Star Trek: Picard (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Previously on
Star Trek: Picard...

Dr. Jurati,

you can tell me
if it is possible

to make a sentient android

out of flesh and blood. JURATI: No one

has ever been able to redevelop
the science used to create Data.

Then came Bruce Maddox.

His theory was that Data's
entire code,

even his memories,
could be reconstituted

from a single
positronic neuron.

He disappeared after the ban.

I have to go. Go? Where? Go how?

You have to take me with you.
And I promise you,

I will more than earn my keep.

You can't do it alone.

You need a crew.

I've already made the call.

I need a ship
and a pilot.

And I have to find Bruce Maddox.

I have a pilot for you.

His name is Rios.

Chris Rios. He's just an EMH.


I'm, uh... I know who you are.

Deactivate EMH.

Raffi says
you're the best around.

I never argue with Raffi.

Huh. Wise man.

I found Maddox.

Where is he?

On Freecloud.
And once we get there,

you're on your own.
I'm just hitching a ride.

Hold on.

Where did that come from?


His ship's breaking up. Raffi, beam him in.

Do it.

Seven of Nine?

You owe me a ship, Picard.


[soft piano playing]



[squishing, crunching]

Where's your cortical node,

It's got to be
in there somewhere.

[screaming][low thud]



It's all right.
You'll be all right.


No, not without you, Icheb.

Then I'll s...
I'll stay with you.

N-Now, Seven.

[wheezes softly]



I'm so sorry,

my child.

[Seven of Nine crying]

[playing Scott Joplin's

[indistinct chatter]

Ugh. What?

Bruce Maddox.




How the mighty
have fallen.

Kill him.



New plan.


This is so unexpected.

You've looked better.

I've been in hiding.

They destroyed my lab, Bjayzl.

Darling, I heard.

Have some tranya.


They used some kind
of molecular solvent

to destroy
the entire facility.

There was literally

nothing left.

They nearly got me.

I'm so sorry, Bjayzl. For what?

I don't know how I'm ever
gonna repay your loan.


Who do you think
did this, Bruce? Hmm?


Who's after you?

I think it was the Tal Shiar.

Well, that does
change things a bit.


[coughs, gasps]




Making a deal
with the Tal Shiar is...

always such a pain in the ass.


Welcome to Freecloud.

Whether you are here
for the maximum-security

and information services

or the minimal restrictions
on personal liberty...[door chimes]


Freecloud keeps your secrets.

You're well?

I'm... functional.

Something to drink?
Tea? Glass of wine?

Bourbon. Straight up.

[canister clinks]

[bourbon pouring]

This place is...

Not my idea.

But you like it
enough to keep it.

What the hell are you
doing out here, Picard?

Besides being in
way over your head?

I'm looking for someone.

Does that surprise you?

I assumed it must be some kind
of misguided diplomatic mission.

Saving the galaxy?

There may be a bit of that, too.

You're going to Freecloud.

You know Freecloud?

I hate the place.

But we... the Fenris Rangers...
keep our money there.

What little of
it there is.

It's a tough time
on Fenris, I hear.

Does that make you happy?

I admire the Rangers' goals,

their courage, their tenacity,


you are taking the law
into your own hands.

What law?

Point taken.

to appoint yourself

judge and jury...
I'm not here for a lecture.

You think of me as
a vigilante, fine.

Ranging is my job.

It's not saving the galaxy.

It's helping people who have
no one else to help them.

It's hopeless and
pointless and exhausting,

and the only thing worse...

would be giving up.


Freecloud works.
You can drop me there.

Who are you looking for?

Someone who has no one else
to help her.

Someone who will likely die
if I don't.

I'll take another
one of these.

She's in there with him.


The Ranger. She's in the
chateau with Picard. Ooh.

What do those two have
to talk about, I wonder?

Seems like they know each other.

No, I-I don't
think so.

Not back when
I knew him, anyway.

You know,

she used to be Borg, like him.

Oh, wow.

She's thatRanger.

She's notorious.

Ninety-nine or Eleven or... Mm.



She goes by Seven.


The ex-Borg Fenris Ranger.

I heard she's from
the Delta Quadrant.

Seven, the ex-Borg Fenris Ranger

from the Delta Quadrant.

And I somehow managed to forget

that Picard
used to be Borg, too.

Must have happily
blocked it out.


This is some strange cargo
you brought me this time, Raffi.

