Spinning Out (2020): Season 1, Episode 8 - Hell Is Real - full transcript

Kat's mental health crisis reaches a breaking point, triggering widespread damage. Mandy has an emergency, and Serena slips into loneliness.

♪ I met the darkness ♪

♪ Said, how do you do? ♪

♪ And I danced on water ♪

♪ With the weight on my shoulder ♪

♪ Fell right down ♪

♪ In the water I see ♪

♪ Everything that lies beneath ♪

♪ In the water I see ♪

♪ Who I'm trying to be ♪

♪ In the water I see ♪

♪ Everything I want ♪

♪ Comes at a cost ♪

♪ Everything I want ♪

♪ Comes at a cost ♪

♪ And I want ♪

♪ It all ♪

♪ So ring me up ♪

♪ Put it on my tab ♪

♪ Whatever the cost ♪

♪ I'm good for it ♪

♪ So ring me up ♪

♪ Put it on my tab ♪

♪ Whatever the cost ♪

♪ I'm good for it ♪

♪ So ring me up ♪

♪ Put it on my tab ♪

♪ Whatever the cost ♪

♪ I'm good for it ♪


Marcus. Come here, buddy.

Get over here.

So what do you think of our new house?

It's the biggest one on the block!

Can we go in?

We get the keys on Monday.

You're gonna have your own room.

Your baby sister's
going to have her own room.

Hm-mm. Which one is yours?

The middle one!

- And that one can be a playroom.
- Yeah?

That's my sister's.


Over here!

Go ahead. Get in the car.

- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know.

- I don't know.
- Really?

I think you would make for a great story.

Late addition to the ski team,

the favorite to win tomorrow's
national qualifier.

Now, I would not call myself the favorite.

Look, I appreciate your offer. I do.

But I gotta pass.

In case you change your mind.

Good luck tomorrow.

Dude, are you crazy?

I'm not trying to draw
too much attention to myself.

That's how you become a target.

What does that mean?


Anyways, they're only interested because
I'm the black guy on the white team.

And the fastest skier.

- Hey!
- I am, though.

Look, I get why you don't wanna...

put yourself out there,

but how many famous black skiers
are there?

Think about how many more there could be
if kids like us...

had someone to look up to.


I'm not trying to be the next Tiger, okay?

I just want to focus on tomorrow's race.


Interview or not,

you're gonna kick everyone's ass.

Except mine.

Uh-huh. I should get back to work.

- See you later?
- Yeah.

Uh... Oh, I asked for eggs and toast.

This is not that.

You know, I gotta say,
I know Kat blue-balled the shit of you,

but at least
she always got my order right.

What's going on with her, anyway?
Heard from her?

No. I'm doing my thing
and Kat's doing hers.

Whatever that is.

♪ With lips that bite ♪

♪ Teeth that bite ♪

♪ Lips that bite ♪

♪ Teeth that will bite you ♪

♪ Lips that bite ♪

♪ Teeth that bite ♪

Oh, fuck!


Jenn, Mr. Yu, how are we doing today?

- Good.
- Good.


We're very grateful for all you've done.

Jenny seems to be recovering well.

But let's cut to the chase.
How long till I skate again?


See how these pins are arranged
and the way the bone is healing?

With physical therapy,
you'll be able to walk without a limp,

maybe run, but...

you won't have the mobility you need
to spin or jump.

Pending a miracle, I just, uh...

I don't see you skating again.

Okay, but that skater in Boise...

Remember? Uh... A...

- Abby somebody.
- Right.

She shattered her femur and then was back
at Nationals the next year.

I'm so sorry.

I'll give you two a minute.

We'll get a second opinion.

There's a great orthopedist in Chicago.

I just read about him.

Plus, we can ask your aunt
for her contacts at Johns Hopkins.

It's okay.

No reason to fly five hours
to get the same answer we got today.


you've got to have a little faith.


Skating was my entire life.

I didn't go to college.

I have no job prospects.

There's nothing I even know how to do.

So what exactly am I supposed
to have faith in?


Sorry I'm late.

I ran longer than I meant to.

I lost track of time, but I'm here.


Hi, Kat.

Holy shit. This is the Carol?

Everyone, that's enough.
This is a safe space.

Look, honey, I'm sorry.
I didn't know this was your group.

