Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 7 - Civil Defense - full transcript

O'Brien and Jake are examining one of the old ore processing unit to see if it can be turned into a deuterium refinery. Sisko checks up on them, just while Jake finds a strange file in the database that he can't delete. When O'Brien wants to set it apart for analyzing, he trips a Cardassian security alert. He must enter a password, but fails. Suddenly the room is locked down and a recorded message Gul Dukat appears on a view screen. He warns the 'Bajoran workers' to surrender to their superiors or face the consequences. Neurocine gas will be released. With the first option not possible, Jake finds a way out of the room through an uridium shaft. But their troubles and that of the station's are far from over.

How's it going, Jake?

Fine. I've deleted

half the Cardassian files
from the computer.

I can't believe how many
subroutines it took

just to run this ore processor.

Well, it used to be
a pretty large operation.

When the Cardassians
were in charge

I understand they processed
20,000 tons a day.

That's a lot of ore.

It must've been hell in here.

I heard stories

the temperature
reached 55 degrees Celsius.

How could the Bajoran
workers survive that?

Oh, a lot of them didn't.

When you've deleted
all those files

I'll show you how to download
the new operating system.

You really think
we can convert this place

into a deuterium refinery?


It'll take us three...

maybe four weeks at most.

I hope you're planning on eating

during the next
three or four weeks.

Commander, I guess I lost track
of the time.

We're almost finished, Dad.

Chief, I'm having a problem
deleting one of these files.

Have you tried reformatting
the data cluster?

Yeah, but the file's still here.

Here, let me see.

Well, that's odd.

What's that, Chief?

Well, the file has no name,
no indication what it is.

I better set it aside for now.

I can transfer it
to the central database in Ops

and analyze it in the morning.

Wait a minute.

Unauthorized computer entry

in Ore Processing Unit 5.

Enter access code.

Incorrect code.

You have five seconds
to enter correct access code.

Or what?

I don't know,
but I better stop it.


Worker revolt in progress
in Ore Processing Unit 5.

Security countermeasures

What the hell?

Bajoran workers,
your attention, please.

Your attempt to seize
control of this facility

is going to fail.

You are valuable workers,
and we wish you no harm.

However, if you do not
return control of this unit

to your Cardassian supervisors

we will be forced
to take action.

You have eight minutes
to make your decision.

The computer's engaged
the magnetic seal.

I can't override it.

Ops to Sisko.

Go ahead.

Commander, what is
going on down there?

We just got a recorded message
from Gul Dukat

regarding some worker revolt
in the ore processing facility?

We saw the same message.

It seems we've tripped

some kind of automated security
program the Cardassians left.

We're locked in.

Oh, we'll beam you out of there.

Enter access code.


If this security program
thinks there's been

some kind of worker's revolt,
then it must think

this station is still
under Cardassian rule.

So it's probably waiting for us
to enter an emergency code.

One that the Cardassians
never bothered to give us

when they left.

Odo to Ops.

Kira here.

My Cardassian access codes
are still valid.

I'm attempting to override
the security program

but it's going
to take some time.

I'm not sure my clearance level
is high enough.

Well, keep at it.

We'll try to do the same thing
from up here.


Odo, do you mind telling me
what this is all about?

That message from Dukat
is making my customers nervous.

And when they're nervous,
they're not...

Not now, Quark.

I'm busy.

Well, is there anything
I can do to help?

Not unless you have

a level 9 Cardassian
security clearance.

Let's see.

I think I have everything
from levels 1 through 7.

I only have levels 1 through 6.

If you'd like a level 7

I'm sure we can make
some kind of arrangement.

Leave me alone, Quark.

Oh, no.

There's something
very wrong going on

and this is the safest place
in the whole station.

I think I'll stay right here.

Any luck?


It's probably magnetically
sealed, like the door.

We'd need a phaser
to blast it open.

Well, there's no way

I can disable
the program from here.

Bajoran workers

your time is running out,
but it's not too late.

You can still surrender
and save your lives.

Computer, this is the leader
of the Bajoran workers.

