Star Trek (1966–1969): Season 3, Episode 23 - All Our Yesterdays - full transcript

When the planet Sarpeidon is about to be destroyed by its star Beta Niobe becoming a supernova, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down and find it evacuated except for Atoz, its librarian, tending with his replicas a collection of unusual discs, which play the planet's history and (to their surprise) allow their users to travel into the past trough the atavachron, a time machine, into the periods each was studying on disc, but they jump in unprepared. McCoy and Spock find themselves locked in a planetary ice age 5,000 years ago, where Spock reverts to the barbaric age of the Vulcans, hence touchy and intensely attracted to the political exilee Zarabeth, who enjoys getting company but tells them return is impossible. Kirk lands in a Cromwellian period, where he's arrested and suspected of witchcraft, but realizes the magistrate must be a time traveler like him, and learns not being prepared at molecular level he can return through the time portal, and in fact must do so and contact Spock and Bones in a matter of hours; they must all return to the present and board the Enterprise before the exploding sun destroys the atavachron.

Kirk: captain's log,
Stardate 5943.7.

We have calculated that
Beta naiobi will go nova

In approximately
3 1/2 hours.

Its only satellite, sarpeidon,
Is a class "M" planet,

Which, at last report,
Was inhabited

By a civilized
Humanoid species.

Now our instruments show
That no intelligent life
Remains on the planet.

Spock: the power source
We detected

Is in this building,

Any sign
Of survivors?

No signs of
Sapient life forms.

How can
A whole planet
Full of people

Just disappear?

If they knew that
Their sun was dying,

It could be anything
Up to mass suicide.

Reports deny
That they had any
Space flight capability.

This appears
To be an archive

Or a library
Of some kind.

Then we're certainly
In the right place

To find out
What happened,

The inhabitants are,

And if there
Are any left now.

Well, that's fine.
Where do we start?

May I help you?

I am
The librarian.

May I be
Of assistance?

You can, mr...

Mr. Atoz.

I confess that I'm
A little surprised
To see you.

I had thought
That everyone
Had long since gone.

But the surprise is
A pleasant one.

After all, a library
Serves no purpose

Unless someone is
Using it.

You said everyone was gone.
Where'd they go?

It depended on
The individual,
Of course.

If you wish to trace
A specific person,

I'm sorry,
But that information
Is confidential.

No, no particular person,
Just people in general.

Where did they go?

Ah, you find it
Difficult to choose.
Is that it?

Yes, a wide range
Of alternatives
Is a mixed blessing,

But perhaps
I can help.

Would you step
This way, please?

May I help you?

You may select from more
Than 20,000 verism tapes,

Several hundred of which
Have only recently been
Added to the collection.

I'm sure you'll
Find something here
That pleases you.

You, sir, what is
Your particular field
Of interest?

What about recent history?

Oh, that's too bad.

We have so little
On recent history.

There was
No demand for it.

It doesn't have
To be extensive,

Just the answers
To a few questions.

Of course.

Reference service is
Available at the desk.

You're very late.
Where have you been?

You're a very
Agile man, mr. Atoz.

Just how many of you
Are there?

Kirk: space--
The final frontier.

These are the voyages
Of the starship enterprise.

Its 5-year mission:
To explore strange new worlds,

To seek out new life
And new civilizations,

To boldly go where
No man has gone before.

We came
As soon as we knew
What was happening.

Forgive me, sir.
It is my fault.

I must have

Our readings indicated
That there was
No one here at all.

Of course I know.

Everyone on this planet
Was warned of the coming
Nova long ago.

They followed
And are now safe,

And you had better
Do the same.

Did you say they were safe?

Every single one.

Where did they go?

Wherever they wanted
To go, of course.

It is strictly up to
The individual's choice.

I see.

And you personally sent

All these people
On the planet to safety?

Yes, yes, yes.
They are all gone.

Except you three.

Of course,
I had to delegate

The simple tasks
To my replicas.

You are the real one,
Mr. Atoz?

Of course. I am
The real mr. Atoz.

As a matter
Of fact, he's
Quite real, jim.

Let us take you with us
To a place of safety.

No, thank you.

I plan to join
My wife and family
When the time comes.