I just saw that this clinic moved closer
to my work,

and I have a really big presentation today
so I thought I could use the support.

Is this going to be okay, or...

Sure. It's fine.

No. No. You know what?

It's weird. You're here.
Just stay. I'm gonna go.



Don't lea... Kat!

Hey! I thought you were still at work.


I got up early and went for a run,
and now I wanna have sex.

Oh, whoa! What has gotten into you?

Nothing. I just...

I missed you.

I'm just...

I'm so in love with you, and...

I don't know. I feel like the universe
has brought us together or something.


What'd you just say?

That I love you.

No, not that.

I guess I'm just having weird déjà vu.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.

I can't believe I'm saying this since,
you know, sex and everything, but...

could we maybe do this later?

What, are you serious?

Yeah. I promised my dad
I'd pick up my brothers,

and I've gotta get Dasha's groceries since
she's still not allowed to drive, so...

can we rain check?

You know what?

I should get Dasha's groceries.

You've got a lot on your plate,
and I want to help,

so you go get your brothers,
I'll handle Dasha,

- and we can just hang out later.
- Awesome.

Thank you so much.
Here, put the food on my card.


Is everything okay?

Everything's perfect.

- Bye!
- See ya!

- Option here. Thirty-teen. Forty-two.
- Hut the ball, Reid!

Coming back!


Are you guys ever not breaking shit?
Come on.

Hey, don't look at me. He's the guy
who backed up into the lawn sculpture.

Shut up, Reid.

Hurry up if you guys want to get a ride
to the body shop before school.

I thank God every day
they weren't born triplets.

Hey... thanks for pitching in, huh?

Flying up to Bozeman today
to check out some property,

so you're really doing Mandy and I
a big favor.

I'm happy to help.

You know what?

I wasn't sure our little talk a while back
would amount to much,

but you've really been
stepping it up lately, son.

I'm proud of you.

Thanks, Pop.

Hey, you!

How's that lovely partner of yours doing?
You excited about Sectionals?

Yeah, I'm pretty psyched.

Maybe more than I ever have been,
actually. How are you feeling?

Ugh! Your little sister's got me feeling
like a double-wide these days.

I can't believe we still have
12 weeks left.

Yeah, well, I figured she can't be a Davis
without a pair of these.



Oh, my God!

Damn you for making a fat lady cry.

Now I've got to go fix my dang makeup
before I go into the office.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

See you, baby.

Nice touch.

I don't think we should be satisfied
with 12 percent.

I don't think we should be satisfied
with 14 percent.

I believe I can move these units
for 895,

which is 23 percent higher
than all the other comps in the area,

which is why I believe

I should spearhead
the Woodland Tower Condos account.

I think I'm ready.

Wow. Wow.

I can tell how much work
you put into this.

It's just, well,
you've only done rental so far, right?

No. I moved that two-bedroom condo
last week.

Technically, it was Susan's listing,
but I brought the buyers in.

Which is a step in the right direction.

Um, it's just, well,
an account like this requires, you know,

a certain kind of...



That's just a fancy way of saying,
"Carol, you're not likable enough."

- That's not what I meant.
- You don't think the clients will like me

because you don't like me.

Honey, that is just not true.


Mandy, I am trying to be
a serious businesswoman.

I know it was bad
when I lost my shit at Kat

in the middle of your perfect hotel,

but I've been working very hard
to come back from that,

but it doesn't matter 'cause
you're never gonna respect me.

Okay. I can respect you
and still not have time

for your particular brand
of crazy right now.

My what?

You know what?

Fuck it.

I quit.

Damn it, Carol. Why does everything
have to be so damn dramatic?

Oh! Oh, my God.


No, no, no, no!

- Um...
- No, it's too soon.

Did your water just...

No, no, no.

It's... Look, we're gonna... It's okay.

Oh, shit! Is that...

We'll just go to the hospital
and check it out. It's gonna be fine.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Okay.

Yup. Cancel her appointments
for the rest of the day.

But you said I'm not in labor.

You're not, but we still
administer steroid as a precaution.

Helps the baby's lungs grow faster

in case we have to get her out of there.

But we won't...

because I'm not in labor...

and she's fine in there.

She's happy. We're good.

So... James turned around the plane
as soon as he landed, so it'll just be...

just a few hours.

