Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 2, Episode 16 - Shadowplay - full transcript

Dax has taken a runabout to investigate a particle field in the Gamma Quadrant and Odo has come along in the hope to find out more about his origins. Dax is surprised to find extremely rare omicron particles. On the surface of a planet they try to investigate a device releasing the particles, but get arrested by protector Colyus of a Yaderan colony. He suspect Odo and Dax have something to do with the sudden disappearance of 22 people. They are able to convince him of their innocence and offer to help in the investigation. With Odo gone from the station, Kira keeps a close eye on the activities of Quark, much to his dismay. Then Vedek Bareil unexpectedly visits the station and wants to spend time with her. Meanwhile Sisko tries to convince Jake to take up a job in engineering to prepare for the Academy. He's convinced that Jake will want to go there.

Science officer's log,
stardate 47603.3.

l am going to investigate
an unusual particle field

beyond the wormhole.

Odo has come along,
hoping to find clues to his origin.

So Ensign Manwaring spent
two weeks avoiding the Assay Office

thinking Freyla loved Lieutenant Strek,

but Strek was seeing
Security Officer Seelee.

And Freyla was waiting
for Manwaring to ask her out.

Officer Seelee has seemed
distracted at work lately.

l'm going to have to
talk to her about this.

l didn't tell you that story
to get Seelee in trouble.

l fail to see any point in your story at all

except to illustrate the foolish
humanoid preoccupation

with romantic coupling.

The point is that sometimes we don't
see love when it's staring us in the face.

How fascinating.

Let me give you another example.

You know Lysia Arlin?

The Bolian woman
who runs the jumja kiosk.

l've noticed she's been making visits
to the security office lately.

She has a cousin who's interested
in a career in law enforcement.

You don't say.

Are you implying that Lysia Arlin
is interested in me?


- l would have noticed.
- Exactly my point.

You must be mistaken.

How can you be so sure?

Because women don't react
to me in that manner.

You've never had a female friend?

l consider Major Kira a friend.

That's not what l meant.
l'm talking about...

an intimate friendship.

That's a very personal question.

l'm sorry,
but after seven lifetimes

the impersonal questions
aren't much fun any more.

Looks like we found our particle field.

They're omicron particles.

ls that unusual?

Omicron particles are incredibly rare.

They're created by certain types
of matter-antimatter reactions.

The field is coming from
the system's second planet.

Let's go closer.

That's strange.

The particles are concentrated
in one small valley.

Sensors aren't picking up
any life-forms.

The particle field may be interfering.

Let's beam down for a closer look.

l'm getting a lot of interference.

The particle field
must be blocking the tricorder functions.

The interference is coming from here.

This must be the source of the field.

lt's probably some kind
of matter-antimatter reactor.

Lieutenant, l suggest we leave
before we're discovered.

Give me a minute.

Take all the time you want.

lt's about time. Enter.

Where have you been?


Er...l'm sorry. We're closed.
Come back in the morning.

l didn't come for a drink.

Your cousin Kono
just tried to board the station.

Kono? Here?
What an unexpected pleasure.

When we tried to talk to him
he beamed onto a Tellarite freighter.

Why would Kono be coming here?

l wondered so l did a little checking.

He robbed a museum on Cardassia V.

My guess is he thought someone
would sell the merchandise.

- You have no proof.
- Quark, get this into that twisted brain.

You won't get away with anything
while Odo's gone.

l'm watching you.


You sound like you don't like me.

Don't like you?

You collaborated with the Cardassians,

you cheat your customers
and you're dangerous.

l don't just not like you,
l despise you.

l'm sorry l mentioned it.

What do l need a job for?

You're 15 years old.
lt's time you took a little responsibility.

- Look. Nog works, doesn't he?
- Yeah.

You're almost as old as he is.

At your age l had a job
and it was a terrific experience.

l'll see if Nog can get me
a job at Quark's.

l was thinking
of you helping out Chief O'Brien.

Chief O'Brien?

You do like Chief O'Brien, don't you?

