Star Trek (1966–1969): Season 3, Episode 7 - Day of the Dove - full transcript

Both humans and Klingons have been lured to a planet by a formless entity that feeds on hatred and has set about to fashion them into a permanent food supply for itself.

Report, Mr. Chekov.

Full scan. Results negative.

Radiation level normal.

Atmosphere and terrain
are undisturbed.

No evidence of a colony
nor any residual after-effect

of a force that might have
annihilated it.

- Life readings, Dr. McCoy.
- Nothing.

They said they were being attacked
by an unidentified ship.

Which we were unable
to detect upon approach.

An entire human colony,

a whole settlement,

100 men, women and children.

Who did it?

And why?

- Kirk here.
- Spock here, captain.

Sensors have picked up
a Klingon ship, closing fast.

Deflectors on, condition red.
Protect yourselves.

Total reply if attacked.

So that's the answer. Klingons.

Trouble aboard the Klingon ship.

Evidence of explosions,
massive destruction.

Captain, the enemy ship is drifting,
totally disabled.

- And we never fired upon it.
- Maintain red alert.

You attacked my ship.

Four hundred of my crew dead.

Kirk, my ship is disabled.
I claim yours.

You are now prisoners
of the Klingon Empire

against which you have committed
a wanton act of war.

Space, the final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the starship Enterprise.

Its five-year mission:
To explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life
and new civilisations,

to boldly go where no man
has gone before.

For three years the Federation...

...and the Klingon
Empire have been at peace.

A treaty we have honoured
to the letter.

We took no action
against your ship, Kang.

Were the screams
of my crew imaginary?

What were your orders, Kirk?

To start a war? You've succeeded.

To test a new weapon?
We shall be happy to examine it.

There was a Federation colony
on this planet. It was destroyed.

By what?

No bodies, no ruins.
A colony of the invisible?

Yes, the test of a new Klingon weapon,
leaving no traces.

Federation ships don't specialise
in sneak attacks.

We have wondered
when you would begin.

You lured my ship into ambush
by a false Klingon distress call.

You will tell us why
with the proper persuasion.

You received a distress call?
We received a distress call.

I don't propose
to spend the rest of my life

on this ball of dust
arguing your fantasies.

The Enterprise is mine.

Instruct your transporter room
to beam us aboard.

Go to the devil.

We have no devil, Kirk.

But we understand
the habits of yours.

I shall torture you to death,

one by one,

until your noble captain
cries, "Enough."

Who will be first?


Filthy Klingon murderers!

You killed my brother, Piotr.

The Archanis IV research outpost.

A hundred peaceful
people massacred!

Just like you did here.

My brother...

- You killed my brother.
- And you volunteer to join him.

That is loyalty.


Stop the torture.

Jim, you can't
hand over the Enterprise.

Help Chekov.

Don't plan any tricks, Kirk.

I will kill 100 hostages
at the first sign of treachery.

I'll beam you aboard the Enterprise.
Once there, no tricks.

Captain, you can't.
Don't let these animals have the ship.

- Move aside.
- Animals?

Your captain crawls like one.

A Klingon
would never have surrendered.

Order everybody in this area
to be transported up.

All weapons on him.

- Kirk to Enterprise. Mr. Spock.
- Here, captain.

Mr. Spock, we have guests.

Adjust transporter to wide field.

Beam up everyone in the target area.

Understood, captain.

Transporter room.

Call Security, Johnson,
on the double.

- Good work, Spock.
- What happened?

Our landing party is intact, doctor.

All others suspended in transit.

- Who are the guests, by the way?
- Klingons.

Well, they're right in here.

- Johnson?
- Security men on the way, sir.

Captain, leave them where they are,

That's so many less
Klingon monsters in the galaxy.

Bring them in.

Move them out. Move.

- Liar.
- I said no tricks after we reach the ship.

You're a prisoner
of the Federation of Planets

against which you may or may not
have committed an act of war.