Thank God.

So you want me to...

call someone to come and sit with you?
Mitzi or whoever?

- Mitzi?
- Uh, well,

I figured you want someone to sit with you
that has a little bit more finesse.


No way. You can't leave me here.

Please, Carol.


I just need to call Serena
and tell her I'm gonna be a little late.

♪ If your smile was real ♪

♪ As if you thought I could tell ♪

♪ Tripping over things that I say... ♪

It's Kat. Leave a message.

Hey, Kat. It's me. Where are you?

We were supposed to meet up,
like, two hours ago.

Whatever. Just call me back.

♪ Busy choking on the words in my mouth ♪

♪ Don't know how... ♪

Mom, are you coming home soon?

No, I can't. Something came up.

So, uh...

I'm not gonna make dinner. Why don't you
just make yourself a sandwich?

When are you coming home?

I don't know. I'm with... I'm with Mandy.
She's at the ho...

Carol, could you get the nurse?
I need to pee.

Um, honey, I'm sorry. I gotta go.
Mandy needs me.

♪ Seriously? ♪

♪ But I'm pretty serious ♪

♪ So I get it ♪

♪ You take me so seriously ♪

♪ But I'm pretty serious ♪

♪ So I get it ♪

♪ Don't wanna pretend it's okay
when it's not ♪

♪ Don't wanna pretend it's okay
when it's not ♪

♪ Can't help it, I said it ♪

♪ But, like, oh, my God! ♪

Excuse me! How much is this stole?

I want to get it for my skating coach

who just had eye surgery,
which is super intense,

but it means
she gets to see us at Sectionals,

which is only, like, six days away!

But me and my partner, we're so good.
We're definitely gonna win!

And I don't even need
to take my medication anymore.

I haven't for, like, a month.

It's made me a much better skater.

Although my mom would freak out
if she found out,

but it's fine
as she's really the crazy one, anyway.

How much is the stole?



Does this really toast
four slices of bread at one time?

Believe it.

I need that, too.

You have such amazing things!

Ha! Hey! Hi!


Is that a cigarette?

Can I have it?



- Why do you have so many watches?
- Uh...

- What are you doing with this stuff?
- It's for sale. You want it?

Cool! Wow!



Finally, Katarina.



Oh! It's my computer. Yes.

Come in, come in, come in. Come in.

- Come in.
- Sign here.


All right.

Uh... do you know how to set it up?


Plug it in?


All young people know computers.
You will help me.


Come on.

Throwing this away, too?

I don't need any of this shit.

Come to think of it,

I don't need this anymore either.

Okay, on a scale of one to ten,

ten being like Carrie-level
white girl rage,

how off your rocker are you right now?

I'm fine. Really. I just...

You know, I prayed to God every day
of my entire life to be a great skater,

and now I'm here.

Jenn, God isn't Santa.
That's not how it works.


You know, I used to pray every night
for God to make me straight.

Every night.

And God never answered my prayers
because I'm not supposed to be straight,

and instead of praying for God
to change me,

I had to change the way
I thought about God.

Well, easier said than done.

Well, no shit.

I need to be alone right now.

Neighbor called in with a complaint.

You lost?

No, I'm not lost.

This is my house!

Sure it is.

Turn around. Hands on the car.


Ssh, Marcus.
I need you to be quiet, okay?


What do you think? Do you like my dress?

Look, I really need
a bottle of champagne, okay?

No, no, no. I need like a whole crate
of them. Where do you keep 'em?

A little early, isn't it?

I don't know what time it is,
but, look, I'm celebrating,

and it's a huge surprise,
so don't tell anybody, okay?

Hey, do I still get an employee discount?


Okay, fine.
Well, just put it on the suite!

Why are you being so serious?


just because I quit working at Jimmy's
and we don't hang out anymore

doesn't mean we're not still friends.


Everything's really, really good.
I promise.

Everything's great!

See you later.

Wait, Kat. Are you...


I'm great.

I'm absolutely great!

Justin! You're here!

- What's going on?
- Oh!

What are you wearing?

Do you love it? It's my new dress.

- Isn't it beautiful?
- Who are they?

Look! Look! Come, come, come.

This... This is Twyla,
and this is Gregg with two Gs,

or three if you count the first one.

