Star Trek (1966–1969): Season 3, Episode 15 - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield - full transcript

While on a mission of mercy, the Enterprise comes across a shuttle craft stolen from Starbase 4. Its occupant is Lokai, a humanoid who is exactly half black and half white. Soon his pursuer, Commissioner Bele, arrives on board demanding that Lokai be turned over to him for transport to their home planet where Lokai has been convicted as a terrorist. Both men have extraordinary powers and it turns out that the pursuit has lasted 50,000 years. Their hatred of one another is racially based and, despite attempts by Kirk and others, they are not prepared to reconcile. The pursuit ends on their home planet where they learn the fate of their races.

Captain's log, stardate 5730.2.

The planet Ariannus is vital as a transfer
point on space commercial lanes.

lt has been attacked by a bacteria
which threatens to render it lifeless.

Our mission, to decontaminate it.

Mr Chekov, our estimated time of arrival.

At present speed, our ETA is
three hours, four minutes, sir.

Advise the ministry of health that we'll
begin decontamination procedures

immediately upon locking into orbit.

- Will that present problems?
- No. Tanks are being positioned.

Sensors indicate a space vehicle ahead.

- ls it within visual range?
- Coming into range now.

Following an erratic course.

Put it on the screen.
Extreme magnification.

- l think it's a Starfleet shuttlecraft.
- That is exactly what it is.

lt looks like the one
stolen from Starbase 4.

Try to contact them
on command frequency 2.

Aye, Captain.

- No response.
- Try all frequencies.

Hailing on all frequencies.

There is one living creature aboard.

He is either injured or ill. The craft shows
internal atmospheric leakage.

The creature may be suffocating.

- Activate tractor beams.
- Tractor beams activated.

- We have it, sir.
- Bring it aboard the hangar deck.

Send a security team to the pressure
doors. Mr Spock, come with me. Scotty.

Hangar doors opened and clearing
for entrance of shuttlecraft.

Shuttlecraft approaching hangar deck.

- Bridge to Captain Kirk.
- Kirk here.

Doors closed.
Hangar deck pressurising.


We'll enter as soon as the doors open.
Go on my command.

Space - the final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the starship Enterprise.

lts five-year mission,
to explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life
and new civilisations,

to boldly go
where no man has gone before.

You are certain that this pigmentation is
the natural condition of this individual?

That's what l've recorded.

Do we have any knowledge of a planet
that could have produced such a race?

- Negative.
- Bones, what do you make of it?

l can't give you a circumstance
that will explain him.

Judging by looking at him, we know he is
the result of a dramatic conflict. Spock?

There is no theory,
from the basic work of Mendel

to recent nucleotide studies,
which explain him.

All gradations of colour
from black to brown

to yellow to white
are genetically predictable.

We must therefore conclude
that this alien

is that often unaccountable rarity,
a mutation, one of a kind.

- Yes, l would agree. That is the case.
- Your prognosis?

l can't give you one, Jim.
l've never worked on anyone like him.

Yet you are pumping him full of
noxious potions as if he were human.

When in doubt,
the book prevails, Mr Spock.

l've run tests. Blood is blood,
even when it's green.

The organs are there.
They're rearranged to a degree,

plus a few l've never seen before.

l've enriched the oxygen content of his
blood and pumped in a strong stimulant.

And l must say his recuperative powers
appear to be excellent.

With your permission, l shall do further
research and join you on the bridge.

He's coming around, Doctor.

Well, touch and go there for a minute,
but you're out of danger now.

You're aboard the starship Enterprise.

l've heard of it.
lt's in the United Fleet of Planets?

Federation. So is the shuttlecraft
that you were flying in.

lt was?

Don't you usually know
whose property you've stolen?

- l am not a thief.
- Certainly no ordinary thief.

Considering what it is

You're loose with your accusations
and drawing conclusions without facts.

You made off with a ship
that didn't belong to you.

l do not make off with things.
My need gave me the right to use it.

Mark the word, sir. The use of it.

You can try those technical evasions
on Starfleet Command.

That's where you'll be facing
your charges.

l'm grateful for your rescue.

Don't mention it.
We're pleased to have caught you.

Who are you?

My name is Lokai.

Go on.

From the planet Cheron.

That's in the southernmost part of
the galaxy, in an unchartered quarter.

What are you doing so far from home?

