Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 3, Episode 18 - Distant Voices - full transcript

Quark introduces Altovar, a Lethean to Dr. Bashir. He wants to buy biomimetic gel - a restricted substance, Bashir rebuffs the request. Soon, he finds the Lethean breaking in to the infirmary. Altovar attacks Bashir with a telepathic weapon and the doctor passes out. When he awakes, the lights are malfunctioning. No one answers their communicator, and the entire station seems to be deserted and in a state of disarray. Julian caches a glimpse of himself, notices he has gray hair, and seems to be rapidly aging. The sound of whispers and loud noises coming from the bar. sends Julian towards the bar, where he finds Quark, afraid and trying to hide. Quark mentions someone is going to kill them all, then runs for his life. The questions are: who is going to kill them, why is Dr. Bashir appear to be aging rapidly, and why are the few people on DS9 acting so abnormally?

Can I interest you
in some more Yigrish cream pie?

No, thank you, Doctor.
I'm quite full.

But you've hardly
touched your food.

Well, the truth is I'm trying
to lose a little weight.

Hemming women's dresses

may provide me
with a modest income

but it offers very little
in the way of exercise.

Well, if you like

I can help you set up
an exercise program

in one of the holosuites.

I might just take you up on that

and, uh, speaking
of holosuites...

happy birthday.

I know it's a few days off

but I wanted to give you
your present early.

It's a Cardassian
holosuite program.

An adaptation of one
of Shoggoth's enigma tales.

Is it? I see.

Well, you sound disappointed.

I thought you enjoyed
mystery novels.

I do.

Human mystery novels.

The trouble
with Cardassian enigma tales

is that they all end
the same way--

all the suspects
are always guilty.

Yes, but the challenge
is determining

exactly who is guilty of what.

Is Lieutenant Dax
throwing one of her

surprise parties
for you this year?

Oh. So I'm told.

Well, you don't sound
enthusiastic about that either.

Well, it's not
that I don't appreciate

all the trouble she goes to
and everything.

It's just that... this year
is a little different.

How so?

This will be my 30th birthday.



in many human cultures

the 30th birthday is considered
a sort of landmark.

It marks the end of youth

and the beginning of the slow
march into middle age.

And that's considered bad?

No. It's just
that when you hit 30

it becomes harder and harder
to ignore the passage of time.

I wasn't aware

that humans saw growing old
as a negative experience.

On Cardassia

advanced age is seen
as a sign of power, dignity.

Well, I am aware that aging

is part of the natural
process of life.

It's just that I don't want to
be reminded of it, that's all.

And look, Garak,
in two days, I turn 30.

If I choose to be grumpy
about it, that's my prerogative.

By all means, Doctor,
be as grumpy as you like.

Well, thank you for the support.

Excuse me, Doctor.


Oh, Quark, I'm sorry.

How can I help you?

Um... my friend Altovar here

is looking to purchase
a small quantity of...

bio-mimetic gel.

And I was wondering
if, uh, you might be able

to tell him where he can find

let's say, uh... a few
hundred milliliters.

Bio-mimetic gel
is a restricted substance.

Its sale is strictly prohibited
by Federation law.

I thought so.

You see?
I told you.

I'm willing to pay
whatever's necessary.

Name your price.

Why do you need it?

That's my business.

Oh. Well, I am sorry,
but bio-mimetic gel

can be hazardous
if handled incorrectly.

It's not for sale...
at any price.

Well... we tried.

Thank you, Doctor.


you might want
to warn your friend

that even attempting
to obtain bio-mimetic gel

is a felony
under Federation law.

I know.

I told him that, but he
insisted I ask you anyway.

Letheans can be
incredibly stubborn.

I... hope

you'll forgive the interruption.

Of course.

You know...

we just introduced
a new lunch menu at the bar...

Good-bye, Quark.

Don't take it personally.

He's turning 30.


What do you think
you're doing here?

Bashir to Security.


Bashir to Ops.

This is Doctor Bashir.

Can anyone read me?

locate Commander Sisko.

Computer, respond.



Is somebody there?


Is there anybody there?

Where is everybody?

Who's there?


It's all right.

It's me, Bashir.

Okay. What is it?

What's going on?
Tell me.

He's going to kill us.

He's going to kill us all.

Who are you so afraid of?

Well, where's Sisko?

What happened
to the rest of the crew?

Why don't you come with me?

We'll go and try to find them.


don't you see?

If we move, he'll find us.

If we stay here

we might be safe.


From whom?

Quark, you have got to tell me.

He's here.

We've got to find a way
to put these lights back on.

It's too late.
He's found us.

We've got to get out.


