Star-Crossed (2014): Season 1, Episode 2 - These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends - full transcript

Roman and Sophia prepare for a funeral. Roman is surprised and suspicious when his Uncle Castor shows up in the sector offering to help his family.

My name is Roman.

Ten years ago, our ship
crash-landed on Earth...

we came here seeking refuge,

but the Humans thought
that it was an invasion.

That night, I met a human
girl who tried to protect me,

a girl I never thought I'd see again.

The surviving members
of my race, the Atrians,

were rounded up and isolated
inside a militarized sector.

Now it's 2024.

Seven of us have been
chosen to attend high school

as a part of a government
integration program,

but the humans and Atrians
continue to distrust each other,

while I fight to protect my people

and the human girl who
saved my life at any cost.

Previously on Star-Crossed...

This program is the first step

toward unifying our races.

Dad, they're never gonna
treat us like equals.

I have faith in them.

Keep these guys back.

Oh, my God, it's your dad.

You're going home?

The chemo isn't working.

How could you let my son go out there?

Let me see your hands.

Wait! No!

Come on. You know the drill.


You need a license to sell.


It's all clear.

Police are investigating an attack

at the sector by a
militant group of Atrians.

Officials believe they're
seeking retribution

for the death of Atrian
leader and activist, Nox,

who was killed two days ago by a guard.

I can't stand this.

My dad isn't a murderer.

He didn't mean to kill Roman's dad.

It was an accident.

You have to stop watching that.

I'll just have to tell him, "look,

Roman, I know things are
complicated right now, but

I just want you to know
that I'm here for you

- and if you want to talk or..."
- Em,

I know you care about Roman

and want to find a way
to ease his pain, but...

I don't think it's gonna be that simple.

I'm sorry. We...

haven't even properly celebrated you

kicking cancer's ass.

All in due time, my friend.

I wish you were coming to school with me.

In a few days.

Doc Benson wants to run some more tests.

I don't know if you've heard, but...

I'm kind of a miracle.

It's so strange.

All I remember from that night

is a dream about...

a blue angel who came into
my hospital room and cured me.

Freaky, huh?


Why do we have to crush the cyper?

Dad said it releases
the higunu of the plant.

Its energy.

It's part of the ritual for dad's ceremony.

There's so much I always wanted to ask him,

but I never got the chance.

I don't even know how cyper is grown.

Or why we have to keep it a secret.


If humans ever learned of
the curative capabilities

of combining an Atrian's blood and cyper,

our tribesmen would all become lab rats.

If there's anything you want to know,

you could always ask your Uncle Castor.

- Have things calmed down outside?
- For now.

Luckily, no guards were killed.

But I suspect more attacks
by the Trags will follow.

Why are they doing this?

Not a single human was punished
for your father's death.

The Trags are sending
a message to our people

that we are not powerless,

that by joining them is the
only way to achieve freedom.

So they're exploiting my father's death

as a recruitment strategy.

Roman, Castor's taking over preparations

for your father's ogmon.

This is my duty.

There is much to do,

- and you have school.
- I don't have to go.

We should start preparing the soil.

The only time Castor
used to come by to see us

was to pick a fight with dad.

Now he's so eager to be involved.

Just give him a chance.

It has been a trying couple
of days for our community.

Our counselors are available to you

should you need to speak with someone.

I know you may have
concerns, but I assure you

your safety and well-being
remain our highest priority.

And how do we know one of them doesn't try

to blow up the school next?

The school board is meeting today

to discuss heightening security measures,

as well as whether or not to move forward

with tomorrow night's homecoming carnival.

I am all for equality,

but when they start messing with tradition,

that's when I go turbo bitch.

- I mean, is nothing sacred?
- You guys murdered our leader,

and you're worried about
cancelling some weird ritual

where you celebrate, what,

going home?

I would celebrate you going home.

Hey, Em.

Your dad doing okay?

It's hard to say.

Any time I ask him about it,
he just changes the subject.

Hey, your dad's a hero.

Nox would've killed that guard

if your dad hadn't shot him.

I don't think that's how it happened.

I think she lost all credibility

the second she took off into the woods

- with a tattie.
- Hey.

Just give it a rest.


You won't even talk to me now?

I can't.

It was an accident.

Roman, it was an accident.

- I am so sorry.
- Why?

