Star Trek (1966–1969): Season 3, Episode 14 - Whom Gods Destroy - full transcript

The Enterprise travels to the planet Elba II, home of the last asylum for the criminally insane, to deliver a serum that should cure all of its remaining inmates. Kirk and Spock beam down to the planet's surface where all seems in order, but they soon find the inmates now run the asylum, led by Garth (at one time a starship Captain, whose exploits were required reading at the Academy). Garth, who's learned how to shape-shift, can take on the appearance of anyone, including Kirk or Spock. In the process of learning this ability, he lost his sanity. Garth plans to pose as the Captain, beam up to the Enterprise and take over the ship, but Kirk has a roadblock set up to overcome.

Captain's log, stardate 5718.3.

The Enterprise is orbiting Elba ll,
a planet with a poisonous atmosphere,

where the Federation
maintains an asylum

for the few remaining incorrigible
criminally insane of the galaxy.

We are bringing a revolutionary
new medicine to them.

A medicine with which the Federation
hopes to eliminate mental illness.

l am transporting down with Mr Spock

and we're delivering the medicine to Dr
Donald Cory, governor of the colony.

Donald, good to see you.

Gentlemen, you don't know
what a treat this is.

lt's been too long
since l've had company.

The force field's back in place.
That means you are trapped here.

- No excuses for your not dining with me.
- We'd be delighted.

You indicated one additional
inmate since our last visit,

making a total of 15. ls that correct?

lt is. The rehabilitation program
isn't progressing too well.

l have my doubts about
the effectiveness of this medicine.

- Are you becoming a pessimist?
- l'm afraid l have.

A total of 15 incurably insane out of
billions is not an excessive figure.

- Who is the new inmate?
- Garth.

Garth of lzar,
a former starship fleet captain.

When l was a cadet at the Academy,
his exploits were required reading.

He was one of my heroes.
l'd like to see him.

Of course.

Captain, you're making a mistake.

- Captain Kirk is pressed for time.
- There's nothing the matter with me.

Can't you see by looking at me?
Can't you tell by listening?

- She sounds rational enough, Captain.
- l am rational.

Well, what is it you want to tell me?

l can't tell you in front of him.

You're afraid to talk
in front of Governor Cory?

He isn't really Governor Cory at all.
That's just it.

She's been saying that for days.
Our medical staff can't figure out why.

Here's Garth.
He's been unusually disturbed.

We've had
to impose additional restraint.

- Cory?
- Yes, Jim. l'm Cory.

lt's true. He tricked you.

You said you wanted to see me,
Captain. Well, here l am.

Space - the final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the starship Enterprise.

lts five-year mission,
to explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life and new civilisation,

to boldly go
where no man has gone before.

Your Vulcan friend is still alive, Captain.

My phaser was set to stun, not to kill.
He'll be quite comfortable.

Almost as comfortable as you
and our esteemed governor.

- Garth, does he have to suffer?
- Address me by my proper title.

Sorry. l should have said Captain Garth.

l am Lord Garth, formerly of lzar.

And l lead the future masters
of the universe.

l'm sorry, Lord Garth.

You Earth people are a stiff-necked lot.

Release him.

l'm afraid that subjugating you won't
be enough. You must be confined.

And all the people of the galaxy
who will not bow to my will

must be confined or destroyed.

Captain Garth, listen to me.

Oh! Our beloved governor
has decided to address us

and we have not given him
permission to speak.

Are you so afraid of him
that you must keep him pinned?

l'm afraid of no one.
You're all powerless against me.

Thank you. Now, what have you
done with the medicine?

The medicine? You mean the poison.
l destroyed it.

- lt was your only hope.
- Silence!

The chatter of inferior weaklings
wearies me

and it's time l took command
of the Enterprise.

- You'll help me, of course.
- Of course.

My crew mutinied. The first use
l will make of the Enterprise

is to hunt them down
and punish them for that.

