Star Trek: Prodigy (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

What did you put on that ship?

Just as the Federation
ignited our civil war,

when the Pro to star comes
into contact

with a Star fleet vessel,

our weapons will release
a signal that will corrupt...


- Even the way he says it...
- Quiet!


Turning their ships
against each other

until the entire alliance
is reduced to nothing.

Our ship will
destroy Star fleet.

Holodeck, playback volume off.

A secret weapon on my ship?

That explains why the relay
station destroyed itself,

yet everywhere else we
went was without incident.

All this 'cause Star fleet
made first contact

with their home world?

- You mean will.
- It hasn't happened yet.

My father is from the future.

I mean was.

I know it's a lot to take in.

I think all this time travel
talk is making Murf sick.

It's impossible.

He can be indestructible
but not catch a cold?

I meant the weapon.

I would know if there
was a destructive force

of that magnitude
on board this ship.

Just like you knew
our ship had a pro to star?

Oh, that's right.

They wiped that
from your memory too.


- Ooh!
- Computer, end playback.


It's okay, Zero.

I couldn't live with myself
if I hurt anyone else.

If you'll excuse me.

Zero, wait...

Look, Jankom fully understands

he needs to be sensitive,

but there's a weapon
aboard our ship

that we gotta find!

Not here!

We're coming up empty,
in the engine room.

Not here either.

We've searched every bulkhead,

cargo hold, and Jefferies tube.

But not this room.


Look for panels,
hidden switches,

anything out of place.

If only we knew what
we were looking for.

Jankom's detecting
tritanium duranium alloys,

transparent aluminum...

Oh, ho-ho!

Uh, guys?

I don't recall that being here.

What is it?

It's a symbol of Sol um.

Your heirloom, it's reacting.

You don't think...



How extraordinary.

I have no record
of this entire sub-deck.

Huh, Pog'll go last.

You know, to protect you.

What's that humming?


That's the weapon
the Diviner was talking about.

I've never seen
anything like it.

It's like it's alive.

Then we need
to make it not alive.

How about we launch it
out of an airlock?

But then someone
else may use it.

Then let's take it apart.

This is technology
from the future.

You can't just cut a wire.

At least I'm offering ideas.

- Don't worry.
- Jankom will fix it.

- Whoa, no!
- No, no, no, no, no.


- How curious.
- Wha?

It protects itself.

If we can't hurt it,

we need to find a way
to shut it down.

Star fleet would
know what to do.

We ain't Star fleet, kid.

- Oh, great.
- Now what?

- Proximity alert.
- Vessel detected.

What the... hello.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What are we even looking at?

Is that a ship?

A Borg Cube.

We must leave at once.

Hold on.

What's a Borg cube?

The Borg are a race
of enhanced humanoids,

mindless drones
that assimilate everyone

they come across
into their collective.

- Collective?
- They are a hive mind?

You mean
they all share one brain?

Thousands of minds
working as one.

With the sole intent
to eradicate everything

that's perceived to be
a threat, including us.

There's no reasoning with them.

Any tactic, any measure,
they learn and adapt

until our weapons are useless,
and we are...


- Worse.
- Until we become one of them.

No way Jankom flies in a box.

If we go to warp now,
we just might...


She said they learn and adapt
until our weapons are useless.

What if they know a way to
disarm that thing below deck?

You aren't actually considering

boarding that ship?

I'm an advisor.

I advise you to run away
as fast as you can.

If we don't figure out how
to disarm that weapon,

there goes our chance
at Star fleet.

If the knowledge on that cube
can help us stop it,

we have to try.

The Federation's survival
may depend on it.

These readings suggest
the cube is dormant.

Data systems are functional,
but the Borg are sleeping.

- Good.
- You see?

We slip in, use their cube
to tell us how to disarm it,

we slip out.

We'll be gone
before they know it,

and we can save Star fleet.

I'm against this plan,

but if you're going
to be stubborn,

at least let me brief you
on everything I know.



Admiral, you're
not drinking coffee?