When we complete our mission,
we'll take you to Starbase,

where you'll face a serious charge.

The charge is trifling. l would have
returned the ship as soon as l...

What? What were you going to do?

You monotone humans are all alike.

First you condemn and then attack.

l will answer no more questions.

However we view him,
he's certainly no ordinary specimen.

Lokai, l don't know
what's normal for you,

but if l had your readings l would be
the most incredible physical specimen.

We've never encountered
a being like you.

l'd like to know more about you
and your planet.

- l'm very tired.
- And very evasive.

- Or at least not fully responsive. Now...
- l insist.

l'm extremely tired, made so by
your vindictive cross examinations.

l will answer no more questions.

Lieutenant Uhura, notify Starbase 4
that we've recovered its shuttlecraft

and it will be returned
along with its...user

as soon as we've completed
our mission at Ariannus.

lf you're satisfied that
the mutation theory as applicable,

l'll make a note of it in my report.

Unless we get more information
from him, it will have to serve.

- Kirk here.
- Contact with alien ship, sir.

l'll be right there. Notify Mr Spock.

Put the ship
on the viewing screen, Mr Sulu.


- Still nothing.
- l verify, sir. lt's out there.

Maximum magnification.

l draw a blank. Your response.

- Negative, Captain.
- No malfunction. The reading persists.

- What is it?
- There is a vessel out there, Captain.

Could it be a Romulan ship,
using a cloaking device?

Negative. lt is not a Romulan vessel.
lt is totally alien in configuration.

Motive power unknown.

Small size of the craft indicates a rapid
scout vessel, one or two-man crew.

Captain, l've tried all hailing frequencies.
Negative, sir.

- Weaponry on the vessel?
- Nothing identifiable.

lt is built for speed rather than combat.

Something out there can't be seen.

None. Completely elusive.
ln fact, it's invisible.


- Malfunction?
- There is no sensor failure.

The readings persist.

lt's headed straight for us.

Evasive action.

lt shifts with us, sir,
and we're pushing to the limit.

- Deflector shields activated.
- Automatic.

- We're on collision course.
- lt's out of control or a suicide mission.

Sound warning for collision. Red Alert.

Brace yourself for collision.
Brace yourself!

Read-out, Mr Spock?

lt just...disintegrated.

- Fascinating.
- What is it now?

lt is gone now, Captain, but it seems
to have deposited an alien presence.


Right here, Captain.

Explain, Spock.

One of a kind?

- l am Bele.
- Of the planet Cheron, no doubt.

Forgive my unorthodox arrival.

Your mode of travel was also
unorthodox. Secure from Red Alert.

- What happened to your vehicle?
- lt served me long and durably.

The strain of arduous pursuit
has exceeded its qualities.

l was just able to complete this trip
and disembark in time,

or l would have disintegrated
in space with it.

A unique craft. Pity it couldn't be
salvaged for our study.

Yes, it was sheathed in special
materials that rendered it invisible.

What brings you to us?

You bear precious cargo. Lokai.

He has taken refuge aboard this ship.
l am here to claim him.

All personnel aboard this vessel
are subject to my command.

No one claims anyone
without due process.

My apologies, Captain.
l overstepped my powers.

"Claim" is undoubtedly
an unfortunate word.

What is your authorisation?
From what source?

l'm chief of the commission
on traitors.

Lokai was tried and convicted
of treason, but escaped.

- May l see him, please?
- He's in sickbay.

Since you're aboard the Enterprise,
you are bound by its regulations.

With your permission, Captain.

Mr Spock.

Well, Lokai,
it's a pleasure to see you again.

This time l'm sure our joining
will be of a more permanent nature.

You are to be congratulated.

Never before has Lokai
been rendered so quiescent.

l will not return to Cheron,
to a land of murdering oppressors!

l told you where you were going.

l allowed your fellow countryman here
simply as a courtesy.

And you see how this killer repays you,
as he repays all his benefactors.

Benefactors? He's a liar.

They raided our homes,
tore us from our families,

herded us together like cattle
and then sold us as slaves.

They were savages. We took them into
our homes. We educated them.

Yes, just education enough
to serve the master race.

You were the product of our love
and you repaid us with murder.

Why should a slave
show mercy to the enslaver?

Slaves? That was changed thousands
of years ago. You were freed.


Were we free to be men?

Free to be husbands and fathers?