The crew of the Enterprise
will also mutiny.

But they won't. You see, Captain, there's
a helpful technique l've mastered.

Goodbye, darling. l'll miss you.

Governor Cory, how do you feel?

All right. There is no help for any of us,

if that madman is in command
of the Enterprise.

He boasts that he's created the most
powerful explosive in the universe

and l believe him.

How does he change form at will?

The people of Antos taught him the
technique of cellular metamorphosis

to restore the destroyed parts
of his body.

By himself, he later learned to use
the technique to recreate himself

into any form he wished.

The first time we knew about it
was when a guard,

seeing what he thought was me
in Garth's cell, released him.

He was such a genius. What a waste.

Force field's on. Good. Remain here
out of sight until l give you the order.

- Kirk to Enterprise.
- Scott here.

- Beam me aboard.
- Aye, sir. Queen to queen's level 3.

- l said beam me aboard.
- l said queen to queen's level 3.

We have no time for chess problems.
Beam me aboard.

l'm following your orders.
Queen to queen's level 3.

Just testing. Be in touch with you later.




l gave him the sign.
Why didn't he give me the countersign?

- Something's wrong.
- The chess problem was his suggestion.

He couldn't have forgotten it.
Lieutenant, re-establish communication.

There's no response, Mr Scott.

Send an armed detail
to the transporter room.

Aye-aye, sir.

Mr Sulu, what do your sensors show?

We can't beam anybody down.
A force field is in operation

and all forms of transport into
the asylum are blocked off.

We could blast our way through it,

but at the risk of destroying
the captain and any other living thing.

How can we be powerful enough to wipe
out a planet and still be so helpless?

We are going to take the Enterprise.

Do you hear me?

We are going to take her

if l have to shatter every bone
in Captain Kirk's body.


Captain Kirk?

l hope it hasn't been uncomfortable.

l thank you for your concern.
lt's been restful.

Good. Still, l'm afraid l've been quite
remiss in my duties as your host.

- But l did invite you to dinner.
- l'd forgotten.

But l haven't. You and Mr Spock
are to be my guests.

- Where is Mr Spock?
- Right here. Marta!

Why can't l blow off just one of his ears?

Stop that. Mr Spock will think
we're lacking in hospitality.

Won't you join us, Captain?

- How are you, Mr Spock?
- Very well indeed, Captain.

- lsn't Governor Cory joining us?
- He isn't on the guest list.

- An oversight?
- An intentional one. He is fasting.

- ln that case, we decline with thanks.
- Captain.

Don't be a fool, Jim. Go along with him.

Good advice, Governor.

Well, Captain?

You'll find we set a handsome table and
the entertainment is most enjoyable.

- You're very persuasive.
- Yes, l am. l certainly am.


Keep your hands off Kirk!

You treacherous thing!

- You're jealous.
- l am above that sort of thing.

The captain is annoyed
by your attentions, that's all.

Am l annoying you, dearest?

Not really.

He finds me fascinating
and you are bothered by it. Admit it.

l may have you beaten to death.

No, you won't, because l am the most
beautiful woman on this planet.

You're the only woman, you stupid cow.

l'm the most beautiful in the galaxy.

- You're repulsive!
- l'm beautiful!

And l'm intelligent, too. l write poetry
and l paint marvellous pictures.

- And l am a wonderful dancer.
- Lies, all lies!

You're the greatest liar l have ever met.

Let me hear one poem you've written.

lf you like.

lf you create a diversion, l'll find the
control room and open the force field.

We need seconds.
Scotty has alerted a security detail.

Gentlemen, courtesy for the performer.

"Shall l compare thee
to a summer's day?

"Thou art more lovely
and more temperate.

"Rough winds do shake the darling buds
of May and summer's lease hath..."

- You wrote that?
- Yesterday, as a matter of fact.

lt was written by an Earthman named
Shakespeare a long time ago.