Now, don't be
Concerned about me.

Think of yourselves.

I warn you
Most urgently.

Make your escape
Before it's too late.

The library is at
Your complete service.

I will gladly supply you
With all reference
Material to help you.

History of the planet is
Available in every detail.

Just choose what
Interests you the most.

The millennium,
The century, the date,
The moment--

The library
Is your key.

It's in
The wrong file.

Make your own

But remember,
You're very late.

Yes. We'll choose it
As quick as we can.

How long till nova?

3 hours,
13 minutes.

This gentleman
Is not--

You, sir,
I think
You'll find

Over here.

Now, if these won't do,
I can bring you
Another file.

[flips switches]

[machine whirring]

Have you made
Your selection, sir?

Exactly what is it
That I'm expected
To select?

I'm sure
I was clear.

The period in which
You're interested.

I see. This is
A fascinating

What is it?

Ah, this is
The atavachron.


And how does it
Work? May I--

Mr. Atoz: no, sir, no.

I must ask you not to touch
The controlling mechanism.

Return and
Make your selection.

When you have chosen,
I will prepare you
Through the atavachron.

Thank you, mr. Atoz.

[woman screaming]

Spock, bones!

Wait! I haven't
Prepared you.

[woman screaming]


[woman shouts]

You must be prepared.

What is this place?

Yes, and where
Is the captain?

Woman: I didn't do anything!
Let go of me!



You vixen!

Come when you are
Bidden, slave!

You need a lesson
In how to use
Your betters.

Who's your master?

I'm a free man, sir.

Then you want
Better manners,
Free man.

Defend yourself.


Heating this boulder
May provide some
Temporary heat.


What's wrong?

Something's preventing
My phaser from operating.

[wind whistling]

Ha ha ha!
Oh, thank ye, man!

I thought I'd
Be limbered sure

When that gull
Caught me
Cutting his purse.

What's that?
Are you all right?

Oh, I took you
To be an anglo,

But you're none
Of us, are you?


A bully fine coo
For all of that.

Thank you.

What a handsome dish
You served them,
The coxcombs--ooh.

You better come back
With me to the library.
You'll be safe there.

Dr. Mccoy can see
To those bruises.

I'm game, luv.

And I'll follow.

Where is library?

It's right over th--

Where's the captain,

We were right
Behind him.

What's with you,

Let's make off

Before coxcombs
Come with
Shoulder clappers.

Do you remember
When you first saw me?

Do you remember
Whether I came through
Some kind of door?

Ooh, I think
The rum gull must have
Kicked you in the head.

Come on, luv.
I know a liege who
Will ask no questions.

No. No, it must
Be here someplace.

Mccoy: jim!

Jim, can you
Hear us?

Bones? Spock?

Spock: captain!

We hear you,
But we cannot see you.

Spock: are you
All right?

We must have missed
Each other somehow.

Spock: agreed.

Apparently they
Have all escaped

The destruction
Of their world

By retreating
Into its past.

Mercy on us.

It's spirits!

No, no. These are
Friends of mine.


Kirk: spock, are you
In the library?

Indeed not.

We're in a wilderness
Of arctic characteristics.

He means it's cold!

Can you get back
To the library?

There is no library,

At least not
That we can see.

We are at the base
Of an ice cliff.


Just before you
Disappeared, captain,

I discovered a machine
Which mr. Atoz called
The atavachron.

It must have been
Tied into the tape
Viewer somehow.

Opening time portals
To the past.

You crossed through
Into the period
Which you were viewing.

I was looking over
Some material
About their ice age.

And I am here evidently

Because I stepped through
At the same instant
As dr. Mccoy.



My friends
Are coming back
With reinforcements.

[woman shouts]

There's the mort's
Arrest him.

We are the law
And do require
That ye yield to us.

On what charge?

And purse-cutting.

That is a mistake.
I'm no thief.

What's happening?!

Lord help us.
What's that?

It's spirits!

Away. Away,
Spirit, and let
Honest men approach!

Keep talking.

Spock: captain!

Man: they speak
At his bidding.

Stop his mouth,
And they'll quiet.

Spock: you must be
Close to the portal.

Keep talking now!

Jim! What's
The matter?!

