Star Trek: Prodigy (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - A Moral Star, Part 2 - full transcript

When their plan goes awry, the crew must improvise. Meanwhile, Gwyn discovers a dark truth that will forever jeopardize their quest toward salvation.

I scanned the entire ship.

No sign
of the Proto-Core onboard.

I'll never
get to Starfleet without it.

Where is it?

I never wanted it
to come to this.

You got your ship.

Leave them alone.

Perhaps you've forgotten.

That heirloom was a gift.

From me.

Why are you doing this?

What did you
think would happen?

You'd distract me?

Beam your friends aboard?

Raise power to the shields

and reset
all security protocols.

Shields are locked.

Shall I ready the brig?

Watch over my Progeny
to ensure

she does nothing to further
inhibit my mission.

Acknowledged, Captain.

Reactivate the Watchers
and set a course

to return
to Tars Lamora at once.

We have a star to catch.

We'll cover more
ground if we split up.

The atmospheric shields
will only hold for so long.

Get to the Rev-12
before this whole place goes!

I understand you!

And I understand you.


It's a short wave translator.

Now, if you would kindly
make your way to the--

My name is Grjordslat!

I'm Trodo.

After so many years,
it's nice to finally talk!

I've been holding in
these thoughts and feelings

for so long, Grjordslat--

Sorry to interrupt
this beautiful moment,

but you have to go!


Go, get to the ship!

Murf found the engine room.

Oh, well done.

Nice going, Rok.

The Watchers are back on?

Hurry! Get in!

If the Watchers are back on,
that means--

We gotta fix this engine
and get outta here.


Oh boy,
they really toasted the place.

Keep that hatch shut
while Jankom works his magic.

You know,
I can do more stuff

than hold a door.


Didn't know you could
fix an engine by staring at it.

The--the blast emptied
the entire energy core.

So let Jankom figure it out.

Uh, unless
you've got a better idea.

What if you interplex
the plasma conduits,

adjust for input variances
in the dilithium matrix,

and siphon off the energy
of the Proto-Core

to jump-start it?
- Uhh...

New plan!

Jankom holds the door,
and you do all of that.

Stay close, Murf.

We're gonna need
some of that juice.

It's okay, little one.

I won't hurt you.

It's time we leave this place.

Zero, watch out!



Are you okay?

I'll manage.

Never had
much control of them anyway.

We'll never get everyone
onto the ship

with our shortwave

There has to be a faster way.

The manacles.

How's that power coming?

Almost there.

Well, they're almost here!

Rok, watch out!



Let's...hope...this works.


I got it, I got it!

Way to go, Rok!

It's nice to see
you can do more than just

percussive maintenance.


They did it.

They did it!

They've done it!

We can all breathe easier now.

Except me, of course.

A benefit
of being non-corporeal.

If you can't use your hands,
could you at least keep quiet?

I can't concentrate.


a moment.

We're all out of moments.

They're back.


Give me the Proto-Core.

- Go, Murf!

Get it outta here!

Look over here,
you big dum-dum!



He's in here!

Yeah, we now have a voice.

Good for us.

Bad for you.

The mission
will not be stopped.

Our Divider will prevail.

How did you get them all here?

It took
a little jury-rigging,

but Zero helped me
turn their ankle monitors

into universal translators.

I just lowered my head
and ka-bam!

Did you see that?

We both did.

Murf, what's wrong?


They got the Proto-Core!

Drednok must have
transmitted the coordinates

before he was destroyed.

If the Diviner
has the Proto-Core...


Protostar Drive online

in ten minutes.

"There is no barrier
we cannot overcome."

We're coming, Gwyn.

You're disabling the shield?

Why didn't you warn me?

Because I only
answer to Starfleet.

I had upgraded her

to prevent any of your

Like she said.

Gwyn, the shields?

I can't get through
all the security lock-outs--

You can.
Keep trying.

Security protocol
S-29 disabled.

I'm almost through.



Everything I've done
will be for nothing.

Lower the shields.


Our mission.

We can still save our people!


Our homeworld was destroyed.

No. No.

You said we were
the last of the Vau N'Akat.

You wanted to know the truth?

This is it.

Solum is here.


But it--it won't be for long.

I was sent back in time
to save it.

Solum is here?

I--I can see it?

"There is no
barrier we cannot overcome."


Please, Gwyndala.

You will doom our people.

what are you waiting for?

freeze hologram Janeway.

Tell me the truth.
All of it.

Even better.

I can show you.

Why aren't we
on that ship already?

We can't beam over
until the shield's down.