Which does not alter the fact
that l wrote it again yesterday.

l think it's one of my best poems.
Don't you?

l may kill you with my bare hands!

Actually, Captain,
she is a superb dancer.

Marta, won't you dance for our guests?

That was not a request.

- Marvellous, isn't she, Captain?
- Yes, incredible.

- What is your reaction, Mr Spock?
- l find it mildly interesting and nostalgic.

- lf l understand the use of that word.
- Nostalgic?

Yes. lt is reminiscent of the dances that
Vulcan children do in nursery school.

Of course, the children
are not so...well-coordinated.

She's yours if you wish.

Oh, er... Thank you.
That's um...very magnanimous of you.

You'll find that l am magnanimous to
my friends and merciless to my enemies

and l want both of you
to be my friends.

On what precisely is
our friendship to be based?

Upon the firmest of foundations,
Mr Spock. Enlightened self interest.

You are second only to me as the finest
military commander in the galaxy.

Very flattering. l am primarily
an explorer now, Captain Garth.

So am l. l have charted more
new worlds than any man in history.

And tried to destroy Antos lV. Why?

l could say because they were
hostile to the Federation.

You could say, but that would be untrue.


They were harmless and they made me
whole when l was maimed and dying.

And in my gratitude,
l offered them a galaxy.

They rejected me.
l condemned them to death.

How could you, a starship fleet captain,
believe that a Federation crew

would blindly obey your order
to destroy the Antos race,

a people famous for benevolence
and peaceful pursuits?

That was my only miscalculation.

l had changed. l had risen above
this decadent weakness,

which still has you in its command,
by the way, Captain. My crew had not.

l couldn't sway them, but my new crew,
the men in this room,

will obey my orders without question.

Gentlemen, you have eyes,
but you cannot see.

Galaxies surrounds us,

limitless vistas.

And yet the Federation will have us
grub away like some ants

on some somewhat larger
than usual anthill.

But l am not an insect.

l am master of the universe
and l must claim my domain.

l agree that war was once necessary
and you were our greatest warrior.

l studied your victory at Axanar. lt's still
required reading at the Academy.

- As well it should be.
- Very well.

But my first visit to Axanar was
as a cadet on a peace mission.

Peace mission!
Politicians and weaklings!

They were humanitarians and statesmen
and they had a dream

that spread throughout the stars.

A dream that made Mr Spock
and me brothers.

Mr Spock, do you consider Captain Kirk
and yourself brothers?

Captain Kirk speaks somewhat
figuratively and with undue emotion.

However, what he says is logical
and l do, in fact, agree with it.

Blind! Truly blind!

Captain Kirk is your commanding officer
and you are his subordinate. That is all.

Yet, Mr Spock, you are a worthy
commander in your own right

and in my fleet, you will surely
have a starship to command.

Please forgive me,
but exactly where is your fleet?

Out there, waiting for me.

They will flock to my cause
and for good reason.

Limitless power, limitless wealth
and solar systems ruled by the elite.

We are that elite and we
must take what is rightfully ours

from the decadent weaklings
that now hold it.

- Captain Garth...
- Lord Garth!

As you wish. At any rate,
you must be aware of the fact

that you are attempting
to recreate the disaster

which resulted in your becoming
an inmate in this place.

l was betrayed and treated badly.

You were treated
with justice and compassion,

which you failed to show towards
your intended victims.

- Logically, one must assume...
- Remove this animal!

Try this wine, Captain. lt has a robust
flavour, which you'll find diverting.

- No, thanks. l prefer to join Mr Spock.
- l prefer that you remain here.

Marta, my dear.

We found your little divertissement
enchanting. But there's more to come.

The entertainment has merely begun.
l assume you play chess.

- Occasionally.
- So do l.

Respond to queen to queen's level 3.

l'm sure you are aware
there are infinite countermoves.

- l'm interested in only one.
- For the life of me, which one?

"For the life of me" is well chosen.
lt could come to that.

