Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Broken Circle - full transcript

A distress call from Lt. Noonien-Singh compels Spock to disobey orders and take the Enterprise and its crew into disputed space on a rescue mission.

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Strange New Worlds...

The Klingon War is
over. TheEnterprise was on

its five-year mission.

Missing the war

took a toll on my crew.

I've let something out.

My emotions.

Rage. Pain.

I can't control it.

It doesn't
make you weak.

It makes you human.

I'd like to request

a formal leave of absence.

I found a lead on Oriana,

the girl we rescued
from the Gorn.

If I said no, would
it make a difference?

I am resigning my commission.

- I'm an Illyrian.
- Rejected.

What do we do when
Starfleet finds out?

You let me worry
about Starfleet.

The hell is going on?

I'm arresting
Commander Una Chin-Riley

for violations of our anti-
genetic modification directive.

I really am sorry.

So am I.

This isn't over.

Captain's log,
stardate 2369.2.

Enterprise is in
spacedock at Starbase One.

The crew is taking some
well-deserved leave

while Chief Fleet
Inspector Commander Pelia

and her team from
Operational Support Services

are running comprehensive

systems checks and upgrades.

I've had my hands
full onEnterprise

getting everything ready.
But even from afar,

I sense a tension here among
the brass that I can't pin down.

The feeling that
something is in the air.

But right now I have a crisis
closer to home to deal with.

- You're not giving up.
- Chris.

Did you manage to
even talk to her?

She won't respond.

She won't take my calls either.

There must be other lawyers
who can handle this.

I lied about my species

on an application to Starfleet.

Let's just say this
is not a plum case.

She's the only one who
might even try to fight it.

So we go public.

- They can't ignore your record.
- No.

This is my life. I'm not
letting my mistakes ruin yours.

- Una.
- Anyway...

I hear they're going to
offer me a plea deal.

You cannot resign.

The loss to Enterprise
would be unimaginable.

To me.

Don't start a fight
you can't win.

You taught me that.

You didn't start
this. They did.

And we're going to find a way to
win because it's what's right.

There's the Boy
Scout in you again.

- I'm gonna talk to her myself, face-to-face.
- Oh, sure,

just take three days off from
being captain of the Enterprise

to go to the other
side of the quadrant

and get a door
slammed in your face.

Two and a half in one
of the newer shuttles.

I'll be back beforeEnterprise's

inspections are complete.

Chris, you're being ridiculous.

If she's your only
shot at fighting this,

I have to try.

Just hang in there, Number
One. That's an order. Pike out.

And while you

take this short leave
for personal reasons,

I will be acting captain
of the Enterprise?

You don't
sound excited, Spock.

I will remind you half our
crew is on shore leave.

And we still lack

a chief engineer as well
as a head of security.

Additionally, Commander
Chin-Riley's loss

- is acutely felt.
- Helping Una

is exactly why I have to go.

Take it easy, Mr. Spock.

You won't ever even
have to leave spacedock.

What is the human expression?
Famous last words.

Hey, I have faith in you.

See you in three days.

Increased heart rate.
Heightened pain in the neck,

jaw and lower back.

If I didn't know better,

I'd say you were experiencing

what we humans call stress.

That is... atypical.

As you know, Vulcan emotions
are stronger than human ones.

But your people control them

through suppressive
cognitive blocks.


When you unleashed your
anger to combat the Gorn,

you removed those blocks.

Now all your emotions
are flowing more freely.

Doctor, the captain has put me
in command of the Enterprise

for the next three days.

I am concerned my emotions
may impact my judgement.

You'll just have to
learn to live with them.

Like we all do.

- I would prefer not to.
- Mr. Spock,

may I offer a more
human therapy?

All Vulcans study music, yes?

For its mathematical properties.

Humans use it as a way

of channeling emotion
into expression.


And your heart
rate is going down.



Just letting you know
I'm coming on duty.

Of course. Thank you, nurse.

If you'll excuse me.


Isn't that typically his line?

