Spinning Out (2020): Season 1, Episode 2 - Welcome to the Family - full transcript

Drastic decisions change Kat's career path, but an unexpected competitor immediately threatens her chances. At home, Serena struggles with Carol.

♪ I met the darkness ♪

♪ Said, how do you do? ♪

♪ And I danced on water ♪

♪ With the weight on my shoulder ♪

♪ Fell right down ♪

♪ In the water I see ♪

♪ Everything that lies beneath ♪

♪ In the water I see ♪

♪ Who I'm trying to be ♪

♪ In the water I see ♪

♪ Everything I want ♪

♪ Comes at a cost ♪

♪ Everything I want ♪

♪ Comes at a cost ♪

♪ And I want ♪

♪ It all ♪

♪ So ring me up ♪

♪ Put it on my tab ♪

♪ Whatever the cost ♪

♪ I'm good for it ♪

♪ So ring me up ♪

♪ Put it on my tab ♪

♪ Whatever the cost ♪

♪ I'm good for it ♪

♪ So ring me up ♪

♪ Put it on my tab ♪

♪ Whatever the cost ♪

♪ I'm good for it ♪

Oh, fuck!

♪ You shout from the roof ♪

♪ That you know something better ♪

♪ And you run till you prove ♪

♪ To a fault ♪

♪ To your failure ♪

♪ It's a knife ♪

♪ Only safe ♪

♪ When it don't shine ♪

♪ I say ♪

♪ You will see it clearly ♪

♪ Give it some time ♪

♪ I say you will leave ♪

♪ All of your failure behind ♪

♪ I say ♪

♪ You will hit the bottom
harder each time ♪

♪ I say ♪

♪ You can leave
all of your failure behind ♪

♪ Take it out on me... ♪


What time is it?


I can't believe you live in a hotel.

What do you do?

Order anything you want.
Robe's in the closet.

Oh, and...

nice meeting you.

Is Kat really moving to London?

Yeah, and I'm making tea
for Harry and Meghan.

No, she'll come back.
She always comes back.

But how did you know that?

I heard everything the other night.



What? You don't want it?

I guess I'm just used to an egg and fruit.

- Well, yeah, I can get you that instead.
- No. It's fine. It's good.




Good girl.


So, what?

Are you homeless now?

Kinda got into a fight with my mom
and moved out.

Guess it's a good thing
you're going to London soon.

I mean, sucks for me, but at least
you don't have to live in your sad, sad,

sad, sad little car.


I'm staying.

- What?
- I've decided I'm gonna live here.

In your car?

In Idaho.

I'm gonna tell Justin
I've changed my mind.

I'm going to skate with him.

What am I going to do?
Be a waitress for the rest of my life?

Without skating, I don't know who I am.

And if I wanna keep doing it,
I need to be Justin's partner.

Just suck it up and deal.

Uh, what are you doing?

I'm gonna tell him I wanna skate with him.

You can't go in there
looking like a trash bag.

Most of my skating stuff's at my mom's,

so I didn't have a chance to grab it
between her screaming at me

and telling me
what a terrible person I am.

Well, I'm here now.
Let's go get it while it's still there.

We can make the first session
if we gun it.


♪ I've seen the sun rise and set on you ♪

♪ It set on you ♪


Get inside.

Serena! Your sister's back from London.

I'm gonna get my stuff.

Hi, Carol.

I'll get a bag.

You're back.

Go do your hair. And close the door.

Jesus, Mom.

- Come on.
- Here.

- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- I'm moving out.

Let me get my stuff.

- Your stuff?
- Hey, Kat.

It's not your stuff
unless you pay for it.

And you didn't. I did. It's my stuff.

And you're not taking my stuff
out of my house.

Are you serious right now?

Why do you always have to be
such a fucking bitch, Carol?

Oh... What did you just say to me?

I just always wanted to call you that.

This might be my only chance.

How the hell are you gonna pay your bills?

That little waitressing job isn't gonna
even begin to cover first month's rent.

I'll figure it out.
As long as I don't have to live with you.


Fine. Do what you want.

Just know you won't be allowed
back in Serena's life

as long as I have anything to do with it.

Come on.
We're gonna be late for the first session.

Let's go!

Hang on.

What are you doing?

You can't leave Rufus.

Mom already tried throwing them away,

but she forgot that garbage days
are on Tuesdays, so...

You should go before Mom finds
her pellet gun.

You sure you're okay?

This morning was actually really good.

Mom's psyched about introducing me
to my coaching team.


Yeah. She has a new credit card,

so now I have a jumps coach,
a spin coach,

a personal trainer, choreographer.