Who's there?

Show yourself!



Tarkalean tea.



What are you doing here?

I was about to ask you
the same question.

I was looking for Constable Odo.

Everyone on this station
seems to have disappeared.

Not everyone.

I just saw Quark
cowering behind his bar.

He believes that someone
is terrorizing the station

and I'm not sure
I disagree with him.

What do you mean?

Tell me, what's going on?

There is some thing in Quark's
tearing up the place.

I didn't get a really good look
at it, but believe me

it was not friendly.


It's no use.

As far as I can tell

the station has suffered
a massive systems failure.

Aside from life support
and simple functions

like turbolifts and doors,
nothing seems to work.

It's been like that for hours.

I was up late, programming
some replicator patterns

for a suit I'm designing,
when everything went dead.

I can't believe
that you, Quark and I

are the only people
left on this station.

Sisko and the others
must be around somewhere.


Or maybe they've fallen victim
to some kind of rampant virus.

Or space anomaly,
or Dominion plot.

All the more reason
to try and locate them.


do you hear that?

Hear what?

That sound...

it's like voices...


I don't hear anything.

But then, Cardassian hearing
is not quite as acute as humans.

Doctor, are you
feeling all right?

You look...

different somehow.

What is it?

Your hair...
it seems to be turning gray.

So I've noticed.

I guess you had reason

to feel worried
about turning 30, after all.

Either that

or your job is even more
stressful than I'd thought.

Look, Garak, we haven't
got time for this.

We've got to find out
what's going on here.

I agree.

Perhaps we should split up.

I can search the Docking Ring

while you look around
the Habitat Ring

and the Central Core.

I'll meet you back
on the Promenade in an hour.

Be careful.

You, too.

And, Doctor, try to relax.

Level H-1, section A.

Look, what are we doing
standing around here?

What do you want to do,
rush out and get us all killed?

It's better than doing nothing.
Let's go.

Or follow you right into a trap.

Is that what you want?

You're all crazy.

None of this is helping us
deal with the Lethean.

Well, I don't see you
coming up with anything.

If you'd all stop talking and
give me some time to think

maybe I would.

I say we do nothing
until we get reinforcements...

Julian, there you are.
Where have you been?

Looking for you.

Well, I'm glad you're here.

...the communications
system back on line.

It'll take hours.

Too many systems
have been sabotaged.

All my work crews are missing.

And I cannot make new parts

until we get
the replicators fixed.

The first thing we need to do
is neutralize the Lethean.

The Lethean?
You mean Altovar?

You know him?

We've met.

He attacked me in the Infirmary.

Oh, well, now he's
trying to kill us all

by destroying the station.

What are we waiting for?

Let's get some phasers
and hunt him down.

If you ask me, none of us
are safe until he is dead.

If we go looking for the Lethean

we're the ones
who'll end up dead.

I'll tell you what--
if we find the Lethean

maybe we can find you
a backbone!

Maybe he doesn't want us
to find the Lethean.

Maybe he's in league with him.


Scan the occupants of this room
for any anomalies.

Doctor, what are you doing?

You're all acting very strangely
and I intend to find out why.


Don't bother, Doctor.

For some reason,
the computer isn't working.

Don't go blaming me for that,

None of this would be happening
if Security had done its job.

That's enough.

Where is Sisko?

Where are O'Brien's work crews?

I've been wandering
around this station for hours

and the only two people
I've seen are Quark and Garak.

Where is everybody else?

There's something
very wrong here.

I'd say there is.

Have you looked
in a mirror lately?

Hold on.

Does anybody else hear that?


I don't hear anything.

Garak didn't either.

Julian, what are
you talking about?

I know, I know it sounds odd,
but I keep hearing voices.

And he says we're
acting peculiar?

What are these so-called
voices saying?

That's just the problem.

I can't make out the words.

Oh, I think you're the one
who needs help, Doctor, not us.

Maybe you should lie down.

I'm fine.

Except... you're hearing voices.

And you've aged about 30 years
in the last few hours.

There must be
some logical explanation.

Maybe there's a virus
or a subspace anomaly

a neural inversion field,
an anaphasic parasite.

You keep thinking, Julian.

And while you try
to figure it out

I'll find the Lethean
and stop him

from sabotaging
any of the other systems.

And what good will that do?

You have no idea where he is.

We don't know what we're up
against, how strong he is

if he can be hurt
by phaser fire.

Don't worry, Chief.

I wasn't asking
for any of your help.

If he's here, I'll find him

even if I have to do it
all by myself.

Calm down, Dax.

You're not going anywhere.

No one is.