We surrender.

I'm glad to see
you've come to your senses.

Stay where you are.

When Cardassian Security arrives

they will place you into custody

but you will not be harmed.

You have my word.

For whatever that's worth.

Now what?

Well, it sounds like

the program is going to wait
for Cardassian security

to enter the all-clear protocol.

That'll give us
a few minutes anyway.

What's in here?

Nothing at the moment.

Processed uridium used
to pour down that pipe

to a secondary refining facility
in Level 33 and be purified.

It's not locked.

Since that pipe was filled
with molten uridium

there wasn't any need
for security measures.

Well, it's too narrow
for anyone to escape through.

I can get in there.

Chief, if he can crawl
up this pipe into the machine

can he get to the ore shoot
and open that hatch from inside?

Bajoran workers,
you have not surrendered

to Cardassian security.

If you do not do so
in the next three minutes

I will be forced
to release neurocine gas

into the ore processing

I can do it.

Bajoran workers

you have two minutes left
to give yourselves up

to your Cardassian overseers
and save your lives.

Can you hear me, Jake?

Loud and clear,
but I can't see a thing.

There should be a large circular
opening to your right.

Okay, let me see
if I can find it.

Even if you were
to escape this station...


Jake-0, you all right?

Yeah, I just banged
my head on something.

...back to Bajor?

Wait a second.

There's a junction here.

It feels like it goes
off in two directions.

Which way do I go?

Follow this sound, Jake.

Do it again, Dad.

Got it.

I'm in the chute.

There should be
a small access port

on one of the walls.

Found it.

Open the hatch
and feel around inside

for a handle.

It should be shaped
like a stirrup.

You know, I never knew

how much this man's voice
annoyed me.

I can reach it,
but I can't get ahold of it.

You have to pull
the handle down, Jake.

It's the release for the hatch.

I'm trying!
I can't...

Don't, don't tense up.


Now just take a deep breath
and try again.

I'm sorry,
but your time has run out.

I was hoping
you would be reasonable.

Rest assured that your deaths
will serve as an example

to prevent similar
incidents in the future.

Igor it!


Maybe if we bypass
the primary command pathway

and cross-connect
the backup with the ODN.

Warning. Workers have escaped
from Ore Processing Unit 5.

Initiating station-wide
counterinsurgency program.

Now what?

Attention, Bajoran workers.

I will not allow
this rebellion to succeed.

If you do not
surrender immediately

I will be forced to kill
every Bajoran on this station.

Wait a second.
I found something.

What is it?

I don't know.
Some kind of room.

It sure is dirty.

Doesn't smell too good either.

Looks like some kind
of loading bay.

You're right.

This is where the uridium ore
was separated from the rock.

Then it would be
dumped down that chute

to the processing facility.


Chief, is there
another way out of here?

Just back down that chute.

You know where that leads to.

Sisko to Ops.

Sisko to Security.

Try yours.

O'Brien to Ops.

Jake Sisko to anyone
who can hear me.

Something must be interfering
with the signal.

What do we do now?

It's no good.

We're completely cut off
from the rest of the station.

There must be some kind

of general dampening field
in place.

It must be disrupting

All right.

It's time
for a less subtle approach.


Ah, the Cardassians
don't miss a trick, do they?

The ironic thing is

that field is probably there
to protect Ops

from the hordes
of rebelling Bajorans.

Well, we've got to find a way

of disabling
the security program

or a lot of people
are going to get killed.

If we can regain
control of the main computer

we may be able to wipe
the security program

from its memory.

Now, if I can reroute
the APT relay

through the secondary buffer

I might get an independent
terminal working.

You know, I've been here
nearly three years

and I was just finally
starting to think

of this place as home.

Your "home" was built
by Cardassians, Doctor.

Don't ever forget that.

Well, there's not much chance
of that, is there?

What do you mean, we're trapped?

I mean, we're trapped.

I wouldn't be surprised

if the entire station
is locked down.

But you're a shape-shifter.

Excuse me, a changeling.

So change into something
and get us out of here.