Jim sounded like
He was in trouble.

We may be in trouble

We must find shelter.

In this severe cold,
We cannot survive
Much longer.

Leave me here, spock.

We go together
Or not at all.

Don't be a fool.

My hands and face
Are frostbitten.
I can't feel my feet.

Alone you have a chance.
Now, do what I say.

Go try to find jim.

We go together.

You stubborn,
Thick-headed vulcan!

He's suffering
From the severity
Of your weather.


He is the doctor,
Not I.

I'll avoid giving him
Any medication
At this time.

Perhaps, if he's kept
Quiet and warm, he may
Recover naturally.

It is agreeably
Warm here.

What are you called?

I'm called spock.

Even your name is strange.

Forgive me.

I've never seen anyone
Who looks like you.

Why are you here?

Are you
Prisoners, too?


This is
One of the places
Zorcon sends people

When he wants them
To disappear.

Didn't you
Come in through
The time portal?

Yes, we came through
The time portal,
But not as prisoners.

We were sent here
By mistake.


The atavachron
Is far away,

But I think you
Come from someplace
Farther than that.

That is true.

I am not from the world
You know at all.

My home is a planet
Millions of light-years away.

How wonderful!

I've always loved
Books about such

But...They are
Only stories.

This...Isn't real.


I must be imagining
All this.

I'm going mad!


Listen to me.

I am firmly convinced
That I do exist.

I am substantial.

You are not
Imagining this.



I've been here
For so long, alone.

When I saw you
Out there,

I couldn't
Believe it.

Is he dying?

Here's the mort.

And there's
The mort's henchman.

Open up.

Rouse him.

You are
The thief who
Talks to spirits.

No. I'm a stranger.

Where are you from?

An island.

What is this island?

It's called earth.

I know
No island earth.

But no matter.

I never saw that woman
Before tonight.

When...She screamed,

As far as I could tell,
She was being attacked.

Then you deny being
Her accomplice?

Yes, I deny it.

I was reading
In the library
When I heard her scream.

My lord...

The library.

Do you remember
Where the library
Is, my lord?

Perhaps your part
In this is innocent.

I believe you to be
An honest man.

He's a witch!

Take care, woman.

I am convinced
Of your guilt.

Do not compound it
With false

He speaks
To unseen spirits!

He's a witch!

You--you heard
The voices.

It's truth, my lord.

I heard the spirit
Talk to him.

He answered, and did
Call it bones.

You're a witch!

He--he cast a spell.

He--he made me steal
Against me wish.

Surely you
Don't believe--

You heard these spirits?

Aye, my lord.

I'll witness to it.

What he heard, my lord,
Were only my friends

Behind the wall
In the library.

In the library.

I know nothing of this.
The library.

Send for someone
Learned in witchcraft
And let him examine him.

I'll have nothing
To do with it.

My lord, at least
Arrange for me
To meet mr. Atoz.

I know no atoz.
Yes! Yes! Atoz!

I know nothing of this,
Nothing of these matters!

I will not hear it!
Let me speak to you!

Lord: I will
Not hear it!

At least let me
Talk to you!




They'll burn you.


Mccoy. Wake up.

Who are you?

My name
Is zarabeth.


Spock, are we
In the library?

No. We are still
In the ice age,

But safe
For the moment.


What about jim?

Doctor, you're in no
Condition to get up.

You lie down
And rest.

I shall attempt
To find the captain.

You find him,

Don't you worry
About me.

You just
Find him.


Who is this jim?

He's our
Commanding officer...

And our friend.

I saw only
The two of you.

I did not know
There was another.

He did not come with us.
He was sent through
The time portal

To another period
In history much later
Than this one.

If I am to find him,

There's only one
Possible avenue.

Will you show me

Where the time
Portal is?

But your friend--
He is ill.

That is true.

If I leave him,
There's a chance

He may never
Regain the ship.

He would
Then be marooned
In this time period,

But he is no longer
In danger of death,

So my primary duty
To him has been

And if I
Remain here,

No one of our party

Would be able to aid
Captain kirk.

You make it sound
Like an equation.

Well, it should be
An equation.

I should be able
To resolve this
Problem logically.

Perhaps it has
Something to do
With the atavachron.

