Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999): Season 1, Episode 4 - Babel - full transcript

Cardassian technology isn't as good as it seems. Chief O'Brien is very very busy as systems all over the station are failing. While Trying to free people stuck in an airlock and promising a ship's captain a repair crew by the end of the day, Dax wants him to repair a malfunction in the lab. Then he must repair the navigational computer for Kira, only to be ordered by Sisko to make sure he gets good coffee by fixing the replicators. A while later all of the sudden O'Brien has become aphasic. Bashir has no clue what happened, there seems to be nothing wrong physically with him. Then out of the blue Dax also turns aphasic, right in front of his eyes. All over the ship people are displaying the symptoms, it seems an epidemic caused by a virus.

Look, save your energy.

We'll have you out of there
as soon as possible.

l hope.

Try rerouting the power coupling.

Mr O'Brien.

See if you can activate
the interlock servos.

Mr O'Brien.

Captain Jaheel,
those people have been stuck

in that airlock for over an hour.

lf you wait till we get that door opened,
l'll listen to your problems.

l've waited two days

for you to readjust my ship's
antimatter flow converter.

l'm afraid we're behind
in our maintenance schedule.

l'm not interested in excuses.

l must deliver Tamen Sahsheer
to Largo V

and l'll need to hurry
before it spoils.

l'll try to get a repair crew to you today.

- That's the best l can do.
- Your best hardly seems good enough.

- Dax to O'Brien.
- O'Brien here.

Can you spare a minute?
l have a little problem here at the lab.

On my way.

Thanks for coming, Chief.

What are you doing out here?

- Have you checked the EPS converter?
- Yes, first thing.

- How about the intensity grid?
- lt's fine.

Then it's probably
a secondary phase modulator.

We had trouble with them last week
in the main power core.

That should do it.

Anything else l can do for you?

The navigational computer
hasn't worked reliably for three days.

l ask for the star charts
for the Argosian sector,

Glessene sector comes up instead.

That's when l can coax this system on line.

Uh-huh. Try it now.

Huh. That's more like it.

- You could use some sleep.
- Who has time for sleep?

l'd settle for five minutes'
peace and quiet.

Chief, l thought
you were going to fix the replicators.

You're absolutely right, sir.
l knew l'd forgotten something.

Can't have the Operations Chief
sitting around daydreaming

when there's work to be done, can we?
l'll get right on it.

''Fix the replicators, Chief.''

''My console's off line, Chief.''

l should have transferred
to a cargo drone -

no people, no complaints.

Hot coffee - black, double sweet.

Tell me, Quark.

Am l mistaken,
or is business a little slow today?

Slow? lt's been almost non-existent

for the past three days.

Who knows?

lf things don't improve,
you may be forced to close down.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Let's just say, without you around,

my job would be considerably easier.

Without me around,

you'd be forced to find
some other poor innocent to persecute.

Think about that while you sit here
gloating at my misfortune.

Quark! You call this Kohlanese stew?

lf your meal isn't satisfactory

l'm sure we could it
for something more to your liking.

Aren't you the least bit curious

as to how it tastes?


you served it, you're going to eat it.

- All right, that's enough.
- l said, eat it!

l said...

that's enough.

Leave him alone.

- Another satisfied customer.
- lt's these replicators.

lf l don't get them fixed soon,
they'll destroy my business.

Why not get O'Brien to fix them?

He has the replicators
on the command level working perfectly.

l'm on his waiting list.

He says he'll get to them
as soon as he can.

No telling when that will be.

The Chief's a very busy man.


display a station layout.

Highlight locations
of all repaired replicators

on command level.

lnformation restricted
to security clearance five and above.

Please enter security verification.

Clearance verified.

There you go, sir.
l think you'll find that more to your liking.

- Very much appreciated.
- Don't mention it, sir.

Unfortunately, there are plenty
of replicators that still need looking after.

- You all right, Chief?
- l'm just a bit hot.

The environmental controls
must be acting up again.

Send my regards to Mrs O'Brien.
Jake says she's a great teacher.

That's nice to hear.
She's flower units about the lad herself.

- Excuse me?
- Sir?

What was that you just said?

She's...quite fond of the lad herself.

- l'm glad to hear it.
- Very good, sir.


Hello, Lieutenant.

l forgot how different it was.

- How different what was?
- Being female.

l haven't been one for over 80 years.
All this attention.

- lt must take some getting used to.
- l find it quite enjoyable.