Mitch said he hired only the best
for his little protégée.

That's what he calls you?

Kat! Hurry the fuck up!

I'll see you at the rink, okay?

I'm fine.

I promise.


I just don't trust the guy.
I don't know how else to explain it.

It's gonna be okay, babe.

Now that Serena and I
are both senior ladies,

we're gonna be training
together all the time.

Lord, help me.

So, I'll make sure to keep an eye on her.

- Really?
- I promise.

Right now, all you should be focusing on

is getting back to the rink
and skating with Justin.

Jesus, Jenn.

The last time I was late
for the first session,

my coach made me do 30 fucking laps
around the rink.

Hold on, girl.


I hope we're not too late for the session.

It's going to be great.
You're going to go talk to him. It's...

Left, right, left...

What the fuck?

- Oh?
- Together, right.


It's pretty good.

When you go around in a circle,
that's when you surface.

I mean,

do people try to get in our way
on this rink?

It's like, move. Jesus!


Can we talk?

Yeah, sure.

I just need to talk to Justin alone,

if that's okay.

It's not.

Hi. I'm Jenn. Leah, right?

You're new. Let me give you the tour.

Oh, my gosh. Look who that is.

Can we talk outside?

So you already have another partner?


It's been, like, a day.

I didn't realize you were
in so much of a hurry.

I don't know. I figured
after you pushed me, screamed at me,

and basically told me
that you'd never ever skate with me

that you would, in fact,
never ever skate with me.

I'm not the most sensitive guy
in the world,

but I can pick up on a signal.

Well, I changed my mind.

Fuck, I gave up everything to do this.

Well, I guess you're shit outta luck, huh?



This was a mistake.

And, uh, yeah, I mean,
it's pretty straightforward. Uh...

Back there are the vending machines.

Not that you'll be needing them.

And that's the tour. You're welcome.

- Thanks.
- Yup.

Oh, and, just so you know, my friend Kat
was always supposed to skate with Justin,

so I think it might be
in your best interest

to get the fuck out of her way.

You know,

the way I heard it was
she already had her chance.

And, unlike your friend,

I have all my triple jumps.


I think it's in my best interest
to be the kind of partner Justin deserves.

Thanks for the tour.

Your face is a tour.


- Hi.
- Hey.

They ran out of regular,
so I got you Swiss hazelnut.

- Hm.
- Whatever the hell that is.

It could be a lot worse.


She looks happy with her new team.



I just wanna make sure
that Kat's behavior...


hasn't influenced Serena's trial period.

I'm just so sorry
about what happened the other night.

I can't believe she did that.

No, no, no.
Please, think nothing of it. Yeah.

Kat's behavior is no reflection on Serena.

Okay, good.

- Thank you for being so understanding.
- No, of course.

And just know that I've set
very strict boundaries for Kat.

And she knows not to interfere
with Serena's training ever again.

No, I appreciate that.

It's important that Serena
trusts me completely,

without any distractions.

- Yeah, of course.
- Hm.


- You okay?
- Yeah, it's fine. It's fine.

It's just stiff.

- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not okay!

What? What happened?

Are you serious?
What are you doing?

- Leah, calm down.
- Leah, stop.

No, stop!

You don't understand what's happening!
It's not fair!

I'm not gonna tolerate this!
This is a joke!

Three Macallans on the rocks,

two G&Ts and a red beer.

A red beer? Seriously?

- Hm-mm. Tomato juice and...
- Light beer.

Otherwise known as horse piss
with the foam farted off.

I guess the country cousin
got invited to lunch today, huh?


- You know that's my mom's drink?
- Really?

So... when are you headed to London?

I'm not.

Or maybe I am.

I mean, I'm not sure.

Had a fight with my mom,
and now I have no place to stay.

So my life's a mess,

and I'm completely fucked.


Hey, Kat. Kat, don't be upset, okay?

I mean,

get upset,
if that's what you wanna do, but...

you can always just squat
in the staff room.

One of the perks of being the manager
is that I'm the only one with the key.

Look, nobody will know
if it's only a few nights.

How much are you gonna judge me
if I accept your offer?

A lot.

I'm gonna judge you a lot.


Then I accept.


It's no red beer, but...

maybe it'll take the edge off.


Like a moth to a flame.

I need Kat for a second.


more like an hour. Let's go.

It's fine.

Okay. Bye.

I know how you're gonna get Justin
to skate with you.

All you have to do is land a triple toe
right in front of his face.

That's all I have to do?

Look, I've been watching
Justin and Leah skate.

It's so obvious that he hates her,

and she can't land a triple toe
to save her life.

That was always your
most consistent triple.

