Star Trek (1966–1969): Season 3, Episode 2 - The Enterprise Incident - full transcript

An apparently insane Capt. Kirk has the Enterprise deliberately enter the Romulan Neutral Zone where the ship is immediately captured by the enemy.

Enterprise Medical Log,
stardate 5027.3.

Dr. Leonard McCoy recording.

I'm concerned about Captain Kirk.

He shows indications of increasing
tension and emotional stress.

I have completed the assignment,

- A theoretical incursion into...
- Yes, Mr. Chekov. I can read.

And as usual, your theoretical
evaluations do not tally with mine.

Return to your duty and I'll let you
know when your work is satisfactory.

Spock, full-sensor scan
of the region, please.

- I did give a full report on it...
- Yes Mr. Spock, that was the past.

I'm concerned with the present.

Or is it becoming too much
for this crew... present me
with current information?

No, sir.
Compliance presents no problem.

Then, Mr. Spock, comply.

Sensor scan to one-half parsec.

- Negative, captain.
- Very well.

I can find no reason
for the captain's behaviour

except, possibly, that we've been
on patrol too long

without relief and diversion.

He has resisted all my attempts
to run a psychological profile on him.

Maintaining course and speed, sir.

Change course.
Come about to 185 mark 3.

But that will lead us directly
into the Romulan Neutral Zone.

That's very perceptive, Mr. Sulu.

I know where
the course change takes us.


Aye, sir.

Increasing sensor scan
to one parsec.

All scanners report clear
and nothing in our immediate vicinity.

Better and better, Mr. Spock.

Captain, leaving neutral zone,

now entering Romulan space.

Very well, Mister Sulu.


When did the order come

- Order?
- From Starfleet.

The order to enter the neutral zone.

There's been no order I know of,
Mr. Scott.

But surely the captain couldn't be
doing this on his own authority?

If you two have any complaints,
you can bring them out into the open.

That's a Klingon ship.

But it couldn't be,
not in this area.

Intelligence reports Romulans
now using Klingon design.

Sound red alert, man battle stations.
Stand by main phasers.

Battle stations, all hands,
battle stations.

A second ship has appeared.

Correction. There are now three.

We are surrounded.

Space, the final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the Starship Enterprise.

Its five-year mission:
To explore strange new worlds.

To seek out new life
and new civilizations.

To boldly go
where no man has gone before.

Lieutenant Uhura, code a message
to Starfleet Command.

Advise them of our situation,
include all log entries to this point.

Aye, aye, sir.

Mr. Spock, your sensors read clear.
What happened?

- I have a theory, captain...
- Captain Kirk.

I'm receiving Class 2 signal from the
Romulan vessel.

Put it on the viewing screen,

and complete that message
to Starfleet Command.

You have been identified
as the Starship Enterprise.

Captain James T. Kirk,
last known to be in command.

Your information is correct.
This is Captain Kirk.

I am Sub-Commander Tal
of the Romulan fleet.

Your ship is surrounded, captain.

You will surrender immediately
or we will destroy you.


They want something

or they would have
destroyed us by now.

True, captain. That would be
standard Romulan procedure.

It's my ship they want.
And very badly.

It would be a great prize.


Save your threats.

If you board this ship, I'll blow it up.
You'll gain nothing.

- Who is that beside you?
- My first officer, Commander Spock.


Yes, commander.

Yes, commander.

No one should decide
quickly to die, captain.

We give you one of your hours.

If you do not surrender your ship
at the end of that time

your destruction is certain.

We will be open to communication,
should you wish it.

You understand
that Starfleet Command

has been advised of the situation.

A sub-space message will take
three weeks to reach Starfleet.

The decision is yours, captain.
One hour.

The design of the ship is the same.

Mr. Spock,

you said you had a theory
on why your sensors

didn't pick up the new ships
until they were upon us?

I believe the Romulans
have developed a cloaking device

which renders
our tracking sensors useless.

If so, the Romulans could attack
into Federation territory

before we knew they were there,
before a vessel

or a planet could even
begin to get their defences up.

They caught us, right enough.

That's a brilliant observation, Mr. Scott.
Do you have other helpful opinions?

- Well, we've not got many choices.
- We have three.

We can fight and be destroyed.

