Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 20 - The Maquis: Part 1 - full transcript

The destruction of a Cardassian ship leads Sisko, Dukat, and Sisko's old friend Cal Hudson to the fact that there is an unofficial war between the Maquis and the Cardassians.

The Cardassian freighter, Bok'Nor,

is requesting permission
to depart upper pylon one.

We have an incoming Bolian vessel.

Give the Bok'Nor a clear trajectory
out of the traffic pattern.

Feel like getting together for dinner?

Can't. l'm having dinner
with Captain Boday.

The Gallamite?
You're going out with him?

- ls something wrong with that?
- No. Not at all.

He's brilliant.
His brain is twice the size of ours.

l know. l've seen it.

lt's not his fault Gallamites
have transparent skulls.

No, it's not.

lt's not the view
l want to have with dinner.

Sometimes l think you place
too much emphasis on how men look.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.

When l kiss a man
l like to know where l'm kissing him.

Seven lifetimes gives me
a broader perspective.

l have one lifetime so l have to be
particular about whom l see.

l never said l wasn't particular.

l don't date Ferengis.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.

Releasing docking clamps
at upper pylon one.

That's funny. l'm picking up elevated...

DS9 to Bok'Nor,
shut down your engines!


Some kind of impulse overload.

Ops to engineering,
report to rescue stations.

We have an S.l.D. in progress.

There's nothing left of it.
There's no one left to rescue.

Kelindide, rodinium -

all materials commonly used
in Cardassian ship construction.

A malfunction in the impulse generator?

lt's too soon to be sure.

l'm surprised the Cardassians have
waited this long for an explanation.

- Anything?
- No sign of the explosive device.

l've got every admiral on my back.

- Can l say it looks like an accident?
- Not yet.

- When?
- l'll let you know.

- Anything from the Cardassians?
- No.

All Bajoran outposts are on alert
for retaliatory strikes.

The provisional government
has disavowed any responsibility.

Maybe it was an accident.

An accident involving a Cardassian ship
in Bajoran space?

lf l were a Cardassian
l wouldn't accept...

That's odd.
l'm picking up traces of mercassium.

There shouldn't have been
any mercassium onboard that ship.

- There was.
- Meaning?

l'm not sure yet.

ls mercassium an explosive?

No, it's a synthetic composite

used in shield generators
by the Federation.

We don't share that technology.

Chief, l don't think you'll find
evidence of an explosive device.

These things take time, and l...

You won't find evidence of explosives

because it was an implosive
proto-matter device

designed to match the impulse signature.

Before the explosion l picked up

an increase in their fusion rate.

l've tried to find a malfunction

in the Bok'Nor's engines
but there isn't one.

This doesn't look like an accident.

The shock was caused by something
outside the impulse drive.

lf a proto-matter device
was attached to the cross-feeds

that could have created the overload.

- Can you prove that?
- Maybe.

lf we can get a spectra of the debris.
But that will take...

Time. Yes, l know.

Get it started.
l'll tell the admirals. Sisko out.


Cal, thanks for coming
on such short notice.

lt shouldn't take a disaster
to bring us together.

Hi, Calvin.

Jadzia Dax.


Goodness! You look a lot better
than when last l saw you.

Chief of Security Odo,

Commander Calvin Hudson,

attach? to the Federation colonies
in the Demilitarised Zone.

You must be concerned
about the colonies' security.

We haven't noticed
any Cardassian border deployment.

Neither have we.
And that worries me.

Let's go into my office.

Lieutenant, l don't have time this trip

but we have stories to catch up on.

Next time.

Next time.

She knows more about me
than any woman ever has.

- More than my wife.
- Tell me about it.

Don't you find things
a little uncomfortable?

She's a good officer.

- Yes, but Curzon was...
- She's not Curzon.

You two aren't, l mean...

No. She may not be Curzon
but she is Dax.

Yes, that would be extremely strange.

So, Ben, how is Jake?

As tall as me.
He knocks me off the plate.