He's OK but l don't know
anything about engineering.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn.

Besides, it'll look great on
your application to Starfleet Academy.

l'll give it a try.

That's all l ask.

Are we being accused
of some kind of crime?

Have you committed one?

- We've just arrived here.
- So you keep saying.

Check our ship's logs
and they'll prove it to you.

Logs can be tampered with.

You know that.
You claim to be a security officer.

l am a security officer.

lf we were guilty we wouldn't be here.
l'll prove it.

Computer, one to beam up.

Don't worry, he'll be right back.

What did l tell you?

That's interesting,
you disappearing like that.

l've got 22 people
who have disappeared without a trace.

22 missing people? Did they all
disappear at the same time?

No. lt started in the fall.

But the last victim
vanished six hours ago.

Six hours ago
we weren't in this system.

Accompany us back to our station and
they will verify everything we've said.

Do you have any other suspects?

You were my only ones.

l'm not saying
everybody here is perfect.

We have petty thefts,
an occasional fight,

but kidnapping? Murder?

Nah. We've never had
anything like that before.

l see.

Have you scanned
for signs of transporter activity?

That's the first thing l tried.
l didn't find anything.

l've been protector for ten years.

l'm pretty good at my job.
People trust me.

Whoever's behind these
disappearances is smarter than l am.

l have to admit,
l'm starting to get desperate.

Maybe what you need is a little help.




These are the strangers l heard about?
Shouldn't they be in a cell?

They have nothing to do
with the disappearances.

Odo here is a security officer.
He's going to help us.

- How will you do that?
- Your daughter is the latest victim.

- When did you last see her?
- This morning.

But Taya saw her later,
in her workroom, around midday.

- Taya?
- My granddaughter.

Colyus, Anetra's gone like the others.
We're never going to find them.

- How can you be sure?
- l haven't been proven wrong yet.

l'd like to scan the area again
for transporter activity.

Go right ahead.

l'm not getting a clear reading.

The omicron particles
put out by the reactor

are creating too much interference.

Must be your equipment.
Our scanners never give any trouble.

Certain transporters leave behind
a residual electrostatic charge.

Could we check Anetra's workroom?

l'd like to talk to your granddaughter.

She's across the square.
l'll take you to her.


Don't be afraid.
This is a friend of Protector Colyus.

- He wants to ask you a few questions.
- Do l have to?

Not if you don't want to.

But it would help if we could talk
about your mother's disappearance.

She hasn't disappeared.

She'll be back.

The last time you saw your mother,
did she seem upset about anything?

Nervous, perhaps, or worried?

She seemed fine.

When will she be coming home?

l don't know, Taya.
Let's go. lt's past your bedtime.

l'd like to ask more questions.

lt'll wait till morning.

Chief, here's the new apprentice
we discussed.

Yes, sir. Welcome aboard.

Well, let's get to work.

l was just about to run a diagnostic.

Mr Sisko...

l almost forgot.

For you.

Thanks, Dad.

lt's standard equipment
for station personnel.

You want me to spy
on Quark for you?

l wouldn't call it spying.

l just thought you might
keep an eye on him.

- When you're free.
- OK.

Then you'll do it?

Yes. Garak has been lecturing me
on surveillance. l'll try it.

- Sisko to Kira.
- This is Kira.

We received word that Vedek Bareil
is coming aboard the station.


His ship just arrived at docking bay 12.

lf you'd given us notice
we could have arranged a reception.

That's what l wanted to avoid.

What brings you here?

Prylar Rhit invited me to speak
at the station shrine.

But to be honest l've been looking
for an opportunity to see you.


l'm honoured.

Honoured. Actually, l was hoping
you'd be happy to see me.

Oh, l am.

Very happy.

Hello, Taya.

Remember me? We met last night.

You wanted to ask me questions.

That's right. About your mother.

l understand
you were the last one to see her.

l guess.

What happened to your face?

Nothing happened to my face.
l'm a shape-shifter.

l just don't do faces very well.

l have the ability to change my shape
to look like other things.

