Star Trek: Picard (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The End is the Beginning - full transcript

Previously on
Star Trek: Picard...

I want you to reinstate me.

I will need a small
reconnaissance ship

with a minimal crew.

You think you could just waltz
back in here and be entrusted

with taking
men and women into space?

I have reason to believe that
the Tal Shiar is merely a mask

worn by another far older cabal,

the Zhat Vash.

Admiral Clancy
just called.

Jean-Luc Picard was
trying to persuade her

to let him go after
Dr. Bruce Maddox.

I want you to stay on mission.

I've put my best man on it.

Nice of you to knock.

Commodore Oh

is quite distressed.

I'm still confident
that my approach,

which you approved,
is the only sound approach.

Are we allowed

to be sleeping together,
or is that a secret?

Very much the latter.

How likely is the Collective

to reestablish a link
to your Borg?

Well, they're
former Borg.

And we're not releasing them,

we're reclaiming them.

There's really no danger.

I have to go. Go? Where? Go how?

You need help,
you need protection.


You need someone who hates you

and has nothing to lose.

Raffi, it's Jean-Luc.

Please, don't hang up.

I need a ship.

There isn't
anything you could say

that I want to hear.

Secret Romulan assassins
are operating on Earth.

Goddamn it.

They give you a hard time?
They start with the ships?

Straight out,
just as you predicted.

You were ready,

with the inventories from
Beta Antares and Eridani A,

which shut them up.

So they hit you with manpower.

But you had the
reserve rosters

I got from Tanaka
in personnel.

I laid it all out.

By using reserve duty officers
and mothballed ships,

we could maintain
the evacuation,

though to
a severely reduced level.

Not if we use
synthetic labor.

All synthetic life-forms
are banned,

throughout the Federation,
effective immediately.

All active units
are dismantled and

all research is halted.

Well, that's crazy.

It makes no sense.

Synths don't just wake up one
morning and turn homicidal.

They said
it was a fatal code error

in the operating system.

That's bullshit.


Something's off about
this whole business, JL.

It doesn't add up.

I smell the Tal Shiar.

Tal Shiar.

Raffi, why would
the Romulans attack a fleet

built expressly
to rescue them?

I can't answer that.


But I do know that there are
billions of people out there

in the Beta Quadrant that are in
the burst radius of a supernova.

It's not their fault
that a bunch of A500s

went rogue on Mars.

You're absolutely right.

Mars is burning.

Tens of thousands
are dead.

And nobody is thinking,
nobody is listening.

They're just reacting.

Wait a minute.

What happened in there, JL?

They said that our
plan was "unfeasible."

Half of them never wanted
to rescue the Romulans

in the first place.

And the rest are...

are just... frightened.

I never dreamed that
Starfleet would give in

to intolerance and fear.

What happened in there?

I said that either

they accept
the revised evacuation plan...

or my resignation.

Are you serious?


what did they say?


They accepted my resignation.


Hell with them.

We'll figure it out.
We'll find a way.

To mount
a multi-world evacuation

of tens of millions of Romulans without
Starfleet's support?

There has to
be something.

Some last,

desperate, wild
solution, JL.

That's what you do.

My resignation was

the last, desperate,
wild solution.

I never believed
that they would...

accept it.

Of course you wouldn't.

Now what?

You're gonna go back
to your château and

write your memoirs?

I can't do this
without you, JL.


The CNC wants to see me.

That's great.

That's great.

You tender
your resignation,

and my ass gets fired.


A synthetic girl.

There were two of them.

One of them is already dead.

I only hope that I'm in time
to save the other one.


I need a ship and a pilot,

and I have to find Bruce Maddox.


I don't even know what to say.

It's a lot to take in.

I mean, the obvious
way to go would be,

"You have some goddamn nerve."

But I gather you...
you already heard that

from your buddy
Clancy, right?

Pro tip for
future reference.

On your next

unauthorized, synthetic
girl rescue mission,

try nottelling
the CNC of Starfleet

exactly what you're
planning on doing.

I don't remember you being such
a chatterbox back in the day.

I mean...

I saw your interview.

An unmitigated disaster.


I saw you,

sitting back in your
very fine château.

Those big oak beams,

heirloom furniture.

Yeah, I-I'd show you
around my estate,

but it's more of a hovel, so
that would just be, you know,


But my entire life for
the past 14 years has been

one long slide into humiliation.