- A little chin music?
- Yeah. He's growing up too fast.

lt must have been difficult for you.

l didn't have a child to raise by myself.

We kind of helped
each other through it.

l heard about Gretchen.

l wanted to be there for you.

There was just no way to get back.

l know that, Ben.

l was hoping that you and l would have
time for some R&R together.

Who's got R&R time?

l know.

You can't imagine
how my life has changed

since the Federation
abandoned these colonies.

- Doesn't your presence...
- My presence there is a joke!

l am supposed to help these colonies
function under the new treaty.

What the hell does that mean?

The colonists wanted to stay.
They refused to evacuate.

The treaty gave away their
territory to the Cardassians,

territory that
they had invested their lives in.

l know why they can't leave.
lt's a bad treaty.

The Federation gave away too much.

Cardassian colonies wanted to stay
on the Federation side too.

lt seemed like
a reasonable compromise.

The Cardassians would love
to have their colonies in our territory

because they know we'd protect them.

But they won't do that for ours.

Some admirals are worried

the destruction of the Bok'Nor
might jeopardise the treaty.


As the officers
along the Cardassian border,

we've been asked to assess
the potential risk.

There is no risk, Ben. None.

l have dealt with the Cardassians
most of my professional life.

They are very pleased with the treaty.

They won't risk losing
all they've gained

by sending forces into the zone.

They're much too slick for that.

lf l were you,
l'd be very concerned with security

along the Bajoran border.

Are you surprised
they haven't responded yet?

Ben, you and l both know

they never let you see
what you expect to see.

They'll respond.

Quarters have been arranged.
Deck 7, section 4G.

Keep a low profile
until your ship arrives.

- Can l get you something?
- Quark?

The warrant is out-of-date.
l cleared that up months ago.


- l assumed...
- You are counting your receipts.

lt is logical to conclude
you are the proprietor.

You're very observant.
What can l do for you?

l want to discuss
a business proposition.

With me?

l should explain about
that slip of the tongue.

Your past is of no consequence to me.

l'd be happy to make a fresh start
with the Vulcans,

- Ms...?
- Sakonna.


Such a handsome name
for such a handsome young woman.

What will you drink?
Wait. l have just the thing.

Vulcan port.

Three centuries old.

Very rare, very expensive.

A glass?
Not even a taste?

l'm not thirsty.

lt will be right here
if you develop a thirst.

You mentioned a business proposition.

lt is private.
l'd rather not discuss it here.

We can discuss it over dinner.

We can plan the meeting
for when you're hungry.

- That would be acceptable.
- Wonderful.

- How does 8:00 sound?
- l will return then.

And, by the way,

l'd love to melt that cold,
Vulcan heart of yours.

- Here. Allow me.
- Thank you.


Your son is not here,

- Dukat.
- l didn't mean to startle you.

- Where is he?
- Who? Your son?

How would l know? l just...

Commander, you don't...

- Do you think l would harm your son?
- You're capable of anything.

You wound me, sir.
l'm here as your friend.

Sisko to Kira.

Please do not do anything hastily.
We must talk in private.


- l want you to find Jake.
- ls he missing?

- Let me know where he is.
- Understood.

- How did you get in here?
- l was an unregistered passenger

on a Kotakian ship this morning.

l slipped in through the cargo bay.

And made your way here
without anyone seeing you.

l was the commander of this station
for almost ten years.

When one knows the various corridors
and passageways as well as l...

By the way, l love what
you've done with these quarters.

Kira to Sisko. Jake is fine.

He's watching the women
coming off the Bajoran transport.

- Shall l bring him to you?
- No.

Thank you, Major. Sisko out.

There. You see?
Safe and sound.

What are you doing here?

- You have a problem.
- Do l?

The Bok'Nor?

ls this Central Command's way
of responding to my communiqu?s?

Central Command has no idea l'm here.
lt's true.

l'm here to help you find out the truth
about the Bok'Nor.

- Why would you help me?
- l know the truth.

You know who's responsible?

You are.

Not you personally, Commander.

You're an honourable man.