Dead, l am of no use to you.

But l could make you long for death,
beg for death.

"ln the midnight of November,
when the dead man's fair is nigh,

"And the danger in the valley
and the anger in the sky."

- l wrote it this morning. Do you like it?
- Yes, l think it's very good.

Tell him what he wants to know
and we'll go away together.

l can't.

But you must. l beg of you.

Don't beg, Marta. lt's degrading.

Queen to queen's level 3, Captain?

You'll talk freely and quite soon.

What you see before you,
Captain, is my latest invention.

Ordinary in appearance,
almost primitive, wouldn't you say?

Yes, l recognise it. lt's used
for rehabilitation purposes.

lt helped many men back to health.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Once it was a part of the rehabilitation
process and as such quite painless

and, l might add, useless, too.
lt made men docile and of no use to me.

l've added certain refinements
to the use of ultrasonic waves.

The chair is no longer painless.

Put the governor in it.

Queen to queen's level 3, Captain Kirk?

lt is, in fact, exquisitely painful,
as you will now see.

lnteresting. The pain is real
and can be prolonged indefinitely,

because there is
no destruction of tissue.

Stop it!

Of course, Captain, you have but to ask.

As you can see,
he has not been harmed physically.

Yet the memory
of the exquisite torment remains.

Queen to queen's level 3, Captain?

- No.
- Too bad.

Remove our distinguished governor.
Put Captain Kirk in the chair.

- No, you mustn't do that.
- You are becoming offensive to me.

Don't make it necessary
for me to put you in it.

Queen to queen's level 3, Captain Kirk?

Please, stop it!

You want him, don't you?


Badly enough to join him?

Listen to me, my Lord Garth. l can get
him to tell me what you want to know.

lt might be interesting to have you try.

- No breakthrough?
- No. Still no response from the planet.

Sensor readings?

The force field is weakest
on the far side of the planet.

We can send down a shuttlecraft
carrying a team in environmental suits.

They'd have to cover thousands of miles
through a poisonous atmosphere.

You're right. Even if they made it,

they couldn't carry anything
to break through the dome.

Only the ship herself could do that.

Probably kill Jim and Spock.

Doctor, they may already be dead.

Slowly, darling. Slowly.


ls this more of Garth's persuasion,

l told him l'd discover your secret.

l lied. l would have told him anything
to save you from that torment.

- l believe you mean that.
- l do.

This is where l've longed to be.

l think l knew l loved you
from the moment l first saw you.


Marta, l can help you.

But l must get to
the Enterprise to do that.

- That's not possible.
- Yes, it is.

lt is if l can get to the control room

and remove the force field,
then Garth is finished.

- Garth is my leader.
- He will lead you to destruction.

He's...already destroyed the medicine
that could have helped you,

but there's more medicine
aboard the ship.

l'll help you, but you must wait.

Do you see that?
Soon Spock will be here...

- Spock?
- At least l've arranged that much.

How did you manage that?

A convincing lie told to a guard
who finds me...desirable.


No, you mustn't stop me!

He's my lover and l have to kill him.

She's worked out an infallible method

for ensuring permanent male fidelity.

- l'm glad to see you.
- Thank you.

l presume we should reach
the control room.

Yes, you presume correctly.

- Force field is off.
- Kirk to Enterprise.

- Kirk to Enterprise.
- Mr Scott, it's the captain.

Scott here, Captain. You had us worried.

l want an armed security detail
beamed down here on the double.

They're in the transporter room.

And have Dr McCoy prepare additional
medicine as quickly as possible.

l suggest you return to the ship.
Your safety is vital to the Enterprise.

Waiting for your order.

l request permission to remain
in charge of the security team.

- Very well.
- Still waiting, Captain.

The captain's life is in immediate danger.

Beam him aboard. The security
team will be entrusted to me.

Queen to queen's level 3. Repeat.

- He's waiting for the proper reply.
- Give the countersign as ordered.