It's just that when
he saw you, I...

Don't even.

No, no. I wouldn't.

Was there something else?

It's about that fellowship...
The archeological medicine.

I'm thinking about applying.

I'm going to have to
replace you, aren't I?

It's two months on Vulcan.

You're not getting
rid of me that easy.

More inspectors than
crew on this ship.

The pitch and yaw controls
are reversed from standard.

Standard positions
aren't quick enough.

And I don't like getting
shot, so I adjusted them.

Highly irregular.

Excuse me.

Oh, no, you don't.

Uh, I need to install
a secure comms patch.

- That'll reboot the system.
- And?

And we'll be off-line.
Even the emergency bands.

Figure a few hours
of radio silence

would be welcome
at communications.

Let me get a secondary
comms on line.

No offense, but
we're in spacedock.

How many hails are you getting?

I just need a second.

- It'll only be a few minutes.
- And I have a job to do.

This is my station.
So if you don't mind?

Thank you.

Come in.

Lieutenant. Sorry
for the interruption.

Did I hear music?

What can I do for you, Ensign?

I wanted to talk to you about

an odd signal
variance I picked up.

Could you not
simply have called?

Internal comms are
being rebooted.

It originated in
the Cajitar system.

Cajitar is on the
edge of Klingon space.

Yes, sir. At first,

I thought it was
random signal shifting.

But I ran it through
meta-pattern analysis,

and it's a distress signal.

Who is it from?

La'An, sir.

Permission denied, Lieutenant.

But sir, if it is from
Lieutenant Noonien-Singh,

she has indicated she is
in dire need of our aid.

Well, if it is from Lieutenant
Noonien-Singh, then I remind you

that she's been on voluntary
leave from Starfleet for months.

Nevertheless, the
message is dire.

It states: "Dangerous
situation on Cajitar 4.

"Resources of

Anti-Federation threat."

How much do you know
about Cajitar 4?

It is a dilithium mining planet
on the edge of Klingon space.

A prodigious dilithium
mining planet.

Since the war, the
colony's been governed

by a painstakingly-negotiated

We alternate our access
with the Klingons.

For the next 30 days,
it's the Klingons' show.

We turn up during their shift,

they'll consider
it an act of war.

There's no way we risk a
resumption of hostilities

with the Klingons
over a vague message

which may or may not be from
a former member of Starfleet.

We'll check it out when we
get access to the planet back

next month. And even if
it really is your friend,

she's gonna have to fend
for herself until then.

April out.

He's wrong.
That message

has to be from La'An. She
knows our maintenance schedule.

It-it was beamed right at us.

Still, it could be a deception.

Even a trap.

The admiral was
pretty definitive.


Our former comrade
is in trouble.

She has indicated aid
to her is essential

for the safety of
the Federation.

I will need your help to get
the inspectors off the ship

and achieve our objective. But

I will not ask you to do
something you believe is wrong.

If you wish to leave
or report this plan,

I will not stand in your way.

What plan?

I would have thought it obvious.

We must steal the Enterprise.


The final frontier.

These are the voyages of
the starshipEnterprise.

Its five-year mission:

to explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life

and new civilizations,

to boldly go where no
one has gone before.

Attention all personnel.
We have detected a cooling leak

in the intermix chamber. All
non-essential crew members

are ordered to evacuate
the ship immediately.

Commander Pelia. We
are at red alert.

- Perhaps you did not hear the evacuation order?
- Yes.

Never mind me. I'm just
finishing up my inspection.

But readings indicate a
loss of antimatter containment.

Hmm. In the same intermix
chamber that my team spent

three days evaluating, and
found nothing wrong with.

- Huh!
- Commander, I am alarmed at your lack of concern.

At what?

At the textbook signs
of a warp core breach?

You do know that
I teach a course

in warp core breaches
at the Academy, yes?

I... didn't realize that.

Yes, well, if you had taken it,

you would know that
heightened temperatures

around the intermix chamber

is the single factor
most commonly mistaken

for an imminent breach.