You're not one to attach
implosion devices to impulse engines.

But, believe it or not,
there are those of your brethren

who are willing to do such things.

Morally superior human beings

and other members of the Federation.

- l'm supposed to take your word for it?
- No.

l'll convince you
so you can clean up your own house

instead of forcing us to do it for you,

which would certainly
endanger the new treaty.

We'll need one of your runabouts.

- Where are we going?
- The Volon colonies.

The Demilitarised Zone?

Not so demilitarised, l'm afraid.

l can't help but notice
that my controls are not illuminated.

Shouldn't both seats be turned on

so that l may pilot the craft
in an emergency?

lf there's an emergency,
you're out of luck.

l'm not going to steal
your technical secrets, l promise you.

l appreciate your assurances,

but Cardassians are famous
for their photographic memories.

So you turn off my controls

so l don't have enough light
to take my photograph?

Do they put Cardassian children
in mind-training programmes

when they're four years old?

The Cardassian educational system
is unparalleled.

lt takes the joy out of growing up.

Education is power.

Joy is vulnerability.


Your reaction surprises me.
l thought you would understand.

Of all humans you seem the most
joyless and the least vulnerable.

l am when l'm with you.

Well said.

But l'm looking forward
to getting to know you better.

We know each other well enough.

ls that a ramscoop control
or a deflector grid panel?

Just curious.
lt really doesn't matter.

Cardassian pursuit vessels
are years ahead of this design.

What is it?

Sensors are picking up
a distress signal.

- From who?
- A Federation merchant vessel

under attack by Cardassians.

l'm reading two Cardassian attack
vessels inside the Demilitarised Zone.

That's not possible.

l promise you,
we would not violate the treaty.

The merchant vessel's
com-links are down.

l can't raise them.

Computer, fix source coordinates
of the distress signal

and lay in a new course.
You don't mind?

Not at all.
l'm as curious about this as you are.

What type of Cardassian ships
are they?

They look like shuttlecraft.

Shuttles attacking
a Federation merchant ship?

They're armed with phaser banks.

They must be from colonies
in the Demilitarised Zone. Hail them.

- No response.
- Open a channel.

Go ahead.

To the pilots of
the Cardassian attack vessels.

This is Gul Dukat, commander of
the Second Order. Please respond.

This is Gul Dukat,
security identification ADL4-0.

l order you to immediately
disengage your attack.

We're still two minutes away. The
Federation vessel's shields are at 40%.

Hail those Cardassians again.

l don't know who you are

but you'll pay for this,
l promise you.

Answer me or l will fire the photons
that will destroy you.

Arm the photons.

The photon launcher is...

l know about these controls.

Tell me when we're in torpedo range.

Stand by. l'm picking up another ship
moving toward them.

- That's a Federation signature.
- lt sure isn't from Starfleet.

l've never seen a ship
configuration like that before.

lt seems like someone
has modified a support courier.

Hailing them.

No response.

They fired torpedoes.

What kind of civilian vessel
would be carrying photon?

Something from one of your colonies,

Now do you begin to see

that without any help from us

they've managed to start
their own little war out here?

l hope you're hungry.
l've planned a wonderful meal,

starting with plomeek soup,
a Vulcan favourite.

Followed by jumbo Romulan molluscs.

You can't get those back on Vulcan.

- Do you eat like this every night?
- This is a special occasion.

The commencement of
a new business relationship

is the most special
occasion for any Ferengi.

lt's a cause for opening great wine,

dancing into the wee, small hours.

We'll let it breathe.

l will attempt to respect
some of your cultural idiosyncrasies.

l will drink the wine,
but l won't dance.

You'll change your mind
after you drink the wine.

- No, l won't.
- Come on.

Somewhere inside that cool,
controlled exterior of yours

there is a wild woman
screaming to get out.

Maybe you'll be dancing
on the table tops.

Maybe not.

ls it appropriate to begin
our business discussion now?

Rule of Acquisition number 214 -

''Never negotiate
on an empty stomach''.

- Rule of Acquisition?
- Yes.