There are still survivors
aboard my ship.

Captain, we've not be able
to get through to Starfleet Command.

All subspace frequencies
have been blocked.

And there's too much radiation
coming from that Klingon ship.

- It's a hazard to the vicinity.
- Prepare to destruct.

Completing the job you started?

You wouldn't be standing here
if I had.

First group
from the Klingon vessel, captain.

My wife, Mara,
and my science officer.

Kang, what has happened?

More Federation treachery.

We are prisoners.

What will they do to us?

I've heard of their atrocities,
their death camps.

They will torture us for our
scientific and military information.

Apparently you have a few
things to learn about us.

Contain them in the crew lounge.

Programme the food synthesizer
to accommodate our guests.

You'll be well treated, Kang.

So I have seen.

Secure from red alert.

But maintain general quarters.
Scan this sector for other ships.

Run a full check on the colony,
I want this thing nailed down fast.

We know what happened,
a distress call.

At the moment we received
the distress signal

from the colony on Beta 12A,

the Klingons were too far distant
to have been the attackers.

Moreover, they also were
apparently attracted by a distress call.

Lies. They want to start a war
by pretending that we did.

Chekov may be right.

The Klingons claim
to have honoured the truce

but there have been incidents,
raids on our outposts.

No proof
that the Klingons committed it.

What proof do we need?

We know what a Klingon is.

Our log tapes will indicate
our innocence in the present situation.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee
that they'll be believed.


Still no contact
with Starfleet Command, sir.

Outside communications blanketed.

Keep trying.
We've got a diplomatic tiger by the tail.

Transporter room to Bridge.
Klingon ship has vacated, sir.

Very good, Scotty. Mr. Sulu?

- Forward phasers locked and ready to fire, sir.
- Fire phasers.

Sensor sweeps reveal
no other ships within range, captain.

- Lieutenant Uhura?
- No contact with Starfleet as yet, sir.

Mr. Sulu, change course to 17,
mark 4, warp factor 3.

Warp factor 3, sir.

When I take this ship,

I'll have Kirk's head stuffed
and hung on his cabin wall.

- They will kill us before we can act.
- No.

They wish to question us,
learn our strength, our plans.

- They never will.
- We are 40 against 400.

Four thousand throats may be cut
in one night by a running man.

Patience, vigilance.

They will make their mistake.

The captain of the Enterprise will give
us knowledge to end this war quickly.


This doesn't make sense.

Carriers are normal,
channels are open,

there's still no outside contact.

I don't understand it, sir.

Could the Klingons
be doing something?

- Sulu?
- Change in course. Accelerating.

Helm dead.

Auxiliary navigation dead.


Nothing responds, captain.

- Scotty, stop all engines.
- I would if I could, sir,

but my controls have gone crazy.
Something's taken over.

- Scotty.
- The engines, sir,

they've gone to warp 9.

By themselves.

- New course?
- Nine-oh-two, mark 5.

That'll take us out of the galaxy.


Reports coming in
from the lower decks.

Emergency bulkheads have closed.

Almost 400 crewmen
are trapped down there, sir.

Most interesting.

The bulk of your crew trapped,

your ship racing from this galaxy
at wild speeds.


How did I perform this sabotage, Kirk?
All my men are here.

Johnson. Get down to Security.
Search every section.

Some Klingons may have beamed
aboard undetected from the wrecked ship.

And get down to Engineering, help
Scotty hammer things back to normal

and free those trapped crewmen.

And before I put you in the brig,
there's a little something I owe you.


Stand and fight, you cowards.



The Klingons are free, armed
as we are. They'll try and take the ship.

Scotty, how many men do we have?

Three hundred and ninety-two
trapped below decks.

Deploy forces to protect your section
and the Auxiliary Control Centre.

Check the armoury and try and free
those trapped crewmen.

The doors and bulkheads won't budge,
we'll have to cut through.