Or we can destroy
the Enterprise ourselves

and keep her from the Romulans
or we can...


Opinions, gentlemen?

If the Enterprise
is taken by the Romulans

they'll know everything
there is to know about a starship.

If we had not crossed
the neutral zone on your order

you would not now need our opinions
to support a decision

which should never have
had to be made.

Jim, you ordered us?

You had no authority.

- Dismissed, doctor.
- Jim.

I said dismissed.

Bridge to Captain Kirk.

Kirk here.

The Romulan vessel
is signalling again, sir.

- Put them on the screen.
- Aye, aye, sir.

My commander wishes to speak
with you, Captain Kirk.

- Put him on.
- The commander wishes to see you

and your first officer
aboard this vessel.

It is felt this matter
requires discussion.

Why should we walk
right into your hands?

Two of my officers
will beam aboard your vessel

as exchanged hostages
while you are here.

What guarantee do we have
that they'll beam aboard our ship

once we're on yours?

Granted, we do not easily trust
each other, captain.

But you are the ones
who violated our territory.

Should it not be we
who distrust your motives?

However, we agree
to simultaneous exchange.

Give us your transporter coordinates.
We're beaming aboard.

One final order, Engineer Scott.
If we do not return

the Enterprise must not be taken.

If the Romulans attempt it,
you're to fight and if necessary

destroy yourselves, is that clear?

Perfectly clear.


Captain Kirk.

Commander, I'm honoured.

I don't think so.

But we have an important matter
to discuss.

And your superficial courtesies
are an overture to that discussion.

You are the first officer.


I speak first with the captain.

You may wait outside.

The matter of trespass into Romulan
space is one of galactic import,

a violation of treaties.

Now, I ask you simply

what is your mission here?

Instrument failure
caused navigational error.

We were across
the neutral zone before we realized it.

We were surrounded by your ships
before we could get back.

A starship,

one of the Starfleet's finest vessels.

You are saying instrument failure as
radical as you suggest went unnoticed

until you were well past
the neutral zone?

Accidents can happen, cut-off,
back-up systems can malfunction.

We were due for an overhaul
months ago.

I see.

But you were able to navigate
with this malfunction?

The error was corrected.

But I doubt if it will clear you
of espionage.

We were not spying, commander.

Your language has always been
most difficult for me, captain.

Perhaps you have
another word for it?

You are grossly mistaken
if you think that we were there...

- You listen to me...
- If a Romulan vessel

ventured far into Federation territory
without good explanation

what would a starbase
commander do?

You see,

it works both ways.

I hardly believe you
are the injured party.


Come in.

The captain has made his statement.

I understand.

I must admit

some surprise
on seeing you, Spock.

We were not aware of Vulcans
aboard the Enterprise.

Starfleet is not in the habit

of informing Romulans
of its ships' personnel.

Quite so.

Yet there are certain ships,

certain officers that are known to us.

Your situation
appears most interesting.

What earns Spock
your special interest?

He is a Vulcan.

Our forebears had the same roots

and origins, something you
wouldn't understand, captain.

We can appreciate the Vulcans,

our distant brothers.

I have heard of Vulcan integrity

and personal honour.

There is a well-known saying,

or is it a myth,

that Vulcans are incapable of lying.

It is no myth.

Then tell me truthfully, now,

by your honour as a Vulcan,
what was your mission?

I reserve the privilege of speaking

only when it will not violate
my honour as a Vulcan.

It is unworthy of a Vulcan
to resort to subterfuge.

You're being clever, commander.

That is unworthy of a Romulan.

It is not a lie to keep the truth
to oneself.

Then there is a truth here

that remains unspoken.

You've been told everything,
there's nothing else to say.

There is Mr. Spock's
unspoken truth.

You knew of the cloaking device
that we have developed.

You deliberately violated
Romulan space

with a blatant spy mission by order
of the Federation Command.

- We've been all through that.
- We have not even begun.

There is no force that I can use

on a Vulcan
that will make him speak.

That is a fact.

But there are Romulan methods

completely effective against humans

and human weaknesses.

You would not resort to them,

They would prove ineffective
against the captain.

Then they will leave him dead,

or what might be worse than dead.

But I will know
your unspoken truths.

Let her rant. There's nothing to say.

I cannot allow the captain
to be further destroyed.