- You mean you're a changeling?
- That's right.

There's no such thing as changelings.

They're make-believe.
Everyone knows that.

l'm not make-believe.

All right, then let me see
you change into something.

Maybe later.

Right now l feel like talking.

lf l were a changeling
l'd change shapes all the time.

Everyone would want to be my friend.

l wish it were that easy.

Why wouldn't it be?

When l was younger

people were always asking me
to change shape for them.

They'd pretend to be my friends

but all they wanted was to see me
become a chair or an animal.

None of them really cared about me.

Maybe they were scared of you.

Some of them probably were.

l'm not afraid of you.

l'm glad to hear that.

Were your parents changelings, too?

l never knew my parents.

l'm looking for them.

My father died when l was four.

l don't remember him very well.

The last time l saw my mother

she was in her workroom
making pottery.

When l went to get her
for the midday meal, she was gone.

How did she act
when you last saw her?


She was making a vase
for Mr Depnen, the baker.

He really likes my mom

so he saves us the best bread.

Has your mother ever gone
anywhere before?

A trip? Vacation?

We don't go on trips.


No. We never leave the valley.

Why not?

Nobody ever leaves the valley.

Everything we need is right here.

l see.

- She's never coming back, is she?
- Why do you say that?

That's what my grandfather told me.

Taya, l don't know
where your mother is.

But l promise you
l'm going to do everything l can

to find her
and bring her back to you.

OK, one more time.

These are all isolinear rods.

The ones with the white labels
relate to the systems controls,

the red-labelled ones are
for library and information storage

and the blue ones are...?

- l'll never get this.
- Give yourself some time.

l didn't get this
until a year after l joined Starfleet.

You're not going off
to the Academy tomorrow.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Why does everyone assume
that l'm going to the Academy?

You want to go, don't you?

Not really.

- Does your father know?
- He wouldn't understand.

l know how you feel.

My father wanted me to be a musician.

lt's true.
l was supposed to be a cello player.

He made me practise everyday.

l got to be pretty good.

When l was 17, he sent a tape

to the Aldebaran Music Academy.

- What happened?
- l got in.

He was so happy.
l couldn't tell him l didn't want to go.

Two days before l was due to leave
l signed up for Starfleet.

- What did your dad do?
- He was furious.

But once he calmed down
he saw how much l wanted to join.

Nowadays he introduces me as,

''my son, Senior Chief Specialist
Miles Edward O'Brien.''

The point is
you've got to live your own life.

- l don't want to disappoint Dad.
- Your dad's not bad.

He'll come around.
Just give him time.


what did you think?

Of your speech?

l liked everything about it...
except the content.

You disagree with my interpretation
of the prophecy?

''Disagree'' is a bit
of an understatement.

''Passionately disagree''
is more like it.

Taking a prophecy and showing

it can mean exactly the opposite
of the accepted interpretation is...

lt's brilliant. lnsightful.


Maybe we should talk
about something else.

Like what?

The llvian katterpod crop maybe?

Or...the new nature preserve
in Hedrikspool Province.

No? Maybe the standings
in the springball championship.

- You follow springball?
- Religiously...

if you'll pardon the expression.
l even played a little.

Me, too. l had Chief O'Brien design
a springball holosuite programme.


Let's go.

You want to play springball?

Why not? Unless you have
a more pressing engagement.

- Not that l can think of.
- Good.

l could use the practice.

From what l understand,
you...helped found this colony.

That's right.
l'm the oldest one left.

The colony must be important to you.
You raised a family here.

l'm proud of what we've accomplished.

Then explain something to me.

This colony
is undergoing a serious crisis.

Your daughter is among the missing.
Yet you hardly seem concerned.

l can't change things.

l wish l could.

Now can l go?

- Are you all right?
- Why wouldn't l be?

- You seem to be in pain.
- Why?

l can see it in your eyes.

Perhaps you'd like to sit here and rest.

lt wouldn't do much good.