Every Ferengi business transaction

is governed by 285 Rules of Acquisition

to ensure a fair and honest deal
for all parties concerned.

Most of them.

To create a code of
behaviour for business transactions...

- ls logical.
- And quite reassuring.

Do Vulcans have anything similar?

lt reminds one
of the Vulcan Bill of Rights,

which guarantees the personal
freedoms of Vulcan citizens.

Same thing exactly.
May l propose a toast?

ls this another cultural idiosyncrasy?

Yes. l can't describe
the honour l feel at this moment.

lt's rare that a Ferengi and a Vulcan

can overcome their differences
to see eye-to-eye.

l've always had the greatest respect
for Vulcans,

even though
they haven't felt the same about me.

You're a noble people and l salute you.

Now then...

what kind of business
proposition do you have in mind?

l wish to procure weapons.

l beg your pardon?

- Guns, phaser banks, torpedoes...
- Shh!

...troop transports and a number
of cobalt-thorium devices.

- My list is extensive.
- You're a gun runner?

l will pay in latinum

and need a continuous supply
for the foreseeable future.

You're not like other Vulcans, are you?

The Federation ship
refused to be boarded!

So your ships just opened fire?

The ship was carrying weapons
through the Demilitarised Zone.

lt was carrying medical supplies.

Ben, what are you doing here?

l'm not sure.
Gul Dukat asked me to come.

No one informed us you were coming.

l decided an impromptu visit
would be preferable

so you wouldn't be bothered
with special preparations.

l see.

Commander Sisko,
you know my counterpart, Gul Evek.

- l'm glad you're here, Commander.
- We monitored the attack.

Yes, 'monitor' is the proper word,

because none of the ships
responded to us.

Even the Cardassian pilots
refused to acknowledge me.

A voice from a Federation runabout.

l gave them my security identification.

- Obviously, they had their hands full.
- With an unprovoked attack.

Unprovoked, was it?

ls the Federation not engaging
in activities against the Cardassians,

undermining this treaty?

The Federation
does not conduct secret wars.

Then where did the Federation ship
with photon torpedoes come from?

Why were your ships armed
with phaser banks?

To defend themselves against
organised terrorist activities.

l haven't heard proof yet
of organised terrorist activities.

- There is none.
- On the contrary.

We have the confession
of the Federation terrorist

responsible for the destruction
of the Bok'Nor at your station.


'A 43-year-old male human,
William Patrick Samuels,

- 'born Bergen, Norway...'
- We know who he is.

Where is he?

'Came to Volon ll 20 years ago.
Wife's name Louise,

'two female children, aged 14 and 12.'

He was cooperative
once we apprehended him.


My name is William Samuels.

l am being held for crimes
against the Cardassian people.

l have been well-treated.

l have confessed that as a member of
a well-armed anti-Cardassian force

organised by Federation colonists,

l set an implosion device
that destroyed the freighter Bok'Nor.

l deeply regret participating
in this arbitrary attack

that led to the deaths
of over 75 crewmen.

To my wife and children...

...l'm sorry and...

...l love you.

He would have confessed to anything
after you were through with him.

He confessed quite early
in the interrogation procedure -

sooner than we expected.

l believe he truly felt remorse.

- We want to talk to him ourselves.
- Bring him in.

he committed suicide in his cell.

Come on, come on!

Dukat, get them out of here!

- Go on.
- They can't get away with it.

We'll talk later. You go on!

Get him out of here.

l knew him.

Bill Samuels was a farmer.

He cultivated his land for 20 years.

He raised two children on that land.

He made something out of that land.

And the Federation told him

he had to give it all up
to the Cardassians.

He was not willing to do that.

People like him
made both sides realise

that accommodation had to be made
so they could stay.

The Cardassians have no intention
of allowing these people to stay.

They will either force them out,
or they will kill them.

lt's already started.

Every day there's a random act
of violence against our people.

Every Federation colonist knows
you do not go out alone at night.

You can't live under that fear.

lf the Cardassian authorities
are not enforcing the laws...