The strain of command has worn
heavily upon him.

- He's not been himself for weeks.
- That's a lie.

As you can see, Captain Kirk is a
highly sensitive and emotional person.

I believe he has lost the capacity
for rational decision.

- Shut up, Spock.
- I am betraying no secrets.

The commander's suspicion
that Starfleet ordered

the Enterprise into the neutral zone
is unacceptable.

Our rapid capture
demonstrates its foolhardiness.

You filthy liar.

I am speaking the truth

for the benefit of the Enterprise
and the Federation.

I say now and for the record

that Captain Kirk ordered the
Enterprise across the neutral zone

on his own initiative
and his craving for glory.

I'll kill you for this, you traitor,
I'll kill you.

- I'll kill you.
- He is not sane.

Attention, Enterprise. I am speaking
to you from the Romulan flagship.

The U.S.S. Enterprise, under
command of Captain James T. Kirk

is formally charged with espionage.

The testimony of First Officer Spock

was highly instrumental
in confirming

this intrusion into Romulan space
was not an accident.

First Officer Spock's
testimony was specific

that your ship was not under
orders from Starfleet Command

or the Federation Council
to perform such a spy mission.

It was Captain Kirk
who was solely responsible.

Since the crew had no choice
but to obey orders

the crew will not be held

Therefore, I am ordering
Engineer Scott,

presently in command
of the Enterprise,

to follow the Romulan flagship

to our home base.

You will there be processed and
released to Federation Command.

Until judgment is passed, Captain Kirk
will be held in confinement.

Security. Put our two
Romulan hostages in the brig.

Lieutenant Uhura,
give me a channel to that ship.

Channel is open, Mr. Scott,
and you are tied in.

This is Lieutenant
Commander Scott.

The Enterprise takes no orders
except those of Captain Kirk.

And we will stay right here
until he returns.

And if you make any attempt to board
or commandeer the Enterprise,

it will be blown to bits along with as
many of you as we can take with us.

You humans make a brave noise.

There are ways to convince you
of your errors.

Did you hear that, you coward?

You've betrayed everything of value
you ever knew.

Did you hear the sound of human

Take him to the security room.

A Vulcan among humans,

living, working with them.

I would think the situation
would be intolerable to you.

I am half-Vulcan.
My mother is a human.

To whom is your allegiance then?

Do you call yourself Terran
or Vulcan?


How long have you been
a Starfleet officer, Spock?

- Eighteen years.
- And you serve Captain Kirk.

Do you like him?
Do you like your shipmates?

- The question is irrelevant.
- Possibly.

But you are subordinate to Captain
Kirk's orders, even to his whims.

My duty as an officer is to obey him.

You are a superior being.

Why do you not command?

I do not desire a ship of my own.

Or is it that no one has offered you,
a Vulcan, that opportunity?

Such opportunities
are extremely rare.

For someone with your capabilities
and accomplishments,

opportunities are made.

And will be.

I will see to that if you will
stop looking on the Federation

as the whole universe.

It is not, you know.

That thought has occasionally
crossed my mind.

You must have your own ship.

shall we speak plainly?

It is you who desperately need
a ship.

You want the Enterprise.

Of course.

It would be a great achievement for me
to bring home the Enterprise intact.

It would broaden the scope
of my powers greatly.

It would be the achievement
of a lifetime.

And it would open
equal opportunities for you.

Bridge to Dr. McCoy.

- McCoy here.
- Doctor, you must beam aboard

the Romulan flagship immediately.
There's been an injury.

- I don't make house calls.
- Doctor, it's Captain Kirk.

He'll recover, but he'll need
further attention.

Inform your superior.


I'll come there.

Attend me.

I neglected to mention,
I'll expect you for dinner.

- We have much to discuss.
- Indeed?

Allow me to rephrase.

Will you join me for dinner?

I am honoured, commander.

Are the guards also invited?

Mr. Spock.

That corridor is forbidden
to all but loyal Romulans.

Of course.
I shall obey your restrictions.

I hope that one day

there will be no need for you
to observe any restrictions.

It would be illogical

to assume that all conditions
remain stable.

- Are you the doctor?
- McCoy.

Chief medical officer.

Captain Kirk's condition?

Well, you can see for yourself.