Doctor's orders.

Between you and me, Ensign,
I need a second opinion.

But I know you didn't come here
to talk about beverages.

Dr. Noum, how's our patient?

He's just coming
out of his stasis.

You're welcome.

They took my daughter.

Who took your daughter?

My mission.

I have to save them.

- Save who?
- Can he hear me?

Not likely,

considering he seemed like
a frozen corpse.

Any sign of life means
I'm a miracle worker.

We need him awake if we're
going to get any answers.

Oh, oh, sure.

Let me just wake him up.

Except I don't know his
neurological system functions,

let alone what species he is.

Admiral, the suit
we found him in

contained some kind
of life sustaining bio serum.

Perhaps, if we replicate it,
we can revive him.

That's a novel idea,
one of many I've noticed.

I wish I knew how
to kiss tail like that, Ensign.

Keep it up, and we'll be
taking orders from you.

How long
until we reach the location

of the last
pro to jump signature?

We should arrive
at relay station 721

in a few hours, Admiral.

Explore her theory, Doctor.

The sooner he recovers,
the sooner we'll have answers.

It seems this cube
went dark for a reason.

A neurolytic pathogen
disabled their nanoprobes

and shut down their drones,

so going in is
still risky but doable.

When in doubt, act harmless,
and you should be ignored,

but please be quick about it.

Would you look at this place?


- Spooky?
- It's an engineer's dream.

Carbon tubing?
Thermo couplers?

Ooh, monotanium aperture valves.

Oh, now he likes the box.

Jankom, look up.


And I wouldn't want
to be here when they wake up.

Let's just keep moving, right?

This place contains knowledge

of a thousand
assimilated worlds.

We need to find the vinculum
to access it.

Let's hope they have
the intel we need.

Which way to the nerve center?

This way.

Oh, great.

The Borg never
assimilated a turbo lift?



We're nearing
the central data hub.

So this is the vinculum
Jane way spoke of.

All the Borg minds connect
through this hub.

- Wow.
- I bet they're super smart.

Hopefully smart enough
to tell us how

to get that thing off our ship.

Stand aside and let
Jankom work his hack-gic.

Does anybody see a console?

A keyboard'll do.

Pog can work with a... no,
how about a joystick?

You know what?

Has anybody seen
any buttons what so... starting

to freak out here.

Someone has to plug
themselves into the collective.

No one is being assimilated.

There has to be another way.

Someone has to link
with the collective

to analyze the weapon.

Jankom thinks
he speaks for all of us

when he says "not it."

This isn't a joke.

Whoever goes
in might not come back.


I once belonged
to a collective hive mind.

I know how strong
their hold can be.

If there's anyone who has
a chance at resisting the Borg,

it's me.

If anything happens that
you don't like, you come out.

You hear me?

If I succeed,

that weapon will not
harm anyone ever again.

I promise I will come back.


Don't get lost in there, Z.

Hello, Borg.

My name is Zero.

I know you can hear me.

- Species 802.
- Medusan.

There is no "I."
There is only Borg.

You're not harmed
by my appearance?

It has been known
to hurt others.

Here in the vinculum,
you cannot hurt us.

Your uniqueness is
acknowledged here.

Your distinctiveness
will be added to our own.

- Oh, dear.
- Aren't you a chatty bunch?

I forgot what it's like
to share a hive mind.

It's so overwhelming.

They're scanning our ship.

Crew, what's going
on over there?

Status report.

Whatever you're doing,
the Borg are waking up.

You need to hurry.

Why are they waking up?

Jankom thinks this looks bad.

Oh, no.

They're already
inside Zero's mind.

- Wake up, Z!
- Wake up!

Jane way, tell me you
can beam us out of here.

The cube's defenses
are interfering.

You'll have
to find another way out.

- Ah!
- Ah!

We have to go.

We can't just leave Zero!

Resistance is futile.

- We'll come back for Z.
- Come on!


You will be assimilated.

Eh, I'm good.

