Star Trek: Prodigy (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Lost & Found: Part 2 - full transcript

A group of lawless teens, exiled on a mining colony outside Federation space, discover a derelict Starfleet ship. Dal must gather an unlikely crew for their newfound ship if they are going to escape Tars Lamora, but the Diviner and his daughter Gwyn have other plans.

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Tars Lamoura

... five, four, three

My ticket to get out of here


Did you see him?

Oh, yes, no one here
.I do not understand anything

Shame, I did not understand correctly

You have to squeak a little more aromatically

Calm down, comrades
.It 's called humor

Reduces the difficulty of hard work

! دِرِدناک

What does the senior robot do below?

. According to ... you are nervous

Exile number zero "Did you see?"

Well, I can see
how you got lost

It fits in your hand by force

But I'm sure
. To concentrate

Oh, you might want to ask that thing

He seems to
have a big mouth

Of course, if it is in the mouth at all

! Hey oh oh! وهو

"Prisoner of the heart"
How are you?

Wow, you're getting into personal
matters .Inadequate boundaries

.OK. Let's do it
, to be honest, who knows?

, If you can let me know

It will definitely be removed from my shoulder once

I could have asked my colleagues,
but you banned translators

--To keep us from talking, then

He saw the number zero

.Hey-- hey, calm down

Exile number zero is here

Which way is up?
!Top! Top! Top


! وهو
.From this side, no, okay


...Oh no

It seems
.You poured the shirt

Keep your head in your work

There is nothing to see here

Ah ah ah!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, remember this day, guards

When you look at
the heart of the cunning

He deceived you all and ran away

Oh, no-no-no-no-no

what is this?
Can I borrow it?

Thank you
! I'm sure to bring it back

Get out of the way

!and he! Uh

Okay, what is the plan?

Okay, heart.
Let's find a way out of here

Crushed stone crushing output?

It probably looks worse than nothing

!Ah! Ah! Worse
! Even worse

No, no, no

No, no
, no, no, no, no, no

. Aside. Aside. avoid


No one should run away

You can succeed

Just one step ahead



!Ah. No. No

Kizan "apologizes for the delay"

The reason is that
all the criminals are right now

And gave us the orphans of this side of "Delta"

, But to continue this relationship

This one offers half price

I accept this consolation

I told him that if one more time
, someone would bring us this young man

He becomes someone who
works in the mines

In many languages, you may be
"fluent," the young child

But I're the only one talking about Deviner deals

Do not go beyond your

I do not understand why my father
brought me to translate

When you become a programmer, you
do exactly that


.Devinermon has a plan for you

.a map that never tells me

Healthy child, you can speak normally

I know you support this rudimentary language

Did you summon me, Deviner?

Did my negotiations with Kizan disappoint you?

"You always cared about the" rejected

But that's not the reason

How well do you know this prisoner, Del RL?

.I know that Gonesh ... is unknown

, He's a little smart

But his abilities ... are just a few

.I talk a lot

I have to talk to him

My advisor believes
that he may be in exile number zero

Be cooperating

How much does it tolerate in the face of pain?

Forgive me , Deviner.
But it is not necessary

I can talk,
but I need time


Whenever an exile number zero remains a fugitive

It gives hope to the rejected
. And hope has no purpose here

I should never question your words

My child, I'm the last of the Wakats

And whatever future our people have

.It's your responsibility

Do it your own way

But if you can not speak

Drednak uses alternative methods

I do not despair

, This is 12 me, 6 you. Do not
think I am counting

You are hiding the truth of our mission

He is not ready

He should not
know what I'm looking for

I can not allow the thoughts of the union

In no way affect the method

, When the right time comes.
He understands the reason

But if this guy
fails to deliver, use your methods

You never give up hope, do you?

who's there?
Who said that?

, Just a prisoner
.like the rest

Do you speak my language?

How are you?
For which part?

Does it matter?

We are all like each other . We got
stuck here

I 'm not .I'm getting out of here

Everyone wants to run away.
But you are special

You're the only one who
still thinks he can

who are you?

Only one who is curious
. Who needs a hope

!Ah. Hey! OK! OK

Be calm, three-legged


Who was I talking to now?

Oh! Oh
, okay, okay, okay

Tell me again
. What does it look like outside

Give me some of those sweet redheads

Then I will tell you stories
that make you feel

You live among the stars

Glad to see you, Gwen

It's good to have someone you can
talk to

Even if you are my only choice

You tried
with a classroom bartender

Do you really fly in space ?