Blow out the bulkheads if you have to.
We need numbers.

What kind of luck have you
had controlling the ship's speed?

No, sir. She's a projectile, at warp 9.

And don't ask me
what's holding her together.

Five-minute reports, Scotty.
Kirk out.

Full sensor scan of the ship.

Report on any movement
by the Klingons.

The Klingon Empire has
maintained a duelling tradition,

They think they can beat us with swords.

Captain, neither the Klingon technology,
nor ours, is capable of this.

The instantaneous
transmutation of matter.

I doubt that they are responsible.

Any other logical candidate?

However, if they had such power,

would they not have used it
to create more effective weapons?

And only for themselves?

Mr. Sulu, get below.

Take command of Engineering

- and Auxiliary Control.
- Aye, sir.

- Captain.
- Mr. Chekov?

- Captain.
- Mr. Chekov, as you were.

- Chekov!
- Sir.

Let me go too.

I've got a personal score
to settle with the Klingons.

This is no time for a vendetta.
Maintain your post.

- Captain.
- Chekov, maintain your post.

Don't try to stop me, captain.

I saw what they left of Piotr.

I swore on his grave
I would avenge his murder.

What's Chekov's grudge
against the Klingons? Who's Piotr?

His only brother,
killed in a Klingon raid.

His brother?

He never had a brother.
He's an only child.

- Sulu, get down to Engineering.
- Aye, sir.

Security, this is the captain.

Find Mr. Chekov
and bring him to the Bridge.

Captain, why would..?

Why would Chekov
believe he has a brother?

I don't know.

But he does.

And now he wants revenge
for a non-existent loss.


Those filthy butchers.

There are rules, even in war.

You don't keep hacking at a man
after he's down.

Hand me that numanol capsule.

Layout and specifications
of the Enterprise, commander.

Enemy numbers
are the same as ours.

- We have a fighting balance.
- Then we take this ship.

The ship that is headed towards
the end of the galaxy?

In time. In time.

We must take these sections.
First, Engineering.

- Kirk here.
- Scott here, sir.

There's no use trying
to free those men down below.

The phaser torches,
they won't cut through the bulkheads,

nor the doors, nor the decks.

Something happened to the metal.

- What about the armoury?
- Well, I'm there now, sir.

And you never saw such a fine
collection of antiques in your life.

Get back to Engineering,
try and re-establish engine control.

And talk to Ordnance about
manufacturing phaser replacements.

Aye, sir.

A claymore.

You're a beauty.

What the blazes is going on?

Scans indicate that our forces
and those of the Klingons

are exactly equal at 38 each.

The Klingons control Deck 6
and Starboard Deck 7

while we control all sections above.

Constant surveillance, Mr. Spock.

- Most curious, captain.
- What?

There appear to be more
life energy units on board

than can be accounted for

by the presence of the Enterprise crew
plus the Klingons.

A considerable discrepancy.

Could more Klingons
have beamed aboard?

I shall attempt a compensatory reading
of Klingon units.

Any signs of those devils, Mr. Sulu?

All clear, Mr. Scott.

They've taken Engineering.

I don't know how many more
of those Klingons are around,

but we'll split up here
and try to make it back to the Bridge.




No additional Klingons detected,

It is an alien life force, a single entity.

I cannot ascertain its location.

An alien life force.

We must make contact,
find out what it wants.

Readings being diverted
to the library computer for analysis.

Computer report.

Alien life force onboard is composed
of pure energy, type unknown.

Actions indicate intelligence
and purpose.

What purpose?

Insufficient data for further analysis.

A brother that never existed,
a phantom colony,

imaginary distress calls,
the creation of these weapons.

Do you sense a pattern, Mr. Spock?

If the alien is creating
these events, captain,

it is apparently capable
of manipulating matter and mind.

And now it has control
of the Enterprise,

and taking us out of the galaxy.