Free to live our lives
in equality and dignity?

You were free,
if you knew how to use freedom.

You were free enough
to slaughter and burn things.

l tried to break the chains
of 100 million people.

My only crime is that l failed.

There is an order in things.

He asked for utopia in a day.
lt can't be done.

Not in a day.

Not in ten times 10,000 years
by your thinking.

To you we are a loathsome breed.

Genocide for my people is your utopia!

You insane, filthy, little plotter of ruin.

You...vicious subverter
of every decent thought.

You're coming back
to pay for your crimes!

l know you and all those with whom you
are plotting to take power.

When l return,
you will understand what power is.

l will have armies of followers.

lt is now very clear that you know
each other extremely well, gentlemen.

The only service we can offer is to
bring you together. lt is not a battlefield.

l led revolutionaries, not criminals.
l demand political asylum.

- This ship is a sanctuary.
- l'll tell you once more.

For you, this ship is a prison.

Captain, it is imperative that you return
Lokai to Cheron for judgment.

Cheron is not in the Federation.
No treaties have been signed.

Your demand for possession
of him cannot be honoured.

There are no extradition procedures
to allow it. ls that clear, Commissioner?

Captain, l...hope you will be sensible.

- How do you mean?
- Cooperation.

l cannot take sides.

Since l am without a vessel
to return to Cheron,

l insist that you take us there.

There's a planet to be decontaminated.
Millions of lives are at stake.

Once that is completed, l will return
to Starbase 4 and turn you both in.

You can make your case to them.

l am sorry, Captain. That will not be
satisfactory. Not at all satisfactory.

Commissioner, as a visiting dignitary
from a far planet,

l offer you every hospitality aboard
this ship. Choose any other course.

You're the captain.

Yes, l am.

l think we can consider
your problem...settled.

At least for the present.

l have ordered guest quarters
for you on deck 6.

l suggest you get a great deal of rest,
especially your vocal chords.

lt seems you'll have a double opportunity
to practise your oratory on Starbase 4.

Chekov to Captain Kirk. Urgent.

- Kirk here.
- We're off course.

- Get back on course.
- That's just it.

The ship's taken
a new heading all by itself.

l'll be right there.

- Have you located the malfunction?
- No, sir.

- We're moving away from Ariannus.
- Explanation.

Elusive, Captain. l am investigating.

l can't understand it. l have no control.

Kirk to engineering.
We're suddenly off course.

- Check out manoeuvring controls.
- Aye, sir. Hold.

Captain, no malfunction indicated.

- Switch to auxiliary.
- Aye, sir. Out.

- Engineer to bridge.
- Kirk here.

- On auxiliary, sir.
- Stand by for check.

- We're still off course.
- l'll be right up.

- Speed?
- We're moving at warp 8.

- And new course?
- 403, mark 7.

Straight for the Coal Sack
if there is no letup.

Put the ship on Red Alert.

All hands, this is the captain.
The ship is on Red Alert.

There has been an unidentified
malfunction in directional control.

Repeat. The ship is off course
and out of control.

- Our new heading, Mr Chekov?
- 403, mark 7.

- Spock?
- Confirm, Captain. Holding pattern.

Coordinates now indicate
we are charting course to...

Captain, Cheron lies
between 403, mark 7 and mark 9.

We're on the way to Cheron.
This ship is now under my direction.

For 50,000 of your terrestrial years,

l have been pursuing Lokai
through the galaxy.

l have not travelled this long
to give him up now.

This ship goes where my will drives it.

Captain, we are now at warp 10
and the speed is increasing.

Captain, course is now
clearly straight for Cheron,

despite all efforts
to direct us to Ariannus.

l will not return to Cheron.
You must guarantee me sanctuary.

He cannot help you now. You are on
the way to judgment, to final punishment.

- Stop him!
- Not this time, you evil mound of filth.

My cause is just.
You must help me. All of you.

The old cry. Pity me. Everywhere he's
gone, he's been helped to escape.

On every planet he has found fools
who bleed for him

and shed tears for the oppressed one.

But there is no escape for you on
this ship. This is your last sanctuary.

Kill him. Kill him!

You're two of a kind.

We are both going to Cheron.

You cannot change
the course of this ship.

This ship goes where l want it to go.

Security, put them both in the brig.

Phasers on stun.


Your phasers are ineffective
against our shields.

