Star Trek (1966–1969): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Apple - full transcript

Primitive inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli VI worship a God who orders them to kill visitors, from the Enterprise.

Start your reading.

Well, l just might stake out a claim
and settle down here, Jim.

- lt is spectacular.
- lt's a shame to intrude.

Well, the last scout ship reported
some pretty strange sensor readings.

Starfleet wants it investigated.
We do what we're told.

The soil is rich and fertile.
Husbandry would be quite efficacious.

- Are you sure about that?
- Oh, quite sure.

The entire planet
is covered with growth.

There's little variation in temperature,

which maintains
a planet-wide average of 76°F.

l know. Almost impossible.

lt makes me homesick.
Just like Russia.

More like the Garden of Eden.

But the Garden of Eden
was just outside Moscow.

A very nice place. lt must have made
Adam and Eve sad to leave.

Outside Moscow. All right.

There's a village 17km away
on bearing 232. We'll head that way.



What did somebody say?

That Paradise must have looked
like this?

Space - the final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the starship Enterprise.

lts five-year mission,
to explore strange new worlds,

to seek out new life
and new civilisations,

to boldly go
where no man has gone before.

Captain's log, stardate 3715.3.

While exploring Gamma Trianguli Vl,

one of my men has been killed
by a poisonous plant.

Beam the body up.

Aye. lt's a shame about Hendorff.

- We have a problem here, too.
- What?

We're losing potency
in our antimatter pods.

- What's causing it?
- l'm not sure.

But the electromagnetic field
is abnormal. lt could be that.

But there's nothing to worry about?

Well, sir, l didn't exactly say that.

Stay on top of it.

l hear it's nice down there.

Yeah, it's nice. lf we're careful,
we shouldn't run into any more trouble.

l could do with a nice walk in
a garden with green leaves and grass.

We'll do the walking.
You get on the antimatter pod.

lf it gets worse, we'll beam up.
Kirk out.

- l find that unusual.
- Scotty will handle it.

Anything on your tricorder?

lndeed. Subsurface vibrations
in all directions.

- That's strange.
- Strong, fairly regular.

Artificially produced.

- Mallory?
- Yes, Captain.

Head for the village.
Avoid contact with the humanoids.

You and Marple make a full
reconnaissance. Be careful.

Keep in constant communication.


What is it?

There's a humanoid
hiding directly behind us,

moving with remarkable agility,
bearing 18.

- What is it, Mr Spock?
- A visitor.

One wanting to retain his anonymity,
l should say.

All this beauty, and now Mr Hendorff
dead, somebody watching us...

lt's frightening.

lf you insist on worrying,
worry about me.

l've long wanted
to get you in a place like this.

Mr Chekov, we're not here to conduct
a field experiment in human biology.

l was about to take some readings.

- Anything?
- Whatever it is, it moves like a cat.

- Jim, l don't like this.
- Neither do l. All hands.

We've been watched, we'll be
watched. We're moving. Formation L.

Extremely low specific gravity.

Some uraninite, hornblende, quartz.

Fragile, good cleavage.
An analysis should prove interesting.

Careful where you throw your rocks.

Obviously highly unstable.
This could be of some importance.

lt could be a source of power.

Garden of Eden. With land mines.

- Enterprise to Captain Kirk.
- Kirk here.

Our antimatter pods
are completely inert.

- l couldn't stop it, but l know why.
- Why?

Something from the surface.
Like water on a fire.

A beam, maybe, or a transmission.
And it's still on.

lt's like nothing l've ever seen before.

lt's pinpointed
near the village we located.

- Do you need any help?
- There's nothing you can do.

There's no immediate danger.

We'll try and find out
what's going on. Kirk out.

The force from the surface
may have to do with the vibrations.

- Some kind of generator?
- lf so, an immense one.

Probably subterranean.

- What's that?
- Thorns from the poisonous plant.

The stuff on the end is like saplin,
only 1,000 times stronger.

- Peculiar stuff to find in paradise.
- Jim!



Security alert.

ls he alive?