If only I knew more
About how it worked.


You said that you
Were brought here
As a prisoner.

May I ask--


My crime was in choosing
My kinsmen unwisely.

Two of them were
Involved in a conspiracy
To kill zorcon.

I remember that name
From the history tapes
In the library--

Zorcon the tyrant.

It was not enough that
He execute my kinsmen.

Zorcon determined
To destroy our entire family.

He used the atavachron
To send us places no one
Could ever find us.

Zarabeth, we must
Return to mr. Atoz
And the atavachron.

We will carry
Dr. Mccoy, and you
Must come with us.

I will send you
And the doctor
To the ship,

And I shall search
For captain kirk.

I can't go through
The portal again.

If I do, I will die.

We cannot go back?

None of us can
Go back.

When we come
Through the portal,

We are changed
By the atavachron.

That is its function.

Our basic cell structure
Is adjusted to
The time we enter.

You can't go back.

If you go through
The portal again,

You will die
By the time you reach
The other side.

Mccoy: spock.

Where are we?

You are safe
Here, mccoy.

Yes. I remember you.

Come, doctor.
Back to bed.

Why are you
Still here, spock?

Why aren't you
Looking for jim?

It is impossible
To look for him, doctor.
We cannot go back.

What do you mean,
Impossible? We've
Got to get back.

Explained it to me.

When we came through
The time portal,

It altered our
Physiological structure.

If we attempt to return
To the library,

We shall die.

Are you trying
To tell me that
We're trapped here?

Yes, doctor,
We are trapped...

Just as jim is trapped
Wherever he is.

Kirk, voice-over:
Captain's log, stardate 5943.9.

The people of this time
Believe in witches,

And witchcraft is what
I've been accused of.

Five witnesses heard
Mccoy's voice speak to me

And thought it was
An evil spirit.

From what I know
Of witchcraft trials,

I don't have much chance
Unless I can get to
The prosecutor.

No supper for you, luv.

Come on.

Up you go.

[door closes]

Give me your cup.

Cry out,
And I'll break it.

Don't move.



I'm being
Falsely accused.
You know that.

You will
Come with me

The inquisitional

There, the matter
Of your witchcraft
Will be decided.

There are
No such things
As witches!

That is sacrilege.
If they hear you,

They will burn you
For such beliefs.

You're the only one
That can hear me,
And that's the truth.

There are no witches.
Why do you deny it?

Do not let them
Hear you.

There are witches!

There are!

You yourself
May be discovered

To be a witch
By the inquisitor.


What are you doing?

No! No! No!

Aah! Help!

I'll denounce you
To the inquisitor.

You came here
From the future,
Just as I did.

Therefore, you, too,
Are a witch.

I beg you,
Do not implicate me.
They would burn me.

Then help me.

I will do
Everything I can

To prove you

I will disprove
All the charges
Of witchcraft.

But you must
Never again speak

To the comrades
You left behind.

Help me return
To the library.

I've lost my way.
I must get back there.

You cannot get back.

I tell you I must!

I had two friends with me,

Who are lost
In another time period.

I must find them.
You'll come back with us.

We can never
Go back.

We must live out
Our lives here
In the past.

The atavachron
Has prepared
Our cell structure

And our brain

To make life
Natural here.

To return
To the future would
Mean instant death.


I was not prepared.

Your mr. Atoz did not
Prepare me in any way.

Then you must
Get back at once.

If you were not

You can only survive
For a few hours

Here in the past.

Come. Hurry! Hurry!

Zarabeth, you are
A beautiful cook.

Have you ever been
Told that?

Not recently.

Oh, well, you'll find
That spock is quite delinquent
In those matters.

I hadn't noticed it.


Well, now that I'm
Feeling better,

You'll notice
A distinct difference
In our approach.


It's something
To look forward to.

I think you must be
Well enough, doctor,

To try the few delicacies
This climate has to offer.

No, not yet.

At your rate of progress,
It will be soon. I can see.

Dr. Mccoy is making
Excellent progress.

And mr. Spock has been
Practicing medicine
Without a license.

Now, don't let him
Doctor you.

I'm the doctor
Around here.

And known
As the worst patient

In the entire crew
Of the enterprise.

