Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 4, Episode 19 - Shattered Mirror - full transcript

When the Mirror Universe counterpart of Sisko's deceased wife lures Jake to the other side, Sisko must follow and help the Terran resistance against the Alliance forces.

Enjoying the view?

Uh, I'm stuck on this new story
I'm working on

and coming here helps me...

No need to explain, Mr. Sisko.

I just...


You just thought what?

I thought you were going
to ask me to leave.

Why would I do that?

You always used
to chase me away.

I never chased you away.

I chased Nog.

You just happened
to be with him.

So, unless you're planning

on flicking sand peas
at the passing throng

you're welcome to stay here
as long as you like.

I don't have any sand peas.

You miss him, don't you?


Maybe a little.

A little!

There isn't a day goes by

that I don't see him
standing here, pining away

for that no-good
nephew of mine.

I'm not here every day.


just four or five times a week.

If you ask me,
Nog should never

have gone off to the Academy.

You lost a friend
and I lost a good waiter.

Nog will be back

and he'll be wearing
a Starfleet uniform.

I'm proud of what he's doing.

Remember that
the next time you try

and play dom-jot by yourself.

You don't want me
hanging around here?

Fine. I'll do my thinking
someplace else.

Poor kid.

I suppose that's what you
get for having friends.

Meaning what?

Just that when you think
you can count on them

they go off and leave you.

No. You're much
better off without them.

I imagine that's why you
don't have any friends.

Look who's talking.

Dad, I'm home.


I'm afraid
I'm not your mother, Jake.

This is the woman
I told you about--

the one I met
in the parallel universe.


you're Jennifer Sisko,
but you're just not my mom.

That's right.

You look exactly like her.

And I was married to a man

who looked exactly
like your father.

It's all a little confusing,
isn't it?

More than a little.

Did you tell her?

Tell her what?

Ever since my dad
told me about you

I've been wanting to meet you.


here I am.

You even sound like my mother.

Ops to Captain Sisko.

Go ahead.

Minister Gettor's shuttle
has docked.

Give me a few minutes.

Offer him a tour of the station.

I already have.

His time here is limited
and he's anxious

to meet with the Emissary.

I'll be right there.

So, why are you here?

I came here to see your father.


That's great.

Jennifer came
to give me some good news.

The Terrans have won
an important victory.

We've driven the Alliance
off of the space station.

Then the rebels
control Terok Nor.

I see your father
has told you all about us.

Well, I guess I better
get to my meeting.

I understand.

It's not like you
were expecting me.

You're not leaving, are you?

Is it all right if I visit
with Jake for a while?

I don't think Jake would have it
any other way.

Maybe the three of us
can have dinner together.

The depends on how long
my meeting lasts.

We'll wait.


Uh, would you like
another raktajino?

Thank you.

That would be nice.

That's amazing.


I never thought
I'd hold these hands again.

They feel just like my mother's.


I... I'll get you
that raktajino.

Well, that went well.

I think you made it clear
to the Minister

why the Emissary can't endorse
his land reform program.

It only took three hours.

If you like, we can go over
the weekly personnel reports.

In the morning.

I have someone waiting for me
in my quarters.



Computer, locate Jake Sisko.

Jake Sisko
is not on the station.

Are you sure this is
what Smiley used

to transport you
to the alternate universe?

Looks like it.

And you're convinced
Jake's gone over there?

He's not on the station
and neither is Jennifer.

Maybe he convinced her to take
him over there for a visit.

Without asking me?

It could be she left that behind
as an invitation to join them.

And I accept--

but only to get Jake back.

Want some company?

I can think of safer
places to visit.

Major, you and the Chief
come with me.

Commander, you have Ops.

Expecting trouble, Major?

Just want to be prepared.


Welcome back, Captain.

What happened to the others?

They weren't invited.

Where's my son?

He's with Professor Sisko.

She's showing him the station.

The tour's over.

I'm taking Jake home.

Then I'm afraid
we have a problem.

What kind of problem?

Jake's not going anywhere...

and neither are you.

Terok Nor in rebel hands--

it just shows
what people can do

when their cause is just.

Save the speeches, Smiley.

Right now, I don't care
too much for you or your cause.

You've every right to be angry.

We haven't exactly
played fair with you.

You kidnapped my son.


An ugly word.

But accurate.

Tell me, Captain.

If we had come and asked
for your help

in fighting the Alliance,
what would you have said?