That dose was enough to make
the whole crew turn handsprings.

Got to get him back to the ship, Jim.

Kirk to Enterprise. We're beaming up.
Notify transporter room.

And arrange to pick up
Mallory and Marple.

Aye, aye, sir. Transporter room,
stand by to beam up.

All hands!

- Standing by, sir.
- Energise.


Scotty, energise.

Scotty, what's the matter?

We can't make
transporter contact, sir.

The entire system's inhibited.

The way it is now,
we couldn't beam up a fly.

Captain's log, supplementary.

Our investigation of Gamma Trianguli
Vl has turned into a nightmare.

We're being watched, Spock is injured
and we cannot return to the ship.

ls the transporter malfunction tied
in with the antimatter pod trouble?

l don't know, sir. l'll check it.
Scott out.


Are you all right?

Dr McCoy's potion
is turning my stomach.

Other than that, l am quite well.

lf your blood were red
instead of green,

you wouldn't have an upset stomach.

What were you trying to do?

- l saw the plant, so l...
- Stepped in and took the thorns?

l had no intention of doing that.

lt was merely my own clumsiness.

Next time, just yell.

- l can step out of the way quickly.
- l shall.

Do you know how much
Starfleet has invested in you?

- 122,200...
- Never mind.

But thanks.

Kaplan, take the post.

Something is after the ship.

To affect it at this range would require
a sophisticated defence system.

30 seconds ago,
there were no clouds.

Come on!


A beautiful day, Mr Spock.

Not a cloud in the sky.
Just like paradise.

- Kirk here.
- Mallory here, Captain.

l'm near the village.

Coordinates 118, by 220.

Mallory. Are you all right? Come in!

The village is primitive.

Strictly tribal, from the looks of it.

And Captain, there's something else.

Captain, come in.

Mallory? Mallory, are you all right?

He's a short distance
in that direction.

On the double.

That way!
l never saw anything like...


Marple, stand back! Watch it!

The rocks.



l know Kaplan's family.
Now Mallory.

Jim, you couldn't have stopped this.

His father helped me
get into the Academy.

Captain, in each case,
this was unavoidable.

- l could have prevented all of it.
- How?

A walk in paradise among the flowers.

We should have beamed up
at the first trouble.

You are under orders to investigate.

l can disregard orders
if l consider them too hazardous.

This isn't that important a mission,

lt's not worth the lives of three men.

l dropped my guard because
l like the smell of growing things.

Now three men are dead.

No one said Starfleet duty was safe.

You've been logical,
done everything you could.



Our friend is back.

Marple, Chekov, at attention.

Gentlemen, something or someone
is behind that rock. l want it.

Marple, cut around the rock to your
right. Make a loud noise. Be careful.

Spock, you and Chekov
create a diversion.

And make it loud.

Your tricorder readings are inefficient.

Mind your own business.
l have a high efficiency rate.

Do not address me in that tone.

What do you want? Violence?

l won't hurt you. Do you understand?
l won't hurt you.

You struck me.

- With your hand.
- Well, l won't strike you again.

You've been following us.
Watching us. Why?

- l am the eyes of Vaal. He must see.
- Who is Vaal?

Vaal is Vaal. He is everything.

- Do you have a name?
- l am Akuta.

l am the leader
of the feeders of Vaal.

They're not going to hurt you,
l promise you.

Akuta. Akuta.

We come in peace.
We would like to speak to this Vaal.

Akuta alone speaks to Vaal.

l am the eyes and the voice of Vaal.
lt is Vaal's wish.

Captain, this is fascinating.

lf you will permit me, sir.

- Antennae?
- They are my ears for Vaal.

They were given to me so that people
could understand and obey him.

Are the people of Vaal nearby?

We are close to Vaal so we may
serve him. l shall take you there.

Enterprise to Captain Kirk.

- Kirk here.
- Condition red.

Something has grabbed us
from the planet's surface,

and we can't break loose.

- We're barely holding our own.
- Are the warp drives out?

- We only have impulse power.
- Put it on full emergency circuits.