Gwyn should've done that

Something's wrong,
we need to help.

Can't help so long
as those shields are up.

Unless you wanna blast
our shields to smithereens.

We are not firing
on our own ship.

if we aimed this ship's weapons

at the shield emitters...

That could lower the shields
long enough to beam aboard.

I cannot believe
I'm saying this.

Target the "Protostar."

Activate program Solum-1.

Simulation upload complete.


As it exists today.

The Vau N'Akat
are flourishing.

Confident in our supremacy,

believing it is just
us in the universe.

We can save it.

What happens?

Computer, show Solum

50 years
after the First Contact.

Starfleet did this?

But they
stand for hope and peace.

They'd never--
- Starfleet

lit the fire
and left us to burn.

After their mere arrival, civil
war splintered our people

between those aligned
with the Federation

and those who would die
to preserve our way of life.

But history can be rewritten.

We can stop First Contact.

- How?
- By arming a weapon

already onboard
the "Protostar."

We can wipe out all
of Starfleet from existence.

What did you
put on this ship?

I'm reading
energy fluctuations.

The Proto-Drive
is ready to engage.

If they Proto-Warp now,

we'll lose them forever!

Pog will keep blasting,
but right now

can only lower shields
long enough to beam us over

one at a time!

What's your plan?

I'll tell you when I got one.

Tell me.

What did you put on the ship?

Just as the Federation
ignited our civil war,

when the "Protostar"
comes into contact

with a Starfleet vessel,

our weapon
will release a signal

that will
corrupt their systems,

turning their ships
against each other

until the entire alliance
is reduced to nothing!

Our ship
will destroy Starfleet?

This ship
is part of our destiny.

Starfleet will welcome
its return with open arms.

And it will tear itself
apart from within!

In time, you will understand.

Once Starfleet falls to ruin,

we can return to Solum

where we belong.

Our dreams
of going to Starfleet.

If we go, we...


Destroy them, yes.

We can't go.

We can never go.

You can't trade
one tragedy for another!

You need to talk to Starfleet,
not destroy them!

The Proto-Drive is online.

The time for talk is over.

Computer, open archway.

Step away, old man.

She's with me.


I was really hoping that
would go a different way.

You would help the inferior
before your own people?

He alone is no match

against the Vau N'Akat.

Who said he was alone?

I will not let you
hurt my friends.


You used me to hurt others.

It's time I show you
who I truly am

so you cannot
hurt anyone else!


Look at me!

Don't look or you'll go mad.

Look at me.

No, no, no!


Shut it down!

Look at me!

Look at me!

We can't go.

We can't go, we can't go.


Gwyn, look at me!
- We can't go.

Look at me.

We can't go.

I--I didn't mean to.
Not Gwyn.

We can't go.

We can't go.
We can't go.

We can't go, we can't go.

We can't go.

We can't go.

We can't. We can't go.

Training Log.
Stardate 61103.1.

Though victory
came at a price,

the crew of
the U.S.S. "Protostar"

proved exemplary
in securing transport

for a large many who
could not help themselves,

a symbol of captivity

into a vehicle for liberation.

While learning to fly, a ship
has its inherent struggles.

After what I've seen
from my own crew,

I have faith
they'll figure it out.

As for the Diviner,

he is now the sole Unwanted.

Banished to live
the rest of his life

in the ruins
of his own making,

his reign of terror
foreseeably over.

But was the price too steep?

Since the incident,
Zero hasn't left Gwyn's side.

Had she seen
more than a reflection,

Gwyn could've been
lost forever.

the only thing lost

were her memories
of the event.

These voyages have left an
indelible mark on this crew,

new worlds, sought new life
and new civilizations...

all to gain a little

of our greater galaxy,

the potential
of our greater selves.

And they've learned they will
always be stronger together.


The Diviner referred
to Gwyn as his "progeny."

An offspring.

But that word says
nothing about who she is,

nor what she's capable of.

In fact, you could look at
any of these kids--

I mean, crew--

and dismiss them
at first glance.

Where to, Captain?

It's time
we return their ship.

Set a course for Starfleet.

Is everything okay?

Everything's fine, Captain.

Let's go to Starfleet.

Each of them has
exceptional qualities

that they've only just
begun to discover.

Each of them...

a Prodigy in the making.

I am detecting
a Proto-Warp signature again.

That makes three times now,

Two times is a coincidence,

three is a pattern.

it's back on the grid.

It's time we rescue our missing
ship and get some answers.

Take us to the last "Protostar"
signature, maximum warp.

I'm coming, Chakotay.