Tell me about it.

JURATI [laughing]:


Okay, I don't get it.

You replicated the flour,

the butter, the eggs,

the sugar
and the chocolate chips...

Yes. And the baking soda.

Oops. Yes, baking soda. Right.

And then
you set them all on fire...

I do not set them on fire.

I bake them. In my oven. JURATI: Oh.

MADDOX: Ow. Still warm.[laughs]

JURATI: Now, why don't you
just replicate the cookies?

Because I do not like
the replicator's

chocolate chip cookies.

What can I say?
There's an alchemy.

Come here, Aggie.

Taste it.

FEMALE [over comm]: La Sirena,
this is Freecloud Orbital Control,

confirming transfer of conn.

Roger that.

Welcome, Captain Rios.

I see your power conversion
efficiency is only 91%.

Remember, nobody knows their way

around the Kaplan F17 Speed
Freighter like the Red Bolian.

Care for a cuppa? Join the party

at the Freecloud Grand Hotel's
afternoon high tea.

Make it go away.

The Freecloud Institute

of Entertainment Robotics

is now hiring...

You have to punch it.

Submit your résumé today. What?

Hit it as hard as you can.

I don't hit things. RAFFI:
Oh, no, he's right, Doc.

You need to knock
its head clear off.

Submit your résumé...


[Jurati laughs]

Agnes for the knockout.


[both chuckle]

Hey, lady,
you looking to get snakebit?

Slither in
to Feely's Venom Garden

and pick your poison.


I didn't get one.


I found him, JL.

You found Maddox?

Yes, but... Oh, my goodness.

Bruce Maddox, what did you do?

I'm on a jobs board
for interfacers.

go-betweens for hire.

Big business
for competing corporations,

rival criminal gangs,

thieves and their victims,
especially on Freecloud.

I just sent myself

an invitation to join
the local 'facers guild.

Old Starfleet intel trick.


Okay. Party named Bjayzl

is holding him.
They're looking

for someone to broker a deal
with the...

Tal Shiar.


You know him?


She butchers ex-Borg
for parts.

She's been high on the Rangers'
wanted list for years.

Couldn't we outbid
the Tal Shiar?

No, not likely.

If she's prudent enough
to use a 'facer,

this is probably
a pretty substantial deal.

We must extract him.

Uh, not with the security
she's got.

Occluded payrolls show
she's got a little army

of private contractors.

And a Beta Annari.

[sighs]What's a Beta Annari?

Sentient reptiloid.

Nasty pieces of work.

Without Maddox, we'll
never find Dahj's sister.


Well, if we can't grab him
and we can't buy him...

Then we're shit out of luck, JL.

Not quite.

We trade.

Give Bjayzl something she wants
in exchange for Maddox.

she'll find irresistible.

Like what?

Like me.

[chatter, laughter]

RAFFI: Okay,
I dropped a pretty foolproof ID

of you into the system.

You are now a 'facer.

Famous but not too famous.

Prettyfoolproof? We're not exactly working

with a whole lot of time here. PICARD:

are you serious,
sending us down there

looking like this? Well,

'facers tend to dress
very flamboyant, JL.

It's protective coloration.

You're playing go-between.

You want to stand out.

You don't want
anyone mixing you up

with the other side.

What do you think, Agnes?

I think you're killing it.

But are you really
a... 'facer?

No.You're licensed,

paid up on your guild dues.

You have a meeting with Mr. Vup.
Mr. Vup.

Yeah. Rios, you seriously,
really need to sell this.

You can't do your broody,
existentialist spaceman routine.

Your personality
needs to match your clothes.

You need to show
a little panache.

You need a feather in your hat.

[dance music playing]

A Temtibi Lagoon,
if it's not too much bother.

And a game tablet.

With two umbrellas.

And if you can please
let Mr. Vup know

that I'm here.

The name is Rios.

Mr. Vup knows.

Feeling lucky, Mr. Rios?

RAFFI: Try to stay
away from the lizard.

Beta Annari can smell when
you're not telling the truth.

Seriously? Well, also, what you had

for dinner and the last
person you had sex with.

If they're not the same thing.

Because that's not disturbing.

I'm Mr. Vup.

Of course you are.



Let us not waste time.

Your references are sound.

Mr. Quark of Ferenginar
was especially satisfied

with your handling
of his trouble with the Breen.