He's mentally depressed,
physically weak,

disoriented, displays feelings
of persecution and rebellion.

Then by your own standards
of normality,

this man is not fully competent.

No, not now.

Mr. Spock has stated
that he believes

the captain had no authority
or order to cross the neutral zone.

Could this mental incapacity
have afflicted him earlier?

Yes, it's possible.

Mr. Spock,

the doctor has now confirmed
your testimony.

As to the mental state
of your captain,

he was and is unfit to continue
in command of the Enterprise.

That duty has now fallen on you.

Are you ready to exercise that

- I am ready.
- Spock, I don't believe it.

There's no price you could pay
that would make him sell out.

The matter is not open
for discussion, doctor.

- What do you mean the matter is..?
- That's enough, doctor.

As a physician,
your duty is to save lives.

Mr. Spock's duty
is to lead the Enterprise

and its crew to a safe haven.

There is no alternative, doctor.

The safety of the crew
is now the paramount issue.

It is misguided loyalty
to resist any further.

You traitor.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

What did you do?

What did you do?

I was unprepared for his attack.

I instinctively used
the Vulcan death grip.

Your instincts are still good,
Mr. Spock.

The captain is dead.

Doctor! Dr. McCoy!

Dr. McCoy.

I left orders that no one
was to come in here.

- He's alive. Alive.
- Well, now that you know it,

you might as well assist me.
Hand me the physio-stimulator.

But he was dead.
Their doctors certified he was dead.

Spock gave him a nerve pinch
to simulate death.

Then Mr. Spock isn't a traitor.

And you knew that all the time
and you didn't...

I didn't know it until I beamed aboard
the Romulan ship.

Jim and Spock were operating under
Federation orders.

My neck feels like
it's been twisted off.

That's the Vulcan death grip for you.

There's no such thing
as a Vulcan death grip.

Oh, but the Romulans
don't know that.

Sure fooled the doctors.

You took a big chance
that they didn't start an autopsy.

As far as the rest of crew
is concerned, I'm still dead.


That's what this whole masquerade
was about.

To keep the Enterprise
and the Federation off the hook.

So that if any thing went wrong

you would be the one to blame.


I want you to prepare for surgery.

What for?

Sickbay to Bridge.

Scott here, doctor.

Mr. Scott, will you report
to Sickbay?

Sickbay? I can't leave the Bridge
at a time like this.

You have to, it's urgent.

We're surrounded by enemy
vessels ready to attack us,

I don't know of anything
more urgent than that.

Well, I do.

Mr. Scott, please.

All right, doctor.

It better be important. Scott out.

All right, doctor,
what's so urgent that...


Captain Kirk.


Well, you look like the devil, himself,
but as long as you're alive.

What's it all about?

Are those Romulan officers
still aboard the ship?

They are in the brig, sir.

I'll need a Romulan uniform.

Aye. It will be a pleasure.

I've had special Vulcan dishes
prepared for you.

I hope they're to your liking.

I'm very flattered, commander.

There is no doubt that the cuisine
aboard your vessel

is far superior
to that of the Enterprise.

It is, indeed, a very powerful
recruiting inducement.

We have other inducements.

What the devil is Spock doing?

What's delaying him?

I wish I knew.

Scotty, are you sure
we have a clear channel to Spock?

Aye, sir. No doubt of it.

Then we can't wait any longer. Prepare
to beam me aboard the flagship.

But Mr. Spock hasn't set
the proper coordinates yet.

- Can't be helped, Scotty.
- You're taking an awful chance, Jim.

Just don't put me
inside a bulkhead. Energize.

Centurion, I'm sorry,
no one is allowed...

I have just effected an escape
from the Federation vessel.

I have information
for Sub-Commander Tal. Where is he?

He's in control central, centurion.

Good. I shall mention your alertness
to him. Return to your duty.

Thank you, centurion.

You have nothing in Starfleet

to which to return.

I off...

We offer you an alternative.

We will find a place for you,

if you wish it.

A place?

With me.

Romulan women
are not like Vulcan females.

We are not dedicated to

pure logic

and the sterility of non-emotion.

Our people are warriors,

often savage.

But we are also
many other pleasant things.

I was not aware of that aspect
of Romulan society.

As a Vulcan, you would study it.

As a human, you would
find ways to appreciate it.