You see, l'm dying.

l'm sorry.

l've had a good life. No regrets.

l wish l could see
my daughter once again.

lf there are no more questions...

Actually, there is one thing
l've been wondering.

How come...
no one ever leaves the village?

l haven't met anyone
who's been outside this valley.


People around here don't like to travel.

- And there's no place to go.
- Have you left the valley?

Now that you mention

When l asked Colyus
if he searched outside the valley,

he looked as if he'd never thought of it.

l find that very peculiar.

We would have searched
the entire countryside.


l suppose Colyus thought
there was no point to it.

But l guarantee you...

there are no missing people out there.

- You're sure of that?
- Absolutely.

...and then the great Minra said
to the evil changeling,

''Maybe you can turn into a mountain
or a ghergher beast or a tornado,

''but those are big things
and big things are easy.

''l bet you can't turn into something
small, like a loaf of grain bread.''

And the changeling said, ''Yes, l can.''
And he did.

- Guess what happened.
- The great Minra gobbled him up.

How'd you know that?

The changeling in your story
wasn't very smart.

Could you turn into
a loaf of grain bread?

l suppose l could.

- Show me.
- And let you gobble me up?

l don't think so.

See that tree?
Sometimes we go there to play.

That's the furthest l've ever been.

Wait here.

- l want to come.
- Do as l say.

Lieutenant, come with me.

l'm still not reading any other life-forms,

and no indication of any power source.

Did you see that?
lt just vanished!

lt happened
as we passed those bushes.


Taya, don't come any closer!

But l brought you some harrid berries.

Odo says you know what happened
to the missing villagers.

lt's a little complicated to explain.
lt would be easier to show you.

May l have your cloak?

- My cloak?
- Please.

Thank you.

Stand back.

- l'm waiting.
- This may take a minute.

l don't want to make a mistake.

That was my favourite cloak!

Please, stay where you are.

Are you saying somebody used our
reactor to transport the victims away?

No. lt's not a transporter.

lt's a holographic projector.

lt manipulates an omicron particle field
to form physical objects.

But what about the missing people?

The people are made up
of omicron particles, too.

You mean they're...


l'm afraid so.

The component that controls
the particle field is breaking down

so people are disappearing.

That's ridiculous!
Some of the victims were my friends.

One of them is my nephew.

Everyone and everything in this village
is a holographic projection.

You're just desperate for an answer!

Listen to her.
l know this is difficult to accept.

lt will take more than a vanishing cloak

to make me believe l'm a hologram.

l'd be sceptical too
but we have further proof.

What kind of proof?

The holographic field ends
just outside this valley.

Taya tried to reach past the edge
and her arm disappeared.

- ls she all right?
- She's fine.

Her arm rematerialised
as soon as she pulled it back inside.

Where exactly did this happen?

- We could show you.
- l think you'd better.

- l'm sorry.
- Don't apologise.

l should have seen it coming.

Where did you learn to play?

We played at the Singha refugee camp.

There wasn't much else to do.

Yeah, l was at Relliketh.

And now...

here we are.

That was delicious.

Thank the replicator.

- Let me help.
- Your shoulder...

Never felt better.

Maybe l do need some help after all.

l'll have to thank Prylar Rhit
for inviting you here.

You'd better tell him soon.

Prylar Rhit...
is going to be returning to Bajor.

lt appears he fancies
himself something...of a dabo player.


He's run up a...sizable gambling debt.

lt's caused...quite a scandal
in the Vedek Assembly.

Let me get this straight.

The man who invited you here...

owes Quark?

- Who?
- The troll who runs the dabo tables.

- l got to go.
- Why?

To talk to Prylar Rhit.
l know why he invited you here.

People, please!

Please! Quiet!

Quiet! Calm down!


Calm down.
We have to make a decision here.

You should be looking for my wife!

Not listening to strangers and their lies.

You all witnessed what happened
at the edge of the field.

Merruk, we saw your hand disappear.

- lt was a trick.
- lt wasn't.