Yes, that was quite a foofaraw.

Are you aware
of the identity

of the other party
in this negotiation?


Have you had dealings
with the Tal Shiar before?

To be honest,

I've tried hard to
stay out of their way.

They are treacherous,
violent, ruthless and subtle.

Their concept of honor

is rooted in their
skill at deceit.

So why represent them now?

[snarls] Oh. [chuckles]

I'm not.


I'm here on behalf of
another interested party.

I've come to offer
your employer

alternative remuneration
for Dr. Maddox.


I'm not a fan of surprises.

I'm getting that sense.

Now, what could possibly
be worth reneging on a deal

with the Romulan secret police?

I can explain.

Maybe you aren't aware,
Mr. Rios.

We Beta Annari have
1,253 olfactory receptor genes,

which means,
among other things,

I can smell a lie.

So, Mr. Rios,

proceed with caution.

Ay! Sorry. Sorry.

What the hell? Beta-blockers,
anxiolytics, benzos.

Delayed release.
Raffi's home cooking, honey.

Why would you do that? Just in case

you do run into one of those
hypersensitive reptiloids.

Should kick in
right about when you need it.

VUP: That many implants
in a living specimen.


How do I smell?

[grunts, sniffs]


You also had some sort
of smoked meat

for breakfast, didn't you?

So many intact
and functioning Borg parts

in a single specimen.

She would be extremely valuable.

If you will indulge me

with the smallest
of transporter windows.


Rios isn't the one I'm
really worried about here.

I'm more concerned
with you two.

Oh. I thought that I looked...

[cartoonish French accent]:
...appropriately sinister.

Mm. No comment.

Assuming Rios doesn't choke
or mess everything up

somehow... Which he will not.

This is a transport
pattern enhancer.

Once you get it inside their
shields, it will create

a stable tunnel to
transport in and out of.

They won't be able
to differentiate it

from your implants
on the scan.

Um, hands, please.

No offense. None taken.


Are you helping
them, I mean.

When the evacuation ended

and the Neutral Zone collapsed,

someone needed to maintain
a semblance of order.

I suppose at this point,
it's... become habit.

I admire what
you do out there.

With the Rangers.

Push in and then
pull out... Yes.

I understand.

Once you get Maddox,
activate the enhancer,

and the doc here
will beam you out.

Wait, wait, wait. Uh, hello? Uh, just...

Hold on a sec. Hold that thought.

Can you breathe? Yes.

What do you mean,
I beam them out?

It's a lie.

Everybody is behaving

as if they were somebody else.

Everyone except me.

He's clear.

[snarls]RAFFI: And, Agnes,
you're on transporter duty.

Really? Me? Okay.

How-how hard is it, really?

Piece of cake.

[imitating Rios]:


Oh, man.

I don't know how
to not be Elnor.

Then be Elnor.

An Elnor who never talks.


[cartoonish French accent]:
Disgusting thing.

Once they get the Borg
inside them,

there is no coming back,

no matter what
they think.

Defiled is what you are.

Damned. Cursed.

Quite a prize.

Rare to find one
with so many implants

still fully operational.

PICARD: She is not
one of the new ones.

When the Borg
entered her,

she was a jeune fille.

You are going to have to dice
her up to get it all out.

[low growling]

A little
squeamish, are we?

I can take my
trade elsewhere.


Not squeamish.

Not at all.

Your work is done.

Mind if I have another drink?

It's a free planet!

Let's see if there's
a deal to be made.

Now, that's the kind
of talk that I like.

But one last thing.

I need proof

that my bounty

is alive.

I need to see Maddox!

Gabriel Hwang located.

Stardust City Medical District.

Make sure the kid sticks
to the script.

And watch your back.

Admiral Picard.

Time to go.

You've got this.

This is going to be

very much harder
without you.

It was almost like the old days
for a minute there, huh?


I hope you find what
you came out here for.

And I sincerely wish
the same for you.

Do it.

Don't get lost in the crowd.

At Freecloud Family Planning,

your baby is our baby.

Join our family today.

[indistinct intercom





So, what, did you put
a tracker in me

or just hunt me down?

Oh. I still hear things.

Maybe I hunted
you down a little.

You just kind of
crossed my path.

Path to where?

To Freecloud.

To you.


I'm clean.


I feel good.

I was not there
for you.

Even when I was there,
I wasn't there.

Especially then.