I met them at the pawnshop where I got
this dress and all this cool stuff.

Look, let me show you.

I got us a toaster.

I got us this weird skull thingy.

Isn't it amazing? I got us a disco ball.

Baby, look! I got us a racquetball set
and a scooter and...

a retro lava lamp.

Isn't it amazing?

- She got a sick deal on the lava lamp.
- Yeah.

You did remember
to get the groceries for Dasha, right?

She said she didn't get 'em.

Yeah. Yeah, of course I did.
I got her so much food.

I'm kind of hungry. Should we order pizza?

- Totally.
- Yeah? Let's get pizza.

What's going on? You're throwing a party
at noon on a Thursday with these people

- a week before we go to Sectionals.
- Yes!

We're going to Sectionals, baby.


It's why we're celebrating. Come on.

Kat, what's the address here?

I'm gonna tell some of my boys
to come over.

Hey, Gregg with too many Gs,

you can tell your boys
that's 1,000 percent not happening.

The party's over. Out.

- Both of you.
- No, no, no!

Okay. Look, come on.

I'm sorry. It's not a party.

It's just a social gathering
with a few friends.


For me?


Can you believe
what Ms. Klepper was wearing?

I'm just pissed she slapped us
with two chapters of that boring-ass book.

Dude, Lord of the Flies isn't boring, man.

It's dark. It's like real life.

- It's boring.
- Whatever.


Uh, yeah.

It's really dark.

Whatever. Teachers shouldn't wear chokers.


You don't even have teachers, right?

But you still get spring break?

I'm going to Puglia with my parents
in a couple of weeks,

which is kind of lame,
but at least I can drink there.



I'm supposed to go fishing with my dad.

Is Puglia nearby, or is it, like,
in Montana somewhere?

Yeah. Yeah, totally.

- Totally.
- So, you're going to Rome, Iowa?

'Cause I hear the fishing is great there.

Whoa, where'd you get those?

You didn't, like, steal them, did you?


Someone gave them to me.

Let's play ping-pong.



Ignore Quinn. Pretty sure her nanny's
taking her to Italy, not her parents.

Thanks for letting me hang out.

I was supposed to see my sister today,
but she flaked on me.

Guess she and Justin are off
in their own little world right now.

I don't know. I saw him here earlier.


This is bullshit.

Well, the rink's closed, right?
So they're probably just at the lodge.

Come on. Let's go.


Donna, could you check on that apple juice
when you get a chance?

I'll do my best.
I only have one pair of hands.

You know, Donna...


Look, I get that you're overworked
and underpaid,

I've been there, but this woman
is laying here all pathetic and vulnerable

with three months' bed rest
in her future if she's lucky.

Do you think you can find it in your heart
to get her some fucking apple juice?


I'll see what I can do.

Thank you, Donna!

Thank you, Donna!

Could have done without
the pathetic and vulnerable,

but that was...

What is that?

Mandy, hello again.

- Hi.
- Let's get you on your left side.

Why is it doing that?

Your baby's heart rate is too low.

We were hoping
we could keep her in there longer,

but sometimes when there's
not enough amniotic fluid,

the baby goes into distress.

- We're gonna have to do a C-section.
- What?

Can't you wait for her husband
to get here? He's going to be here...

Sorry. We have to do this now.

I'll meet you in the OR.

Hey, hey, hey. You got this.
You got this, okay?

Think about how hard
you've fought for this baby.

Okay? It's your baby, okay,
and she's coming out today,

and she's gonna be beautiful,
and I'm gonna be right here.

We're gonna do this together.
I'm not gonna leave you.

Screw it tight
'cause I don't want any accidents.

Yup. That's great.

All right. So now,
how do I find someone on here?

I don't know. Uh, try Facebook?

Oh, yeah?

Great! You will help me.

Now what do I do?

Look, no offense, but...

Yeah, I'm... I'm out.

Kat, come on. Get down.

No! Stop! I'm having fun.

- Come dance with me.
- Kat, this is ridiculous.

No, it's fun. Come on. Come here.
Look at Twyla. Isn't she beautiful?

Kat, we have Sectionals in a week.

Shut up! Come on! You're being annoying.

Hey! Cut that shit out.
This isn't a trailer park.


My bad.


I'm having so much fun!