You're helpless, Captain.

What a fool l am, expecting help
from someone like you.

This ship is going to Ariannus.

No, this ship is going to Cheron.

l will let nothing interfere.

We are going to Ariannus. The lives of
a billion people make it our only choice.

You are being obtuse, Captain.

l am permitting no choice.

My will now controls this
and nothing can break it.

Bele, l am captain of this ship

and it will follow whatever course l set
for it or l will order its destruction.

You're bluffing.

l will destroy it.

You can no more destroy this ship
than l can change colour.

Lieutenant Uhura, tie in the bridge
to the master computer.

Computer, destruct sequence.

Are you ready to copy?


Prepare to verify
destruct sequence code 1.

Computer, this is Captain James Kirk
of the USS Enterprise.

Destruct sequence 1, code 1-1 A.

Voice and code 1-1 A
verified and correct.

Sequence 1 complete.

Mr Spock.

This is Commander Spock,
science officer.

Destruct sequence number two,
code 1-1 A-2B.

Voice and code verified and correct.
Sequence two complete.

- Mr Scott.
- This is Lieutenant Commander Scott.

Chief engineering officer
of the USS Enterprise.

Destruct sequence number three.

Code 1 B-2B-3.

Voice and code 1 B-2B-3
verified and correct.

Destruct sequence
completed and engaged.

Awaiting final code
for 30-second countdown.

Mr Spock, has the ship returned to
the course set for it by my orders?

Negative. We are still
headed directly for Cheron.

Destruct sequence engaged.

Awaiting final code
for 30-second countdown.

Computer, this is Captain James Kirk
of the USS Enterprise.

Begin 30-second countdown. Code 000.

Destruct 0.

30 seconds, 29, 28, 27...

25 seconds...

Let's see you prevent the computer
from fulfilling my commands.

20 seconds...

From five to zero, no command in the
universe can prevent the computer

from fulfilling its destruct order.

15 seconds...

You can use your will to drag this ship
to Cheron, but l command the computer.

Mine is the final command.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...

- l agree!
- Computer.

This is Captain James Kirk
of the USS Enterprise.

Code 123 continuity.

Abort destruct order.
Repeat. Code 123 continuity.

Abort destruct order.

Destruct order aborted.
Destruct order aborted.

ls this ship headed for Ariannus?

Negative, the Enterprise
is moving in a circular course.

At warp 10, we're going nowhere fast.

l warned you of his treachery. Kill him!

We're waiting for you
to fulfil your commitment.

l am happy to have you complete
your mission of mercy to Ariannus.

lt was madness to interfere
with your endeavours.

But if you will, upon completion,

please take me
and my traitorous captive to Cheron.

l make no deals
for control of this ship, sir.

The course is now in your control.

- Ship's course?
- Enterprise on course to Ariannus.

- Speed, Scotty?
- Warp 6 and smoothly operating.


Lieutenant Uhura, cancel Red Alert.

Let me reaffirm my position.
l could put you in the brig.

But l won't do it because you're new
to this part of the galaxy,

which is governed by
the United Federation of Planets.

We live in peace,
with full exercise of individual rights.

The need to resort to violence and force
has long since passed

and will not be tolerated
aboard this ship.

You are free to move about the ship.

l hope that you'll take the opportunity
to know more about the Federation

through its best representatives,
my crew.

But let me make it clear.

l will stand for no interference
with the function of this ship.

All hands, return to normal routine.
Captain out.

You speak very well, Captain.
Your words promise justice for all.

- We try.
- l have learned to wait for actions.

After Ariannus, what is justice?
l shall wait to see it dispensed.

Two irrevocably hostile humanoids.

Disgusting is what l call them.

That description
is not scientifically accurate.

The word "disgusting" describes
exactly what l feel about those two.

That's enough for today.

Those two are beginning to affect you.

And l know from my actions, you must
all think me a volcanic hothead,

erupting lava at danger signals that are
only figments of my imagination.

But believe me, there can be no moment
when l can have my guard down

where such as Bele is present.

So what happens? l act the madman
out of the anger he forces upon me

and thereby prove his point
that l am a madman.

No one knows
how he'll react under pressure.

After all, we are only human.

Therein lies my lack of ability to alert you
and your captain

to the real threat of someone like Bele.

You're from the planet Earth.
There's no persecution on your planet.

