Star Trek: Prodigy (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Training Officer's Log,
Stardate 607125.6.

After the crew's last mission
conducting first contact

went terribly awry,

I fear their failure is
tearing them apart.

Falling down is easy.

It's getting up
that takes practice,

which is why,
as their advisor,

it was time
to stir things up.

- Ugh, this is a waste of time.

- This is a riddle
that needs to be solved.

You must work together
to get a fox, a chicken,

and a bag
of grain safely across.

- Oh, why can't we
just row 'em all across

and get this over with?

- Because if they're all
in the same boat,

the chicken will eat the grain

and the fox
will eat the chicken.

- If you take the grain first,

that leaves the chicken
and the fox.

Oh dear, that won't work.

- Mr. Foxy wouldn't
hurt a feather.

- Jankom's hungry.
Let's eat the fox.

- It's my duty as captain
to listen to my crew.

But when they say stuff
like that, gonna ignore it.

- If we take one across,

there's no rule to say
we couldn't take another back.

- Getting warm.

Imagine if you tried
working together.

- Ah, ah!
- [gasps]

Bad, Mr. Foxy, bad!

- Ahh!

- Who had the boat?

- Not me.
Greatest show ever.

- If you just--ah!

Hey, Security Officer,
could you please keep the fox

from eating
the feathered thing?

- Stop calling me that.

I don't wanna be
Security Officer.

- Ahh!

- Computer, end simulation.

We can't do the impossible.

- Impossible?

You have everything
to solve this problem,

if only you would
solve it together.

You can't let failure
tear your crew apart.

- Well, maybe we aren't a crew.
- Careful, Cap.

You make it sound like
we're not Starfleet cadets.

Dot, dot, dot.

- That's because I'm not.

I lied.
I made us all lie.

We aren't Starfleet.
We aren't a crew.

Who are we kidding?

We're a bunch of strangers
who stole a ship.

- You stole this ship?

- It's time to come clean.

- Oh, great.

Jankom take a ship?

- Perhaps I should explain.

[soft music]

- Our Diviner.

There is another inquiry
pertaining to the reward

for information
about the Protostar.

- Another inquiry?

Or is it another grifter
who knows nothing,

calling to waste our time?

- This inquiry appears
to be promising.

- Salutations.

I hear you're in the market
for a certain ship,

if the reward
is still available.

- My patience grows thin,

and be wary of spewing lies.

- Your fugitive vessel
contained chimerium,

did it not?

I'm sending the coordinates.

♪ ♪

- The Protostar jumped too far,
Our Diviner.

It would take months
for the REV-12 to catch them.

- But if we have
their location,

there are other ways
to make our presence known.

[dramatic music]

- Vehicle replicator

♪ ♪

- Telling all our secrets.

Ruining all the f--what
in the name is that?

- It's a tachyon storm.

- Jankom was afraid
it was a physical manifestation

of how he feels.

- You didn't like Janeway
finding out the truth?

- Then we could've gone
to the Federation.

We could have
had a better life.

But now who knows
where we're going.

Aimlessly heading
towards the tachyon storm,

whatever that is.

- Keep your boots to the ground
because it might mess

with our gravity,

the one thing holding
us together.

- Wait, what, gravity?

Gravity's the only thing
keeping the Proto-Drive stable.

[thunder rumbling]

♪ ♪


- What's going on?

I'm reading
incredible power influxes.

- We may not be cadets,

but believe me,
Jankom's trying to fix it.

- As I explained to Zero,
cadets or not,

you are still my crew,
and I'm programmed to help.

- Uh-oh.

♪ ♪

- [echoing]

- Huh?

♪ ♪

[alarm beeping]

- Why does the alarm
sound funny?

Ah, great,
now the lights are broken, too?

- Hm, my temporal settings
are all over the place.

What's happening?
- Stupid tachyon storm.

- Janeway to crew.
Did anyone else feel that?

Computer's saying there's
no other life forms onboard.

That can't be.

- Oh no, core breach!
There's been a rupture.

- If the core's breached,
the engine can't equalize

the gravity shell
of the Proto-Drive.

- And gravity is what keeps
that star from exploding.

That alarm tells me we've got
ten minutes to fix this.

I just need to recalibrate
the warp...

ah, ah!

♪ ♪

- The ship, it exploded.
But we still had ten minutes.

Yet I'm here.

And everything appears
to be in order.

And still only
one lifeform aboard.

Jankom, come in.

- [whimpering]


- What happened?
Where is everyone?

- There was this
weird purple ripple.

