates
from three separate planets,

and everyone
thought I was crazy.

And maybe I am.

The ally ambassador must have
many interesting insights

on delicate matters
of diplomacy.

Why did the Federation
send you there alone?

Joseph, Erica, welcome.

Uh, you met our
helmsman earlier,

and this is our
CMO, Dr. M'Benga.

The honor is all mine.


I hope you're enjoying our ship.

- Christine?
- What?

Oh, you're doing
the word game. Um...

I'm sorry, I don't really
have one right now.

- You are under duress.
- Hmm?

Oh. Yeah.

Is it true that all
peace negotiations

must include drinking
bloodwine in excess?

Peace is not a destination.

It's a journey. It's
a state of mind.

The Klingon need to feel...

Quite understandable.

I do not know much about your
service in the war, but...

I am available to you if you
ever feel the need to share.

Yeah, I don't, so let's just
change the subject, yeah?

Convincing Prospero Alpha

to agree to an armistice
was like getting a Tellarite

to give a compliment.

I just wish he
would shut up for one second

about all this amazing
peace he's managed.

I can help with that.

He's not wrong.

I was stationed near Prospero.

They are pretty stubborn.

They are stubborn. Correct.

- Often badly.
- Ambassador Rah,

are you familiar with
the ancient Earth text

Sun Tzu's The Art of War?

A most inspired
human masterpiece.

I would love to hear your
views on its comparison

with the Klingon
manuscript mL' parmaq Qoj.

This is a most excellent
topic of conversation,

Mr. Spock. Yes.

All Klingon children

learn mL' parmaq Qoj
practically from birth.

I was introduced
when I was seven.

My father taught me
war and bloodshed,

but my mother taught
me to see and feel...

Better make that two.

- Mine's a double.
- Even better.

Why are we here?

You know why.

Our captain needs us.

Why is it so hard to explain
to people who weren't there?

General Dak'Rah.

- His men wouldn't let me die.
- That was then.

Now you're here.

Got it?

Focus on getting better.

How's your chest feeling?

Like someone squeezed my
heart with their fingers.

Someone did.

Where are you from, Ensign?

New Angeles.

Terra Luna?

You're a long way
from the shipyards.

We all just call it the Moon.

I have to go check
on other patients.

When I come back, I want to
hear more about the Moon.

The answer is no.

And tell them to
stop sending people.

Nobody sent me.

In fact, they said you'd
turn me down if I tried.


We're done here.

General Dak'Rah, son of Ra'Ul.

I need help taking him out.

Intel says he's head of
the house here on J'Gal,

running the entire
operation for the Klingons.

M'Benga, they're
killing civilians.

Human and Klingon,
it doesn't matter.

This General Dak'Rah,

he's ordering his
men to kill on sight

anyone that isn't
a Klingon soldier.

After they torture them.

What are you doing,
hiding behind the wire?

Everyone knows the stories.

The most hand-to-hand
kills confirmed.

I'm just a doctor now.

I prefer saving
lives to taking them.

And I need quick and silent.

I need you.

I gave you my answer.

Protocol 12.

It was discontinued.

Starfleet won't make it anymore,
but I heard you still have some.

- You heard wrong.
- You designed it, right?

Make more.

Even if I could, I wouldn't.

It turns out that
pumping your body

full of adrenaline
and pain inhibitors

is bad for your health.

I'd rather die
tomorrow than today.

Come on, be reasonable.
My team needs an edge.

The negotiations
almost fell apart

when the chancellor said to me,

"How is it that a Klingon

is speaking on behalf
of the Federation?"

That's a good question.
How did you respond?

I simply told him the truth.

Who I am and who I was.

And what the
Federation did for me.

It saved my life.

J'Gal changed me.

J'Gal changed a lot of us.

You were on J'Gal?

I was.

The final conflict.

And the massacre
of Colony Athos.

Then you both know
my pain all too well.

Those were difficult times.

After what happened on
Athos, my ideals shifted.

The fighting was without merit.

It was pointless.

War is never the ideal option.

Is it true?

The story about what
you had to do to escape?

We were all pushed
to our limits.

To the survivors of J'Gal.

"We are Klingon, may we endure"?

"Remain Klingon."

Remember that?

It was our battle
cry during the war.

"Remain Klingon" is much easier
to shout in our language.

"Remain Klingon,"
all over the comms,

and then...

Boom. All your friends are dead.

Lieutenant Ortegas, stand down.


Let us all

step back.


I've heard worse.

Now I am simply hoping
to make up for my past,


and connecting with others
who need healing like you.

Okay, I am gonna go see
if she needs anything.

My sincere apologies,
Ambassador Rah.

None are needed, Captain.

As I said, I bear no grudge.

Uh, sh-she will find
her own way to peace.

Your perspective,

it bears a remarkable similarity
to Aenar existentialism.


I love the Aenar.

Brilliant pacifists.

Doctor, maybe you should
check on Erica as well.

Chapel might need a
hand calming her down.

Aye, Captain.

Your security officer,
La'An, she tells me that

the two of you are practicing
full impact Mok'bara,

and I was wondering if we
might arrange a session.