Well, it'll be a little more fun
in a minute.

Are those pills? I have pills.

I have pills. Let me show you my pills.


Wait. No, no, no, no!

- Hey.
- Hey!

What did I say about friends?

Hey, man.

Yo! Drinks.

Have fun.

Bedroom right there. Drinks right there.

Kat! What the fuck are you doing?

- Chill. It's just prescription.
- That doesn't make me feel better.

What's the matter with you?
That's it! Party's over!

Everybody get out!

No! Stop! I'm having fun.
Why are you being so lame?

I'm sorry. I didn't realize stopping you
from snorting shit was lame.

Plus, I'm finally on good terms
with my dad,

and this isn't gonna keep it that way,

Says the guy who's always drunk or high
or doing whatever the fuck he wants!

Baby, where's the champagne I ordered?

I'm going to go check on it, okay?


What's going on in there?

It's nothing. Just...
You guys can't be here.

You're having a party?

That's why Kat blew me off?

Screw that. Come on, Drew.

You'd better not tell Dad about this.

You want to get out of here?
Get some dinner, maybe?

Actually, I just want to see my dad.

Where would you like this, sir?

What the fuck is this?

- Are you ready?
- Yup.

Hey, I thought about what you said,
and you were right.

Somebody's gotta represent.

Might as well be me.

I called that reporter.

I'm doing the interview tomorrow
after the race.

Good for you!
Just don't say anything stupid.

- I can't make any promises.
- Marcus!

You've gotta cut off the party upstairs.
No more people, no more booze.

Dude, I'm off. And maybe you should stop
calling in orders.

It's all Kat.
She's been acting weird all day.

Was she okay at work this morning?

Uh, I fired her, like, weeks ago.


Look, man, Kat is upstairs right now
with a bunch of...

I don't know who these people are,
and it's getting out of control.

I'm kind of freaking out right now, man,
and I could really use your help.

All right. Let's go.

- I'll be right back.
- I'm coming, too.


Hey! Nice surprise!

Come in.

Yeah, I just... I had an opening in between
my school stuff and seeing my friends,

so I thought I'd just...

Wow, Dad, are you ever going to unpack?

Oh, and by the way,

I was thinking we should definitely go
on that fishing trip that you mentioned.

Yeah, that'd be great.

Uh, it'd be good to see you.

Good to see me?

Yeah, I was planning on telling you
at dinner next week,

but since you're here...

I got a job in Colorado.

But you just moved here.

You promised you'd stay.

Yeah. Yeah, I know. I know, honey,
but it pays twice as much,

and I just couldn't turn it down.

And it'll be a really good way
to support your skating.

- And hey, that fishing trip...
- Forget about it.

I actually hate fishing.

I was just being nice.

Okay. Everything's ready.

Levels are looking normal.

What's happening?



You know, it's...


I can't believe James isn't here.

He's landing in 30 minutes,
and he's coming straight here.

It'll be too late.

What if something happens?

What if the baby doesn't make it?

- Mandy...
- Oh, my God!

- Look at me.
- I don't think I can take that!

Mandy, look at me.
You have to be calm. Stay calm.


I'm gonna sing you a song. Okay?
There's this...

There's a lullaby I used to sing Kat
when she was little, and it always helped.

♪ Oh ♪

♪ We're halfway there ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Livin' on a prayer ♪

♪ Take my hand ♪

♪ And we'll make it, I swear ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Livin' on a... ♪

Are you singing Bon Jovi?

I was a young mom who loved Bon Jovi.

- Okay, taking the baby out now.
- Oh, God!

Oh, Mandy, I can see her.

You can?

Why isn't she crying?

Carol, why isn't she crying?

We need some light over here.

Oh, my God!

Carol! Why isn't she crying?

Oh, my!

Okay, let's get you stitched up.

Your daughter is going to the NICU.

Carol, go follow her.




Where's Justin?

Where's Justin?


Have you seen Justin?

Your boyfriend left.

Hey, uh, why don't you show me where
the rest of your pills are?

Yeah. Gonna show me.

- What? No!
- Show me!

Oh, my Lord.

Dude, this is bad.

Has anyone seen Kat?

Give 'em back! Get off!

Hey, dude!

Hey, hey, hey. You gotta calm down, bro,
okay? We don't want any problems.