But I'm here now,

if you'll let me be.

For you

and for my
little grand...?

She's a girl.Oh.

You know, there was a time when
it would've meant the world

to me to hear you say that.Oh.

Oh, Gabriel. Honey... So, what, you're...


Yeah, you're different now.


[sniffles] I'm making
a start, Gabe.

I'm... I'm-I'm putting
my life back together.

That's why I came all
the way out here for you.

So, um...

the attack on Mars.

Tell me how it
wasn't really the synths.

Honey... Tell me about

the Conclave of Eight.

Tell me what was worth ignoring

me and Dad until
we hardly recognized you.[stammering]

Why you abandoned us
for some crackpot, tin hat

conspiracy... It wasn't crackpot!

That attack was
notwhat it seemed!

Baby, there is a conspiracy,

and it is bigger
than anybody knew.

There were lives
at stake...

Our lives, Mom.

Our lives mattered, too.

Just not to you.

I don't think you understand
just how much it sucked

to be your kid.

[breathing heavily][door whooshes open]

[door whooshes shut]


Pel. Baby, um...

this is my mother,

She was just passing through.

I guess she had a second.


It's wonderful
to meet you.

Will you be staying
a while?

No. Like I said,

she's just passing by.

It's so nice to meet you.

Good luck with the baby.

Goodbye, Gabe.

Bye, Mom.

[hitching breaths]


Show me.

As I was telling
your Mr. Vip...

Vup... you will

not see many more

like her!

When they
get assimilated

as kids, more
of the hardware

inside them.

Ear, eyes, neck,

chest, spine, kidneys, hips,

various bones.

I thought it could be you.

"Hoped" might
even be the word.


I always knew you
were impressive.

I just never knew
how impressive.

It is good to see you again.



It's okay. It will be okay.
[breathing heavily]

You can do this.

You have to do this.


[gasps, squeaks]

What is the nature
of your psychiatric emergency?

Your pulse and blood pressure
are significantly elevated.[panting]

Be-Because you scared
the hell out of me.

I'd like to give you
a sedative. I-I don't need a s...


Agnes, you copy?

Are you certain?
You really... Yes, I am certain!


Uh, yes. Hi.

Who are you talking to?


Not youyou. N-No one.

Captain, Dr. Jurati's

Deactivate EMH.

[breathing heavily]

I'm here. The operative terms
are "copy that"

and "go ahead."

Something's not right.

We may have to abort.

Do you have a lock on them?

Uh, yes.

Um, affirmative.

It's, uh, showing red.

They haven't activated
the pattern enhancer yet.

Let me know the instant they do.

Yes. Copy. Affirmative.

Um, whatever.

What's going on down there?

BJAYZL: Are you still angry because
I carved up your little friend

for parts?

Or is it because
you trusted me?

Oh, you were

so noble then.

Save the outcast.

Rescue the forgotten.

You were so easy.

Was I, Jay?

Then how did I get away?

How did I escape
the great Bjayzl?

A fortune in Borg tech

you lost it.

You lost me.

No one's ever been worth more
to you than me,

and I slipped
right through your fingers.

I'm the one that got away.

Not anymore.

Wrong, Jay.


Drop your weapons.[snarling]

Listen to her.



[regular voice]:
What the hell is going on here?

I was not entirely candid
with you.


Are we still pretending?

No, Elnor.

I think
everyone has finally stopped.


How are you doing?



The famous Admiral Picard?


Well, it appears

you thought you were playing
when you were being played,


I take it you had

no awareness of Annika
and my close,

personal relationship. Shut up.


Take Maddox
and go.

What do you mean?

She means to kill me.

But hero
to the end,

our Annika, she will
first save your lives.

Just go.

You know, you were right.

This is not saving the galaxy.

This is just settling
an old score.

You have no idea what this is.

Well, tell me.

What is it?


When the rescues ended,
some of us

tried to help maintain order

on the worlds
the Federation left behind.

We were based
on Fenris.

One of us was
a young science officer on leave

from the USS Coleman.

He was out doing recon
near Daimanta

when his ship received
a distress call.

It turned out to be an ambush.

He was the closest thing
I will ever have to kin.

Like me, Icheb was
a former Borg, rescued

and reclaimed by Voyager
in the Delta Quadrant.

That's why she wanted him.

His parts were...

...good business.

Bjayzl had his implants

stripped out.