Because my father's dead? Or
because your father shot him?

Because you're in pain.

Will you at least let me thank you?

For what?

I found this in Julia's hospital room.

You saved her life.

She probably swiped it
as a souvenir when you two

broke into the sector last week.

- No, she would've told me if she had.
- It didn't happen.

Just... please,

let it go.

We're from two different worlds, Emery.

We can't keep pretending
like that doesn't matter.

It only matters if we let it.


Let's go. Bus is leaving.

Time to get back to the sector.


Thanks, Beaumont.

You all right, Emery?


Your dad's gonna be okay.

We're all supporting him.

Thank you.

Good evening. I'm ray Whitehill.

I will be taking

a temporary leave of
absence from the force,

but my colleague, officer Jack Beaumont,

will be speaking on behalf of the SEU

about last night's attack.

In order to prevent another incident,

we will be conducting
unscheduled pod searches.

But what about the safety
of our kids in school?

Each of the Atrian seven

submit to a security scan before entering.

Though we remind you the
seven are not to blame

for last night's attack.

This has been a difficult few days.

For all of us.

But we must now focus

on healing relations between our races.

Now, let's not forget
that this program presents

a unique opportunity

for not only our kids

but for society as a whole

to interact with

- and learn from the Atrians.
- I know what I want to learn.

How they plan to colonize our planet.

'Cause we all know that's
what they're really here for.

Mr. Vartan, you've made your views

and those of your fellow Red Hawks

very clear at these meetings.

However, the government has no reason

- to believe...
- What about the rumors

that some of these tatties

have learned how to remove their markings

and embed themselves in our society?

And our government.

We're here to discuss
the integration program,

not conspiracy theories.

Who is that guy?

Robert Vartan.

Veteran red hawk.

"And God said, let us
make man in our image,"

"And let them have dominion over every

creeping thing that creeps upon the Earth."

Mr. Vartan, please take a seat.

What about the homecoming carnival?

Ms. Garcia and I have discussed it

and we believe the community
should not be deprived

of one of its most valued traditions.

I... I think the board
should vote on the issue.

All those in favor

of the Atrian seven
attending homecoming carnival

raise your hand.

So it's settled then.

The Atrian seven will not be permitted

to attend the carnival.

So, if there are any other issues...

You don't even know them!

The Atrian seven aren't terrorists.

They're teenagers.

Little girl, please. You don't
know what you're talking about.

Hey, watch it. That's my daughter.

You say you want to learn from them,

but you won't even allow
them to come to our carnival?

How can they learn to trust us

when we don't give them reason to?

Yeah, she's right.

Any comment?

How are you coping with
your father's death?

Do you blame the guard?

Do you have any idea who was
behind last night's attack?

The guards must be bracing for riots.

That's not all they're worried about.

I heard the Trags used the attack on
the guards' booth as a distraction.

A distraction? For what?

- Steal a cache of the guards' weapons.
- Roman?

The hwatab... they want to see you.


Roman, these are the
elders of the four tribes...

the Vwasak, the Iwabas,

the Swamad, and, our tribe,

the Zwahan.


I'm sorry. My sondiv is a little rusty.

My father encouraged us to speak English.

Your father was a very progressive iksen.

He had big plans for you.

Many of our people still
believe in Nox's message

that justice, peace and
equality can be attained

using non-violent means.

But we fear the Trags
are growing in number.

We fear war with the humans

- could be on the horizon.
- We've called on you

because, as Nox's firstborn child

and a member of the
ruling Zwahan tribe, you,

are the next in line to lead.

We know this is a daunting
task for someone so young,

so we will appoint an interim leader

until you feel you are ready.

Who did you have in mind?


I have volunteered myself.


Opposing the Trags can be risky,

but your Uncle is prepared to take them on.

If you're looking for someone
to carry on my father's message,

that person is not Castor.

Your father wanted you to lead,

but not if it meant your
life would be in danger.

Don't pretend that you knew what my
father wanted. You were never even...

Your father would want
what is best for our people.

Let the boy speak.

If you ever want to stop the Trags,

we need a leader who's going
to look towards the future.

Castor will only lead our
people backward into violence.

So we should adapt to
be more like the humans?

Even after they murdered your father?

I will not let you tell
me how to honor my father.

But the question still remains.

If not Castor, then

who will lead our people
and stand up to the Trags?