I'd have said no.

Which is why we had
to use your son

to lure you over here.

We need your help, Captain.

No one else will do.

Recognize her?


The Defiant.

During our last encounter.
when I visited your station

I took a moment

to download as many of your
computer files as I could.

I figured they'd come
in handy someday

and they have.

You see, Captain, taking
Terok Nor was one thing.

Keeping it,
that's the tricky part.

The Alliance fleet
is already on its way.

When they get here

I want to have a proper
welcome ready for them.

These schematics look complete.

Why do you need me?

If you want to build
another Defiant

why do you need my help?

We've already built it.

The problem is, when we
power up its engines

the whole ship damn near
shakes itself apart.

We had the same trouble.

It's a powerful ship.

Well, right now, it's

a little too powerful
for its own good.

How did you solve it?

We had to overhaul

the structural integrity
field grids.

How long did it take?

Two weeks.

We have four days.

I'm not sure that's enough time.

It had better be.

Otherwise, the Defiant
won't be ready

and you and your son
will die here

along with the rest of us.

Or worse still--
spend the rest of your lives

working in the ore
processing center

under the tender mercies
of an Alliance overseer.

Help us, Captain

and I promise we'll get you
and your son out of here

before the fireworks begin.

The Defiant is
at Docking Port 5.

I think you know the way.

I want to see my son first.

I knew you would.

Is he with us?

You remember

Captain Bashir.


Captain Bashir. Captain O'Brien.
Captain Sisko.

We may not have
enough troops or ships

or weapons, but we have
plenty of Captains.

Is he going to help us or not?!

You must have missed
that cheery face, hmm?


The Captain has found it
in his heart

to aid us once again.


I owed you that.

I let you hit me once

because I thought you were
our Captain Sisko.

Now I know better.

We're even now.

If I were you,
I'd keep out of his way.

You and I friends?

I don't think so.

Why not?

You're too tall.

I don't trust tall men.

Tall women--

ah-- that's a different story.


See for yourself.

Jake, isn't she
a little old for you?

Who are you?
His mother?



I'm-l'm sorry.

But I had to come.

Somehow, talking to Jennifer

telling her all
about the past nine years--

about all the things
that happened to me

what I've done, what
I've been thinking about--

it's like telling Mom.

In a lot of ways,
she's nothing like your mom.

Yeah, but in some ways,
she's just like her.

And not just physically.

She listens like Mom.

And it's the exact same smile.

Okay, Jake.

This place is unbelievable.

Chief O'Brien, Dr. Bashir, Dax--
they're all here.

I mean, I know it's not
really them, but... Iook.

Here's Nog.

This is my father.

He's tall, too.

Look, Jake-o

I have to talk to Jennifer
alone for a minute.

She likes you.

Jake, whatever you're thinking--

whatever plans you're making--

forget about them.

I'm not making any plans.


I just want to know one thing--

whose idea was this?

Does it matter?

It does to me.

It was mine.

We needed you to help us
complete the ship.

Smiley told me all about you

about your wife's death,
about your son.

I knew that Jake
would want to meet me--

that I'd remind him
of his mother.

You're nothing like his mother.

I think Jake would disagree.

Of course, he would.

In his mind, the three of us
are already living together.

Ben, you're the one that
convinced me to join the rebels

to fight the good fight
for my people.

It's not your cause
that I have a problem with.

It's your methods.

I'm sorry if Jake's feelings
get hurt

but that's a small price to pay

if it means success
against the Alliance.

All right, I'm here
and I'm going to help you

but I want you
to leave my son alone.

-I can't.
-Why not?


Because he won't leave me alone.

Bow before the Regent!

I can't think of anything
I'd rather do.

Ah, so this is the p'tak

who lost Terok Nor
to the rebels.

That's not exactly...

Are you calling me a liar?

I was merely observing

that as one of many officers
under the lntendant's command

it would be an overstatement

to imply that l, alone,
was responsible for our defeat.

But you are the only officer
who managed to escape.

Perhaps I should have
surrendered to the rebels...

groveling on the floor,
begging for my life

Iike the lntendant.

You are attempting to shift
the blame away from yourself.

Am I succeeding?

This time, I will deal
with the rebels myself.

You will be at my side,
redeeming yourself in battle.

Your fairness

and good judgment are everything
I've heard them to be.