Ooh, would you look at that.

Someone accidentally

simulated a coolant
leak on the sensors.

If I didn't know
any better, I'd say

- it was on purpose.
- Commander Pelia,

I am not sure what
you are implying.

I'm not implying anything.

I'm flat-out saying

someone violated about

17 Starfleet regulations.

Well, perhaps while
you're theorizing,

you might explain why

anyone would engage
in such subterfuge.


I can think of one reason.

To steal the Enterprise.

Or do you want to tell me that's

not what's happening here?

Yes, you can always
count on a Vulcan's

inability to lie.

Another thing I
know about Vulcans.

They don't do things
without a good reason.

Do you have a good
reason to steal the ship?

I am having what you
humans call a hunch.

A Vulcan with a hunch.
That's a new one.

And not just any Vulcan.

Amanda Grayson's son.

- How do you know my...
- Well, if you're going to

steal a starship,
do it correctly.

Helm, can you vent

ionized plasma from
the warp nacelles?

I could, but...

should I?

- Why are you helping us?
- Oh, please.

We can spend a lot of time

talking about this or we can go.

You decide.

Vent the nacelles on my mark.


Emergency transmission from
Starbase One Docking Control.

They are blowing
the docking clamps

and ordering us to make space

between the ship
and the station.

I notice you're short a chief
engineer on this mission.


Be happy to sub in.

Been a hundred years

since I've gone out
with engines of my own.

A hundred years? Really?

It's a long story.

A really long story.

That's the accent.
You're Lanthanite.

Guilty as charged.

Starbase One is hailing us, sir.

Ms. Ortegas.

Nacelles recharged and ready.

Starbase One
will have to wait.

The Cajitar system.

Warp factor five.

You gonna say it?

Your thing?

My what?

Your thing. You know.

Everyone in the chair
has their thing.

Captain Pike always
says "hit it."

My last captain
liked to say "zoom."

Must I have a thing?

Do you have a thing?

Well, I've been workshopping


But it's supposed
to be about you.

What kind of commander
are you? All that.

So, no presh.

I would like the ship to go.


Aye aye, Captain.

Beat that, human.


Drink! Drink!

Was that watered-down?

Hey, he's got it!

Oh, oh...


Don't try to hide half the wine
in your beard again, Kr'Dogh.

Oh, oh! Oh!


You know what I really want.

I can set the meeting,
but I am not sure

Greynax will meet
with you, human.

Well, it's sweet that you
worry about my problems.

Set it for tonight.

You better find
Kr'Dogh before he

throws up on the wrong person.

Stole the Enterprise?

Yes. You
said it was urgent.

Wow. I would have
lost so many bets.

Yeah, Vulcans can surprise you.

Thank you for
coming. All of you.

What's going on?

The little girl who

survived the Gorn... Oriana.

I was trying to
find her parents.

Uh, we tracked them here.

And they'd thought she was dead.

Sounds like a happy ending.

Well, up until the
war, this planet

had provided, uh, a
steady flow of dilithium

to both sides, like it does now.

But after the war started,

so many ships being destroyed,

dilithium constantly
needing to be replenished,

this place became
a promised land.

Ore was dug up and auctioned off

to the highest bidder
at astronomical prices.

Fortunes were minted daily
and the mining syndicate

got a piece of every single one.

Then, suddenly, peace.

A new syndicate made up of

ex-Klingon and
Federation soldiers

has decided that

peace isn't good for business.

And they have one ideology:


They want to re-start the war.

- Restart the war how?
- All I know is

they've been looking to
get their hands on as much

Federation tech as possible.

Then, a few days ago,

there was an
explosion at the mine.

Half the town got sick
from ion exposure.

Including Oriana's parents.

Ion radiation is not naturally
occurring from dilithium.

But it can be created
by photon torpedoes.

That is correct.

We both served in the
Klingon War. Doc here just

likes to read up on
weapons systems is all.

Yes. A hundred million
Federation bodies, slaughtered.