- But why?
- I am constrained to point out,

that since minds
are evidently being influenced,

we cannot know at this moment

whether our own memories
are completely accurate and true.

We must talk to Kang.
Bury the hatchet.

An appropriate choice of terms,

However, it is notoriously difficult
to arrange a truce with the Klingons

once blood has been drawn.

A truce? Are you serious?

I've got men in Sickbay,
some of them dying,

atrocities committed
on their persons.

And you talk about making peace
with these fiends?

Why, if our backs were turned
they'd jump us in a minute.

And you know what Klingons
do to prisoners.

Slave labour, death planets,

- McCoy?
- While you're talking,

they're planning attacks.

This is a fight to the death.

We'd better start trying to win it.

We are attempting to end it, doctor.

By reason, preferably.

There is an alien onboard
which may have created the situation.

Who cares what started it, Mr. Spock?
We're in it.

Those murderers.
We should wipe out every one of them.

The alien is the real threat,
that's the enemy we have to wipe out.

Sickbay calling, doctor.

There are more wounded men
requiring your attention.

How many more men must die

before you two begin to act
like military men instead of fools?

Kirk here.

This is Kang.

Kang, there's something important
I must discuss with you.

I have captured
your Engineering section.

I now control the ship's power
and life-support systems.

I have deprived all areas
except our own.

You will die of suffocation

in the icy cold of space.

The Enterprise is heading
out of our galaxy,

controlled by a mysterious alien
somewhere aboard the ship.

Engineering has been taken over
by Klingons

who have cut off
life-support systems.

- Mr. Sulu.
- Captain.

Get down to Emergency Manual Control.

Try to protect our life-support circuits
and auxiliary power.

Aye, captain.

- Scotty.
- Chekov was right, captain.

Scotty, I'm glad they...

We should have left those
fuzz-faced goons in the transporter.

- That's right where they belong.
- Scotty?


Now they can study the Enterprise,
add our technology to theirs,

change the balance of power.

- You've jeopardised the Federation.
- Scotty.

- Listen, Scott.
- Keep your Vulcan hands off me.

Just keep away.

Your feelings might be hurt,
you green-blooded half-breed.

May I say that I have not thoroughly
enjoyed serving with humans?

I find their illogic and foolish emotions
a constant irritant.

Then transfer out, freak.


Spock. Scotty. Spock.


Stop it, you half-human.

What are we saying?
What are we doing to each other?


The result of stress?

We've been under stress before.
It's never set us at each other's throats.

- Well, this is war.
- There isn't any war!

Or is there?

- Have we forgotten how to defend ourselves..?
- Scotty.

What's happening to us?

We've been trained to think
in other terms than war.

We've been trained to fight its causes,
if necessary.

Then why are we behaving
like a group of savages?

Look at me.

Look at me.

Two forces aboard this ship,

each of them equally armed.

Has a war been staged for us?

Complete with weapons,

and ideology
and patriotic drum-beating?



Even race hatred?

Recent events would seem
to be directed

toward a magnification
of the basic hostilities

between humans and Klingons.

Apparently, it is by design
that we fight.

- We seem to be pawns.
- But what's the game?

And whose? And what are the rules?

It is most urgent that we locate
the alien entity immediately

and determine its motives
and a method for halting its activities.

Without sensors?
All our power down?

This thing could go anywhere.


- Mr. Sulu, report.
- No good, captain.

Circuits are in
but systems just aren't responding.

We're getting something.

Aye, captain.

Power and life-support restored.

- Remotes on standby.
- Good work.

But, captain, I didn't do it.

Everything just came on by itself.

Their life-support systems
have resumed.

- The sensors may be operating.
- Start scanning.

Let's find that alien.

- Holding steady.
- Cause them to be unsteady.

They appear to be controlled
from another location.

Also unable to affect ship's course
for return to our empire.

One of Kirk's tricks.

Could he bypass a circuit?

What power is it that supports our
battle yet starves our victory?