I will.

Em, that was amazing.

Like, you were, like, "what up, Red Hawks?

What up, school board? Do not mind me.

I just came by to just drop some
knowledge at your front door."

- It was good. I really enjoyed it.
- What's going on?

Right. I may have uploaded
your speech to my vlog.


Just so you know,

if those tatties try
something at the carnival,

blood's on your hands.

Don't listen to Eric.

What you did was seriously bad-ass.

Thanks, Zoe.

Roman, our people need a
strong, decisive leader,

who is well-versed in the
politics of the sector.

And that's you? A former Trag?

My father caught you trying to build a bomb

out of fertilizer and gasoline.

I'm not the radical I once was.

But my past... it gave me experience.

And I've built relationships.

How long have you been
plotting to replace my father?

No one can replace your father, Roman.

But you are too young to rule.

Based on what?

My whole life,

my father's been grooming
me for this position.

Well, then, as iksen,

how are you gonna harness the Trags?

How are you going to prevent
them from declaring war?

They respected my father.

And they'll respect me.

When an apology comes with fried pickles,

I'm told it's your duty to accept.

But, uh,

what are you apologizing for?

For leaving you at the party on Friday.

Don't worry about it.

Take a seat.

I'm sorry to hear about
what happened to your dad.

It sounds like he, uh,

didn't mean to hurt anyone.

I just wish everyone saw it that way.

You mean Roman?

When you lose someone close to you,

it can mess with your head for a while.

I can relate.

You can?

I lost my brother ten years ago.

He was in the national guard,

and he was killed in action...

on arrival day.

I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

I don't tell many people.


For what?

I'm just glad you told me.

Enjoy the pickles.

- Hey.
- Hi.

You are officially my hero.

You saw the video?

Um, everyone saw the video.

Hey, how'd it go with Roman today?

He could barely even look at me.

It's okay, Em.

He's just hurting right now.

But that was one way to get his attention.

Yeah, I guess so.


Hey, can I volunteer?

If the Atrians are coming,
I don't want to miss it.

I don't know you, and I know everyone.

- Freshman?
- Junior.

I am down a few ticket scanners.

Some of my volunteers are
boycotting the carnival

if the Atrians attend.


It's their loss.

Homecoming is no place for politics.

How did it go with the hwatab?

I'll tell you later.

I need to know where Hadar

and the rest of the
Trags are meeting tonight.

Roman, you don't want to
get mixed up in all that.

I don't really have a choice.

My mother said there's
a lot of heat on them

- after last night's bombing.
- Teri.


It's initiation night for
the Trags' new recruits.

They think

they can control us,

imprison us,

murder our leader.

But the tide is turning.

We will show them

that we are not powerless.

Nox fell so that you all could rise up.

You'd be wise to announce
yourself next time, Roman.

I knew it was only a matter
of time before you came to us.

You're using my father's
death to build an army?

We must show the world what
makes us the superior race.

In case you haven't noticed,

we're outnumbered by
about seven billion people.

A couple of stolen temblor guns
are not going to win this war.

We've been amassing an
arsenal inside the sector.


Somewhere safe.

As our new iksen,

those weapons are as much
yours as they are ours.

But only if you stand with us.

Do you?


I stand with you.

Then tomorrow night, I will
take you to our weapons bunker.

We will arm our people,

and prepare for the uprising.

The Atrian seven have done nothing wrong.

Local news is all over this.

Shut it off. I'm tired of hearing it.

Because she's right...

And you know it.

All I know is I've got a
gaggle of angry parents calling

for the Atrian seven to be sent
back to the sector for good.

Oh, well, that's not an option.

Not as long as my employers
in D.C. have a vested interest

in seeing this program succeed.

If we invite the Atrians to the carnival,

the town might set fire to the school.

Then I'll build you a new one.

I'm overruling the board, Saul.

Make the announcement.

Attention, students.

After much discussion, the
school board has decided

to reverse its decision

and allow the Atrian seven to
attend tonight's homecoming carnival.


- Oh, settle down, man!
- What's that all about?

What's Eric's problem?


His dad used to own this restaurant.

It was a popular neighborhood
joint over in Bunkhead.

- Where they put the sector?
- Yup.

People stopped coming around,
and the place shut down.

Now, Eric's dad does a lot
of drinking his breakfast.