And for what... A
parsec of space or two?

And now some want to resume that
theater of horror for profit?

Where are, um, Oriana
and her parents now?

Med tent. They're short on
everything... doctors, supplies.

We have med kits with us.

See what aid
you can provide.

But keep a low profile.

Ensign Uhura and I
will stay to assist

- in your investigation.
- I have a rendezvous with

three potential buyers
tonight as well, so...

Wait. Ensign?

You go away, you miss things.

Seems I do.

This is not good.

It is not.

Dr. M'Benga! Nurse Chapel!

Well, looks like
our cover's blown.

I'm so glad to see you
guys. My parents...

Try an inducing recombination

to repair genetic damage.


This should have
you feeling better

in about a day.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Nice tech.

You medical?

Just in from off-world.

Looking to trade at market.

I hate to bust up your plans,
but we could use your services.

Who's we?

Follow me.

I think your
prom dates just arrived.

Three Klingons approaching.


Is that Klingon
they are speaking?

I do not recognize it.

Kach-Ugh, I think. It's
a pretty obscure dialect,

but I can make out the syntax.

Were you followed?

Yes. But then I
cut their throats

and they stopped following me.

Leaving bodies to find when
we don't want anyone looking.

This is the Klingon shift
on this miserable world.

Bodies pile up. Did you
bring what you promised?

I thought Klingons hated
Federation weapons.

Why buy them?

That is not your concern.

You promised two dozen.

This is barely half that.

Well, it's what I have to sell.

I'll pay a third.

- I'm charging double.
- Double?

For half the weapons
you promised?

You don't like the questions,

you don't like the price.

And what would stop me
from just taking them

from a tiny woman like you?

This is an anti-matter
detonation switch.

You better hope I don't let go.

Unless you're keen on losing
the bottom half of your body?

Are you sure

you have no Klingon
blood in you?

Double for this lot.

But I need more.

I'll see what I can do.

Well done, Lieutenant.

What's an anti-matter
detonation switch?

It's not a thing, is it?

Yeah, no, definitely
not a thing.

I was able to parse out some
of what they were saying,

and whatever they're planning,
it's happening tomorrow.

Should we call Starfleet?

Not until we have solid proof.

I do not relish another call
with the admiral without it.

Now let's get back to the
Enterpriseand see what

Nurse Chapel and
Dr. M'Benga have found.

Chief Jay.

Ready when you are.

Roger that, Mr. Spock.
Small problem:

I've been tracking the
doctor and Nurse Chapel,

and we lost their signal
about an hour ago.

I'm not a cave person,
but this is for sure

the biggest I've ever seen.

Decades of dilithium mining.

How do you think they
got that in here?

I think they built it.

Move. Now!

Ion burns everywhere.

This level of scarring is
normally too deep to treat.

But, fortunately, your
dermal system is redundant.

You've treated Klingons before.

- Where?
- It doesn't matter.

Tell me, or I'll
cut out your tongue

so you spread no more lies.

Years ago I was stationed
on the moon of J'gal.

Now I know you are
lying. If you had served

on J'gal, you'd be dead.

Do you know that after
the battle of ChaKana,

there was so much
blood in the air

the rain turned red?

Ror'Queg. Are you
fit for duty now?

I'm done with him.

Hey. You good?

I'm fine.

You sure?

You want me to tell you this is
not bringing everything back.

I can't.

But I can tell you
I'm in control.

The war's over, Joseph.

Yes, but how can it ever be?

I'm fine.

Have you learned
anything useful?

Um, yeah. The...

severity of the burns suggest

the photon torpedoes
are on this ship.

Maybe with all the
other Federation tech

they've managed to acquire.


If you have a Federation ship

in the middle of a
territorial dispute...

You could use it to
attack the Klingons.

Start the war all over again.

We have to warn Enterprise.

There must be comms
somewhere here on the bridge.

So, we just waltz up there,

say, "Mind if we make a call?"

You know this
can help us get there.

If it's important enough.

Do you ever not carry it?