The Cardassian authorities were
part of a mob that stoned two colonists

on the streets three days ago.

The Federation can take that up
with the Cardassians.

That will help a lot.

The word is
the Cardassian High Command

is arming their colonists to the teeth.

They'd risk sending weapons
into the Demilitarised Zone

and breaking the treaty?

They'll find a way
to do it that's not so obvious.

Not long ago, we caught
the Cardassians shipping weapons

to Bajoran extremists through
a third party, the Yridians.

That sounds about right.

Would the Bok'Nor have
transferred weapons to bring in here?

lf so, the transfer was made
before the ship reached the station.

The cargo holds of the Bok'Nor
were empty.

- Do you think he did it?
- Samuels?

l don't know.

They could have forced a confession
then killed him.

Gul Dukat wouldn't drag me here
unless he could prove it.

Maybe he did do it.
l don't know!


l've got to go see his wife.

l don't know
what l'm going to tell her.

lt makes you pine for the dull days
in New Berlin, doesn't it?

Sausage and beer all around,

and everyone's idea of a good time
was the mazurka festival.

Gretchen and Jennifer had a ball
there together, didn't they?

l'll never forget the sight
of you in those "lederhosen."

l still have the hat.

ls there something larger
going on here, Cal?

Are these colonists
organising a terrorist campaign?

lf they are,
they're not about to tell me about it.

But between you and me,

those people have every right
to defend themselves.

When the Federation
said goodbye to them

they left them no other choice.

You're very quiet, Commander.

You knew about Samuels
before we left.

l knew about his confession, yes.

l didn't know he was...

l was surprised by his death.

No one is going
to buy your suicide story.

l don't care what he did.

This barbaric disregard for life
will gut this treaty.

lf it means anything,
l entirely agree.

l told Evek he was a fool
to let Samuels die.

A good interrogator doesn't allow his
subject to die. You lose the advantage.

That's all you're interested in.
The advantage.

Don't spout off your holier-than-thou
Federation fair-play dogma.

And lest we forget

your man was responsible
for the deaths of 78 innocent crewmen.

What was the Bok'Nor transporting?

The Bok'Nor had just delivered
14 metric tons of golside ore

to the Regulon system.

- lt wasn't carrying weapons?
- Weapons? To whom?

To the Cardassians
in the Demilitarised Zone.

No. The Bok'Nor didn't go
anywhere near the Demilitarised Zone.

lt could have rendezvoused with
someone else. The Lissepians, maybe.

They could have transferred
the weapons...


l know you'd love to find
some justification for this mass murder

to ease your Federation conscience,

but if the Bok'Nor was
carrying weapons, l would know.

And on the lives of my children,
l swear to you, it was not.

l didn't know you had children.


How soon will it be available?

My source can have
everything ready tomorrow.

l must leave tonight.

- So soon?
- My plans have changed.

- Can your source have it by tonight?
- He'll have to.

Would you like to count your latinum?

Are you trustworthy?

- l'm a Vulcan.
- Just a little joke.

l'm sure it's all there...

lt wouldn't hurt to give it a count.

l will have it brought to your quarters.

l hoped to show you more ways
to mix business with pleasure.

Perhaps in the future.
l do find you...intriguing, Quark.


You can stay in the guest suite
while you arrange transport.

A security guard will meet you.

Starfleet security,
if you don't mind, Commander.

Some Bajorans are still around
from when l was in charge.

l understand.

lf there's anything l can do to help...

l can handle it from here.

- Chief?
- l've got answers you won't like.

- lt was an implosive device?
- Not only that.

lt was a Federation implosive device.

Yes, sir.

The traces of mercassium we found
were from the casing of the device.

lt had to be Federation.

Get me Starfleet Command
on subspace.

ls there anything you'd like me to tell
the provisional government?

Tell them some reckless colonist
blew up the Bok'Nor.

There's no further threat
of Cardassian reprisals to Bajor.

l'll advise all of our outposts
to stand down.