Believe me, my Regent

it will take the blood
of many rebels

to quench the thirst
of my revenge.

Spoken like a Klingon.

I'm trying.

Now, if you could just remove
this insufferable collar...

No, the collar stays
until every rebel on Terok Nor

Iies dead at my feet.

Sisko to Smiley.

I'm about to put the deuterium
injector back on-line.

Go ahead.

I've got the flow regulators
shut off.

Injectors are operational.

You can recalibrate
the regulators now.

Will do.

I heard you were back.

That's for making love
to me under false pretenses.

I was suspicious
of you from the start.

You hid it well.

If you ever touch me again...

Do you get my point?

I hope not.

What happened?

Ah-- you remember the lntendant,
don't you?

I was taking her
to an interrogation session

when the vile little tyrant
tried to escape.


-Pick her up.
-Leave her!

She's not through
with her lesson.

If this is supposed
to teach me a lesson

you might want to turn
that little toy of yours

to a higher setting.


That's enough!

Whose side are you on?

There's a difference
between interrogation

and torture.

The Alliance never made
that distinction.

But you should.

Take her back to her cell.

Well done.

I have to admit,
the last time you were here

you had me completely fooled.

I really thought you were
my Benjamin Sisko.

That was the idea.

Help me escape

and I promise
I'll be grateful...

very grateful.

I'm sure you would be

but don't count on it.

Well, then perhaps you'll find
Marani and have her sent

to my holding cell?


One of my servants.

I am a touch sore

and she does give
the most exquisite massages.

A ship?

What kind of ship?

According to our reports,
it's of unknown classification

and carries
an impressive weapons array--

some kind of improved
photon torpedoes

multitargeting phaser banks...

How long
until it is operational?

Within two days.

I know
it's none of my business

but perhaps it would be prudent

to increase our speed
to warp nine.


I was merely
trying to be of service.

If it was not
for your incompetence

the rebels would have
been destroyed.

I thought we'd agreed

that it was the lntendant
who was incompetent.

I was merely
following her orders.

And for following those orders,
you deserve to die.

Then why don't you kill me?

The lntendant was bad enough.

She was irrational, accusatory,

but at least...

At least what?

At least...

I was able to please her,
now and then.

You are not my type.

I never said I was.

Increase speed to warp nine.

So, what do you think?

It was delicious.

What do you call it?

Chicken ? la Sisko.

How did you learn
to cook like this?

Well, uh, all Sisko men
have the cooking gene.


Yeah, you should try my
father's shrimp creole.

Maybe one day, I will.

Come in.

Jake, it's time
to call it a day.

How about some
chicken ? la Sisko?

Jake made dinner.

It's delicious.

I am too tired to eat.


In a minute, Dad.

I don't want to leave a mess.

Oh, that's really not necessary.

No, I want to.

How's the work
on the Defiant coming?


Does that feel better?

Yes, but I don't know what
you expect to gain by it.

I don't expect to gain anything.

I just want to remind you
that I am not your enemy.

I don't know why you're
being so hard on me.

After all, you pretended
to be my husband

and I've forgiven you.

By the way, you have done
a good job with him.

Jake, I mean.

Well, you're not making
that job any easier.

Oh... he'll get over me.


I wish I could say the same.

Is that really a surprise?

Think about it.

My Ben Sisko is dead.

I look at Jake...

and all I see...

is the son
that I'll never have.

Maybe bringing him here

wasn't such a good idea
after all.

For any of us.

Come in.

I've just got word.

The Alliance fleet is less
than eight hours away.

I guess we've run out of time.

You concentrate on getting
the weapons array on-line.

I'll calibrate
the SIF generators.

Eight hours--
it's not a lot of time, is it?

It's all we have.


Your assembly crew

won't let me
into the torpedo bay.

That's because they're trying

to get the torpedo chambering
mechanism on-line.

Oh, great.

So what am I supposed to do
with these torpedoes?!

I have a few suggestions.

Do you, now?

This isn't getting us anywhere.

We need to buy ourselves
some more time.

Any ideas?

How many raiders
have we got left?

Only one.

There's no way we can
stop the Alliance attack.

Maybe not, but I might
be able to buy more time

before they get here.

You'll never make it back.

Is that what you're
worried about?

I thought it was because

I was going to reap
all the glory.

What good is glory
when you're dead?

Who said anything
about dying?

When are... we leaving?

I never liked staying
in one place for very long.