Interrupt it at their main
life-support couplings. Where?

Number 6 Deck.


Alien detected in the Engineering
section, near reactor number 3.

Let's go.

You don't die yet.

You're not human,

but you're very beautiful.

Very beautiful.


Jim. He's not responsible.

What have I done?

There's a... an alien entity aboard the ship,
it's forcing us to fight. We don't want to.

We don't know what its motive is.

We're trying to find out.
You must help us.

Take me to Kang.
A temporary truce, that's all I ask.

Spock, take her.



Is this what's in store for us?
From here on in?

Violence? Hatred?

Brain waves show almost
paranoid mania. What happened?

He lost control.

So did I.

We're becoming animal warriors.

- Let's go, Spock.
- Orderly.


Johnson's heart wound
is almost completely healed.

The same with the other casualties.

Sword wounds in the vital organs,
massive trauma, shock.

They're all healing at a fantastic rate.

It would appear
that the entity wants us alive.

Why? So we can fight and fight

and keep coming back for more
like some bloody coliseum?

What's next? The roar of crowds?

Perhaps human
and Klingon psychologies

and combat capabilities
are being tested

by an alien with designs
on both powers.

Gentlemen, if we are pawns,

you're looking at one
who is extremely sorry.

I understand, doctor.

I too felt a brief surge
of racial bigotry.

Most distasteful.

Let's find the alien.

You come with us.

Maybe we can prove to you
that it exists.

What is it?

Totally unfamiliar.

What did you want?

What are you doing here?

Reporting for duty, sir.


- Did McCoy release you from Sickbay?
- I released myself.

Then get back to Sickbay.

Not on your life, sir.
I'm fit and ready for action.

The Klingons almost did me in once,
and I'm out to even the score.

- I order you...
- I've got my orders.

I'm obeying orders.

Kill the Klingons.

- It's them or us, isn't it?
- Johnson.


During Lieutenant Johnson's
emotional outburst,

his expression of hatred
and lust for vengeance,

the alien's life-energy level

When the lieutenant
became unconscious,

the alien lost energy.

It subsists on the emotions
of others?

This one appears to be strengthened

by mental radiations of hostility,
violent intentions.

It exists on the hate of others.

To put it simply.

And it has acted as a catalyst,

creating this situation,
in order to satisfy that need.

It has brought together
opposing forces,

provided crude instruments,

in an effort to promote
the most violent mode of conflict.

And kept numbers
and resources balanced,

so that it can maintain
a constant state of violence.

It's got to have a vulnerable area.

We've got to get rid of it.

Then all hostile attitudes on board
must be eliminated.

The fighting must end. And soon.

Or we're a doomed ship,

travelling forever between galaxies,
filled with eternal bloodlust,

eternal warfare.

Kang has got to listen.

We've got to pool our knowledge

and get rid of this thing.


Kang, this is Captain Kirk.

Kang, do you read me?

Commander, it's a trick.


He won't answer.

The alien is affecting
his mind, captain.

Soon, it will become so powerful
that none of us will be able to resist it.

Scotty, sir.

The ships dilithium crystals
are deteriorating.

We can't stop the process.

Time factor?

In 12 minutes,
we'll be totally without engine power.

Well, do whatever you can. Kirk out.

And so we drift in space,

with only hatred
and bloodshed aboard.

Now do you believe?

Captain's log, stardate,

We must find a way
to defeat the alien force of hate

that has taken over the Enterprise,
stop the war now,

or spend eternity
in futile, bloody violence.

There's no change, captain.
The dilithium crystals are discharging.

There's nothing we can do about it.

If I could talk to Kang,

somehow cut through the Klingon
lines, make peace before it's too late.

We have nine minutes, 53 seconds
to power zero.

There is, of course,
a logical alternative.

Kang's wife is after all our prisoner.

- Perhaps a threat...
- Aye.

Now that's something
the Klingons would understand.


Kang, this is Captain Kirk.