Sir, are we facing
the prospect of war here?

- l hope not.
- That's what the colonists want?

They don't know what they want.

l do know it's our job to stop them.

Sir, this is none of my business...

l don't know what
the Cardassians said...

They played a confession of
the bomber, who they most likely killed.

You might be playing into their hands.

People are killing people.
l can't ignore it.

They don't have a right
to defend themselves?

lf Starfleet doesn't want to defend...

- They chose to live with Cardassians!
- l didn't! But l lived with them for years.

Every Bajoran did, in constant fear.

l know what those colonists
are going through.

The Cardassians can't be trusted
to keep their side of this treaty.

You suggest
we don't keep our side, either?

- Perhaps by arming the colonists?
- l can tell you one thing.

The Cardassians are the enemy,
not your own colonists,

and if Starfleet can't understand that
the Federation is naive.

l've been sent to relieve you.

l just reported for duty an hour...

Sorry to disturb you, sir. There's a
message here from Commander Sisko.

We are to escort you to airlock 11.

A Cardassian freighter has just arrived.

Apparently, another bomb
has been found and disarmed.

- Where's Commander Sisko?
- Comfortably asleep in his quarters.

Remember me?

l take it we're not about to board
a Cardassian freighter.

- What are they telling him?
- With kidnappings and an explosion

they've got a few things to say.

l've been warning them
since the beginning.

What are you talking about?

You're in charge of security.

lf you will let me be
l will give you a safe station.

You tell me to do my job
then list all the things l can't do.

Untie my hands before
you start to blame me.

No one blamed you.

Let me set a curfew
and search arriving passengers.

- Give me more deputies.
- lt'll be like being under occupation.

Say what you like.
lt was safer then.

Unless you happen to be a Bajoran.

l want a complete review
of all security measures.

- l'll be delighted.
- What do we have from the guard?

He was assaulted by a Vulcan female
and a human male.

We're looking for
possible contacts here.

How many ships left last night?

The Bardeezan merchant ship
and a Galador freighter.

- What were their destinations?
- The Bardeezans took the wormhole.

The freighter is operating
between Galador ll and Farius Prime.

l'm guessing these people wouldn't
take Dukat through the wormhole.

They'd head back to
the Demilitarised Zone.

Dax, make sure the Galador ship's
registry is in order.

Chief, identify its warp signature
from our sensor records.

l've got it.

Last known course.

lt was on a bearing 216, mark 177.

As it left our range
it was heading for Farius Prime.

Major, send a message
to Farius Prime.

lf that ship shows up l want to know.

l could send the warp signature out
over subspace.

lf it changes course
someone should spot it.

lt's a phoney.
The Galadorans don't have ships here.

The registry is forged.

Doctor, Major, you're with me.

Odo, tell Lieutenant Hudson
at the Volon colony

that l think Dukat
will be taken to the Demilitarised Zone.

Give him the warp signature of the ship.

We just received a transmission
from the Demilitarised Zone.

A group is taking credit
for Dukat's kidnapping.

They're calling themselves
''The Maquis''.

A Klingon freighter two light years
from the Demilitarised Zone

has lD'd the warp signature.

The ship did change course.

Transmit their last known coordinates
and heading to us.


Let us know if anyone else
picks up their signature.

- Set a new course, Major.
- Yes, sir.

Their heading takes
them into the Badlands.

lt's a stretch that ships try to avoid.
A lot of plasma storms there.

A few ships have
been lost there recently.

Sounds like the perfect place
for a hide-out.

Excuse me, sir. What will we do
if we catch up with them?

These Maquis are Federation colonists.

We're going to get Gul Dukat back.

Even if we have to fire
on our own people?

Long-range sensors are
picking up the warp signature.

- lt leads to an M-class asteroid.
- Take us there.

Scanning the surface.
l've located the ship.

- Those are human life signs.
- ls there a Cardassian?

- No, sir.
- Prepare to beam down.

l'm glad to see you had
no trouble finding us, Ben.

lt seems that one disaster after another

keeps bringing us back together again.