Then, it's settled.

Before you go

we'd better make damned sure
you can get us that extra time.

Me help you
fight the Alliance...

what a perverse idea.

I have a better one.

Why don't I cut your throat?

Quick death--

much less painful than anything
the Regent will do to you.

I think you'd better worry

about what the Regent
is going to do to you.

The Regent has no reason
to question my loyalty.

It's not your loyalty
he'll be questioning.

It's your effectiveness.

After all, he wouldn't have
to retake Terok Nor

if you hadn't lost it
in the first place.

I didn't lose anything.

It was Garak and the rest
of those Alliance fools.

Their excessive brutality--

I could never
make them understand

violence is
a precision instrument.

It's a scalpel, not a club.

Garak was smart enough
to escape.

Garak is a coward.

He ran at the first sign
of danger.

Probably straight
into the Regent's arms

where he, no doubt,
laid the blame

for the loss of this station
entirely on you.

You have a point.


Then I'll ask you again.

Is there any weakness
in the Alliance fleet

something we can exploit?

It's a possibility.

Why don't you lower
this force field

and join me in here?

It might help stimulate
my thought process.

I should think self-preservation

would be stimulation
enough for you.

That's not
a very friendly attitude--

especially when you
want my help.


It's Professor Sisko, isn't it?

Well, she's very attractive

but I've known Breen icicles
that are warmer than she is.

This has nothing to do with her.

If you say so.


I've never been able to resist
anyone named Benjamin Sisko.

The Alliance ships
are quick and powerful

but they do have one weakness--

their targeting systems
can be fooled.

They've been known
to chase warp shadows.

How do I know I can believe you?

You're just going
to have to trust me.

The key-- where is it?

You're not listening.

I didn't take the key.

You are lying.

I'm telling you.

He stole it from me
while I was feeding him!

Don't make me ask you again.

What good would the key do me?

Even if I were
to unlock this collar

where could I go?

I can't get off this ship

and besides, you've searched me
three times already.

Where could I possibly
be hiding it?

Perhaps you swallowed it.


I'm very particular
about what I eat.

We will see about that.


What is it?!

The... key, sir.

Somehow it fell into...

my boot.

Now do you believe me?

If he dies, you die.

Six rebel raiders
are approaching

bearing 354 mark 008.

Their sensors have detected us.

They're fleeing.

Wise choice

but they will not get far.

I hope these warp shadows
we're emitting

are going to fool them.

We'll know as soon
as they start firing.

You look like you could use
another pair of hands.

Smaller ones might help.


Let me.

I'm trying to recalibrate
the torque sensors.

Yes, I know.

To control the inertial dampers.

It's Professor Sisko, remember?


For what it's worth

you should know
that I've told Jake the truth

about my visit to you,
why I brought him here



And he said
that it doesn't matter.

That he's still glad
to have met me.

Funny thing is,
I know he means it.

He has a forgiving nature.

Mmm. It's more than that.

I don't think he could be angry
with me even if he wanted to.

I remind him too much
of his mother.

He loved her very much.

No one has ever cared about me
like that before.


if it's all right with you,
I will see to it

that he is sent back
to Deep Space 9.


Right away.

What's Smiley going
to say about that?

He trusts you
to finish your job.


so do l.

Would you...
Iike to say good-bye to him?

I'd better finish here.

Uh, tell Jake I'll see him soon.


When we first met,
there was a...

a connection between us

and now,
because of what I've done

it's gone, isn't it?

I'm not sure it was real
to begin with.

I better go get Jake home.


-What are you doing there?

-I'm just thinking.
-Well, think somewhere else--

you're making me uncomfortable.

What's so funny?

Where I come from, it's you
and I that would hang out here

and it's your uncle
that would chase us away.

Hey, am I supposed
to be impressed by that?

I don't care about
some parallel universe.

I only care about this one.

And in this one, I run a bar

and you do your thinking
in your quarters.

All right.
You made your point.

I'm waiting.

-I'm going.

You're a long way from home,

I guess I am.


I need to speak with you.

In private.


Tell me something.

Are you as bored as I am?

I'll take that as a "yes."

You know, I bet if we put our...

heads together

we could create a little
excitement for ourselves.

You sentenced my wife to death.

Isn't that a coincidence?

I was hoping
you weren't married.

I've prepared
the lntendant's dinner.

Show me.

Nicely done.

Thank you.