Please believe me,

I do...

...appreciate it.

I am so glad.

Now, one final step
to make the occasion complete.

You will lead a small party
of Romulans aboard the Enterprise.

And there you will take
your rightful place

as its commander.

And you will lead the ship
to a Romulan port,

with my flagship at its side.

Yes, of course.

But not just this moment.

An hour from now
will do even better.

Would it not,



Yes, it will.

Mr. Spock.

You do know I have a first name.

I was beginning to wonder.

Well, I do.

Would you like to hear it?

How rare

and how beautiful.

But so incongruous
when spoken by a soldier.

If you will give me a moment,

the soldier will transform herself

into a woman.

- Spock to Captain Kirk.
- Kirk here.

Captain, are you prepared
to beam over?

I'm already on board, Spock.
Do you have the information?

Yes, captain.

The cloaking device is in an area
near the commander's quarters.

It is closely guarded and off-limits
to all but authorized personnel.

What is your present location?

Sub-commander Tal.

I'm receiving an alien transmission
from within our vessel, sir.

- Alien? Are you certain?
- Yes, sub-commander.

- I must know the source.
- Triangulating now, sir.

Spock, I'll get the cloaking device.

Will you be able to get back
to the Enterprise

without attracting their attention?

Unknown, captain.
At present, I'm rather heavily...

Is my...

...attire now more appropriate,

Mr. Spock?

Commander, your attire
is not only more appropriate,

it should actually stimulate
our conversation.


Have you clearance for this area?
I do not recognize you.

There's an intruder aboard. Has
someone tried to gain entrance?

- I must see your authorization, sir.
- Over there.

It's hard to believe

that I could be so moved

by the touch of an alien hand.

I must confess that I, too,

am moved emotionally.

I know it is illogical...

Mr. Spock,

we mustn't question

what we truly feel.

Accept what is happening
between us,

even as I do.


Permission to enter.

Not now, Tal.

It is urgent, commander.


Commander. We have
intercepted an alien transmission.

Locate its source.

We have, commander.

This room.

The cloaking device. Bring him.

Hold. Don't move.

Who are you?
What are you doing in here?

There's an enemy spy aboard.
He'll be after the cloaking device.

Drop your weapon.



But, sir, what about Mr. Spock?

Hope he can buy us enough time
to get this cloaking device installed.

It'll have to be hooked into
our deflector-shield control.

- Can you do it?
- I don't know sir.

You have 15 minutes, Scotty.

the cloaking device is gone.

Full alert. Search all decks.

That will be profitless, commander.

I do not believe you will find it.

You must be mad.

I assure you,

I am quite sane.

Why would you do this to me?

What are you
that you could do this?

First Officer of the Enterprise.

What is your present form
of execution?

Captain's Log, stardate 5027.4.

Commander Scott
has less than 15 minutes

to install the Romulan's
cloaking device and get it working.

I hope Mr. Spock
can buy us the time we need.

- Captain.
- You're alive.

- They said you'd been killed, sir.
- The report was premature.

- Captain, your ears, what happened?
- We'll discuss it later.

Mr. Sulu, lay in a course for home.
Chekov, take the sensors.

Mr. Spock is still aboard
the Romulan flagship.

I want his body readings
pinpointed and isolated.

That was not a request, gentlemen.

- Aye, sir.
- Aye, sir.

Aye, sir.

Return to your station,

The boarding action on the Enterprise
will begin with my command.

If they resist, destroy her.

Execution of state criminals

is both painful and unpleasant.

I believe the details
are unnecessary.

The sentence will be carried out
immediately after the charges

have been recorded.

I demand the Right of Statement first.

You understand
Romulan tradition well.

The right is granted.

Thank you.

I shall not require much time.

No more than 20 minutes,
I should say.

It should take less time
than that to find your ally

who stole the cloaking device.

You will not die alone.

Recording the Romulan
Right of Statement.

Proceed, Commander Spock.

My crime is sabotage.
I freely admit my guilt.

The oath I swore
as a Starfleet officer

is both specific and binding.

As long as I wear the uniform,

my duty is to protect the security
of the Federation.

Clearly, your new cloaking device
is a threat to that security.

I carried out my duty.

Everyone carries out his duty.

You state the obvious, Spock.