To be honest

, I did not think of that place

But I was finding a way

I saw I had a chance, so I tried it

So it was a chance that exactly the moment
that exile number zero

The antenna broke the chain, did you escape?

Wow, let me see

Is this Rajab?

Did you think I would take my fate as
a rebel fighter?

I know you're doing anything to get out of here

.You are two straight in a coffin

What's so funny?

Correct "?"
You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

I'm ridiculed by someone
.I reject you with fame

And, oh, what fame is that?

Tell me where to find exile number zero

! And the Devil frees you

.Gowen, Gwen, Gwen

You idiot who thinks he
lets someone out of this rock

.Even to yourself

At least I know what I'm like

Do you want a zero number in exile?
I tell you what to do

Give me a ticket to get out of here on that

And then I will tell you everything
that Rajab's dead I know

The zero number exclusion is not a "man" or a "woman"

Modusans are not "physical"
. They do not have a body

A medusen?
... a call

You do not know anything

, I tried to help you

But even you can not
help yourself

, Wait, wait, wait
! I spoke to exile number zero

Yes, you -
my cell -

, One was in my mind.
You asked me all kinds of questions

I swear to you.
I can find exile number zero

You have until the end of tomorrow

To find a place of exile

, If you do not do this

I can
no longer take care of you in the face of pain

You know what he does to me

, So for my own sake

.wish you luck

Exodus number zero was last
seen in the caves of the northwest

I suggest you start from there

It is in the depths of the main mine

How can a person like me
go down there?

Find a way with skill

.عالیه ، مرد شیره‌ای

what is this?

, a small security video

Oh, that bottom is very crossed

.Okay, okay, I got it

.Community system

.No, no, no, no, no, no, no

I can not be friends with him

.Light? AHA

Oh, this is for China?


!and he

Hey, I know we had a bad start

, And our feet are patched together

, But my life is somehow in danger

So I really need help
finding an exile number zero

, I do not know what this means

But if you see something
, or hear a sound in your head

you understand?

Wait a minute, where are your

Can you hear me at all?

!Behold! Behold

Yes, the picture

If you help me, I can escape

I mean, we can escape

! Oh

Hey, face of fire
! I was not finished talking

Oh, I did not think it would really bother you

Well, he's kicking his feet
! Go back, stone

!and he

Oh! Oh
! Multiplication! multiplied by! multiplied by

You saved my life


.and he

Where are we?

what is this?

!it is too much

You can do it alone
! Buy our way to the ship

With that much, we can buy the spaceship ourselves

Now I can see the stars

.and he

.Oh, son

Are you looking at this?

How did you get here?

Where is his servant?

As you said, big buck

.and he

what have you done?
Which button did you hit?

I did not hit the stall

... من ... من

.I understand your words

, And you're not a big buck
... you - you're a


You are not what I thought you were

What is your name?

.دَل -
.рак تاک -


.ریک تاکه

I'm glad to see you, baby Jon

That thing-- a kind of translation

Yes, I know
.I'm big, I'm not stupid

What did we find?

, As it appears from our appearance.
Our ticket is to leave here

How did a ship of this size
come in here?

... The more important question is that

How do we get it out of here?

. تو ... Exiled Safari number

Is that a ... robot?

It is not a robot, it is not a man or a woman

, I am an average
creature based on energy

Oops -
I made this wardrobe -

Because if there is a physical being in his eyes

, Tell me the truth

. دیوونه میشی -
! اوه -

You made this ... really?

Try to make one
of these without hands

I think I did a good job

Why are you following me?

You are a curious person, Del RL

I had high hopes before

But then I was arrested

Like everyone

I had to do
horrible things

Using me as a weapon

But I managed to escape

, Strangely enough, out of all the minds I read

I could not see the diviner

I could only feel a dark target

He was looking for something

He was looking for this ship

Do you have the power of telepathy?

.No accurate

But he accidentally found something

Which made us all run away: a way out

A reason for hope

We can save everyone

Do not collect your stones so soon

If we do not keep this a secret, it will not
save anyone

Can the three of us
get this out of here?

three person?
A ship of this size

Needs at least 20 people

Or, depending on the species, 37 devices are needed

It's a lot of devices
. To keep quiet

How many do you need to lift it off the ground

We need at
least one engineer

I was thinking the same thing

Maybe I'm telepathic

An engineer, huh?