Fuck you!

Hey. Leave him alone.

Don't fucking touch me!



Come on.

- No! He took my fucking pills!
- I need you to calm down.

- He took my fucking pills!
- I need you to calm down!

No! No!


Kat, what's going on?

Need them!

Hotel security!

Where are they?


Just one fucking sign.

Come on!


Didn't peg you as the religious type.

Oh, I'm not. I just go to bingo night
in the church basement.

Cookies were a little stale,
but I won $25.

Anyway, I was tired of sitting at home,
so I come here.

I am sorry to hear about your injury.

I mean, that's bad luck. Hm-mm.

That's underselling it a bit.

Without skating...

my life is basically over.

I understand.

You know, after the Olympics,
I thought, "What? That's all?"

And then I coach, and I ask myself,
"Is this all?"

But you know what?

I've recently come to realize
there must be more.

Everyone can have a new chapter.

Even at my age.


Are you good?

- Yeah.
- Good.

'Cause Dora will give us a ride home.


But we will stop at
the grocery store first. Okay?



do you know how to use the Facebook?


How is she?


but not out of the woods yet.

They say that she has
a long road ahead of her,

but I have complete faith in her.

Hey. Mandy told me
how great you were today.

Thank you for being here.

It's no big deal.

Justin, hey. What's up?

Are you kidding me?

You know, it was a big deal.

I mean, for starters,
you got that poor nurse

to bring me apple juice.


You deserve
the Woodland Tower Condos account.

What? How many drugs are you on?

Screw finesse.

Carol, you get shit done,

and that is a huge asset in real estate,
and I should start appreciating it more.

Thank you.

Well, you have a beautiful baby girl.

Man, you're in for a world of trouble.


You are not gonna believe this.

My dad might actually rip me a new one
for this.

Like, literally.

I'm in a police station in Idaho,
and I'm black.

I win.

Shit, man.
I'm sorry I pulled you into this.

- If I'd known...
- No.

You were right.

Kat was...

You know, I've never seen her act
so wild and crazy like that before.

I have.

A year ago.

This one night, she was at this bar alone,

and I remember seeing her
and thinking she was so...


Not the quiet girl I knew
from around the rink.

We talked for a little while
and then she... kissed me.

Said something about
the universe bringing us together.

Didn't think it was that weird
at the time.


Your dad's up front.

What about him?
I'm sure there's something my dad can do.

Wait, no!

Look, I don't want my boss or my coach
or anybody knowing about this.

Are you sure?


All right.
Well, I'd better go check up on Kat.

My dad not hating me
was nice while it lasted.

Looks like you're staying the night.

It's late. Charges are still pending.

- You'll be processed in the morning.
- Wait! No, officer, I can't stay here.

Listen, I'm on a ski team,
and we have a race tomorrow,

and it's really important.

You're on the ski team?

- This is harassment.
- Don't give me attitude.

- There's been some misunderstanding.
- That's not what the neighbors said.

My wife and child are in the car
over there.

They can't see this, please.

- Just listen...
- I said hands on the car!

You're under arrest.


- Dad!
- Ssh, honey. I need you to be quiet.

All right, baby?
Daddy didn't do anything wrong.

It's going to be okay. All right, baby?

Trust me.

Everything's going to be okay.

It's fine. I'll say I'm with Drew.

Can you come pick me up at home?

Don't worry. I'm alone.

Where's Kat?

Taking a bath.

It's the only thing
that would calm her nerves,

but she's definitely still tweaking.


it's none of my business, but...

how long has she been off her lithium
or whatever she's on?


I think Kat has bipolar.

What are you talking about?

I think she's having a manic episode.

My cousin gets like this
when she's off her medication, too.

Where's Marcus? Did he come back with you?

No, he's still at the station.



Shit, I gotta go see if I can help him.

- She came last time.
- She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

Kat, who won't come?

You're wrong.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

Hey, Kat. It's me.


Sorry about today.

I just...

I wanted to tell you
that my presentation went well.


Actually, I think I might have
gotten a promotion, so that's good, right?

Uh... Okay, well...

Bye. I love you.

♪ That's a lot for love ♪

♪ We'll give it a shot... ♪

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

♪ We'll make it, I swear... ♪

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She came last time.
She won't come this time.

She won't come this time.