Until I stopped doing triple jumps.

- I haven't even tried one since...
- He wanted you first.

He only went to Leah
when you stopped being an option.

Show him you're still an option.


I hate Leah so much.

Seriously, like,

so, so much.

You have to do it, okay?

Come on! Let's go!

It's fine. Let's go.

And hand extension. Lift!

Tuck your right foot. Very good.
And extend.

Very nice.

Okay, I really need...

Jenn! What the...

You're gonna tell me
if Kat does her triple toe

or freaks out and doesn't rotate.

So, basically, if she pops it?



Damn it!

And a...

And Justin, make sure you're...

What is she doing?


- Eyes here.
- Yeah.


She popped it like a million times.


Grand plié.

Was that meant for me?

Because, if so,
I found it very, very sexy.

Shut up.

I know what you were
trying to do out there.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

Started to figure it out
after the fifth failed attempt.

- Hm.
- Or was it the sixth?


You know, it's actually my dad
you'd have to impress, not me.

He's the one paying all the bills.

Well, how the hell do I do that?

I wish I could tell ya
'cause I've never done it.

See you around.

All right, let's bow our heads.

Lord, we'd like to show our thanks

for how quickly the clubhouse renovation
is proceeding.

And thank you for these well-behaved boys

that are keeping their hands
to their damn selves.

And thank you for Reid
finally passing algebra.

After all, C's get degrees, y'all.

And Lord, give Justin
some god-like patience

with his new, spirited partner.

Bless her little heart. Amen.


Spirited, huh?

Everything all right with you and Leah?

You haven't screwed things up
with her yet, have you?

Oh, I can assure you, darling,
from what I've heard,

Justin is definitely not the one
at fault there.

Oh, yeah? What's going on?

Leah's a handful.

- I think she's hot.
- Shut up, Reid.

- Shut up, Reid.
- Shut up, Reid.

Can you win with her?

Yeah. We've a shot
at doing pretty well this season.

I wanna skate with Kat.

- Didn't she turn you down?
- She changed her mind.

Well, that's too bad, isn't it?

Because we already made a commitment

to Leah and her mother.

And you said yourself
you think you can win with her.

As far as I'm concerned,
that's good business.

- But Dad, I'm telling you...
- I'm done talkin' about it, Justin.

Yes, sir.


Are you coming to London or not?

I can't.

Kat, there's nothing keeping you there.

There's nothing for me in London, either.


I think this has to be the end for us.

I'm sorry. I...


How's it going?

Find a place to stay?



That's good, I guess.

So do you, like, know what you're doing,

or have a plan or whatever?


No, not at all.

Maybe for the first time in my life,

Must be weird.


It really is.

Look, I just needed to tell you...

no matter what happens,

I need to keep seeing you, okay?

- Being in your life...
- Look, Kat...

I don't mean to be a bitch, okay? But...

things have gotten a little
less complicated at home since you left.

I don't know.
It's like Mom is in a good mood for once,

which I never get to see.


What does that mean?

Maybe we should just take some space.
You know?


You promised Mitch you would
practice your off-ice double axel today.

Go on, sweetheart.

I'm sorry.

She just shouldn't be
treating you like this, honey.

- Uh-uh.
- I know.

It's my fault.
I let her get away with too much.

We give everything to these kids,
and they never thank us.

Karen Duncan and her daughter
haven't spoken in ten years.

And that's after Karen took out
a second mortgage on their house

to pay for her ice time.

So sad.

All I have to say
is thank God you still have Serena.


Kat, wait!


Mom, don't.

- Wait!
- Not today.


It's time for you to come back home.


I'm going back on my lithium anyway,

so you don't have to...

worry that I'm gonna...

freak out at you,
or whatever you think I did.

Come on, honey.

Let's just put this behind us.

I want you home.

And things are gonna get better,
I promise.

No, they're not.

They will.

And this time it's gonna be different.
I'm gonna get better.

Except you're not.

You may have given me your disorder,

there is no way in hell
I'm gonna end up like you.

And if I stay at home, I know I will.

Remember when you did
that silly exhibition at the rink

when you were 15?

Jenn skated to "Blurred Lines."

Serena chose "Let It Go," of course.

You decided on
"A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Not exactly a crowd-pleaser.

People stopped doing whatever
they were doing just to watch you.

You were perfect.

The new favorite.

And now when I look at you,
all I see is wasted potential.

You're right.

It was a great program.


What are you doing here, sweetheart?

I wanna skate with Justin.

Look, I know Leah's been pair skating
since she could walk, but...

but I'm a really fast learner,
and I'm not a terrible person,

so I have that over her already.