Sure you want to do this again?

Again, no.

But I'm not seeing
a better choice.

Oh! Oh...

Tell me about this plan.

- And how to stop it.
- Or what?

I know about your Federation
rules against torture.

What defenses does
your group have?

How many in your
number?! What weapons?!

He can't answer
you if he's dead.

Joseph. Joseph!

30 soldiers.

On the bridge. Engineering.

Armed with phasers,

Klingon disruptors.

Is there a transponder
on the ship?

I will never.

Deck 13.

The engines
are warming up.

I thought transponders
could only broadcast

a ship's name and class to
other Federation vessels.

I can reprogram it to
send a simple message.

We need to move. Now.

I need a minute.

I'll buy you a minute.

Got it.

Better find a way off this ship.


Unless you've got enough
juice for another dance.

I think it's running out.

Better hurry.


Klingon battle
cruiser just warped in.

Red alert, Ms. Uhura.

Any indication
they have seen us?

I'm reading internal
comms only. All coded,

but the activity is pretty
standard for arrival in orbit.

We haven't tripped
any alarms yet, sir.

We're in low-power mode,
surrounded by interstellar ice

and rock with a high
internal iron content.

From their POV, we
look like space junk.

You sound confident,
Lt. Ortegas.

I've hidden from enough Klingons
to know when to take a breather.

cruiser moving away.


We're being hailed.
On a secure channel.

By whom?

No luck locating
M'Benga or Chapel.

- Anything your end?
- Negative.

Wherever they are
must be shielded.

And a Klingon
cruiser has arrived.

All my contacts in the
Broken Circle have vanished,

so whatever they're gonna do,
it must be something that's...



I'm reading a launch
from the surface.

It's a ship.

On screen.

That's one of ours.

Crossfield class, I think.

And it's headed right toward

that battle cruiser.

A Crossfield's no match for

- a heavy cruiser.
- Well, we can't just

- let them get shot.
- Uh, Lt. Spock?

That ship's transponder
ping is... off.

- Off?
- It's sending standard ident codes,

but the signal keeps flickering.

- Faulty?
- No.

It's a pattern. A code.

Uh, Morse 2, I think.

- What is it saying?
- It's spelling


destroy this ship."

Do you think they're reading
the transponder signal?

How long until they get in?

Five minutes, if they
have a laser torch.

Less, if they have a grenade.

We're in space. They
can't be that stupid.

Or maybe they can.

What do we do?

Let's get those lockers open.

See if they have any EV suits.

If the Klingons see that
ship, it will start a war.


In fact, Ms. Ortegas,

I surmise that is likely
its precise intention.

I believe the Federation
ship is part of

a false flag operation.

I think the extremists
intend to use the ship

to attack the Klingons as a
way of reigniting hostilities

with the Federation.
I theorize

that Dr. M'Benga and
Nurse Chapel were indeed

taken by the extremists
and were able

to reconfigure the transponder
to give us a warning.

Sir, what if Nurse
Chapel and Dr. M'Benga

are still on that ship?

They thought it
worth their lives

to prevent another war.


Federation ship in firing range.

Mr. Spock,

what are your orders?

Follow the false
Federation ship.

Stay in weapons range,
but hold your fire.

And do not let the Klingons
know that we are here.

Got it.

If we don't destroy it before
we get out of the rings,

the Klingons are going
to see both of us.

That's definitely
gonna start a war.

- Shields at 80%.
- Mr. Spock,

- should I return fire?
- Not yet.

- 70%.
- Copy. That is the last time

they dent our paint job.

They fired an array

of torpedoes.

I think they're cutting through.

There's a beacon in the helmet.

And an attitude jet in the pack.

So, we just jump into
space without an EV suit?

The beacon will activate
once we're in space.

I can use the attitude jet to
guide us away from the ship.

Only we'll be dead.

Not necessarily.

It'll take almost a minute
for us to freeze to death.

Don't worry.

We'll pass out after 15 seconds.

I know it's a terrible idea.