I have a ship waiting for you
at Landing Pad C.

I'm going to need that
more than you will.

I wasn't aware we were
on the same side.

You killed my father
and my uncle.

Thanks to you, I own the bar.

the docking scaffold.


I think it's time for you to go.

I believe that was
the agreement.

I'm on my way.

Just wanted to wish you luck.


You've given us a fine ship.

I only wish

I could have gotten
to know her better

before taking her into battle.

Still, there's nothing like
a little on-the-job training

to get the adrenaline pumping.

Get out of that chair,

What do you mean?

Just do it.

Seal the airlock.

Release docking clamps.

Aft thrusters
at one-quarter impulse.

What are you standing
there for, Smiley?

Captain, you never
cease to amaze me.

I even surprise myself.

How long do you think
the station's shields

can withstand
the Alliance assault?

Long enough for us
to see how tough

this ship of yours really is.

Let's find out.
Take us out of here.

You're sure you want
to leave now?

I'm hoping this new rebel ship

keeps the Alliance busy
while I get to Bajor.

I have friends there
who will hide me.

Well, don't worry about me.

I won't tell anyone
where you are.


You're right.

You won't tell anyone.

I don't see why you can't come
to Deep Space 9 with me.

Believe me, Jake, it's better
in the long run if I don't

for all of us.


You look as beautiful as ever.

A bird-of-prey
is locked on to us.

Evasive maneuvers,
pattern delta.

Pattern delta-- what's that?

-Rock her.
-Rock her?

Port to starboard, hard.

Got it.

Can't lose her.

Hard to port.


I must remember that one.

You know, I really have
to thank you, Jennifer.

Not only do you guarantee me
safe passage off this station

but you make the perfect gift
for the Regent as well.

You want me to go with you?

But leave the boy here.

Why is he so important to you?

That doesn't matter.

You're not taking him.

I've never seen you
so passionate.

It gives you a lovely glow.

All right.

He doesn't have to come.


Well, that was unfortunate.

She needs a doctor.


I'm afraid it's too late...

for both of you.

Just out of curiosity...

why was she protecting you?

She's my mother.

Your mother?

You're Sisko's son.

From the other side?

Well, in that case...

give your father
a message from me.

Tell him I spared your life.

That's a debt
I intend to collect.

Shields are down to 40 percent.

That cruiser has us
in weapons range.

Do we make a run for it?

We run all right-- right at it.

Ah... pattern suicide.

Concentrate your fire
on that ship.

It's changing course.

It's headed directly toward us.

Good. That should
make things easier.

Terok Nor will soon
be ours again.

Then you can spend
the rest of your life

contemplating your failure

as you labor
alongside the other slaves

in the ore processing center.

It's nice to have something
to look forward to.

Shields down to 25 percent.

One more hit could finish us.

Then we'll have to make
sure we don't get hit.

I'll take the helm.

Nothing personal--

I just know this ship
better than you.

She's all yours.

Hold on!

I want that ship destroyed now!

They're flying too close.

I can't target them.

We put a hole
in their forward shields.

Nice shooting, Smiley.

Hold on.

A bird-of-prey
just locked on to us.

Secondary power to aft shields.

What secondary power?
You got to get us out of here.

We can't risk giving the cruiser
a clear shot.

I was just starting
to like this ship.


Bashir to Defiant.

Aren't you going
to welcome me back?

I never thought I'd be happy
to hear your voice.

You'll get over it.

Sisko to Bashir.

Concentrate your fire
on their forward shields.

With pleasure.

Forgive me, my Regent

but perhaps
the moment has arrived

to remove your august presence
from the battlefield.

You mean retreat.

I hope I'm not out of line.

The cruiser's changing course.

They're going to warp.

The other Alliance ships

have broken off their attack
on the station.

We've won.

You sound surprised.


I'm astonished.

Not that I'm complaining.

I have been betrayed!

There can be no other
explanation for my defeat.

I certainly can't think of any.

The traitor must be
found and punished.

She will.

It is the lntendant we're
talking about, isn't it?

The lntendant.

Of course.

All I ask is
that when the moment comes

that you allow me,
your humble servant

the honor of administering
her punishment.

I promise you

she will regret her disloyalty
before she dies.

And while you dispose
of the lntendant

I will dispose of the rebels.

Make it so.


See, I told you he'd come.

How is she?



I knew we were still connected.



Let's go home.