How can you understand my fear,
my apprehension, my suffering?

There was persecution on
Earth. l read about it in my history class.

But it happened in the 20th Century.
There is no such primitive thinking today.

You have read about it in history. l see.

How can l make your flesh know how it
feels to see all those who are like you,

and only because they are like you,
despised, slaughtered,

and even worse, denied the simple
decency that is a living being's right?

Do you know what it would be like to be
dragged into a war on another planet,

a battle that serves your oppressor and
brings death to you and your brothers?

Putting it into the hands of Starfleet
Command is proper procedure.

How long before we hear from them?

l expect the answer is on its way.

Let us drink to their wise solution
to our problem.

Starfleet Command may not arrive
at the solution you anticipate.

There is the matter of the shuttlecraft
which Lokai appropriated.

The interrogation of that may be
of paramount importance to Starfleet.

Gentlemen, we are discussing
a question of degree.

Stealing a shuttlecraft can't be equated
with murdering thousands of people.

We do not know
that Lokai has done that.

One thing we are agreed on
is that Lokai is a criminal.

No. We agreed that Lokai took
a shuttlecraft. Excuse me.

- Uhura to Captain Kirk.
- Kirk here.

- A communication from Starfleet.
- Read it.

"Starfleet Command extends greetings
to Commissioner Bele of Cheron.

"His request to be transported to his
planet with the man he claims prisoner

"has been taken under consideration.

"lt is with great regret that we cannot
honour that request.

"lntergalactic treaty specifies no being
can be extradited without due process.

"We have no doubt
that after a hearing at Starbase,

"Commissioner Bele will be permitted
to retain his prisoner and..."

That's enough. Thank you.

As always,
Lokai has managed to gain allies...

Wait a minute.

Even if they don't recognise themselves
as being such.

Yes, he will evade, delay
and escape again

and put thousands of innocent beings
at each others' throats.

Getting them to kill for a cause
they have no stake in,

but which he will force them to
espouse by twisting their minds

with his lies, his loathsome accusations
and his foul threats.

l can assure you that our minds will not
be twisted. Not by Lokai, nor by you.

lt is obvious to the most simpleminded
that Lokai is of an inferior breed.

The obvious visual evidence is that
he is of the same breed as yourself.

Are you blind, Commander Spock?
Look at me.

Look at me.

You are black on one side
and white on the other.

l am black on the right side.

- l fail to see the significant difference.
- Lokai is white on the right side.

All of his people are white
on the right side.

Perhaps the experience
of my own planet Vulcan

may set an example
of some value to you.

Vulcan was in danger of being destroyed
by the same conditions

which threaten to destroy Cheron.

We were once a people like yourselves,
wildly emotional,

committed to
irrationally-opposing points of view,

leading, of course,
to death and destruction.

Only the discipline of logic
saved my planet from extinction.

l am delighted that Vulcan was saved,

but you cannot expect Lokai and people
like him to act with self-discipline,

any more than you can expect
a planet to stop orbiting its sun.

Let Lokai state his grievances.
Hear him. Listen to him.

- Maybe he can change. Maybe...
- He cannot change.

Change is the essential process
of all existence.

For instance, the people of Cheron
must have once been mono-coloured.

You mean like both of you?

There must have been a time
when that was true.

Excuse me.

- Kirk here.
- We're orbiting Ariannus.

Very good. Commence
decontamination procedures.

- Advise when complete.
- At once, sir. Scott out.

l heard that on your planets, people
believe they are descended from apes.

The actual theory is that all life-forms
evolved from the lower levels

to the more advanced stages.

- Ready for decontamination procedure.
- Ready, sir.

Mr Sulu, lock into coordinates
requested by Ariannus.

Locked in, sir.

Mr Chekov, position tanks
for spray release.

Tanks positioned.

Lieutenant Uhura, advise Ariannus
the mission is to begin on signal.

All ground precautions must be ready.

Ariannus says go ahead.

Well, let her rip.

- Scott to Captain Kirk.
- Kirk here.

- First run complete.
- Good. Repeat procedure.

Aye, sir. Ready to repeat
decontamination procedure.

- Ready, sir.
- Mr Sulu?

Ready here.

- Kirk here.
- We're completing the final orbit.

l'm awaiting instructions to set course.

We'll be right up.
Set directional controls for Starbase 4.

Kirk out.