This force field isn't
just protecting the door.

It goes through the bulkheads,
the ceiling, the deck.

There's nowhere for me to go.

You're telling me
I'm stuck here...

with you?


I'm stuck here with you.

Believe me, a far worse fate.

And stay away from my computer!


Oh, okay. Hold on.


Not even a dent.

There has to be something
else we can do.

What about all this ore?

As I understand it,
uridium is very unstable.

That's true.

But in its raw form

you need a strong electrical
charge to detonate it.

Can we use that?

Well, if I had some tools,
I might be able to get in there

and yank out
some electrical cable.


How's it coming?

Almost done.


Get me a medkit.

Easy, Jadzia.

I have to take a look.

I was reaching toward
the ODN conduit

and a small force field went off
and it caught my hands.

Well, they're
second degree burns

but I don't think
there's any neural damage.

This should relieve the pain.

Warning. Security
in the Operations Center

has been compromised.

Initiating counterinsurgency
program level two.

Attention, Bajoran workers.

Your failure to surrender

is forcing me
to take stronger measures.

In five minutes, we will
begin pumping neurocine gas

into the Habitat Ring.

Think of your families

as you consider
your course of action.

All Cardassian personnel should
evacuate the area immediately.

Habitat Ring.

There have to be
hundreds of people

trapped in their quarters
out there.

I believe that's the point,

access code: Garak 1359.

Ironic, isn't it?

The only place

in the galaxy that still
recognizes my access code

is a Bajoran space station.

If you can get past
the force fields

you've got to get out
to the Habitat Ring

and start evacuating
those people before...

I'd like nothing better
than to help my loyal customers

but it's not that simple.

My access code enables me
to move about the station

but, unfortunately,
as you've just seen

the force fields reappear

the moment I pass
through a doorway.

Have you tried using your code

to shut down
the security program?

Several times

but for some reason
I can't begin to fathom

Gul Dukat chose not to trust me

with his top-level security
codes during the occupation.

Garak, do you know a way
we can stop this neurocine gas?

The only way to do that

is to destroy
the life support system.

What are you
trying to do, Garak?

Get us all killed?

No, wait a minute.
He's right.

The neurocine gas is released

the life support systems.

Destroy it and we save everybody
in the Habitat Ring.

For 12 hours

and then everyone on the station

will suffocate when
we run out of oxygen.

Well, that gives us 12 hours

to regain control
of this station.

Believe me, Major

it's the only way
to save those people.

I believe life support is
controlled from over there.

Get down.

Warning. Counterinsurgency
program level two

has been interrupted.

Initiating counterinsurgency
program level three.

My fellow Cardassians

I regret to inform you
that Bajoran workers

have gained control
of this station.

In all likelihood, I am dead
or otherwise incapacitated.

But rest assured

this station will not be allowed
to remain in Bajoran hands.

However, it is
my duty to inform you

that if you do not regain
control within two hours

the station will be destroyed.

Self-destruct sequence

Come on.

Come on!

Give me that before
you hurt yourself.

I've checked
the entire security complex.

There's no way out.

I should've listened
to my father.

He always warned me
this was going to happen.

What? That you'd spend
your final hours in jail?

I could've told you that.


He warned me
never to leave home.

He said there were plenty
of business opportunities

right outside my door.

But, no, I had to follow
the 75th Rule of Acquisition:

"Home is where the heart is, but
the stars are made of latinum."

A lifetime of scheming
and plotting

wheeling and dealing

and what has it got me?

One measly little bar.

My Uncle Frin owns 30.

And my Cousin Gaila...

I know-- he owns a moon.

I told you that?

Many times.

It's a small moon,
but it's enough to live on.

Oh, come on, Quark.

You've done
all right for yourself.

Oh, what do you know?

Quark, I've met
a lot of Ferengis in my time

and the truth is

though some of them
may have been more wealthy

I've never met one more devious.


Would I lie?

I guess not.

Thank you, Odo.

That means a lot to me.


can I have the phaser back?


How do your hands feel?

A little better.