Mr Spock will give the countersign.

Give him the countersign, Captain.

Security detail, stand by to beam down.

Blast away, Captain, if you can.

You think l'm fool enough
to give you a charged phaser?

What have you done with Spock?

l have done nothing with him as yet,
but l do have plans for him.

The Vulcan will die rather horribly and
his death will be on your conscience.

- Captain Garth...
- Lord Garth!

No, sir, Captain Garth,
starship fleet captain.

That's an honourable title.

And l was the greatest of them all,
wasn't l?

Yes, you were.

- But you're a sick man now.
- l have never been more healthy.

No. Think.

Think back to what you were, before
the accident that sent you to Antos lV.


l can't remember. lt's almost
as if l had died and was reborn.

No. l... l can remember.

You...were the finest student
at the Academy.

The finest starship captain.
You were the prototype.

The model for the rest of us.

Yes, l do remember that.

lt was a great responsibility,
but one l was proud to bear.

You bore it well.

And the disease that changed you,
it's not your fault.

The terrible things you did since then,
you're not truly responsible.

l don't want to hear any more.
You're weak.

- You're trying to drain my strength.
- No.

l want you to find what you had and
go back to greatness, Captain Garth.

l am Lord Garth!

Master of the universe. You doubt me
because l have not had my coronation.

- No, sir, listen to me.
- Stop!

- On your knees.
- No.

On your knees before me!

All the others before me have failed.

Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler,
Lee Kuan, Krotus!

All of them are dust!

But l will triumph.
l will make the ultimate conquest!

The throne must be higher. lt must be
higher than anything else in this room.

And use that table as a pedestal.

Welcome back, Captain Kirk. l'm glad
you could make it for the coronation.

- Coronation?
- Yes.

l know a real throne
is no more than merely a chair,

but symbolism is important,
don't you agree?

Yes, l agree.
You'll wear a crown, too, l presume.

Just a token, but it serves as a standard
around which our followers will rally.

Garth, you have only a handful of men.

You do refuse to enter into the spirit
of the thing, don't you, Captain?

Perhaps you want a larger role
in the ceremony.

You could serve as a human sacrifice.

l wouldn't enjoy that at all.
Besides, you seem to need me alive.

True. All right, how about crown prince?

That would make you our heir apparent.
l believe it's the proper role for you.

Besides we have other candidates
for our human sacrifice.

Who knows? Really...

Since there is no one mighty
enough to perform this ceremony,

we'll perform it ourselves.

Therefore, we hereby proclaim that l am
Lord Garth, master of the universe.

And we designate
our beloved Marta to be our consort.

We further designate Captain Kirk of
the Enterprise to be our heir apparent.

Now remove our heir apparent
that we may conclude this ceremony.

Listen to me.
This may be our last chance.

Garth will destroy all of us
unless you help me stop him

and he's using you because
he wants the power for himself.

l brought something to cure you,
but he destroyed it.

l can get a patrol down.
They'd bring more medicine.

Well done.

Well, Captain, you continue to resist.
How stupid of you.

Put him in that chair right here.

l've arranged a small entertainment.
l wouldn't want him to miss any of it.

Captain, even you must admit
that l'm a genius.

What you see here
is my latest invention.

This is an explosive.
The most powerful one in history.

lf l were to drop this flask, the resulting
explosion would vaporise this planet.

Now, do you see why it is ridiculous
for you to resist me, Captain?

Well, perhaps you require
the demonstration l've arranged.

Watch closely. lt is true that she is
deadly as a poisonous serpent,

but she is also a beautiful woman

and you have held her in your arms,

l ordered my men to drive her
out of the protective dome

and, of course, she would choke
to death on the outside in minutes.

But l've arranged
a more merciful end for her,

because, after all, Captain,
she is my consort.

One tiny crystal
implanted in her necklace.

A portion of this explosive
no bigger than a grain of sand.

l propose to detonate it from here.