Hey, I know you have no
reason to listen to me, but

I hope you come to the
homecoming carnival tonight.


you think that if we ride
around in circles together

on wooden horses at high speeds...

- That all of our problems will be solved.
- No,

I... I just wanted to find
a way to bring us together.

All of us.

I heard what you said to the board.

You tried to do a good thing.

This is bigger than the two of us now.

Maybe it's safer if we're apart.

You're sure you won't reconsider
coming to the carnival?

I need to meet with Hadar.

Find out where the Trags
are hiding their weapons.

I need to stop them from arming
every Trag in this sector.

Roman, please be careful.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.

I'm a little surprised
you're going to the carnival.

They shut down Weeble's tunnel.

Got to find another way
to bust out of this slum.

Even if you could escape,
where would you go?

I heard about a place where
all the Atrians who escaped

on arrival day have set up shop.

Deep in the swamplands of Louisiana.

No searches, no seizures. Just freedom.

I think you've been smoking too much dovor.

Hey, I'm serious, all right?

These savages want to wipe us all out.

We got to start thinking about
how we're going to make things

better for ourselves.

Remember what my dad said:

If we ever want to be treated as equals,

we need to show the humans
there's nothing to fear.

I'll try to remember that while
they're deep frying our toes

and sprinkling them with powdered sugar.

We must send the message that our reach

extends beyond the sector

by taking action tonight.

Not only against those

who have wronged us,

but also those

they care most about.


And we'll talk like this
at the meeting. Thank you.


The Trags are planning an attack tonight

at the carnival.

- Can you stop it?
- I can try.

But Hadar is also planning

on arming his soldiers inside the sector.


I don't know.

I convinced him to take
me there later tonight.

But if I leave to stop
the attack at the carnival,

I won't be here to prevent
him from mobilizing his army.

Castor, if you want to prove
to me that you've changed,

you have got to stop Hadar.

Of course I will.


I got this.


Thank you.

Let me see.

Have fun.

Thank you.

Do you guys realize this
is my first job ever?

How exciting is that?

Okay, you know that there's
a carnival going on, right?

Like, um, games, rides.

Artery-clogging treats.

Everyone's a little on edge

waiting for the Atrians to arrive.

If they even show up.

Do you still think I did the right thing?

Was this about doing the right thing

or was this about getting Roman alone

so you could, you know, tilt his whirl?

It doesn't matter. He's not coming.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- See you in there?
- Yeah. Sure.

Grayson's a friend.

When I come to school, promise
I can make friends like that?

Hey, guys.

Here they come.

I thought you said he wasn't coming?

I guess he changed his mind.

You here to campaign for homecoming king?

You show me your school
spirit, I'll show you mine.


I got this for you.

Thanks, kid.

You're welcome.

Is that a fish?

I was going for phi,

which is the, um, the Greek
symbol for the golden ratio.

A fish will work just as well.

Here you go.

Have fun, guys. Bye.

I'm sorry about your dad.

I thought he was really inspiring.


And I am keeping your family in my prayers.

Oh, right, you guys do that.

- Pray.
- Well, yes, it is the south.

Everybody does that prayer thing.

So, I'm guessing

that you don't have bumper cars

where you guys are from?

I see you've had a change of heart.

Or should I say hearts?

Emery, you need to leave.

You really know how to
sweep a girl off her feet.

I think you could be in danger.

What are you talking about?

There are a group of Atrians

who want revenge for my father's death.

They've targeted your family.

But they're in the sector.

Trust me, they're resourceful.

There are guards everywhere.

Don't you think I'm safer in a crowd?

Come on.

Are you still seriously
trying to bang that drum?

She likes dark and mysterious.

I can be dark and mysterious.

What is this place?

It's mammoth rock.

It's a tradition for every new student

to leave their handprint

as a way of forever making their mark.

Of course, rocks weather over time,

especially in human climates,

so it doesn't actually last forever.

Shut up. Give me your hand.

We may be from two different worlds,

but in some ways we're still the same.

And now you're laughing at me.

No. I'm not.

You have faith.

The same kind of faith my dad had.

And I can't explain
why, but that feels good.


Have you seen Drake? I
can't find him anywhere,

- and I'm worried about him.
- Go.

I'll be fine.

Stay by the guards.

Having fun?

More fun than your friend Eric.