Then everyone vanished.

And now everyone's
moving weird.

I've been alone ever since.
Where were you?

- I was with Jankom after we
entered the Tachyon storm...

There was an alarm,
and then the Proto-Drive...

- The Proto-Drive what?

- We need to see the engine.

[electricity crackling]

- I've never seen it do that.

- The ripple that passed
through us all,

it was some kind
of time anomaly.

I can adjust the speed

of my settings to be here,

but everyone must be stuck
in their own temporal phases.

That's why with Jankom,
everything was sped up.

But here,
everything is slowed down.

- Temporal what?

- We were once all
in one ship, yes?

When we went
through the tachyon storm,

something unusual happened.

Though it appears
you are alone,

everyone is still
in the same ship,

just moving through time
at different speeds.

Like, for Jankom,
time moves faster.

But for you...

- Time goes by really slow.

- Yes.

But there's a problem
on this ship, you see.

And if it's not fixed
in ten minutes,

something terrible
will happen.

- Oh no.

- You'll be okay.

Because remember,
time moves differently.

For some, ten minutes
can go by in an instant.

But lucky for you,
it will feel like an eternity.

- But what about my friends?

- Rok, you must listen to me.

You have to repair
the warp containment

to prevent a core breach.

- Core breach?

- I know it's a lot,
but you have

to get our ship's warp
containment balance right,

or else the Proto-Drive star

will be released all at once,
almost like a supernova.

- Stop it!
I don't understand.

- You have to try.

- Computer,
make Janeway go away.

- No!

[dramatic music]

- Ah, there you are.

I see you've adjusted
your temporal settings.

- And I see you've
figured out time phases.

Talk to me.

- Once I realized
the warp core was damaged,

I deduced the only way to
restore gravitational balance

was to reroute power
from the primary warp drive

directly to the Proto-Drive

using a Warp Matrix,
which I am currently creating.

- I like it.

A Warp Matrix will
normalize our time component

and stabilize these fractures.

- And better yet,
save everyone.

But to know how much time
I have,

I need one piece of data.

Was Rok's time faster
or slower than mine?

- Slower, much slower.

- Fascinating.

We're trapped
in oscillating time.

Time works like
a damped sine wave.

Those closest to the blast
are most affected,

in alternating patterns,
fastest and slowest,

then faster and slower,
then fast and slow.

- Jankom was closest
to the Proto-Drive,

so he was the fastest.

Rok was next in line,
so she was the slowest.

That means...

- I don't have nearly
enough time.

- The core breach alarm,
it's going to explode.

- I may not be able
to build a Warp Matrix,

but I can do
the next best thing.

- You're drawing up schematics

so I can pass them
onto someone else.

- This mission cannot
be done alone.

And though we are divided
by time,

we can work together.

My regret is
that I cannot do more.

Oh, if only I had better
control of my hands.

I wish I could tell everyone
how much they need--

♪ ♪

- Whoever's here,

Zero's given me schematics
to build a Warp Matrix.

It's up to you to save us all.

- Hm?

[soft music]


- Oh, no.

♪ ♪

- [groans]

Why can't I get
past this level?

- Dal.

- Hey, Janeway.
Here to chew me out?

- I don't mean to alarm you,

but there's a temporal
catastrophe on our hands.

- Right.

- I have a schematic
of a Warp Matrix from Zero

for you to build
that will save the life

of everyone onboard.

- Mm-hmm, whatever.

This game suddenly got faster.

Too far.

- Have you noticed
everyone is gone?

- Gwyn, you there?
Dal to crew, anyone?

I'm supposed to make that?
In how much time?

- T-Minus not very much.

- Good thing we have
a Vehicle Replicator.

Fatal error?

Someone loaded some giant file,
and it's all out of whack.

- Seems the temporal
anomaly has

the Vehicle Replicator.

Too bad, it was a good idea.
Clock's ticking.

- [groans]
Okay, sure.

Zero drew up schematics,
but we don't have the parts.

I don't how to make that thing.

You know me,
I'll only mess it up.

I can't.

- You can.

When humans
first went into space,

there was a mission aboard
a ship called Apollo 13.

Its crew was in a jam,
not unlike your own.

While their ship
wasn't equipped

with what they needed,
they didn't give up.

They used whatever they had
onboard to get back home.

And you, Dal, have a little
something they did have...

- A warp matrix?

- Ingenuity.

Now, what do you wanna do
with the time you have left,

play some silly snake game
or get to building?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- That looks like
a Warp Matrix.

[alarm beeping]

♪ ♪

- Okay, here goes nothing.