There are
too many strange things

going on on this station--

my aging, O'Brien's
missing crew members

sabotage to the station,
your abnormal behavior.

You think it's
all connected somehow?

I think we should find out.

Is there any way of getting
the internal sensors on line?

There's a computer processing
junction near here.

I might be able to repair
the internal sensors from there.

But I'm not going alone.

Oh, what a surprise.

Don't worry, I'm not letting you
out of my sight.

We'll all go together.

Let's move.

It's even worse than I thought.

The entire sensor array

is burnt out and there's
extensive damage

to the computer's
central processor.

The only system
that looks salvageable

is the subspace
communications relay.

Well, that would at least
let us contact Bajor.

See what you can do, Chief.

Constable, would you
stop doing that?

Doing what?

Looking around like that.

It's getting on my nerves.

There's no harm
in keeping both eyes open.

I don't remember
asking your opinion.

If the Lethean's around,
I want to know it.

Last time I saw him,
he was in the Central Core.

The Central Core?
What level were you on?

Level 5,
but I doubt he's still there.

I think I lost him.

You think?

Just keep working, Chief.

For all we know

he could be
right outside the door.

And if he is,
then you'll have led him here.

Hold on, Lieutenant.

I think I've got the
communications relay working.

Open hailing frequencies.
Try to contact Bajor.

Hold on.
Ah, it's not working.

But I'm receiving a signal.

Audio only.

Well, let's hear it.

I'm patching it through.

...four cc's of cordrazine,
but there was no response.

That sounds like you,

There has to be something
we can do.

Well, that's Sisko's voice.

We've tried everything

we can think of,
but we haven't been able

to counteract
the telepathic damage.

His motor functions
are minimal...

Where's this signal coming from?

I don't know.

Somewhere outside the station.

Give me the bottom line.

The bottom line is
that Julian's in some kind

of telepathically-induced coma.

And unless we can
get him out of it

he'll be dead
in less than three hours.

I'll be in my office.

Keep me informed.

What the hell's going on here?

Delta waves.

When I scan myself
for brain activity

all I get are
low-frequency delta waves.

And what's that
supposed to mean?

It means that the voices
were telling the truth.

I'm... in a coma.

How can you stand there

and say that you're in a coma?

That's crazy.

Not necessarily, Major.

I suppose the next thing
you're going to tell us

is that we're unconscious.

Not according to these readings.

Glad to hear it.

Actually, I'm not picking up
any life signs from you at all.

Let me see that.

You want to know
what this means?

This tricorder is broken.

That's what it means.

I don't think so.

What are you saying, Doctor?

That we don't exist?

Oh, I've had enough of this.

I am not some figment
of your imagination.

But don't you see?

That is why you are all
behaving so strangely.

I'm not behaving strangely.

Am I?

You all are.

Dax, you're not usually
the sort of person

to solve her problems by
running around with a phaser.

And, Chief, you aren't
usually so pessimistic.

Look, we are wasting time.

The Lethean could
be here any minute.

So if you're in a coma,
and we're not real

then what are we doing here?

Or maybe we're just here
to give him someone to talk to.

A paranoid, a coward,
a hothead and me?

Oh, you'd think he'd pick
some better company.

I haven't picked any of you.

I'm in a coma.

I'm the only one
who's really here.

Which means
when I'm talking to you

I'm really
only talking to myself.

I wish you wouldn't say that.

It's the only
possible explanation.


you're saying I'm you?

In a manner of speaking.

And I suppose he's you, too.

You all are.

You all embody different aspects
of my personality...

different voices inside my head.

I don't believe
we're having this discussion.

If I were to guess, Chief

I would say that you
represent my doubt...

and my disbelief.

No, I don't!

I knew you were going
to say that.

Major... you're
the perfect choice

for my aggression.

And, Odo...

you represent my sense
of suspicion and fear.


to me, you've always
represented my confidence...

and sense of adventure.


Thank you, Julian.

You're forgetting something,

What about the Lethean?

What is he supposed
to represent?

I suppose he represents
the telepathic damage

that the real Lethean
did to my mind.

So why is this Lethean
running around

sabotaging the station?

It's not the station
he's sabotaging.

It's my mind!

The station represents my mind.

Just as you represent different
aspects of my personality.

Think about it!

When the Chief fixed
the communications relay

we could hear what was happening
in the real world.

It's like he restored
your hearing.


So if we could repair
the station...

You'd wake up.

But if you wake up,
what happens to us?



Help me, Julian!



How did I get here?

Oh, don't ask me.

After all, we're
inside your mind.

It's a pity
about Lieutenant Dax.

How do you know about her?

I'm a part of you, remember?