I'll check my schedule.

Thank you.

You should be in bed.

What are we doing here, Doc?

Why did you join
Starfleet, Ensign?

To explore.


I don't know... none of the stuff
that I've been doing lately.

I joined to find new
ways of healing people.

With Starfleet, you learn

how the rest of the universe
treats its maladies.

And this war, it's a disease

eating at the heart
of the Federation.

If we let the Klingons conquer
every colony in the sector,

they won't stop.

They won't go back to Kronos.

All of us have to remember

what we love most
about back home.

We fight for them.

We fight hoping it
doesn't change us.


don't come home different.

But if we don't fight,

we don't win.

The disease takes over.

And none of us have
a home to go back to.

I just wish we could stop
this without all this dying.

We have to fight

so the people we love can have
a chance to live in peace.

That's Starfleet.

Why are we being briefed?

Lieutenant Va'Al
Trask, special forces.

He just got orders.

For the entire outfit?

I just heard the
whole stinking thing.

You know, for being black ops,
these guys talk super loud.

You don't sound happy.

Command thinks this is our
chance to take control of J'Gal.

Trask's team is going dark
to find the local generals,

while ground units
mount a huge offensive

near Colony Athos
to provide cover.

All they need is
meat for the grinder.

My platoon is
leading the charge.

Fighting is one
thing, but this...

This is the mission, remember?

I don't question orders.

It's a suicide run.

I can put you down for
mandatory convalescence.

- Where's your C.O.?
- Don't.

Forget before.

It was the drugs. I was tired.

Thanks for the patch up job.

Stay low.

Fight hard.

I'm a soldier, Doc.

This is what I do.

Eyes up, people!

We got the word,
and the word is now.

Check the battle plans,
check assignments.

We all know the drill.

I want to apologize

for my part in last
night's dinner.

You don't need to apologize.

None of this is about you.

You just see me going
through something,

and our closeness makes
you feel responsible.

You're not.

I understand.

That is not true.

I am having difficulty

watching you experience
such obvious distress.

I want to help.

But it would appear all that
I am doing is making it worse.

War, it doesn't leave you. It...

It can, it can bury itself,
but it's-it's always there.

I researched J'Gal.

It was a forward operating base.

The data suggests the loss of
life was disproportionate...

J'Gal is not a statistic, Spock.

J'Gal is what it is.

War, it makes sense
if you've been there,

but it will never make sense.

Like I've been
trying to tell you,

I just need some personal time.

I understand.

You require personal
time away from me.

Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

- You good?
- No, no, I'm good, I'm good.

- Go, go.
- Incoming transport.

all the wounded?

General Dak'Rah is
sending all he's got.

They hit our power supply.

Auxiliary generators are up.

We got a lot people in the
field who can't make it out.

All we need is
one transporter, right?

I'm trying to get
one online now.

Use all the auxiliary power,
override the redundant systems,

route everything to the pads.

It'll purge the backlogs,
but it should work. Do it.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

wait, wait. No, no.

Um, the transport buffer.
Alvarado's in there.

If we purge the logs, he'll die.


Pattern deleted.

Power restored.

Transport initiated.

No. What did you do?

We saved lives.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

I must admit, I thought you
might decline my invitation.

It crossed my mind.

But Klingon Judo
is good exercise.

Are you sure you're
up for full impact?

I am more virile than I appear.

I see there's more to you than
what's on the surface, Rah.

Most people who see me see
a Klingon, bringer of death.

They do not believe
that I am reformed.


You actually seem like

you're able to put
the past behind you.

In fact, you make it look easy.

You don't put something
like J'Gal behind you.

But you learn from it.

I have a proposal.

If the two of us, direct
enemies on the battlefield,

can find a way to work together,

that would be a
powerful message.

So you want to be my friend?

We don't need to be
friends, just allies.

The combat veterans
on this ship,

they look up to you.

And I believe many others
in Starfleet will, too.

Consider joining me for
my next peace conference.

You and I together can advance
Klingon-Federation relations

by leaps and bounds.

You ask a big favor of me,

but I still want
to know about you.

Ask anything you want.

Did you really
kill your own men?

We were under attack.

The leaders under my command

decided that all tactical
options were viable.

Most of the casualties
on Athos were civilians.

I am aware.


yes, I...

killed my own men

because I was appalled
by those atrocities.

You against three
Klingon warriors.


Who fought the hardest?


He almost ended me.

But witnessing so
many nameless victims,

I had to fight on.

The nameless?

You did it for them?

I stood up for what is right.

And for that, my
Klingon brethren

call me the Butcher of J'Gal.

J'Gal changed you.
It changed me.

Wars change people.

This has been invigorating.

I look forward to
our next session.

Computer, set
sonic shower to full.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

- Incoming transport.
- Over here!


They're killing children.

I need pediatric
medical assistance.

Incoming transport.
Incoming transport.

Incoming transport.

M'Benga, they're
killing civilians.

General Gra'val,
Commander Kiff, Captain Ruh'lis

General Dak'Rah.