.Oh-oh-oh-oh, great

Mr. Roo Koon Demi is back again

.Barken spoils me

And he's the only thing that has
found itself denser

If this person's brain, tell you

What is one way to get off this cliff?

do you understand the word "junkom pug"?

Vaisa, do you understand Junkum Pag?

How about -
.witch -

This is a translation

A magical translator

If I tell you
we found a spaceship

But what do we need help to lift it
off the ground?

Do you want to get out of here?

Haha, haha

Do you think this is down?

He's not out for a picnic either

- Definitely - .He argues
with everything -

.اون تلارایته
.کارشون همینه

Right with
you, what did we think of ourselves?

! We monkeys -
monkeys? -

Do you want to break the stone for the rest of your life ?

If you can get
out of here, go

Every day you do not find a free spaceship

He probably can't even fix it

How dare you?

Jenkam can fix everything

But who wants an engineer
that God always argues with?

Oh, one that values ​​the opposite idea

Know that it may save your life

! برین

Surround yourself with mute trolls

See how far you can go

... So you are saying that
we should have you in our ship?

, Whether you like it or not.
You got stuck with me


Now you've got an engineer for yourself

This is a masterpiece

I can not wait to take it
off and look under the hat

My pure soul, I am number zero

I thought to the ship itself
. Be more interested

You saw one of them. I mean
, you saw all of them

This is impossible

There are millions of spaceships in the galaxy

Hey, do not hurt him

Do not worry, hazelnut kernel

Impact repair
. Some kind of skill

Can you fly it? -
! Of course -

In a week -
, and you mean a week -

Until the end of the fast?

Yes, of course

.To sleep

End of day?
Why so hurried?

Dell has already made a deal with Devinear's daughter

If he does not deliver me, he will
suffer greatly

.I forgot

You can read the mind

Why did you lie to us?

How could I lie

When we did not even speak a common language

Until I found the spaceship? -
.I mean, we found the ship -

.Kun Demi will definitely deliver us



.I know it sounds drowsy

But every language is a window into a
new culture

It's very hard to believe that some of it is out there

You really have to work on the entry

... Prisoner of interest

Do you know the approximate location?

.Of course

He is in the northwest cave . He is
looking for number zero

And why not there?

The situation looks good, my dear .I
see progress

And now how are you helping?

Oh, motivate

.Maintaining high morale

Children, children

I found another one too
! To come with us

And hey, rak

I thought we were completely clear that
this was a covert operation

Did you invite this thing?

What else is this bag of saliva?

It's not a "thing"

I named it morph

I can not wait to
see what he has to say

He's very professional
, isn't he, Murphy?

.uh huh

That's probably for our translators

Too smart


!Ah! Oh, no, no, no, no
! No, go back, go back, go back

! No, no, no, no, no
. Stay away from it

! Oh

At least our secret is safe

! Silent

The guards are in the middle of this position

They are tracking our shows

What would happen if they caught us ?

You are a survivor
.Help us to survive

Jenkam, prepare the ship by the end of the day

And rock, you come with me

Hide input

.I entertain them

.Oh, Gwen

What do I owe this honor?

From the appearance of the theorem it turns
out that enough Camry

To buy your way
. You found the ship Kizan

Gwen, I wanted to tell you

I had just
reached some places, Rajab, number zero

But then we came across this

.I honestly say

... Dell, if you have something to hide

.tell me

I wish I knew what to say

You tried your luck

Now I'm trying my own way

Accompany the prisoner to work on
the outer wall

Are you putting me on the surface?

Nobody comes back from there

That's our best chance
to find the zero number

- If my father knew - .Your father gave him
the order -

They send the heart
to the outer wall


The heart may be a living example

So we have to consider at least one

But as long as we can

We can be hopeful

Was not supposed to

That's how it ends

, So this is goodbye

Ha, Gwen?

,U know

, If the situation was different.
We could be friends

Well, if it's encouraging

I will never die from this planet

Remember the last time you were in prison?

Rajab, you told me a bunch of stars

What was their name?

The window of dreams

How the most beautiful thing you have ever seen

Can you describe?

Why did you have to get involved, Dell?

Every time you run away, you fail

do you hear me?