- More like everything.

- It won't connect.

I'm missing
a dilithium coupler.

I need the right coupler.

♪ ♪

I told you I'd mess it up.

- You didn't.

You added a piece
to the puzzle.

It may not be finished,

but you're all
in this together.

- Hm?

♪ ♪

What happens next?

- We trust each other.

♪ ♪

- Dilithium coupler.

Dilithium coupler.
I need a dilithium coupler.

- Perhaps in his
computer console?

♪ ♪

- Wrong size.

- Hurry, Gwyn, you only have--

- Don't tell me.
It never helps.

♪ ♪

- What is that?

- [gasps]
A gift from my father.

- Can we return it?

- How did he get on the ship?

- The Vehicle Replicator.

It couldn't be completed
on the other timelines

due to the temporal

but since we're closest
to normal time--

- He's headed this way.

♪ ♪

- I've seen you before.

You attacked my former crew.

- Janeway.
I'm surprised you remember.

- You corrupted my files.

You erased my memory.

- Close, but not quite.
Where is your crew now?

- Ahh!

♪ ♪

- You will regret interfering,

- [grunting]

- Computer--

- Computer, erase
Captain Janeway holo-program.

Authorization Chakotay,
Zulu, X-ray, X-ray,

dash, four, seven, five.

- No!
- Commit.

- What--what's happening
to me?


- No!

- Now bear witness
as I return the Protostar

to its rightful master.

- The core is breached.

No one's getting this ship.

What's the matter?
Missing a piece?

♪ ♪

I've already looked everywhere.

♪ ♪

You're never gonna
find one the right...


You have the right coupler.

So what?

You gonna get rid of me,
and then take the ship?

- That is against
my master's wishes.

He cannot see
what I know to be true.

You are his greatest mistake.

♪ ♪

- [grunts]

♪ ♪

I won't let you
steal this ship.

♪ ♪

Who's your master now?

♪ ♪

The Warp Matrix, no!

♪ ♪

record Captain's Log.

♪ ♪

[soft music]

- Computer, bring back Janeway.

- That program has
been terminated.

♪ ♪


Good night, Gwyn.

Good night, Murf.

Good night, Jankom.

Good night, Zero.

Good night, Dal.

♪ ♪

- Jankom's hungry.
Let's eat the fox.

- I figured it out.

Though required
to only take one across,

she never said
we couldn't take one back.

- [sighs]

- Should have listened to Zero.

- Ah, ah!
[computer dings]

- A message!

♪ ♪

- Hey, Rok, how are ya?

- Lonely.

- I don't have much time,
so I'll get right to it.

I'm sorry we all pushed you
to be Security Officer.

I've been told what to do and
who to be my whole life, too.

I know you're young.
You're capable of so much.

I want you to be the best
at whatever you want.

But, to have that chance,

I need for you
to pay close attention.

I attached files
with schematics

to build a Warp Matrix

and where to find
the right dilithium coupler.

- No, I can't, Gwyn.
I can't.

- I tried to do it,
but things got complicated.

So it's up to you.
I know you can do it.

The crew believes in you.

♪ ♪

- Gwyn, I can't.
I can't.

♪ ♪

I can't.
I can't.

♪ ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I'm back, but how?

- Your memory buffers
never got overwritten.

So I rebuilt your program.

♪ ♪

It only took 276 tries.

♪ ♪

I wish I could hug you.

- Look at you, kid.

You haven't aged,
but you've certainly matured.

But if you could make
a Warp Matrix,

why did you need me?

- No one told me where it goes.

♪ ♪

What if it doesn't work?

- Whatever happens,
I'm proud of you.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Huh?

♪ ♪

- What just happened?

- I'm back.

- What just happened?

- We're alive.

- Jankom distinctly
remembers not being alive.

- Me too.
How is this possible?

- She's how.

- We should talk
about my job title.

- You did it.

[soft music]

♪ ♪


- There's the hug you wanted.

♪ ♪

- Murf!

- How long was she alone?

- Too long.

♪ ♪

- How did you do it?

- I couldn't have done it
without all of you.

I just followed
your instructions

and taught myself
quantum science,

computer engineering,
and so much math.

- Look at you, kid,
brawn and brains.

- In all that time, she found
more than her friends.

She may have
found her calling.

- Where did you find
the dilithium coupler?

- To accommodate
the axial misalignment

of the Warp Matrix?

If you can believe it,
Drednok found it.

both: Drednok?

- You may not think
you're a crew,

but you sure look like one.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