And rage.

Also a fair amount of
snakeleaf-induced paranoia,

so... some things
never change.



Might have been nice
to hear from you

a time or two in there,
JL, not because you think

I know an off-the-books pilot
with an unregistered starship.

Just... say hi.

See how I was doing.

I know. I... Because I was
not doing good.

I lost my security clearance.

I lost...

Don't, Raffi.

No, don't. Just don't touch me.



I really don't know
what to say, Dr. Asha.

Your work here has
always been excellent,

but speaking to a Nameless
in his own language?


You taught me
that even a few words

in the mother tongue
can be soothing.

Even in an unconscious state.

There is no more despised people
in the galaxy than the xBs.

People either see us
as property to be exploited

or as a hazard to be warehoused.

Our hosts,

the Romulans,
have a more expansive vision.

They see us as both.

I hate it.

You're different.

Thank you.

I've decided to let you have
your interview with Ramdha.

Oh, my God, really?

You've been pestering me
about it for a long time.

After today, I'm inclined
to grant your request.

Tell me, why?

How much do you know
about Ramdha

before she was assimilated?

Have you read
her Romulan dossier?

Of course not.

Wait, have you?

How did you manage that?

I just sort of asked to see it.

Usually I find that
if I ask people for help,

they're happy to give it.

That has not been my experience.
In particular with Romulans.

Ramdha was

the foremost expert
on ancient Romulan myth.

She wrote books about it.

And this interest of hers
links you to her work how?

There is ample evidence
for the therapeutic utility

of a shared mythical framework.

30 minutes.

As an experiment.

Then we'll see
how that goes.

It makes total sense
that you're angry.

I disappointed you.
I neglected you.

And I wasn't there
when you needed me.

I'm truly sorry.

I don't care.

Raffi, there is a unit

of Tal Shiar
synth hunters operating

on Earth, openly.

That could not happen
without Federation complicity.

I'm listening.

You always said there were
Romulan-Federation connections

I didn't see.

I was talking about Mars, JL.

The Romulan rescue.

Those aren't
connections I just see,

like people see angels
or-or, uh, ghosts.

I have evidence.

I have concrete evidence

that a high-ranking
Starfleet official conspired

to allow the attack
to go forward,

to put an end to
the rescue mission.

Raffi... Which they opposed.

Raffi, they had no reason
to sabotage their own rescue.

What do you think happens
when there's a cover-up?

They conceal it.

That's why I need
your help.

I need your mind.

Your ability to see things
others don't see.

No. No, no, no, no.

I will not go down another
rabbit hole with you, JL.

No, never again... No. Go.Raffi...

Get out of here, please.


I have a pilot for you.

His name is Rios.

And he'll be in touch.

Rios. Thank you.

Now go.

Hi.Dr. Jurati?

Commodore Oh,
director of Starfleet Security.

Okay. I'd like to
talk to you

about your two recent visits
with Admiral Picard.

All personnel...

She's here to meet
with Patient 4822 stroke 2.

She'll need

This unit is operated
by the Reclamation Project.

It is under the
direct authority

of its executive director: me.

Open up.

All the disordered
are Romulans?

The only Romulans ever
assimilated, as far as I know.

There she is.



You're doing the research,
aren't you? No.

I'm sending you everything that
Daystrom had on Bruce Maddox.

I don't want it.

Carry on.

Captain Rios?

Oh. Hi. Hello.


Yes, sorry.
Of course you are.

I'm afraid
you might be too late.

Right, then.

Come on.

So, what seems
to be the problem?

Are you kidding me? Hey.

Are you...?

Chris Rios. He's just an EMH.


I'm, uh... I know who you are.

I read one of your books
one time.

What happened to you?

I didn't die.



No, thanks.

What you want
to do is take

the giant hunk
of tritanium shrapnel

out of the hole in my shoulder.

That's just a guess.



Toss it anywhere.

So, where are we
going, Admiral?

Raffi says you
have no idea.

I'm working on it. When are we leaving?

Soon as possible.

You breaking any laws
or intending to?

I don't know.

I'm not in the habit
of consulting lawyers

before I do
what needs to be done.

You? I'm not in the habit

of consulting anybody
about anything.

Especially a lawyer.

There we are.

Now for the thermal regenerator. Leave it.

Give me that. Get lost.

He never gets any nicer.

Duly noted.