--I-I hear well- you can hear me

.Oh no


No, no, no, no, no, no

! Oh

Are you happy now?

The card was good, child

It takes us straight to the
travel number

One help? -
. دستام پره ، عزیزم -

Who do you call "baby"?

You survived!

It is known that I survived

Why do you look so surprised?

Wait, did you want to go without me?

Oh ... no?

The probability of your return was low

Our desire was to go up

.Then it gets mixed up

, More importantly,
can the ship fly?

It is known that it can fly

, But without a protector

The number zero must be the perfect path

To plan to leave the mine

Has no one seen my hand?


I make guards

You find that hand



... These protective things

What are you looking for, Pag?

You know, a wire is cut.
A loose part

Anything that is not usual

So you knew the number zero in exile

How did you find me?

The wave on the surface
. That was your job

.Oh .. we got stuck

I knew it was right in a bowl

Well, it was not.
But then it was

But it was not again

What is all this?

Our ticket to go from here

Towards a better life

Join us

You always wanted
to see the stars

I tried to save you

And now we can
save each other


It 's too late

The card was good, child

He brought us right
to the front of the star

Did you know that this ship was here?

Why did you think your father was so
old ?


!Oh oh

Dell, what are we going to do?

.Exhibition number zero

Our developer has big plans for you

Search for Safina

.Make sure the rejected ones are not inside anymore


What is he doing with his face?

He is sending me a message in telepathy

, But since I do not agree with his role

I will ignore it

He thought that the crookedness of his face
affected me

What is its role?

.Diviner's daughter taken hostage

This is an awful idea

Or the best

! ها

It looks like we
're fighting now

.همم. Or not

Do not touch my friend

Turn on the spaceship

Let the prisoners escape


Please stay calm

The rock was torn

He is not calm


.I surrender

Do not hurt my booty

Ceasefire, ceasefire

! Oh


.I'm sorry, I'm sorry
.I'm sorry


We are dying, we are not flying

It takes a learning process

Turn on
the ship! Turn on the ship

I found the right button

We should probably write it down

Go, number zero

Yes, thank you

Congratulations to me

No, go

Get us out of here

Oh, no, not water

They still have small red dots

Can we go faster?


I'm proud that you think.
I know what I'm doing

Do you realize what you are doing?

I make a collection of bad decisions

Haha, haha,

Body strength at 82% -
number zero? -

.Yeah -
.Ah, from this rookie -

Shame that I did not come to this world with my finger

Let me come to you -
not until -

Make those guards

I'm not an engineer
! This is your job

What is your job then?

I thought I was the captain

! Body strength on 79

! Oh -
! Left -

! No, that one left

Have you ever flown a spaceship?

Does not

! Wall, wall
! Wall

This is an awful ending

Or our spectacular adventure


Wow -
! Spectacular -

- The strength of the body

We know, we know
how far the heart has gone with the guards?

Where are we going at all?

, each of those tunnels

It puts us right on the surface

.and he

I was eager for this moment

What are you doing?

The heart needs
to turn the ship

Shall we turn?
We can go straight by force

All of them, stick tight


.فاتحمون خوندس



It was hard

.We are lost now

.Who did the tail

We should probably let you remember now

!O yeah

The captain came to the deck

.Do not Say

I see you in your eyes

.You're welcome

This is the way out

Do not hurt my booty

Good news

What was this?

. این ورجیمونه

We are going to fall,
can we stop it?

Unfortunately, I have not learned this yet

Excellent, and now we are all going to die

.Not yet

We just have to shoot the bombs

Do we have a bomb at all?

"Then the button" knock knock

I do not see the "knock knock" button

Just hit them all
! To "knock"

How good are those guards? -
. Are not enough -

Be prepared to deal


.عفعال‌سازی پَرونتداز


We have the power, Jiger

Hey, you always wanted
to see the stars

I'm right?


Welcome to the crew, Murphy

Well, let's take a path, number zero



... Yeah, Huff



Man, much more than I thought

Is a star -
: let me guess -

You did not think about it here

I will find a way

... Only this time

. Is helping

Did anyone ask for help?

, I'm a holographic gin

Your training advice

To explore a large galaxy

, I say on behalf of Starfolit

Welcome to the flight

how can I help you?

What is that?

. روحمم خبر نداره

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Translated by

.:: NightMovie.Top ::.

Safinam ... Ro

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