Major Kira.
Lieutenant Dax.

l'd be honoured to have you
join my little party.

- As my guests, of course.
- What's all this, Quark?

You cheat your 1,000th customer?

Who says Bajorans
don't have a sense of humour?

Actually, we're celebrating the repair
of the bar's replicator system.

Perhaps l could interest you

in a nice, double-whipped,
ldanian spice pudding.

What do you think?

l think l'm due back at Ops, but go on.
Enjoy yourself.

- Chief?
- How can l help you, Major?

Looks like you're the one
who could use a little help.

No, l'm fine, really.

l suppose this isn't
a good time to tell you

that number three turbolift
has broken down again.

Joking, Chief.

Major, lark's true pepper.


Let birds go further loose maybe.

Shout easy play.

Chief, you're not making any sense.

Round the turbulent quick.

Well, close the reverse harbour.

Ankle try sound.

Reset gleaming.

Dinner to bug.

Chief, wait.

- When?
- Chief!

Computer, continue neural imaging scan

and stimulate visual cortex.

All visual responses normal.

- Begin auditory stimuli.
- No physiological damage.

All brain functions
within normal parameters.

- Nurse.
- Yes?

Will you pull up Mr O'Brien's
neurophysiological history, please?

Yes, Doctor.

- What has he written?
- l wish l knew.

Strike limits.
Flame the dark true salt.

- Chief, take a seat.
- Way link complete.

Way link!

- What's wrong with him?
- He's suffering from a form of aphasia.

lt's a perceptual dysfunction

in which aural and visual stimuli
are incorrectly processed by the brain.

His thinking hasn't been affected

but he's incapable of expressing himself
or understanding others.

Victory strike limits frosted wake.

Simple hesitation!

l'm not sure l follow you.

You say Mr O'Brien is aphasiac
but his tests have come up negative.

lsn't aphasia typically associated
with some kind of cranial trauma?

lt can occur as a result
of a blow to the head

but there's no evidence of that.

Did you check the library
for precedents?

And rechecked. Nothing, so far.

You have any theories?

- Not yet.
- Find one.

Major Kira, get ahold of
the Chief's personal duty log.

Find out where he's been
for the past 52 hours.

l've already examined it.
He's been all over the station.

Retrace his steps
and see what you come up with.

Dax, you will temporarily assume
Mr O'Brien's duties.


ls there a problem, Lieutenant?


l'm sorry, Benjamin.

l'm unable to...

foolish assembled regal...

controlled weather.

Spontaneous development of aphasia
is virtually impossible.

Yet we saw Lieutenant Dax
become aphasiac before our eyes.

We are dealing with a disease
which only mimics aphasia.

l ran a full neural synaptic comparison
between Dax and O'Brien

and l found this
in the temporal lobes of both patients.

A virus.

lt imposes itself within
the established synaptic pathways

and then reroutes them.
For example, when l look at this,

a process occurs within my brain

which connects the stimulus
to the word ''tricorder''.

- This virus disrupts that process.
- l'd see a tricorder

but l'd say something ridiculous,
like ''window''.


- Doctor, you should get over here.
- Night the flow trade again.

You lost pile luck.
Away tunnel back the garden.

l want this station put under
emergency quarantine immediately.


- Quark, what is going on here?
- What does it look like?

lt looks like business as usual
but that's impossible

because all shops and businesses
have been closed until further notice.

Except for essential station operations.

- For which this place hardly qualifies.
- l don't think they'd agree.

This quarantine
has everybody on edge, Constable.

Would you deprive them
of a little harmless diversion?

They'd be safer in their quarters.

Quark, this Kohlanese stew - magnificent.

Fortunately, my assistant, Rom,
was able to fix the replicators.


Very fortunate.

Jake, l expected you home an hour ago.

Sorry. l was at Nog's.
Dad, about this quarantine.

- lt's going to be OK, isn't it?
- lt's just a precaution.

l wish l shared your confidence.

Go straight home, son.
l'll see you at dinner.

Captain Jaheel, all visitors
have been confined to their ships.

- There is no place l'd rather be.
- Why are you here?

l request permission
to leave this station.

Request denied.

We have not been affected
by this virus.

Unless l depart at once
my whole cargo will be ruined.

l suggest you return to your ship now.

Please. l don't want to get sick.

l'm sorry, but until we can
find a cure for this thing

no one's going anywhere.

Computer, let's start with
one Ferengi starduster, please.