I know what you know.


maybe a little more.

Still the man of mystery?

Oh, you wouldn't have me
any other way.

Oh, I'm getting
a little too old for this game.

Yes, apparently so.

You-- or should I say "we"?--
are running out of time.

Your service, Doctor.

I can't stay here.

I have to get the main computer
back on line.

Then you'd better get to Ops.

If there are repairs to be done,
that's the place to do them.

You're right.

Try to find Kira,
Odo and O'Brien.

Tell them to meet me in Ops.

I'd be delighted.

I wonder if any of them
plays tennis?

Doctor, help us.

I'll handle this, Doctor.

She's suffering cranial trauma.

Treat the fracture with
an osteogenic stimulator

and then follow it up with...

Two cc's of inpedrezine.

How did you know that?

Just doing my job.

No, you're not.

You're doing my job.

And what's more, you're doing it
as well as I could.

Give him a coagulation activator
to stop the bleeding.

You represent
my professionalism...

and my skill.

I'm flattered.

Come on.

You're going to come with me

to Ops.

But I'm needed here.

I can't repair the station
without your help.

I suppose you're right.

Look after things here.

I won't be long.

Yes, sir.


You're not going anywhere,

You're staying right here,
trapped on this station

watching while I destroy you
piece by piece.

And when all the best parts
of you are gone

when there's nothing left
but the withered shell

then, and only then, will I
put you out of your misery.

You can't escape, Doctor!

You can run if you want to,
but you can't outrun death.




what happened?

The Lethean.

He came out of nowhere.

He's trying to rob me
of my confidence.

My intelligence.

My strength.

I have to get to Ops.

Use the conduits.

They're your best chance.

I have to get there
while I still can.



What the hell
are you doing here?

I've got to get to Ops.

You'll never make it.

Well, I-I got to do something.

I can't just let
the Lethean kill me.

The Lethean's too strong,
too fast.

He's going to kill us all.

You sound awfully sure of that.

Well, I know you're
not going to stop him.

Well, look at you!

You look like you've got
one foot in the grave already.

I'll tell you something--

I like the real Chief
better than you.

Where are you going?

I'm going to try and find
a way out of these conduits.

It's hard enough
to for me to walk

let alone crawl.

Mind if I come along?

I thought you said
I didn't have a chance.

Well, I'm hoping I was wrong.

So am I.

But somehow, I doubt it.

How did we get back here?

You tell me.

It's your mind.

This monitor...

it's displaying my vital signs.

And what's the prognosis?

Pulse is thready.

Blood pressure
is dropping steadily.

I'm dying.

I could have told you that
just by looking at you.


Pardon me.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Can I offer you gentlemen
a drink?

Quark, where did all
these people come from?

Just goes to show--

give the people what they want
and they'll show up in droves.

Now, care to place a wager?

A wager? On what?

You name it.

On how much longer
you have to live.

What organ will fail first.

Ultimate cause of death.

The house is covering all bets.

What if I want to bet
that I will survive?

Hmm. It's a long shot

but if you want
to throw your money away

who am I to stop you?



It looks like all bets are off.

No! No!

Everyone loses.

Oh, Garak, the Lethean
is in Quark's.

Well, he hasn't caught
you yet, Doctor.

Let's get you out of here.

I've got to get to Ops.

What's wrong?

I don't believe it.

I've broken my hip.

I can't walk.

Well, Doctor, it was a good game
while it lasted.

I've got to keep moving.

And how do you propose
doing that, hmm?

You're going to help me.

I admire your tenacity,
Doctor, but it's over.

Look at yourself.

Your bones are
as brittle as twigs.

You can't catch your breath.

You can't even stand,
let alone walk.

But other than that,
I feel wonderful.

Now, are you going
to give me a hand, or not?

It would be my privilege.

Now, what would
you like me to do?

Get me up!

Of course-- come on.

All right?
Let's go.

Okay, come on.

A")/body home?

All right, Doctor, here we go.

Easy, now.

That's it.



What is this?

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday
to you

Happy birthday, dear Julian

Happy birthday to you

And many more.

I really must
congratulate you, Doctor.

You have a fascinating mind.

I'm sorry, but I really
haven't got time for this.

But it's a party
and it's all for you.

You must try to enjoy yourself.

It's your birthday.


get me over
to the engineering station.


Sorry, dear.

Come along, Doctor.

That's it.


There must be a way
to reactivate

the central computer network.

Any ideas on how to go
about doing that?

My engineering
extension courses

at Starfleet Medical...

focused mainly on...
Starship operations.