Good. I wish
I could have done more

but I won't be able
to repair the damaged tissue

until we can get you
to the Infirmary.

Any luck?

Plenty, Major.

Unfortunately, all of it bad.

My personal code can activate
any terminal on this station.

However, that's
the extent of my access.

All I can do
is just look around.

I can tell you
exactly what's going on

but I can't
do anything about it.

As far as I can see,
the only person

who can disable the security
program is Gul Dukat.

Maybe there's a way
to fool the computer

into thinking
that you are Gul Dukat.

You could try rewriting
your code to match his.

Even if I could,
it wouldn't do any good.

If I were to input his code

the computer would scan
my DNA pattern

to determine
if I really were Dukat.

But what if we disable
the sensors in Ops

so that the computer
couldn't scan you?

What a creative idea.

It certainly is worth a try.

The question is,
can we disconnect the sensors

without anyone else
getting hurt?

We're just going
to have to take that chance.

We could switch

the sensor input
from the primary scanners

to the backup scanners.

The computer shouldn't
see that as a threat

but it'll blind the system
for a few seconds

while we make the changeover.

If it works, a few seconds
are all I'll need.

Major, I'm going to need a hand.

Well, tell me, Doctor,
what is it exactly

about this situation
that's making you smile?

You, Garak.


Just wondering
how many other tailors

can rewrite Cardassian
security protocols.

I wouldn't even venture a guess.

Which reminds me.

Those pants you wanted altered
are ready to be picked up.

Oh, this is a problem.

What's wrong?

I always suspected that Dukat
was a little paranoid.

He's left a rather large number
of interrogative subroutines

imbedded in his access code.

Meaning what?

Meaning the computer is
constantly challenging me

to prove that I am
who I say I am.


how much longer before you can
disable those sensors?

Oh, at least
another ten minutes.

I'm not sure
we have that much time.

In fact, I'm sure we don't.

Warning. Unauthorized use
of command code.

Initiating counterinsurgency
program level four.

On three.

One, two


You did it.

Okay, we have the power cable.

Now, we need to pack
the uridium around the door.

My phaser's on the Ops table!

Can anyone get to it?

The answer, Major, is no.

Well, we can't stay here
and do nothing.

I respectfully disagree, Major.

Nothing is about all we can do.

Let me guess.

Someone tried to duplicate
my access code, hmm?


What the hell
are you doing here?!

A short time ago, I had
a very strange experience.

There I was, patrolling
the Demilitarized Zone

when I received
a distress signal... from me

or at least a recording of me.

It seems the Bajoran workers
were rioting on Terok Nor.

I must admit,
it piqued my curiosity.

I see.

The auto-destruct program
has begun.

Well, well, well...

you are in trouble.

Where's Commander Sisko?

I trust he wasn't vaporized

while asking for one of those
raktajinos he's so fond of.

No, last we heard

he was trapped
in the ore processing unit.


I wish him well.

Well, can you help us or not?

Oh, most certainly.

All I have to do
is enter my command code

and shut down the program.

Well, then do it!

All in good time, Major Kira.

All in good time.

But, first, there are
a few things we should discuss.

Red leaf tea, please.


What do you want, Dukat?

You'll find I don't react well
to that tone of voice, Major.

Garak, groveling in a corner.

That alone makes
my trip worthwhile.


Easy, Doctor.

It would appear

that the computer is
only targeting non-Cardassians.

If you had been on the station
when I designed this program

I would have made an exception
in your case.

Well, you've always
been shortsighted.

It's held you back
over the years.

As I recall, your father
had the same flaw.

My father's only flaw
was trusting you.

Funny, at his trial

your father said
that his biggest flaw was

that his ambition
outweighed his patriotism.

Maybe you two could
settle this at another time!

You're right, Major.

But believe me, Garak, that time
is coming.


Why don't you join me
in the Commander's office

where we can talk in private?

Oh! I forgot.
The replicator.

Well, it's the least I can do.

You can all rise now.

You're safe.

For the moment.


I know time is of the essence,

so I'll be brief.