Poor girl.

Poor dear suffering child.

l will help her now.

There's been an explosion on Elba ll.

- 0.95.
- lt must have wiped out everything.

lmmediate probe.
ls the force field in place?

- Yes, sir, solidly.
- Life continues to exist on the planet.

Got to break through somehow.

l told you we couldn't do it without killing
everyone in the asylum dome.

l know it, Scotty.

Well, there's one last thing we might try.

Perhaps the ship's phasers can cut
through the force field at a weak point.

- Where did you say it was located?
- On the far side.

- Will it leave a margin of safety?
- Yes.

Prepare to change orbital path, Mr Sulu.

- Orbital coordinates released.
- Break synchronous orbit.

Come to course 14, mark 68.

Course 14, mark 68.
Synchronous orbit re-established, sir.

- Ship's phasers to narrow beam.
- Ship's phasers ready, sir.

Let's punch a hole in it. Full power.

Another blast, full power.

Force field still holding, sir.


How are your nerves, Kirk?

All l can say is
if it happens to me, it happens to you.

You're an extraordinary fellow, Kirk.

Your stubbornness defies all logic.

Logic, there's the key.

Your friend Spock is a logical man.

A very logical man.

Go and bring the Vulcan here to me.

Spock is not only a more logical man
than you, Captain,

but a more intelligent one, l'm sure.

l shall establish a rapport with him.


Your Vulcan friend is a very ingenious
fellow. This could be most amusing.

- That's Garth, stun him.
- Hold it, Spock. That's Garth.

Look at me carefully, Spock.
Can't you tell l'm your captain?

Queen to queen's level 3.

l won't answer.
That's what he wants to know.

Very clever, Garth.
That's exactly what l was going to say.

- What are you doing?
- Beaming down a security team.

- Any objections?
- Yes, they may walk into a trap.

That's right. Garth can destroy us.


What manoeuvre did we use to defeat
the Romulan vessel near Tau Ceti?

Very good. The Cochrane deceleration.

Spock, the Cochrane deceleration's
a classic battle manoeuvre.

- Every starship captain knows that.
- Agreed, Captain.

Captains. Gentlemen. Whichever
one of you is Captain Garth

must be expending a lot of energy
to maintain the image of Captain Kirk.

That energy level cannot be maintained
indefinitely and l have time.

l'm your captain, Spock.
Can't you tell? Shoot!

He's right, Spock,
but you must shoot both of us.

lt's the only way to ensure
the safety of the Enterprise.

- Captain Kirk, l presume.
- Mr Spock.

- Spock to Enterprise.
- Enterprise here.

- Queen to queen's level 3?
- Queen to king's level 1.

Will intramuscular injection
be satisfactory?

lntravenous indicated unless
circumstances make it impossible.

How long before
it takes effect, Dr McCoy?

Reversal of arterial and brain damage
should begin immediately.

Captain Garth. l'm James Kirk.

l'm Mr Spock,
science officer on a starship.

- The starship Enterprise.
- Starship... Starship...

Yes, sir. The Enterprise. l'm the captain.

- Can l help?
- No, Captain.

The medicine
seems to be taking effect.

l can manage. lt's very encouraging.

- Should l know you, sir?
- No, Captain.

- Mr Spock.
- Yes, Captain.

Tell me. Why was it impossible
to tell the difference between us?

lt was not impossible.
Our presence here is proof of that.

Yes, and congratulations.
What took you so long?

The interval of uncertainty
was actually fairly brief.

lt only seemed long to you.

l was waiting for a victor
in the struggle,

which l assumed
would be Captain Garth.

Because of your depleted condition.

Failing a resolution to it,

l was forced to use other means
to make my determination.

l see.

Mr Spock,
letting yourself be hit on the head,

and l presume you let yourself
be hit on the head,

is not exactly a method King Solomon
would have approved.

- Mr Scott, ready to beam up.
- Aye, aye, sir.