Deactivate, EMH.

I need a pilot.

Raffi says
you're the best around.

I never argue with Raffi.

Huh. Wise man.

You were the XO
of a heavy cruiser?

The ibn Majid.

You never heard of it
because it doesn't exist.

Starfleet erased it
from the records.

Do I detect a certain bitterness
toward Starfleet?

You must know
that Starfleet and I

long since have parted ways.

If you say so.

I really don't
give a damn.

Oh, really?

I see this ship is

impeccably maintained.

Every bolt and clasp

and fitting in place.

Everything stowed
in regulation Starfleet order.

I don't know
what happened to you, Rios,

or to the ibn Majid.

But five minutes
on this ship,

and I know precisely
what I'm looking at.

You are Starfleet

to the core.

I can smell it on you.

That's just my tragic
sense of life.

Raffi warned me you
were a speechmaker.

Look, Admiral, hire me
or find another pilot.

Do not try to get
inside my head.

The navigation
sensors are back at maximum range.

Whatever it was,

it scraped off pretty easily.


So are we excited?


Maybe a teensy
bit starstruck.

Jean-Luc Picard.

Chief contact
with the Q Continuum.

Arbiter of succession
for the Klingon Empire.

Savior of Earth
from Borg invasion.

Captain of
the Enterprises Dand E.

The man even worked alongside

the great Spock.

You are an emergency hologram.

We no longer have
a navigational emergency.

Why are you still here?

Well, someone is experiencing
an acute moodiness overload.

Picard is a good man,
Captain Rios.

He's on the side
of the angels.

It's been a long time since you
helped out somebody like him.

Hmm? A very long time.

Please, spare me the juvenile
Sunday school morality.

And spare me the angsty
teenage moral relativism.

I already had one grand,
heroic captain in my life.

The last thing I need
is another one.

Ten years on, I still can't
close my eyes at night

without seeing
the last one's blood and brains

splattered all over a bulkhead.

Deactivate ENH.

Aw, no, no, you...

The familiar smell
of harvest time.

Wood smoke, mown hay

and that...

heavy sweetness
of the grapes.

And you won't miss it...

any of it, one bit.

Oh, yes, my dear.

I will miss you
and Zhaban and Number One.

I tried my best

to belong to this place.

But I don't think I ever...

truly felt at home here.

I suppose you always had
one eye on the stars.

That looks like a door.

Very close. I think
that one's called "shaipouin,"

which means... A false door.

Traditional Romulan houses
always have a false front door

that's never used.

You have to go
around the back.

You're kind of a know-it-all,
aren't you?

You may sit.

For the road. Bread.


Madame Arnaud's
terrine d'oie.

Far beyond the power of
any replicator, I should think.

And last of the plum...

They killed the alarm. Take 'em.

All right? All right.

Maybe... maybe...

maybe it was on stun.

Romulan disruptors

don't have a stun setting.


It's all right.

Thank you.

It's all right.



Her name was Oh.

Chief of
Starfleet Security.

A Vulcan. You know her?

No, but I hear that she's
very good at her job.

Sh-She wanted to know
why you came to see me, and...

I'm sorry, but I told her.

Seemed too important
not to.

And anyway,
I'm a terrible liar.

Of course.

It's all right.

There's one thing
I didn't tell her, though.

Zhaban. We have no time, Laris.

They'll send others.

Admiral, he's conscious.

Let's talk.

My name is Soji.

I'm working with Hugh on
the reclamation project.

But I'm an anthropologist
by training.

Ramdha has good days
and bad days.

We all do.

Can you tell me about
the cards, Ramdha?

The pixmit?

How do they work?

Do you tell
fortunes with them?

It's kind of a mandala,

is that it?

Do the images have a connection
to Romulan mythology?


I hate that word.

In Romulan,
we have no such word.

What's a
better word?


Sacred stories?

The news.

I love that.

That's perfect.

The idea that former Borg might
be able to create a mythol...

a shared narrative

for understanding
their trauma,

rooted in deep

but as relevant
as the day's news.

That's just
what I'm hoping to do.

I know you.

Why is the Tal Shiar
on Earth?

Are you Zhat Vash?

If you answer
my questions,

I will release you.

This is pointless. LARIS: Yes,

because he's a...
stubborn northerner, like you.

I remember you from tomorrow.

No, Ramdha.
We've never met.