Extra strong.


l thought the front wheels
were sticking a bit.

Unauthorised access to crew quarters
is a crime, Quark.

You could have just asked
to use the replicators.

There's an old Ferengi saying -

''Never ask when you can take.''
How did you figure it out?

- You claimed Rom fixed your replicators.
- So?

Rom's an idiot.
He couldn't fix a straw if it was bent.

You're right. Rom is an idiot.

Remind me to get rid of him tomorrow.

The levels of the virus
in the patients' blood

suggest it's due to ingestion.

- ls it in our food?
- All our food is replicated

and all the replicators use biofilters.

They screen out contaminants
including viruses.

l've analysed samples
from replicators all over the station.

Food on the command level
is contaminated.

All of us have eaten
from those replicators.

This virus is highly adaptable.

lts incubation period seems to vary
within each individual.

According to O'Brien's duty log

the last thing he did
was fix the command level replicators.

Get a repair crew over there
to inspect the site.

Let's shut down those replicators.

Maybe we can limit
further contamination.

l've got aphasiac patients
from all over the station.

- How is that possible?
- Thank Quark.

l caught him using a replicator
in vacant crew quarters.

He is producing his entire menu
out of there.

lf this virus is present

within a large enough segment
of the population,

it could mean...

What is it, Doctor?

l just took an air sample.

The virus.

- lt's mutated into an airborne variety.
- Which means...?

Which means the whole station is infected.

Station Log, Stardate 46423.7.

Nearly 60% of DS9's population

has now contracted the aphasia virus.

We've initiated
standard quarantine procedures

and advise incoming ships

to maintain their distance
until further notice.

l found it
in the replicator's pattern generator.

O'Brien must have triggered it
when he repaired the system.

According to Bashir, it introduced
an anomalous programming sequence

into the materialization subroutine.

lt built the virus directly into
the replicated food at a molecular level.

- So it's sabotage.
- Cardassian sabotage.

- How can you be sure?
- Diboridium core for a power source.

That is Cardassian technology.

- Bashir to Sisko.
- Sisko here.

You'd better get down here
to the infirmary, as soon as possible.

On my way.

You wanted to see me, Doctor?


Left...become better...

control...entire hope.

We've converted some empty
crew quarters into a hospital ward.

l'll take him there.

You're going to be all right, Jake.

Commander, when you've got a moment

l've found something
l'd like to show you.

lt'll be all right. Just lay back.

l know, but just lay back and relax.



l see even you couldn't
weasel your way clear of this one.

You underestimate the Ferengi
immune system, Commander.

l'm here visiting
my less fortunate customers

to make sure they're not faking
to avoid paying their bills.

- No one could be that devious.
- l am.!!

We're doing everything possible.

l'll be back as soon as l can.

The virus is synthetic, Commander.

lts nucleotide sequence is too perfect.
lt's not natural.

You're saying the Cardassians
genetically engineered this thing?

l thought so, but l've studied
Cardassian genetic engineering.

They build distinctive
monoclonal links into their DNA.

- This has none of those features.
- Then who made it?

l referenced all known DNA construction
techniques in the Federation records

and this protein series was the key.
lt indicates...

- Doctor! Who created this virus?
- The Bajorans, sir.

lt must have been a plot
to sabotage the Cardassians.

The energy decay of the power core

indicates it dates back
to the building of the station.

That's 18 years ago.
l suppose the Bajoran underground

could have smuggled it aboard
during construction...

before l took over as Head of Security.

Why would they go to the trouble

of planting a booby trap
and not set it off?

- Maybe they forgot.
- No.

We need to find out
who created this virus.

You're our best hope.

18 years is a long time.

Even if she finds who did this,
that's no guarantee they can help.

l hope they remember the antidote.

That's assuming
they ever bothered to create one.

lt had to be someone
familiar with genetic engineering.

Sounds like something
Dekon Elig might have thought up.

- How can l find him?
- The last l heard he was in prison.

- Where was he being held?
- The Velos Vll lnternment Camp.

But that was nine years ago.

And you have no idea where he is now?
Think, Galis! This is important.

l'm sorry, Kira, but it was all so long ago.

- What is it, Jake?
- Roll linger when life...

- Roll linger when...
- What?

Other support, strong courage...

He's running a high fever.

Open way long. Open way.

Doctor, we have
an emergency in crew quarters.

- How is he, Doctor?
- Not good, l'm afraid.