I need quick and silent.

It's a massacre.

- They're killing everyone.
- This is a bloodbath.

Entire families.

killing everyone.

You're the Ghost.

I need you.

Number One.

What's this?

A course through
the Chantico Nebula.

Gets us to Starbase
12 by tomorrow.


We need to get
Rah off this ship.

Crew morale is low.

How can we represent
a Federation

that believes in peace if we say

some people aren't allowed
to make up for their past?

I agree with you,
in the abstract,

but the people he hurt,

some of them right
here in this crew,

might not find
forgiveness so easily.

It isn't fair for us to
ask them to just let it go.

Federation or not,

everyone is on
their own journey.

Okay, change course,

cut through Chantico
Nebula and arrive early.

Aye, Captain.

People are
looking for you.

You're going out there.

Someone has to
finish the mission.

J'Gal is burning.

We're all leaving. The
convoy is warping in.

You can use this to find me.

Don't beam me out
until you have to.

I told myself,

I don't want to
go home different.

My family deserves better.

I see now that's impossible.

Go stop them.

Save as many as you can.

And when you find
whoever's in charge,

you make them pay.

Protocol 12.

It helps you fight.

If the Klingons breach the
wire, use it to get out.

Good luck.

I've just been informed
that my time on the ship

is being cut short.

We don't have as much
time as I had hoped

to get to know one another.

I'm okay with that.

I don't need to know any
more than I already do.


please go away.

I thought that as victims of
the horrors of J'Gal, that...


I know why you're here.

You want me to
make you feel okay.

To say you've done enough.

You misunderstand me.

Oh, I understand you,

General Dak'Rah,

son of Ra'Ul.

Perhaps you do.

I sense that we are the same.

You're letting your pain
cloud your judgment.


Leave me alone.

Don't let hate ruin your soul.

You gave the order!

Anyone not a Klingon
soldier is the enemy.

You gave the order.

Yes, this is true.

But I've been doing
the best I can

to make up for my

Kiff didn't fight the hardest.

It was Captain Ruh'lis.

He held me back while
you made your escape.

You turned me into a monster.

I told you I was there.

I am the Butcher of J'Gal.


All of this time...

All of this time,
you've said nothing.

You let me take credit.

Because, unlike you, I
am ashamed of that night.

I am ashamed of my cowardice.

I looked for you.

And now here you are,

using the blood on my hands
to make yourself a saint.

I only wanted
Starfleet to trust me.

Look at the work that I've done.

People need saints.

They need belief.

If people knew the truth,
my work would be undone.

Your work is built on lies.

You never paid for what you did.

When I was at my lowest,
the Federation was there.

I need it, and they need me.

I have a purpose now.

Why did you have to come?

Why couldn't you leave me alone?

M'Benga, I'm here
to provide healing.

Please, let me have a
chance to help you heal.

I said no.

Don't be stupid.

You're a war criminal.

- Don't you see it?
- Get your hands off!

So selfish a human!


I was there.

Saw the whole thing.

Rah wanted to talk,
but Joseph was done.

He told Rah he didn't want to
be involved with a war criminal.

Guess hearing that set him off.

I can't believe he would
do something like this.

Kiff, Klingon, deceased.

Captain Ruh'lis,

Klingon, deceased.

Ambassador Dak'Rah,
Klingon, deceased.

The knife belongs to the
Butcher of J'Gal, right?

Starfleet records tell us

the DNA belongs to the
three warlords he killed.

And I checked the logs,
tracked movements.

They corroborate the timeline.

I'm just shocked

that Rah would
attack him like that.

I guess it just goes to show,

no one ever really knows

what goes on in anyone's heart.


La'An's submitting her report.

Uh, there's likely to
be an inquiry, but...

Oh, we've known each other...

- How long?
- Too long to count.

Yeah, I'd like to think,

if you did instigate
the fight with Rah,

if it got away from you
somehow, you could talk to me.

I'd be on your side.
We'd work it out.

I didn't start the fight, Chris.

This whole situation, it's...

it's complicated.

Is it?

Rah was living a lie.

I saw his true face.

What if I told you
he murdered children?

Not his men.

He did it.

What if I started
the fight then?

Would that be so bad?

Even if he had secrets,
there's due process.

That's why we have tribunals.

The Diplomatic Corps
knew who he was,

and they still let him
represent the Federation.

The Federation believes everyone
deserves a second chance.

What about justice?

What about the victims?

Doesn't everyone deserve
to pay for their actions?

So who decides, hmm?

Who pays and who
gets redemption?

Where's the line?

You're right, Chris.

We've known each other
for a very long time,

see eye to eye on most things.

But you haven't lived my life.

You have the privilege

of believing in
what's best in people.


I happen to know there are
some things in this world

that don't deserve forgiveness.

What are you saying?

I told you, I didn't
start the fight.

But I'm glad he's dead.

Chief Medical
Officer's Log, stardate 1877.5.

Biobed two is working again.

At least for now.

But I know it's only
a matter of time

before it shuts down again.

Some things break in a way
that can never be repaired.

Only managed.

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