Yeah, it's terrible.

Let's get to it, then.

They're heading
straight for the Klingons.

Stay on that ship, Ms. Ortegas.

- Pedal to the metal, sir.
- Sir, they're in

sensor range of the
Klingon battle cruiser.

- There's only time for one shot.
- Photon torpedoes

locked on the Federation
ship. Full spread.

Mr. Spock?

Not yet. Any signal

from Nurse Chapel
or Dr. M'Benga?

Nothing, sir.

I can't believe this
is how we're gonna die.

We've gotten out of worse.

No, not really.

I suppose not.

Mr. Spock,
it's now or never.

Fire photon torpedoes!

Sir, I'm detecting a
Federation EV suit transponder.

Bridge to transport.
Lock on to that signal

and beam them aboard now.

I waited.

I waited.

I waited for you.

You don't die. You don't die.

You do not die!

Why you got to be so rough?

Lt. Spock, we're being
hailed by the Klingon captain.

is the meaning of this?



Destroying your own ship in
order to cover your tracks?

We were in fact
pursuing a rogue vessel

- which intended to do you harm.
- Absurd.

Why else would I tell
you the ship was not ours

if it was indeed ours?

To cover your own failure

in the face of our
superior might.

But we destroyed the ship.

You anticipated defeat.

And now you're stalling
for another day.

Captain, your sensors
did not detect us

until we fired on the
false Federation vessel.

Could we not have as
easily fired on yours?

But why should I trust you?

I am Vulcan.

And as I believe
your people know,

Vulcans cannot lie.

I care little for
what legends say.

I know a man's truth

only when I look into his eyes,


So be it.

Perhaps we can conclude
this discussion

over a barrel of bloodwine?

You drink bloodwine?

I have been known to.

This is something I must see.

You're no typical Vulcan.


It would seem I am not.



- Ah.
- Ah.

Well, uh, listen,
I think my Klingon

might be a little rusty,

but did he just say
"may your blood scream?"

A Klingon toast, the
true meaning of which

is becoming clear to me.


Well, thank you

for getting me out
of the Academy.

Are you actually Lanthanite?

Oh, a couple of drinks

and you get personal...

That it, flyboy?

I am.

I have always been
fascinated by your people.

That you managed to live
on Earth among other humans

undetected until the 22nd
century is remarkable.

You know your mother was one of
the first people I came out to.

I did not.

But that's a tale
for another time.

And now you teach engineering
at Starfleet Academy?


You asked me why I helped you.

You want to know the worst thing

about living almost forever?

The loss of those you love.

Oh, you sweet

un-Vulcan Vulcan.


That's a pain shared

by all those who live

with even a half-open heart.


It's boredom.

And on that ship of yours,

there seems to be
a shortage of that.

I like it.

- Hm.
- I might even try and stick around.





To the Vulcan

who acts nothing like a Vulcan.


Just promise you'll stay
out of trouble, okay?

I will if you will.

Where are you gonna go now?


After explicitly
ordering you not to go,

you risked hundreds of lives,

and you risked peace
in the quadrant.

If you could lower the volume
of your voice, Admiral.

Oh, my God.

Are you hungover, Spock?

The result of a peace treaty
with the Klingon captain.

- After a successful mission.
- You got lucky,

and that could have just as
easily gone the other way,

with the Federation thrown into
a brutal war with the Klingons.

I did what I believed was right,

followed my gut, as you
humans are so fond of saying,

and I will accept

whatever punishment
Starfleet feels is just.

Consider that Klingon
hangover your punishment.

But next time...

And there better not
be a next time...

It'll be your commission.

Now, getEnterprise home.

Mr. Spock.

I didn't hear you come in.

Are you all right?


I just...

She'll be fine.

I'm not...


I have no words for what I feel.


You let Spock off easy.

He just kept
us from potentially

having to defend two
fronts at the same time.

Even if he doesn't know it.

In any case, he's
one of our best.

And if this war happens...

we're gonna need every
good officer we've got.