The virus has attacked
his autonomic nervous system.

He's not responding
to neural stimulation.

l've given him corophizine
to avoid secondary infection

but l've been unable to lower his fever.

What are his chances?

Unless l find some way
to counteract the virus

he'll be dead in twelve hours.

- Have you made any progress?
- No.

l've tried base pair destabilisers,
sequential disruption.

Nothing seems to affect it.

Sir, l've got seven other aphasiac patients

displaying the same symptoms
as O'Brien,

and l'm afraid this is only the beginning.

Keep searching, Doctor.

l hope Major Kira finds whoever's
responsible for creating this virus.

l'd like to meet that person myself.

This virus is a work of genius.

l'll try to arrange it for you.

Link established with
the Bajoran Archival Records.

Locate files
on Velos Vll lnternment Camp.

Do you show a record
of an inmate named Dekon Elig?

- Affirmative.
- Biographical data.

Dekon Elig, geneticist.

Former member of the Higa Metar sect
of the Bajoran underground.

Killed while attempting escape,
Stardate 39355.

Certificate of Death on file.

- No need to ask how you're doing.
- Chasing after ghosts.

You have twelve hours to catch one.

- And then?
- People start dying.


Display Dekon Elig's Certificate of Death.

ldentify signature of witness.

Certificate of Death
was witnessed by Surmak Ren,

Bajoran medical assistant.

Show me biographical data
on Surmak Ren.

Dr Surmak Ren.
Former member of the Higa Metar sect

of the Bajoran underground.

Repatriated to Bajor upon closing

of the Velos Vll lnternment Camp,
Stardate 46302.

Current status unknown.


- Any luck?
- l haven't won a spin in hours.

Care to place a friendly wager?

lf it's your reputation you're thinking about
no one need ever know.

lt has nothing to do with my reputation.

The truth is, l never...
learned the game.

You've sat here for all these years

and you don't even know how to gamble?

That's correct.

No wonder you always look so bored.

The rules are quite simple, actually.

- l'd be happy to show you.
- Some other time, perhaps.

Sisko needs me in Ops.

And since the entire security force
has been stricken with aphasia

the Promenade
is in a vulnerable position.

- How unfortunate.
- Consider it a warning, Quark.

Because l'm holding you
personally responsible

if anything turns up missing.

ls that understood?



Computer, analyse test sample 37 delta.

Detail effects on viral containment.

Working. Analysis complete.
Sample 37 delta ineffective.

Viral protein sheath is unaffected.

Nucleotide sequence remains intact.

Computer, replay morning.

Command unclear. Please repeat.

Glass lunch judge a bin to let it.

Command unclear. Please repeat.

Computer, establish a link
with the Bajoran Medical lndex

for the Northwestern District.

Link established.

Access all information on Dr Surmak Ren.

There are no records
matching that name.

Try the Northeastern District -
same search.

Dr Surmak Ren, Chief Administrator
of the llvian Medical Complex.

Computer, open a channel
to the llvian Medical Complex,

Administrator's office.

This is Dr Surmak. And you are...?

Major Kira Nerys,
Bajoran liaison to Deep Space 9.

The old Cardassian mining station.

- How can l help you?
- lt depends.

On what?

lf you helped Dekon Elig

plant an aphasia virus here
18 years ago.

l have no idea
what you're talking about.

l'm a security officer, a good one,

but that doesn't qualify me
to help you run station operations.

You're probably right, Constable.
But, you're all l've got.


- l think l found our scientist.
- Does he have an antidote?

He broke the connection
when l mentioned the virus.

Major, where are you going?

To continue my conversation
with Dr Surmak, in person.

l can't allow you to break quarantine.

We can't spread the virus to Bajor.

l don't intend
to step foot on the planet.

Better let her go, Sisko.

She's all we've got.

Let's just hope there's someone left
to greet her when she returns.


How's it going?

l've missed you.

l know things don't look too good
right now

but they'll get better.

You have to believe that

because l'm not going to lose you, Jake.

You hear me?

l'm not going to lose you.

You'd better take a look at this.

Activity on docking port five.
A ship is about to depart.

That's Jaheel's ship.
Put him on screen.

Captain, your ship
has not been cleared for departure.

The mooring clamps are locked
and l won't release them.

l suggest you change your mind.

l'm taking aft thrusters to one half.

Captain, cut your engines
before you rip your ship apart.

He's not reducing power.

l'm ordering you to stand down.