- They're all on.
- Are you still holding?

- Kyle?
- No, sir, we're slipping.

Computer banks.
Feed in a rate, get me a figure.

Without the warp drive,
we're like a fly on flypaper.

We're losing ground.
Hurry up, Kyle.

Maintain full reverse thrust.
Put a team on the warp drive.

l've done that.
They haven't been able to do a thing.

lt's no good. With maximum
thrust against the pull,

we'll only be able to maintain
full power for 16 hours.

Then we'll burn up for sure.

Scotty, you're my chief engineer.

You know everything about that ship.

lf you can't get those warp engines
working, you're fired.

l'll do everything
there is to do, sir. Scott out.

Tell me about Vaal.

All the world knows about Vaal.

He causes the rains to fall
and the sun to shine.

l wish to speak to him.

l shall take you to him.

But he will not speak to you.
He speaks only to me.

l'll take my chances.


Captain's log, stardate 3715.6.

We have been introduced to Vaal,

the source of the planet's
power emanations

and possibly the force
that threatens both us and our ship.


A very high order of workmanship,
very ancient, generating great power.

- But this is not the centre of power.
- No. That is beneath us.

This is an access point.
There would also seem to be a...

- A force field?
- Obviously.

- Are you all right?
- Yes, quite.

lt extends some 30 feet
in all directions.

Conventional in composition
and quite formidable.

Akuta, how do you talk to Vaal?

Vaal calls me. Only then.

We can't talk to him
unless he wants to talk to us.

When he is hungry, you may be able
to speak with him if he desires it.

- When does he get hungry?
- Soon.

Come. We will give you food and
drink. lf you are tired, you may rest.

These are the people of Vaal.

Where are the others?

There are no others.

The children?


You use unknown words to me.

Little ones. Like you. They grow.

Replacements. None are necessary.
They are forbidden by Vaal.

But when a man and woman
fall in love...

Love? Strange words.
"Children." "Love."

What is love?

Love is when two people are...

Ah. Yes, the holding, the touching.
Vaal has forbidden this.

Well, there goes paradise.

These people are from another place.

They have come among us.
Welcome them.

Welcome to Vaal.

- Our homes are open to you.
- Well, thank you.

lt er...does something for you.

lndeed it does, Captain.
lt makes me uncomfortable.

l am Sayana. You have a name?

Yes. Spock. l am Spock.


l fail to see what they find so amusing.


This house is your house.
l will send you more food and drink.

You are welcome in the place of Vaal.

Now we're welcome.
Earlier, the planet was trying to kill us.

- Doesn't make sense.
- Nothing does.

- Kirk to Enterprise.
- Scott here.

- Status report, Scotty?
- No success with the warp drive.

We're going down and we can't stop it.

Get that ship out of there.

We're doing everything within reason.

Then use your imagination. Tie
all power into the impulse engines.

Discard the warp drive
and get that ship out of there.

l'll switch over everything
but the life-support systems

and boost the impulse power.

Do it. Kirk out.

- lncredible.
- Report.

l ran a check on the natives
and there's no harmful bacteria,

no decalcification, no degeneration
of tissue, no arteriosclerosis.

ln simple terms,
they're not growing old,

and l can't begin to tell you how old
they are - 20 years or 20,000 years.

l see. Opinion?

Quite possible. lt checks
with my atmospheric analysis.

Their atmosphere negates
harmful effects from their sun.

Add to that a simple diet,
a perfectly controlled temperature,

no natural enemies, apparently
no vices, no "replacements" needed...

Maybe it is paradise after all.

Mr Spock...

Our hypothesis is correct.

There is no living being there.
lt is a machine. Nothing more.

The field's down. People are going in.
Let's see what luck we have.

- That's not the way.
- Evidently not.

This is no ordinary machine. lt may
possess a rudimentary intelligence.

But it needs to eat. Frequently.
So it can't have great power reserves.

That may not help. The Enterprise has
only ten hours left to break free.

What happens if Vaal weakens
around feeding time?

Spock, check the astrophysics lab.

Estimate the energy
being expended against the ship.