I think it is time

to reestablish a permanent
Cardassian presence

aboard this station.

Nothing too elaborate,
mind you.

A garrison would suffice.

I can deploy troops
from my ship immediately.

And in return, I'll solve
your current dilemma.

Well, you know I'm never going
to agree to that.

I'm not sure you have
much of a choice here.

Dukat, you and I both know

neither Bajor nor the Federation
will ever honor an agreement

negotiated under a death threat.

I don't expect them
to be happy about it.

But once my troops are in place

I think you'll find it very
difficult to get them to leave.

Well, let me put
this another way.

I will destroy this station

before I ever give it back
to the Cardassians.

Yes... I'm sure you would.

But... would you allow 2,000
people aboard this station

to die simply because
you don't like... us?



there's no need
to decide just yet.

We still have
a little time left.

30 minutes, in fact.

Why don't I return to my ship

so that you'll have time
to think about it?


I'll be back...

in, say, 25 minutes.

Dukat. One to transport.



Dukat, if you are seeing
this recording

it means you tried
to abandon your post

while the station's self-
destruct sequence was engaged.

That will not be permitted.

This is outrageous!

You have lost control of Terok
Nor, disgracing yourself

and Cardassia.

Your attempt

to escape is no doubt
a final act of cowardice.

All fail-safes
have been eliminated.

Your personal access codes
have been rescinded.

The destruct sequence
can no longer be halted.

All you can do now
is contemplate

the depth of your disgrace

and try to die
like a Cardassian.

Computer, abort
the self-destruct sequence.

This is a priority one override,
clearance level 9.

Dukat 5116 green.

Request denied.

All authorization codes
are void.

Time to self-destruct:
25 minutes.

Even your own computer program
turns against you.

I always knew
your shortsightedness

would be your downfall.

I don't see you coming up
with any ideas, tailor.

Look, if you two are
finished with the insults

we could use some help here.

Now, what can you tell us about
the self-destruct sequence?

It's very simple.

When the countdown is completed

the computer will order
the main fusion reactor

to disengage
the reaction stabilizers

causing it to overload,
destroying the station.

What about the reactor?

Is there any way
to shut it down?

It may be possible
to manually disengage

the laser fusion initiator,
but in order to do that

we have to be
in the reactor room.

Not necessarily.

We can disengage the initiator

from one of the control
junctions on level 34.

But now the computer's
wiped out the access codes

not even a Cardassian
can get out of this room.

Well, then maybe
we should concentrate

on trying to eliminate the force
field protecting the door.

We don't have time
to eliminate

every force field
between here and level 34.

What we need to do
is find a way to deactivate

all the force fields
on the station at the same time.

Okay, that should do it.

If we use much more,
we run the risk

of bringing the whole room
down around our ears.

All right,
we'd better take cover.

Would you...
like to do the honors, sir?

Keep your heads down.

It worked!

I set up this program,
and I assure you, Major

I will find a way to defeat it.

There is no dilemma
that cannot be solved

by a disciplined

Cardassian mind.

It's not going to work,
you know.

What are you
babbling on about now?

I'm talking about Major Kira.

What about her?

She's much too busy
trying to save this station

to be impressed
with your incessant posturing.


And even if she weren't

she has much better taste
than to be attracted to you.

You, a married man.

I should have executed you
years ago.

Oh, you tried, remember?


This isn't helping.

Wait a minute.

What about
the power supply grid?

If we could overload
the grid, we might be able

to cause a power surge
and short out

all the force fields
on the station.

It might even be enough

to eliminate
the dampening field

that's been keeping us
from using our communicators.

Tell me something, Major

the Cardassian
neutralization emitters

that were under here--

I assume you deactivated them

when you took control
of this station?

That's right.

We prefer our containment fields
to be nonlethal.

But are the emitters
still in place?

As far as I know.


That means that they
have not been affected

by the counterinsurgency

That means, we still
have control of them.

Then, if we can get
the emitters

back on line, we can use them
to overload the power grid.


Do you think it'll be enough
to eliminate the force fields?