Okay, wh...

what was I doing
when you met me tomorrow?

One of the things that makes you
so special, Ramdha,

is that you were on board
the very last ship

ever assimilated by this cube.

Is that true?
How do you know that?

You were on board the
Imperial scout ship Shaenor

with 25 other

You encountered this cube.
You were assimilated.

But then something
went wrong.

What happened, Ramdha?
Do you know?

What caused the
submatrix collapse?

Why did you kill that girl?

Why did you kill Dahj Asha?

She's not a girl.

Which one are you?

Just help me

what is happening.

She's not what
you think she is.

Which sister are you?

Why did you

kill her?

Is there another one
like her?

Which sister are you?

The one who dies
or the one who lives?!

Where is she?

Where is the other one?

You'll never find her
before we do, qezhtihn!

I know who you are!

You are Seb-Cheneb.

You are the Destroyer!

She's the end of all!

She's the Destroyer.



Let her go!

She's fine.

He's the one that needs
to be disciplined.

Get him out of here.
Get him out.

And make sure your own sidearms
are fully secured.

Hi, sweetie.


Sweetie, what's wrong?

Mom-Mom, is Dahj okay?

What? Is she okay?

Yes, sweetie, Dahj is fine.

I just heard from her today.

She sounds like
she's doing great.

She's thinking
of adopting a puppy.

I'm not sure
that's the best idea.

But you know
Dahj... when she makes a plan,

you can never talk her
out of it. I don't know.

Sometimes I think I should tell
her the opposite thing to do...


Are you all right?


What happened?

I have no idea.
I mean...

if you had asked me
five minutes beforehand,

I would have said
I didn't know anything

about a Romulan ship.

I would have said that I'd
never even heard of the Shaenor

or that Ramdha was on it.

And would that have
been the truth?

I've probably read
every unclassified document

that there is pertaining
to the history of this cube.

It must have been
in there somewhere.

Even Romulan censors
have to slip up sometimes.

Do you believe me?

Can you keep a secret?

I may be falling
in love with you.

I'm back.

So are your ears.

I can smell
her on you.

The smell is


She really is an extraordinary
piece of machinery.

What's she told you?

Nothing yet.

I'm not sure what
she consciously knows, but...

I'm sure she has no idea
what she truly is.

And given
what happened on Earth...

I think we should keep it
that way as long as possible.

Earth was a


Which is the only
reason I agreed

to let you pursue this
highly questionable...

Far more subtle... approach.

Good luck, brother.

And see that
you don't fall in love.

Nice to see you
looking like yourself again.

You said you
told Commodore Oh

everything about
our conversation

except for one thing...
what was that?

That I'm going with you.

To look for the girl,


The other Dahj.

You are going to
look for her, right?

That's what Oh thought,

that y-you were planning
to get a ship and a pilot

and go off looking
for the second synth.

Are you?

You're early.

Nope. My sources tell me...

What sources?'s about to get very hot
chez vous.

It's already hot.


Is that your pilot? Mm-hmm.

Okay. You have to take me
with you, and here's why: A,

I just killed a man
to save your life;


You are a good, decent man,
capable of empathy and pity,

and... I am a scientist

who has spent her entire
life imagining a miracle,

knowing that it could never
come to pass, and now it has,

and it's real, and
I have to see her;

and, C, I don't know
how much it costs

to go where you're
going or...

how much this guy charges...

I'm expensive.

...but I'm Agnes P. Jurati.

I'm the Earth's leading
expert on synthetic life,

and I promise you, if
you take me with you,

I will more than
earn my keep.

Time to go.


What is this?

Ah, "sources."

I found Maddox.

Where is he? I tell you,

you promise
you'll take me with you?

I would be honored
to have you join me.

Oh, no, no,

I'm-I'm not joining you.

Never again.

I'm just
hitching a ride.

To where?

Bruce Maddox is on Freecloud.


Yes, of course.

Why do you want
to go to Freecloud?

Have we met?

Agnes Jurati.

That's it?

You're just gonna let
Agnes here hitch a ride

on your top secret mission?


is the Earth's leading
expert on synthetic life.

You didn't even ask me to run
any kind of security check,

not even the most basic.

Why doyou want to go
to Freecloud?

I'm under no obligation
to tell that to any of you.

And once we get there,
you're on your own.

Who areyou, lady?

Can we go already?

Yes, fine.


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