Will you join us on the bridge?

There is nothing l would like more.

Captain's log, stardate 5730.7.

Having completed our mission,

the Enterprise is
on course to Starbase 4.

The crew is on normal routine
and proceeding without incident.

- Trouble, Mr Chekov?
- l don't rightly know, Mr Spock.

l was trying to program for Starbase 4,
as ordered. l can't get a response.

lt just seemed to go dead, sir.

Some of the computer memory banks
are burned out.

Which ones?

The directional control
and the self-destruct are both burnt out.

l did it like this.

Captain's log, stardate 5730.6.

ln an act of sabotage,
Commissioner Bele has burnt out

our destruct mechanism
and, through his will,

has again taken over directional control
of the Enterprise.

Now can we go to Cheron
without any more discussion?

At the moment,
l seem to have no choice.

So this is justice after Ariannus.
You have signed my death warrant.

l warned you what to expect.

Will you continue to let
this mockery of justice go on?

lf you are partisans of justice, prove it.
Kill him!

We are not killers.

Do you carry justice on your tongues?

You won't fight or die for it.

After years of leading the fight,
you seem very alive.

l doubt the same can be said
for many of his followers.

You are finished, Lokai!

We've got your kind
penned in on Cheron

and it's not going to change.

You've come up with
mono-coloured trash,

do-gooders and bleeding hearts.
You're dead, you half-white.

You useless pieces of bland flesh.

l'll take you with me, you half-black!

Bele, you keep this up and you'll never
get to Cheron with your prisoner.

The bridge of this ship
will be damaged.

This will be your final battlefield.

Your 50,000 years of pursuit
will have been wasted.

And you, Lokai, will die here in space.

You'll inspire no more disciples.
Your cause will be ended.

Remember, Captain, political sanctuary
is my right. l am your prisoner.

Honour that right or the fight will go on
and your ship will burn up.

You've made your point.

lf you listen to his trickery,
l shall have to destroy this ship.

l understand. Will you return
the Enterprise to my control?

Why not?

Have repairs on
directional control been completed?

Aye, sir. Rerouted.

Check controls and coordinates.

Controls operating. The Enterprise is
responding as always. lt's beautiful.

Locking onto coordinates.

We are within scanning range
of Cheron.

- ls it within visual range?
- Coming within range now.

Chekov, put it on the screen.
Extreme magnification.

- What are you picking up?
- Several very large cities. Uninhabited.

Extensive traffic systems
barren of traffic.

Lower animals and vegetation
encroaching on the cities.

No sapient life-forms
registering at all, Captain.

There's no evidence of natural disaster,

yet there are vast numbers
of unburied corpses.

You mean...all the people are dead?

All dead, Captain.

They have annihilated
each other totally.

My people, all dead?

Yes, Commissioner. All of them.

- No one alive?
- None at all, sir.

Your band of murderers did this!

Your genocidal maniacs did this!

Stop it! What's the matter with you two?

Didn't you hear Spock?
Your planet is dead.

There's nobody alive on Cheron
because of hate!

The cause you fought about
no longer exists. Take time to breathe.

Give up your hate.

You're welcome to live with us.

Listen to me.

You both must end up dead
if you don't stop hating.

You're an idealistic dreamer.


- The chase is finished.
- He must not escape me.

Where can he go?


Shall l alert security, sir?

No, Lieutenant. Where can they run?

Captain, l have located them
on ship's sensors.

Bele is chasing Lokai on deck 3.

Bele is passing recreation room 3.
approaching the crewmen's lounge.

Lokai is running past
the crewmen's lounge.

Lokai has just arrived on deck 5.

Passing recreation room 3.

Someone has activated the transporter.

- Anyone in the transporter room?
- Negative. Transporter room is clear.

However, there is a life-form
materialising on the planet.

lt is Lokai. He's back on Cheron.

There's nobody there to try him.
His judges are all dead.

The transporter
has been activated again.

- Of course.
- lt is Bele, Captain.

And another life-form
has appeared on Cheron.

lt doesn't make any sense.

To expect sense from two mentalities of
such extreme viewpoints is not logical.

But their planet's dead.
Does it matter who's right?

Not to Lokai and Bele. All that matters
to them is their hate.

- Do you suppose that's all they had?
- No, but that's all they have left.

Warp factor 2, Mr Sulu.
Set course for Starbase...4.