Since when is he on trash duty?

What are you talking about?

Beaumont, what are you doing?

You're an Atrian?


What do you want with Emery?

Killing the daughter of
the man who murdered Nox

will send a message that we're serious

about getting justice.

She's innocent in all this.

You spend a lot of time
with her, don't you?

This will not please the Trags.

We keep with our own kind.

You should know better.

You're gonna lecture me on Atrian purity

when you've had your markings removed?

It's a small price to pay

to be able to help the Trags build an army

outside of the sector.

An army?

How many of you are there?


We lie in wait.

For what?


And the Whitehill family
is only the beginning.


What's going on?

Nothing, man. I w... I was just taking off.

- Oh, my God.
- What the hell are you doing?

Okay, hold on a minute...

This has gone way too far.

We caught him trying to run away.

No one touches him.

Old alien Rambo here's got
a lot of meat on them bones.

The gators are gonna love him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey. I thought we were just
gonna scare him a little bit

and then, you know, ditch him somewhere.

Well, you don't make the plans.

I do.

What's wrong with you?

Oh, I know you.

You're that little race
traitor bitch, aren't you?

Security guards were right behind us.

I don't think they take
too kindly to vigilantes.


Come on.

Don't look at her.

Look at me.




You stay away from Emery.

I should say the same thing to you.

You're not gonna kill me.

I am prepared to do whatever is necessary.

If the Trags sent you here to kill Emery

and I'm the one who ends up dead,

who do you think they'll blame?

Just know

one of us is always watching.

Get me the hell out of here.

I'm trying. Hold still.

You tell anyone about this and you're dead.

You hear me?

You're welcome.

Belonged to my brother.

Comes in handy sometimes.

You okay?

Just a little shaken up.

Oh, hey. Roman. Hi.

I don't know if you remember me

from that whole failed cyper expedition,

but can I just say how
psyched I am that you guys

are finally able to
hang outside the sector.

I... I'm sorry. Have
you seen Drake? Or Teri?

The big guy and the scary
girl. Yeah. They're...

heading back to the bus.

Hey, what happened to your...

I'm sorry. I have to go.



Are you all right?

You look like you saw a ghost.

Not a ghost.

But... maybe an angel.

I looked everywhere for you
last night when I got back.

Did you stop Hadar?

Hadar is gone.

What do you mean "he's gone"?

The SEU guards raided
his bunker last night.

They shipped him to the crate.

You ratted him out?

No, Roman.

I played the politics.

I convinced some of his
more enterprising underlings

that it would be in their best interests

to get rid of Hadar,

make room for themselves at the top.

And they listened to you?

I told you.

I'm not a Trag anymore,

but I have sway over them.

And as the new iksen,

you will need to keep a watchful eye

over the Trags' activities
inside the sector.

I have reason to believe that
they're recruiting Atrians

living outside the sector,

amongst the humans, to join their army.

I need to weed them out.

If that's the case,

war could be coming much
sooner than we thought.

Right now our people need a leader

who can fully devote
themselves to protecting them.

That's why I'm stepping down.

You will be the new iksen.

I will make you and your father proud.

But know the second
that I doubt your loyalty

you will be replaced.

As I should be.

But I will not let our people down.

One more thing.

I need you to use your
influence over the Trags

to get them to stop targeting
the Whitehill family.

Can you do that?

You have my word.

I'll do what I can, Roman.


I didn't get a chance to say
good-bye after the carnival.

We keep with our own kind.

Just know

one of us is always watching.


Is everything okay?

It will be.




Roman knows the closer he
gets to that human girl,

the more vulnerable she becomes
to an attack by the Trags.

Well, unlike the Trags,
I mean no harm to Emery,

but I do have my reasons
to keep those two apart.

You still have spies in the school?

- I do.
- Good.

I need you to tell me every
move those Trags are making.

I know they think that you're their dog,

but you answer to me now.

You understand?

Whatever you say, iksen.

Get in.

You gonna tell me what that was all about?

Going after them at a
carnival was too risky.

There were guards everywhere,
and now he's seen your face.


Tattie ain't gonna talk.

He's the one trying to escape.

I'm more concerned about you undermining me

in front of my soldiers.

You undermined yourself.
It was a reckless move.

Water under the bridge.

After all, us Red Hawks,

we got to stick together.