Unfortunately, we'll lose

the turbolifts
and the transporters

but they aren't much use
to us right now anyway.

Let's give it a try.


I only got a couple
a hundred meters

and I was stopped
by a force field.

How about you?

We didn't even get that far.

There's got to be
some way up to Ops.

The turbolift shaft!

We can climb it
all the way to Ops.

Let's see if we can get
these doors open.

Dukat, we're running
out of time.

I am almost done.

I've got the emitters wired
into the control panel.

Now, all I have to do
is reattach them...

to the power grid, like so.

All right, I'm ready.

Brace yourselves.

Kira to Sisko.

Go ahead, Major.

Oh, Commander,
am I glad to hear you.

What's your location?

Level 29, Section D.

What's your status in Ops?

We've got about ten minutes
before the main reactor core

and destroys the station.

The only way to stop it
is to disengage

the laser fusion initiator

at one of the control
junctions on level 34

but the turbolifts
and transporters are off-line.

They'll never get there in time.

But we might.

Major, Mr. O'Brien and I
will handle the reactor.

You begin evacuating
the station.

Get as many people as you can

to the Defiant
and the runabouts.

Understood. Good luck.

Jake, I want you to head
for Runabout Pad C.

It's too far.
I'll never make it.

Listen to me, Jake!

I'm going with you.

All right.

Let's go.

Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in seven minutes.

Tell me something
I don't already know.

Kira to Odo.

Go ahead, Major.

We're beginning
evacuation procedures.

The force fields
have been deactivated

and all the doors on the station
should be operable.

All except one.

It seems the force field
around my office

is still in operation.

I'll send a work team
down immediately.

Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in six minutes.

Are you telling me, we're
the only ones still locked in?

This force field must be

on a separate system
from the others

But why go to so much trouble

to keep people
out of the security office?

It's not to keep people out.

It's to keep me in.

I suppose,
during the occupation

the Cardassians considered

their Security Chief
a security risk.

And I know why.

Oh, do you?

It's because they knew you
were an honorable man--

the kind of person who
would do the right thing

regardless of
the circumstances.

And now, your integrity...

is going to get us
both killed.

I hope you're happy.

Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in five minutes.

Chief, did you ever finish

those upgrades
on the deflector shields?

Yeah. Why?

We may not have time

to disengage
the fusion initiator.

What if we directed
the explosion

into the shields?

That's not a bad idea.

The shields are the only thing
on the station

that can absorb
that much energy.

That power surge we felt
must have blown out

one of the plasma conduits.

The corridor's completely
blocked for the next 50 meters.

Can't we get around it?

We don't have time.

There might be a way.

There's a maintenance conduit
adjacent to this corridor.

If it's not blocked

we might be able
to get around the debris

and get to the reactor
control junction.

Give me a hand.

I can feel heat
through the door.

What's wrong?

See for yourself.

Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in three minutes.

I want you to wait here.

Ah, but...

I mean it this time.

I'll go first.

Follow five meters behind me.

If one of us runs
into trouble in here...

I know, I know.

The other one keeps on going.


Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in 90 seconds.

Sisko to O'Brien.

Chief, can you hear me?

Chief, answer me!

Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in 60 seconds.

Warning. Main fusion reactors
will overload in 30 seconds.

Jake... I thought
your father told you

to stay out of there.

If you don't tell him, I won't.

Warning. Main fusion
reactor overload.

O'Brien to Sisko.

Chief, you're all right?

Yeah, looks like we all are.

Ah. It's about time.

All right, Quark,
you can leave now.

"A self-important con artist

who's nowhere near as clever
as he thinks he is."

That's your official
security evaluation of me.

Quark, I told you
to stay away from the computer.

Two hours ago, you told me

I was the most devious
Ferengi you ever met.

I thought we were going to die.

I was trying to be nice.

Name one Ferengi
who's more devious than I am.

Grand Nagus.

All right.
Name another.

DaiMon Tye.

One you personally know.

Your brother Rom.

My brother?

Your Uncle Frin.


Your cousin, Gaila.

Gaila! The one with the moon?