How come we've never known?

Because you never left the valley.

lt's possible we were programmed
not to leave

so that we wouldn't learn the truth.

We have to shut down the system.

lf we don't fix it soon
the whole village will disappear. said
if you can fix the machine

you may be able to bring back
the missing people.

We hope so.

What if you can't get
the projector back on?

This village will cease to exist.

The system's only a few months away
from complete failure anyway.

We have a chance to save you.

Grandfather, please. Let her try.

What do you think?

We can't go on like this.

We should let her shut it down.

Are there any objections?

- Then it's settled.
- l can't wait to see my mother.

Your face isn't so scary
once you get used to it.

Thank you, Taya.

All right, here we go.


Don't look so surprised.
l'm as real as you are.

l was happy living on Yadera Prime

until the Dominion took over
and changed our whole way of life.

l realised one morning that
l didn't really belong there anymore.

So l came here.

l used a hologenerator to recreate
all the things that l'd lost.

l have lived here in my village
for 30 years.

l've watched the people marry...

have children...

grow old...

And sometimes l even forgot
that they were holograms.

But it's over.

lt's over.

And l would appreciate it
lf you'd take me back to Yadera Prime.

But what about the villagers?
What about your granddaughter?

She's not real.

Technically, you're right.
By our definition Taya's not real.

Her memories are stored in a computer.

Her body is made up
of omicron particles.

But is our definition of life
the only valid one?

She'd say she was real.

She thinks. She feels.

She only seems to.

lt's all an illusion.
An illusion l created.

You created the village 30 years ago.
Taya's only ten.

l designed the programme
so the villagers could have children.

Then Taya's personality is
a combination of her parents'.

You had nothing to do with it.

- But she's still a hologram.
- Maybe...

But l saw the way you held her hand

and the way you comforted her.

l didn't want her to get hurt.

lf she's not real, what does it matter?

lt matters. lt matters to me.

Why should it matter to you
if a hologram cries?

Because l love her.

And she loves you.

Don't you see?
She's real to you.

She's real to me.
They're all real.

You can't turn your back on them.

Jake. How was work?


lt's kind of fun
working with Chief O'Brien.

- But l don't know what l'm doing.
- You will.

- l guess so.
- l'm glad you stuck with it.



l don't want to join Starfleet.

- Since when?
- Since forever.

Starfleet is too much like you.

l need to find what's me.

- Does that make any sense?
- Perfect sense.

lt does?

lt's your life, Jake.
You have to choose your own way.

There is only one thing l want from you:

find something you love,

then do it the best you can.

l'll try.

Then you'll make the old man proud.

l'd better go study. l'm trying
to figure out those isolinear rods.

Hello, Quark.

Major. To what do l owe
this unexpected pleasure?

We caught your cousin
slipping back on to this station

and guess what
we confiscated from him?

Bone carvings.

Stolen from a museum on Cardassia V.

l knew he was no good.

l only wish we could have caught
the two of you together.

Life is full of disappointments.

Prylar Rhit tells me
that you encouraged him

to invite Bareil here.

- That a crime?
- Not at all.

l just wanted to thank you.

l found him very...


Not diverting enough.

Nothing to do but reactivate
the system and see what happens.

Wait. Lieutenant,
l'd like to ask you a favour.

lf this works, please don't tell the others
that l'm...not like them.

l don't want
to be treated any differently.

Of course.



Well, you did it.

We upgraded the system's memory
and realigned the generators.

- You won't have to worry now.
- But we're holograms!

We're alive and with our families.
That's what counts.

l wonder who created all this?

Whoever it was did a fine job.

He did, didn't he?
lt was good working with you, Odo.

Next time you're here
l hope you come and see us.

l would like that.

We don't get that many visitors.


- My mother's back.
- l'm glad.

- You're leaving.
- l'm afraid so.

l'll miss you.

l'll miss you, too.

Thank you for bringing
my mother back.

l hope you find your parents, too.

Thank you, Taya.

So do l.


Computer, two to beam up.