- Have them measure it hour by hour.
- Acknowledged.

- What's going on, Jim?
- Mess call.

ln my view,
a splendid example of reciprocity.

lt would take a Vulcan mind
such as yours to say that.

You apply human standards
to non-human cultures.

Humans are only a tiny minority
in this galaxy.

There are certain absolutes,

and one is the right of humanoids

to a free environment
which permits growth.

Another is their right to choose
a system which works for them.

Jim, you're not going to be blinded
to what's going on?

These are humanoids, intelligent.
They need to advance and grow.

There's been no change or progress
here in at least 10,000 years.

This isn't life. lt's stagnation.

These people are healthy and happy.

This system works,
despite your emotional reaction to it.

lt might work for you, Mr Spock,
but it doesn't work for me.

Humanoids living so they can service
a hunk of tin.

This philosophical argument can wait
until we're out of danger.

- Kirk here.
- Scotty, sir.

We have the reading
on the power source.

At first, it was generating
alternating cycles

totalling 100²° Waltham units.

- Did it maintain?
- No, sir.

Power's dropping.
Nominal, but a definite drain.

Good. Keep monitoring. How is it
going with the circuit switchover?

Everything is going into the impulse
power. lt'll take another eight hours.

- That's cutting it a bit fine.
- Aye.

But if we don't break out...

l'd rather we didn't have to wait
too long for the end of it.

Kirk out.

- When l think of the Enterprise...
- You're wasting energy.

- We're trapped...
- Have something to eat.

- The Enterprise is up...
- That hasn't happened yet.

l wonder what would happen...
Yeoman, speculate.

What would happen
if someone on this planet died?

But they can't.
You said that Vaal takes care of them.

Accidents happen.

Yes. l suppose
if someone fell off a cliff,

that might upset the balance
of the population.

- Then they would need a replacement.
- They'd need a replacement.

- Opinion, Mr Spock?
- l see no alternative.

But these people... l mean,
if they don't know anything about...

What l mean is, they don't seem
to have any natural er...

l mean, how is it done?

Mr Spock? You're the science officer.
Why don't you explain it?

Well, l believe it's safe... to assume that they would
receive the necessary instructions.

From a machine?

That l'd like to see.

l understand, Vaal.

lt shall be done.

You know, if it weren't for Vaal,
this place would be a paradise.

Any place we can be together
is paradise.

Pav, can the ship really
break away?

l don't know.

- Will we be able to get back aboard?
- Martha, l don't know.

But if we do have to stay here,

would it be so very bad?

No. Not if you're with me.

- Why do you look like that?
- The way they touched.

l do not understand.

They were not angry.
lt was pleasant for them.

But what is to be gained?

lt is not a dance.

lt gathers no food.

lt does not serve Vaal.

But it did seem
as though it was pleasant to them.

lt is pleasant, Makora.


They this way.

Vaal! He is angry!

The law is plain.
l have given you the words of Vaal.

Do you beg the lightning to strike?

We saw the strangers.
The two of them do this thing.

- You copied them?
- We meant no harm.

Vaal speaks truly to me.
The newcomers are a danger.

Tell the men to meet me in the clear
place when the strangers are asleep.

lt is Vaal's own words.

Vaal has spoken to me.

His words are true. Hear them.

We are to kill the strangers.

Kill, Akuta?

We do not understand.

lt is a thing to do. Like...

Like feeding Vaal. Vaal explained it
to me. l will show you.

This is the head
of one of the strangers.

Find a heavy stick,

come up from behind the stranger
and do this.

lt is a simple thing.

lt is the word of Vaal.

lt will be done. To all of them.

When the sun returns in the morning.

Captain, this may not be an ideal
society, but it is a viable one.

These people don't create,
don't produce, don't even think.

They exist to service a machine.

lf we do what it seems we must,

we'll violate the non-interference

These are people, not robots.

They should have the opportunity
of choice. We owe it to them.

Starfleet Command
may think otherwise.

l'll take my chances.
Why don't you have a look around?