There is no regulation regarding
the content of my statement.

May I continue?

Very well.
Your 20 minutes is almost up.

Mr. Chekov, there is only one Vulcan
aboard that ship,

he should be easy enough
to locate.

Romulans and Vulcans appear
to read almost exactly alike.

There is just a slight
difference which...

Got him, sir.

Feed the coordinates to the
transporter room on the double.

Have them prepare to beam him
aboard on my signal.

Captain Kirk, Mr. Scott
is on the intercom for you, sir.

Go ahead, Scotty.

I've got the device installed but..

...bless me if I know
whether it's going to work.

It's the biggest guess
I've ever made.

- Stand by, Scotty.
- Sir.

Transporter room has the
coordinates and is ready for beaming.

Transporter room,
beam Mr. Spock aboard.

Beyond the historic tradition
of Vulcan loyalty

there is also the combined
Romulan-Vulcan history

of obedience to duty.

Transporter room
reports Mr. Spock aboard, sir.

And the Romulan commander.

- The commander?
- Aye, sir.

All right.

Have them report to the
Bridge on the double. Mr Sulu,...

take us away
from the Romulans.

Warp factor 9.

Sub-Commander. The enemy vessel
is moving away at extreme speed, sir.

Alert all vessels.
Weapons officer,

bring main batteries to bear
on the Enterprise.

Holding at warp 9, sir.

Scotty, throw the switch
on that device.

I did, sir. It's not working.

I would give you credit, captain,
for getting this far.

But you will be dead in a moment

and the credit would be gratuitous.

Lieutenant, open a channel
to the Romulan vessel.

Aye, sir.

I have Sub-Commander Tal, sir.

Establish two-way visual contact.

We have you under our weapons Enterprise.
You cannot escape.

This is Captain Kirk. Hold your fire.

- We have your Commander aboard.
- Commander.

Destroy this vessel.
I gave you a direct command, Tal.

Helmsman, flank speed.
Weapons officer,

stand by to fire main batteries
as soon as we reach optimum range.

- Scotty, we're running out of time.
- Captain, I'm working as fast as I can.

You see, captain,
your effort has been wasted.

Mr. Spock,
distance from the Romulan vessel?

One hundred fifty thousand kilometres,
captain, and closing very rapidly.

Stand by, phasers.

Commander, you'll forgive me
if I put up a fight.

Of course, it's expected.

One-hundred thousand kilometres,
They should commence firing at us

within the next 12.7 seconds.

- Scotty.
- It's ready now, captain,

but I don't know whether our circuits
can handle this alien contraption.

- Throw the switch.
- It'll likely overload.

Throw the switch.

Weapons officer, commence fi...

Gone. They have
the cloaking device.

Quickly. Compute enemy course
from last position and open fire.

- Yes, sir.
- Sulu, come about 318 mark 7.

Three-one-eight mark 7,
sir. Executing.

The cloaking device
is working perfectly.

And the commander
has informed me

that even the Romulans' sensors
cannot track a vessel so equipped.

Thank you, Mr. Spock.

Cancel red alert.

We'll let you off
at the nearest Federation outpost.

You are very generous, captain.

If I may be taken to your brig,

I will take my place as your prisoner.

Mr. Spock will have the honour
of escorting you to your quarters.



Deck 2.

It is regrettable that you were made
an unwilling passenger.

It was not intentional.

All the Federation wanted
was the cloaking device.

The Federation?

And what did you want?

It was my only interest
when I boarded your vessel.

And that's exactly
all you came away with.

You underestimate yourself,

You realize that very soon

we will learn to penetrate
the cloaking device you stole.


Military secrets
are the most fleeting of all.

I hope that you and I exchanged
something more permanent.

It was your choice.

It was the only choice possible.

You would not respect any other.

It will be our secret.

Entering neutral zone, captain.

Very good, Mr. Chekov.
Thank you, Mr. Leslie.

- Sickbay to Bridge.
- What is it, Bones?

If all the shouting's over up there,

I'd like for you to report to Sickbay.

- What for?
- Well, you're due in surgery.

I'm going to bob your ears.

Captain, please go.

Somehow, they do not look
aesthetically agreeable on humans.

Well, are you coming, Jim?
Or do you want to go through life

looking like your first officer?

I'm on my way.