Wonder where she is.

5,000 years
In the future.

Thank you.

I wonder
Where jim is.

Who knows?

We can only hope
That he's well,
Wherever he is.

What do you mean,
We can only hope?

Haven't you done
Anything about it?

What was there to do?

Could locate the portal.
It can't be too far.

We've been through
All that, doctor.

What's the point
Of rehashing that subject?

We can't get back.
Wasn't that clear to you?

Yes, that was
Clear to me.

Then perhaps
You were too ill

To understand what
"Can't get back" means.

I don't believe it,

It's just not like you
To give up trying.

Then I'll
Repeat it for you.

Get this
Through your head--

We can't get back.

That means we are trapped

Here in this planet's past

Just as we are,

And we'll stay here
For the rest of our lives.

Now do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

I never thought
I'd hear it,

But I understand.

You want to stay here.

As a matter of fact,
You are highly motivated

To stay in this
Forsaken waste!

Prospect appeared
Quite attractive
To you a moment ago.

Now, you listen to me,
You pointed-eared

I don't like that.

I don't think I ever did,
And now I'm sure.

What's happening
To you, spock?

Nothing that shouldn't
Have happened long ago.

Long ago.

Of course.

Long ago.

This is where it is.

I can't remember
The exact spot.

That's it!

That is the portal.

I cannot wait
Any longer.

Spock! Mccoy!

Kirk to enterprise.
Come in.

Scott here, captain.

How much time before
The sun blows up?

17 minutes.
You three had better
Come back right away.

We can't, scotty.
Spock and mccoy
Are missing.

I knew there was trouble.
I got a landing party
Standing by.

No! Under no
Circumstances send

Anyone else down here
Without my orders.

Prepare to warp out
And stand by.

Kirk out.

Mr. Atoz!

Where are you?

Mr. Atoz:
May I help you?

It's you!
You're lucky you found
Your way back here.

Now let me process you
Through the atav--


Mr. Atoz, my friends and I
Are from another planet.

We don't belong
In your history.

We don't belong
On your planet at all.

Just let me
Take care of you

And get you back
Where you belong.


I'm going to find
The exact disk that
They were viewing.

Please! Go back!

I'm sorry, mr. Atoz.
Mr. Atoz!

I must prepare
To escape!

I'll let you out
In a minute.

Still up to your
Little game of replicas?

Which are you this time,
Real or not?

You are evidently
A suicidal maniac.

I don't understand
What you're trying
To do,

But if you continue,
Both of us will die,

And I, for one,
Do not wish death.

If you help me,
We won't die.
I promise you that.

I don't trust you.

Which one are you now,

The replica
Or the real one?

I'm the real atoz.

You've done away
With my replicas.

I regret
What I must now do.

You don't really want
To hurt me, do you?

You've been trying to save
My life. I realize that.

Put that thing away.


I cannot pretend to be
Sorry that you are here,

Though I realize it is
A misfortune for you.

I'm here against my will,
Too, just as you are.

I'm sorry.

I know of no way
To return you

To your own time.

It's not that
I wish to return.

This is my time now.

I've had to face that.

But it has been
Lonely here.

Do you know what
It's like to be alone...

Really alone?


I know
What it is like.

I believe you do.

Have something
To eat, please.

If it pleases you.

This is
Animal flesh.

There's not much else
To eat around here,
I'm afraid.

Naturally, because
Of the climate.

What is
The source of heat
In this shelter?

There's an underground
Hot spring.


Then it will be
Possible to build

A greenhouse
Of sorts.


This will have to do
As the only source
Of nourishment.

There aren't
Many luxuries around here.

Zorcon only left me
What was necessary to survive.

But he evidently
Intended that you
Continue living.


He gave me weapons,
A shelter, food,

I needed to live...

Except companionship.

He did not want it said
That he had me killed,

But to send me here alone--

If that is not death,
What is?

A very inventive mind,
That man.

But insensitive...

To send such
A beautiful woman
Into exile.

The cold must have
Affected me more
Than I realized.

Please pay
No attention.
I'm not myself.

I'm behaving

I have eaten
Animal flesh,
And I've enjoyed it.

What is wrong
With me?