Ah, they're not so tough.

They adapted to our phasers!

Let's see how
they adapt to this.

Gwyn, behind you!

Keep changing
the phase variance!


- Uh-oh.
- Whoa!

Back off!

Uh, they destroyed the bridge!

No, no, no.


Get out of here.

Save Zero!

Don't make it easy for them!

There's no need to hide.

Give yourself over.

Become one of us.

I can't.

There is a weapon
aboard our ship.

The Living Construct.

- Yes!
- I need your help.

It is a destructive force
and a danger to the Federation.

If it can hurt the Federation,

one day, it could hurt the Borg.

We must deactivate it, but how?

We will assimilate the ship
and use the Living Construct

to assimilate our enemies.


That's not what we... I mean,
what I want.

Tell me how to deactivate
the Living Construct.


Your crew will be assimilated
to advance the Borg.

No, no.

Resistance is futile.

- Dal?
- Rok?

Is anyone there?

They've all been captured.

You don't have long until
the Borg assimilate them.

It's up to you, Gwyn.

No, I have to get to Zero.

Zero can tell them to let us go.

Remember what I told you.

If you're not a threat,
they will ignore you.

Lay down your weapon.

How will I defend myself?

Gwyn, trust me.

Stand down.

Nice tip, Jane way.



Get us out of here!

Zero, great.

Uh, Zero?

Resistance is futile.

What did they do to you?

Apparently gave Z
a new set of mitts.

Nobody offered Pog upgrades.

Actually, Jankom will pass
on the upgrades.


No haircut.

No haircut!


Fight the collective, Zero.

There is no Zero.

Zero hurt you.

Endangered you.

Now Zero is Borg.

Well, the Borg are
making you hurt us,

and that is not the Zero I know.

Ahh, ahh!

We will not hurt others anymore.

- Good, good, good.
- It's working.

We will assimilate you
into the collective.

No, no, no!

Bad Zero, bad Zero!

We all get hurt, Zero.

It's the risk we take
for revealing pieces

of ourselves to each other,

but what you did,
trying to protect me,

was an act of love,

and you should never
feel ashamed for that.

If there's any part
still listening,

protect us again, Zero.

Break free from their hold.

Resistance is not futile.

Resistance is not futile?

I will resist because I'm
already a part of a collective

that is stronger
than you will ever be!

Friends, are you all right?
We must hurry.

I lured them
into a dormant state,

but it won't hold for long.

Zero's back!

I thought we lost you.

I've already
found my collective.

- Yeah, yeah.
- That's great.

Now help us out of here.

- Crew, do you read?
- Get back to the ship.

Follow my signal.

Let's go.

I've had enough Borg
for two lifetimes.

After everything
we went through,

what did you learn from them?

When they analyzed
the Living Construct

the Borg determined
it sadly cannot

be deactivated or removed.

You're saying
we can't shut it off.

But at least
we know a little more.

We have Zero back,
and that's enough for me.

And you survived the Borg.

Consider me impressed.

Zero, how did you
escape the Borg hive mind?

I listened to a friend.

While I may have harmed others
in the past,

I now choose to save.

The same is true for our ship.

It may be a weapon
against Star fleet,

but it can still
be used for good.

So we're not going
to Star fleet?

Not until we can
get there safely.

But they can tell
you who you are.

The answer will always be there.

It just might take us
a little longer.

A distress signal?

Can we help?
Can we help?

- Can we help?
- What do you think?

Five minds are better than one.

I stand corrected, 5 1/2.

We may not be ready
for Star fleet,

but we're ready to take
your orders, Captain.

Then let's do some good.

Plot a course.


You're growing and adapting.

Eh, what can I say?

Resistance is futile.

Admiral's log,
star date 61284.3.

We arrived at CR 721

only to make
a frightening discovery,

a helpless Star fleet
relay station decimated.

No sign of survivors.

The Captain Chakotay
I know could never do this.

I fear he's lost command
of the Pro to star,

and whoever gave this order
must be stopped.