Your orders are no concern of mine.

My entire crew has been
confined to your hospital.

l must leave now,
while l can still function.

l understand that you're frightened,
but you're better off here.

You don't want to be alone
and get hit by the virus.

Don't worry about me. l'm fine.

And l plan to stay that way.

And if you think you're go...

We'll have to retract the clamps.

Once he's clear of the station

we can grab him with a tractor beam.

- Damn.
- What's wrong?

The mooring clamps are not retracting.

His aft isolation plate buckled.

His main power core's been ruptured.

lf the internal fuel cells collapse
the whole ship will explode.

And take half the docking ring with it.

Computer, isolate a com line

to the llvian Medical Complex
Administrator's office.

- Line isolated.
- Scan office for life-forms.

One life-form present.

Lock on and stand by to transport.

- This is Dr Surmak.
- Hello again, Doctor.

Just checking to see
you're in your office.

l have nothing to say to you...

Hello again, Doctor.

This is outrageous.

l demand you return me
to my office immediately.

Relax, you won't be gone long.

Try to reestablish visual contact
with Jaheel's ship.

His com lines are down.

Bypass communications
through a secondary grid.

See if you can switch to external pickups.

Got it.

His fire control systems
don't appear to be working.

We have about 15 minutes
before the fuel cells collapse.

l hope you feel better than you look.

Must be that damn virus.

This is Sisko.

Any personnel who can understand
what l'm saying, come to Ops.

We need help.

We have to get that ship
from the station.

Why don't we explode
the mooring clamps?

The blast should push the ship away.

We'll have to get down there
and blow it manually.

- l'll do it.
- All right.

You can cross barrels.

- All job appalled.
- What was that?


the arrive...

seen earlier.

l see.

Major, this is kidnapping.
Turn this ship around

or you will spend the rest of your life
in Kran-Tobal Prison.

Fine. But first, we need your help.

The aphasia virus
is spreading through the station.

- Why come to me?
- Didn't you help create the virus?

l had practically nothing to do with it.
Dekon Elig created the virus.

l was his medical assistant.

That seems like a lifetime ago now.

l was only in the underground
for six months before we were captured.

- l am not responsible for this.
- l am not blaming anyone!

- All l want is the antidote.
- l don't know of any antidote.

lf Dekon created one, he never told me.

Listen, Surmak.

l have a station full of dying people

and you are the closest thing there is
to an expert on this virus.

l sympathise, Major,
but l don't think l can help you.

All right.

- Then how about helping yourself?
- Meaning what?


l've been infected with your virus,

so now you're infected, too.

To anyone who can hear me, this is Odo.

Sisko's infected.
l could really use some help here in Ops.

- Do l detect a note of panic in your voice?
- Quark.

Am l to believe that
you're volunteering to help?

Who said anything about volunteering?

We can haggle over price later.

- Now... how may l be of use?
- l need to get to docking port five now.

That ship's going to explode
in five minutes.

- l'll beam you over.
- You?

Relax. l served on a Ferengi freighter
for eight years.

All right.

l must have witnessed the procedure
hundreds of times.

You mean to say you never handled
the controls yourself?


Kira to Ops.
Approaching landing pad seven.

lnitiating docking procedure.

Welcome back.
l could use some help up here.

Quark, what are you doing in Ops?

First thing l need to see

is your doctor's
viral characterisation research.

He was developing an antidote series.
Let's look at that.

Listen, Doctor, l'll be in Ops.

lf you need me, use this string impact.

Lot show red intense.

l think you'd better sit down, Major.

- Dog fellow distance.
- Tell me about it.

Odo, you'd better hurry up.

That ship will explode in one minute.

Virum protein sheath.

Nucleotide sequence.

Yes. That's right.
lt's an adaptive, synaptic inhibitor.

Dekon was brilliant. No doubt of that.

l think we've found your antidote, Major.

40 seconds.

- 30 seconds. Hurry!
- l know, l know.

20 seconds!

Ten seconds!

Odo? Quark to Odo.
You still with us?

Try not to sound too disappointed.

Now, about that little matter
of my hazard pay.

Come on. Come on.

Station Log, Stardate 46425.8.

With the help of Dr Bashir's notes

Dr Surmak was able to find
an antidote for the aphasia virus.

We are continuing to administer it
throughout the station

and things are returning to normal.

- Good to have you back, Chief.
- Thank you, sir.

Coffee, black.