I know you can hear me
so don't cut me off.

We have Mara, your wife.

We talk truce now, or she dies.

She has five seconds to live.


She is a victim of war, captain.

She understands.

He called my bluff.

You're not going..?

The Federation doesn't kill
or mistreat its prisoners.

You've been listening to propaganda.

- How much time?
- Eight minutes, 42 seconds.

- So this was no trick.
- It's the alien that's done this.

We're in its power.
Our people and yours.

We only wanted to stop the fighting
to save us all.

We have always fought. We must.

We are hunters, captain,
tracking and taking what we need.

There are poor planets
in the Klingon systems,

we must push outward
if we are to survive.

There's another way to survive.
Mutual trust and help.

I will help you now.

- How?
- I will take you to Kang.

- I will add my voice to yours.
- I wouldn't trust her, captain.

We can't get through
the Klingon defences in time.



Intra-ship beaming

from one section to another.
It's possible?

It has rarely been done
because of the danger involved.

Pinpoint accuracy is required.

If the transportee should materialise
inside a solid object, a deck or a wall...

Even if it could work,
she may be leading you into a trap.

We're all in a trap.
This is the only way out.

- We'll go with you.
- No, that'll start the final battle.

I believe her.

Prepare the transporter.
We'll wait for your signal.

She can't guarantee
that Kang will stop to listen.

Right, Mr. Spock?

No one can guarantee
the actions of another.

Your automatic setting
is laid in, captain.

When transporter is energized,

you will have eight seconds
to get to the pads.

I hope your computations
are correct, Mr. Spock.

You will know in 7.9 seconds,

Mara. You're alive
and you bring us a prize.

Kang, wait.

He's come alone, unarmed.
He must talk to you.

- Brave captain. What about?
- No!

Listen to him.

- We are all in danger.
- Mara.

Before you start killing,
give me one minute.

- Kang, don't.
- What have they done to you, Mara?

Are you out of your mind?
What have they done to you?

I see why the human beast
did not kill you.

They didn't harm me. Listen to him.

Stop. Stop, please!

- With your death, we win.
- Nobody wins.

Have any more of your men died?
We can't be killed.

There's an alien aboard.
It wants us alive.

No doubt you will reassemble
after I've hacked you to bits.

You fool.


Look, Kang.

For the rest of our lives,
a thousand lifetimes,

senseless violence, fighting,

while an alien
has total control over us.

All right.

All right.

In the heart, in the head,
I won't stay dead.

Next time, I'll do the same to you.
I'll kill you.

And it goes on and on,
the good old game of war.

Pawn against pawn.

Stopping the bad guys,

while somewhere,
some thing sits back and laughs.

And starts it all over again.

- Let's jump him.
- Those who hate and fight

must stop themselves, doctor,
otherwise, it is not stopped.

Kang, I am your wife.

I'm a Klingon.

Would I lie for them?

Listen to Kirk. He is telling the truth.

Be a pawn, be a toy,

be a good soldier
that never questions orders.

Klingons kill for their own purposes.

All fighting must end, captain,

to weaken the alien
before our dilithium crystals are gone.

- Lieutenant Uhura.
- Yes, captain?

- Put me on ship-wide intercom.
- Aye, sir.

Ready, captain.

This is Captain Kirk.

A truce is ordered.
The fighting is over.

Lay down your weapons.

This is Kang.

Cease hostilities.


The cessation of violence
appears to have weakened it, captain.

I suggest that good spirits
might make an effective weapon.

Get off my ship.

You're a dead duck here,
you're powerless.

We know about you
and we don't want to play.

Maybe there are others
like you around,

maybe you've caused a lot of suffering,
a lot of history, but that's all over.

We'll be on guard now,
we'll be ready for you, so ship out.

- Come on, haul it.
- Yeah, out already.

Out! We need no urging
to hate humans.

But for the present,

only a fool
fights in a burning house. Out!