But I think if I can...
can reroute...

reroute the...

central command processor

I might be able
to bypass the disabled systems

and... get it operational.

So what panel accesses
the computer?

If you were really Garak,
you could tell me.

In fact, you could
fix this computer

without my help.

But I'm not really Garak, am I?

I'm just another part of you.

Help me get this panel...

this panel off. balls.

Well, this station is in worse
condition than we thought.


the computer controls are
behind one of these panels.

I just have to find
the right ones.

Face it, Doctor--

there's no way to repair
all this damage.

It's much too extensive.


If you won't help me...
I'll do it myself.

I'd be more than willing
to help you

if I thought it would
accomplish anything

but you're only delaying
the inevitable.

That doesn't sound
like the Garak I know.

We've been through this, Doctor.

I'm not Garak.
I'm you.

Well, it doesn't sound
like me either.

I've been thinking.

Why did the Lethean
let you live, hmm?

He killed everyone else
who could have helped me.

Exactly what part of me
do you represent?

Is it my conscience?

My curiosity?
Hmm? Is it?

Is it my... sense of humor?

You tell me.

I don't think
that you are any part of me.

In fact, I don't even think
you belong here... at all.

Which leaves me
with just one question.

Who are you?

You've put up an entertaining
struggle, Doctor.

Well, I'm glad you
enjoyed yourself.

Now it's time to make things
easy on yourself.

Oh, you mean just give up?

I don't think so.

Why not?

Isn't that what
you've always done?

Remember, Doctor...

I am inside your head.

I know all about you.

When you were younger...

you wanted to be a tennis
player, didn't you?

I wasn't good enough
to play professionally.

Don't lie to me.

Not in here.

You were good enough

but you knew your parents
wouldn't approve of it.

So you gave up.

And you became a doctor instead.

I love medicine.

But you loved tennis more.

And what about medical school?

You should have been
first in your class.

What went wrong?

I made a mistake.

In the final exam.

You mistook
a preganglionic fiber

for a postganglionic nerve.

That's right.

But preganglionic fibers
and postganglionic nerves

aren't anything alike.

Any first-year medical student
could tell them apart.

You purposely answered
the question wrong.

that's ridiculous.

You didn't want to be
first in your class.

You couldn't take the pressure.

That's not true.

Isn't it?

Then let's talk
about Lieutenant Dax.

You like her, don't you?

She's my friend.

But she could have
been a lot more

if you'd tried a little harder.

But you'd rather
give up than fight

wouldn't you?

We'll see about that.

Where are you going?

What do you think you're doing?

The mistake I made...

was trying...

to repair the station from Ops.

It may be the nerve center
of the real world

but this is the center
of my world.

Get away from that panel.

Or what? Hmm?

You'll kill me?

Go ahead.

You've had plenty
of opportunities so far.

I don't think that it
is as easy for you...

as you say it is.


You know, you don't look half
as threatening in normal light.

Take a close look, Doctor.

You're dying.

Why can't you just accept it?

Because that
is what you want me to do.

You may be inside my head,
but you don't know me

half as well
as you think you do.

Take Dax--
I do have feelings for her.

But the important thing is
she's my friend.

You know? Friend? Hmm?

And I wouldn't exchange
that friendship for anything.

As far as my career is concerned

I may have been
a good tennis player

but I am a great doctor.

Maybe I could have been
first in my class

but it wouldn't have changed
anything in my life.

I still would have chosen
this assignment.

This is where I belong.

Computer... activate
quarantine field 3-J.

You can't do this.

I can do anything I want.

It is my mind.

Begin sterilization.


He's awake.

His vital signs have stabilized.

His brain wave activity's

Welcome back, Doctor.

You will never believe
where I've been.

As for the real Altovar,
he tripped a security alert

when he broke
into the Infirmary.

Barely got two meters
before Odo arrested him.

Well, it sounds as if he were
more dangerous in your mind

than he was in the real world.

Actually, I did
some checking on Letheans.

Their telepathic attacks
are almost always fatal.

I guess I was lucky.

Cardassians don't believe
in luck, Doctor.

You survived
because you're strong.

One thing's for sure, you know--

after experiencing life
at a hundred plus

turning 30 doesn't seem
that bad anymore.

In that case, happy birthday.

You know, Doctor,
what I find most fascinating

about this entire incident
is how your unconscious mind

chose people you know
to represent

the various parts
of your personality.

Yeah, it did make
things interesting.

And what I find interesting
is how your mind ended up

casting me
in the role of the villain.

Oh, I wouldn't read
too much into that, Garak.

Oh, how can I not?

To think, after all this time,
all our lunches together

you still don't trust me.

There's hope for you yet,