I tell you
You're beautiful.

But you
are beautiful.

Is it so wrong
To tell you so?

I have longed
To hear you say it.

You are beautiful...

More beautiful than
Any dream of beauty
I've ever known.

Just stay
Where you are, sir.
I'll see you get to safety.


You're going to help me
Look for my friends.

You're a most
Determined man.

[beep beep]

Kirk here.

What's happening?
Why are you waiting?

No time to explain.
Are you ready
To warp out?

Aye, captain.

Stand by
To beam us up,

But when
That star explodes,
Don't wait.

Get out fast.
Kirk out.

Now we're going
To start looking.

They were
In a frozen waste.
I could hear the wind.

All right.
All right.

It must be
The sarpeidon
Ice age,

5,000 years ago.
Let me look.

We'll both look,
Mr. Atoz.


You've been dishonest
With me, spock,

And that is also
Something new for you.

I've given you
The facts, doctor.

The facts
As you know them.

Or did you just accept
Zarabeth's word

Because it's what
You wanted to believe?

You were told
The truth.

If zarabeth
Is the source,

What difference
Does it make?

Zarabeth is a woman

Condemned to a terrible
Life of loneliness.

She would do
Anything to anybody
To change that.

Wouldn't you, zarabeth?

I told you
What I know.

Did you? You said
we can't get back.

The truth is
you can't get back.

She would not
Jeopardize other lives.

She would do anything
To prevent that life
Of loneliness!

She would lie.
She would cheat.

She would even
Murder me, the captain,

The entire crew
Of the enterprise,

To keep you here
With her.

Go ahead, zarabeth.

Tell spock the truth.

Go ahead.

Tell spock
You would kill--

What are you
Doing to her?!
No! Don't touch me!

Are you trying
To kill me, spock?

Is that what
You really want?


What are you feeling?

Rage? Jealousy?

Have you ever had
Those feelings before?

This is impossible.


I am a vulcan.

The vulcan you knew
Won't exist

For another
5,000 years.

Think, man!

What's happening
On your planet
Right now,

At this very moment?

My ancestors
Are barbarians...

Warlike barbarians.

Who nearly killed
Themselves off

With their
Own passions.


You're reverting
Into your ancestors,

5,000 years before
You were born!

I've lost myself.

I do not know who I am.

can we go back?

I don't know.

I only know
That I can't go back.

I know I'm going
To try, spock,

Because my life
Is back there...

And I want that life.

Mr. Atoz: you think
That's the right one?
Kirk: I don't know.

If we're to get
The portal set for
The proper time period,

You must be specific.
I didn't see it.

Well, try calling out.




You've got
The wrong one.

There's no time left.

Let me go.
Try again.

There's no portal here,
Doctor. It's hopeless.

I suppose you're right.

You're too ill
To remain out here
Any longer. Give it up.



It's jim!
Here we are, jim!

We found them.

Can you still
Hear me?

Spock: we hear you
Perfectly, captain.

Follow my voice!

Spock, mccoy,
Follow my voice.

Do you hear me?
Keep following my voice.

Spock, mccoy.

This must be it.

What are you
Waiting for?

Come on, spock!

You start ahead,

I do not wish
To part from you.

I cannot come.

If I go back,
I will die.

What are you
Waiting for? Hurry!

How much time
Do we have?

Scotty, how much time
Is there?

You've got to
Come aboard now.

Come on,
Spock! Now!

Something's wrong!

What's the matter?
Why can't he get through?
I don't know,

Unless it's because they
Originally went through
The portal together.

Spock! Mccoy!

You can't get through
Unless you both come
Back at the same time!

Scotty: orders or no,

I'm beaming you
Up first.
No! Wait!

Kirk: spock! Mccoy!
Hurry through the portal!
Time is running out!

He had his escape planned.
I'm glad he made it.

Kirk to enterprise.

There's no further need
To observe me, doctor.

As you can see, I've
Returned to the present
In every sense.

But it did happen,

Yes, it happened...

But that was
5,000 years ago,

And she is dead now,

Dead and buried...

Long ago.

Are you there?

Scotty: it's
Now or never,

Beam us aboard,

And go to maximum warp
As soon as we're there.
Kirk out.