[whirring][distorted scream]

Without anesthetic.

[distorted screaming]

Without even the minor mercy
of death.

[low whirring]

[phaser fires]

I had met her on Fenris.

She was posing as one of us,

as someone trying to help.

She knew about Icheb from me.


murder is not justice.

There is no solace
in revenge.

You have had
your humanity

restored to you.

Don't squander it now.

[weapon fires][yells]

You guys ready
to go yet?

Take them.

the pattern enhancer

and get them
the hell out of here.

You got it.


I understand the impulse.

But you do this, you put
a bounty on all of us.

I don't give a damn.

But the kid
and the old man,

they don't stand
a chance out here

with a price
on their heads.

Your friend has
a point, Annika.

Let's make a trade.

Maddox for my life.

Hey, hey,
hey, hey.

Look at the math of it,
is all I'm saying.

You found her once.
Odds are...

you'll do it again.

Five to beam up, Doctor.

Come on.

I did it.

Oh, my God. Bruce.

He's in bad shape.


Maybe other things.
Best to get him to sickbay quickly.

I'll take care
of him.


Aggie. Captain Rios.

Getting us the hell
out of here, sir.

I'm glad of
the choice you made.

It seems that a lift is
the least I can offer you.

The Rangers already
sent a corsair for me.

It should be here by now.


I will take two of your
phasers, if that's all right.

A vigilante could always
use a couple more.

Of course.


in case you ever
need a vigilante.

Thank you.

After they brought you back from
your time in the Collective...

do you honestly feel that
you regained your humanity?


All of it?


But we're both
working on it.

Aren't we?

Every damn day of my life.

[phaser whirrs]


[screaming, gasping, crying]


Frankly, I was surprised
when you left.

I thought you'd bet on...
shooting your way out.

I am.

How sentimental of you, then.

Risking your...


while saving their lives.

Almost reminds me of...

...the Annika of old.

Me, too.


Picard still thinks there's
a place in the galaxy for mercy.

I didn't want
to disillusion him.

Somebody out here ought
to have a little hope.

Like you used to have...

before I took it away from you.

Something like that.

You're stalling, Jay.

Your second security
wave will be here

in less than five seconds.


He was a son to me, Jay.

This is for him.

[running steps approaching]

[indistinct shouting]

[weak, rasping breath]

Massive abdominal hemorrhaging.

Increase clotting factor by 12%.

They really
worked you over.

Dahj... is dead,

isn't she?

She found me.

And then I lost her.

I'm profoundly sorry.

[muffled grunting]

When the Tal Shiar
came for me...

blew up my lab...

I knew.

[rasping breath]

Her embedded Mom AI

wouldn't have
activated her

unless she was
in grave danger.


Bruce.[muffled grunting]

I have to know...

Does she have a sister?

Yes. Soji.


Where is she?


She's on the Artifact.

The Artifact?

You mean...

Not the captured
Borg cube?


S-Same reason I sent
her sister to Earth.

To find the truth.

The truth about what?

The ban.

There are lies upon lies.

They're hiding something.


I don't know.

It's the same ones
who are hunting her.

The Romulans?

Not just them.

I think the Federation
are involved.

That's what I sent them
to find out.

[weak, shuddering breath]

he's barely stable.

He needs to rest.



I'll leave you to it.

The Artifact?

That's in Romulan space.


Flying into Romulan
space doubles my fee.

Okay, jefe.

Old man indeed.

[chuckles softly]


are we gonna talk
about our stowaway?



Leave me alone.

Welcome back.


[labored breathing]

I thought I was dreaming.

It's me.

I never thought
I'd see you again.

Did you...

did you see her?

Did you get to meet Dahj?


They're perfect.

Perfectly imperfect.

I did it, Aggie.

Soong and I.

And you.

Your contribution was...



One more thing
I have to atone for.

What do you mean?

What is the nature
of your psychiatric emergency?

Your blood pressure
and cortisol levels...

[alarm beeping]

What is the nature
of your medical emergency?

There's a high risk of
critical organ failure

unless hematic
microrepair treatment

is resumed... Deactivate EMH.



I wish you knew what I know.

[alarm beeping]

[wheezes]I wish

I didn't know what I know.

I wish they hadn't shown me.

I'm so sorry.

[alarm continues beeping]

[rapid beeping]

[flatlining tone]

[sobs, pants]

[flatlining tone continues]


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