- Kirk to Enterprise. Mr Scott?
- 'Here, sir.'

- How's it going?
- We need half an hour.

Within 45 minutes,
the ship will be pulled down.

l know. lt's cutting things fine.

- Yes...
- Captain!

Kirk out. What is it?

lt's disturbing.
The people of Vaal have disappeared.

Force field, Captain.


We are on a peaceful mission.

We mean no harm
to you or your people.

Variation in impulses.
lt is reading us.

A strong jump on all wavelengths.

Let's get out of here!


Second-degree burns.
Not serious, but l bet they smart.

Doctor, you have an unsurpassed
talent for understatement.


Put them in the hut. Find out where
the women are. Put them there, too.

The doctor was concerned that
the Vaalians achieved human stature.

There is no cause for worry.
They've taken the first step.

They've learnt to kill.

Sir, all power is channelled into the
impulse engines. We have 12 minutes.

All right. Put her in full reverse.
Get her out of there.

Full reverse, Mr Kyle, all engines.

- Sir!
- We're doing it! We're pulling away!

Scotty, what happened?

Only a few systems are responding.

Captain, we've pulled away a little.
We've gained maybe an hour.

But we blew almost every system
in the ship doing it.

There's nothing left to try again.
Fire me, sir.

You're fired.

- 400 people...
- Jim.

...will die because
l couldn't see a warning sign.

l had to follow orders.
Always orders.

- Get back in.
- Fine time to ring the dinner bell.

Get back in there. Now.

Bones, that's it. Stay with Chekov.

Keep those people from feeding Vaal.
Don't let them feed Vaal.

Keep them in the hut.
Mr Spock!

- Do you have phaser power?
- Aye, but...

Aim at the co-ordinates of the energy
field located down here.

On my command, commence firing.

They won't penetrate the force field.

lf l'm correct, they won't have to.
Stand by.

Vaal calls to us. Let us go to him.
He hungers. Please!

Wide variation in energy, as though
Vaal were drawing on other sources.

Good. The ship's pulling away
must have weakened it considerably.

lt has to be fed, but its reserves
could hold out for days.

To ward off a phaser attack,

it would have to draw more heavily
on its reserves.

- My plan exactly. Scotty?
- Scott here, sir.

commence firing and maintain.

Mr Kyle, all phasers commence firing.

A tremendous upsurge
in generated power, Captain.

Vaal is reinforcing his energy field.

Let's see how long he can do it.

Scotty, cease fire!

No power generation at all, Captain.
Vaal is dead.

Mr Scott, status report?

Potency returning to antimatter pod.

l'll have all engineers working.
Transporter will be ready in an hour.

Scotty, you're re-hired.

As soon as the transporter's fixed,
beam down full analytical equipment.

Kirk out.
Chekov, Bones. Let those people go.

But it was Vaal
who put the fruit on the trees,

caused the rain to fall.

Vaal...cared for us.

You'll learn to care for yourselves.

And there's no trick
to putting fruit on trees.

You'll learn to build, think,
work for yourselves.

What you create is yours. That's
what we call freedom. You'll like it.

And you'll learn something
about men and women.

Caring for each other,
being happy with each other.

That's what we call love.
You'll like that, too. A lot.

- You and your children.
- What are children?

Little ones. Look like you. Go on
the way you're going. You'll find out.

- l don't agree, Mr Spock.
- That's not unusual.

Jim, l want you to hear this.

l'm not certain we did the correct
thing on Gamma Trianguli Vl.

We put those people back on
a normal course of social evolution.

lt's an example of what happens when
a machine becomes too efficient.

- You know the story of Genesis?
- Adam and Eve tasted the apple.

So they were driven out of paradise.

Precisely. We have given
the people of Vaal the apple,

the knowledge of good and evil.

As a result, they too have been driven
out of paradise.

Do l understand correctly?

- Are you casting me as Satan?
- Not at all, Captain.

ls there anyone on this ship
who even remotely...

...looks like Satan?

l am not aware of anyone
who fits that description.

No, Mr Spock,
l didn't think you would be.