Justin told me his dad's the one
I need to impress,

and I have a plan to do that, but...

You told me I could come to you
if I needed help,

and I need help.

Baby, nothing I love more
than to watch my son skate,

but I have a construction meeting
in 20 minutes.

You're the boss.

They can wait. Now gimme those hands!

Yes, you're good. Your lines are good,

but you need to start watching
when you turn.

You're going too fast.


You know the girl's basically skating
for you.

So you wanted me to see
how the two of them were progressing, huh?

I lied?

What is it with you and this girl?

I don't know.

She reminds me of me at that age?

Mands, Justin and Leah can win.

So can Justin and Kat.

When Dasha was first selling us on Kat,

she promised she could get her
where she needed to be.

She also said
that she's the kind of skater

that comes around once in a generation.

Darling, I think
that's a risk worth taking.

I think you're wasting your time.


Look at me.

This is about your son's happiness.

This isn't one of your business deals.

I'll think about it.

Focus, Leah! Focus!

Can't get enough of me, huh?

No other reason to stay on your night off.

Don't flatter yourself. I live here now.

Can't be a good sign.

I haven't heard anything.

They obviously don't deserve you
if it's taking them this long to decide.

I mean, who are these fools?

Am I crazy?



What kind of crazy person
takes an insane risk like this

instead of just jetting off to Europe
with their perfectly nice boyfriend?

I could've had a nice life with Dave.

You could've had a safe life with Dave.

That doesn't mean it would've been good.

And if I'm honest...

I can't say I'm sorry
you broke up with that guy.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

I'm a mess, okay? I just...

- I can't right now.
- Yeah.

I hear you sleep in pub closet now.


You sleep there because you're not
on good terms with your mother, yes?

How do you know?

You know, in Soviet Union,

I hear useful saying.

Rough translation:

the malicious cow disturbs the whole herd.

You mean you think my mom's gonna
turn everyone here against me?


She already has.

No, I mean your mom is a cow.

I talked to James Davis this evening.

He was gonna call you, but...

I thought it's best
to deliver the news myself.


were the right choice all along.

And now, since you're Justin's partner,
you come and live with me.

Much better than closet, I think.




Well, welcome.

Be like at home.

Only don't use my toothpaste.

Is this you?



Is this your sister?


This way!

This is my cat, Yoka.


What does that mean?

Little fucker.


You will take Little Fucker's room.

He's a stray cat also.

I promise I'll find a way to make rent.

Not necessary.

You stay with me as long as you need.

Thank you.

I can't tell you how grateful I am...

for all of this.

You look like shit.

I'll let you sleep in,
and then I'll wake you up at 6:00 a.m.

And we're gonna train.

We must train very hard
to get to Nationals in just two years.

You really think we can?



- ♪ You've got a habit of ♪
- Hey.

- ♪ Breaking things ♪
- Thanks.

♪ Bursting bubbles and... ♪

So, you excited to skate with Kat?

- Anything's better than skating with Leah!
- That's for fucking sure.

One of these. For her.

Make it a double.


So how's the hip?

Uh, what do you mean?

Come on. You were limping today. I saw it.

I mean...

it's a bitch, but I can't give up
at this point in the game.

Maybe take a break.

If 16-year-olds with two good hips
don't take breaks, I can't either.

Here you go.

Thanks, Marcus.

You already know. Enjoy, all right?

To the good life.

To the good life.

♪ You seem in control ♪

♪ But inside you're lost ♪

♪ You play your games with no rules ♪

- ♪ And no sense of respect... ♪
- Bye.

♪ To change your mind, then you drink... ♪

I cannot wait for tomorrow, Mom.

Mitch is gonna have my choreographer
come in early

so we can talk about the music choices
for my long program.

What are you looking at?

Nothing, baby.

Actually, you know what? I'm really tired.

I'm gonna go to bed early.

Okay, honey.

♪ You play your games with no rules ♪

♪ And no sense of respect ♪

♪ You live your life like a joke ♪

♪ And a self-centered jerk ♪

♪ You cheat and lie ♪

♪ Causing pain with no thought or regret ♪

♪ To change your mind, then you drink ♪

Excuse me.

Oh, sorry.



So I wanna say something important.

So now it's going to be like
learning to walk all over again.

It's good, huh?


can you just pretend to listen to me
when I'm speaking?


So before we begin, I have a surprise.

We're gonna win National with this.

- "Romeo and Juliet."
- It's perfect.

It's Russian.

And it's also very romantic.

No one wants to see cute programs anymore.

It's about romance. It's about tragedy.
It's about sex.

You know? All the good things.

Uh, works for me. Kat?

So now that is out of the way...

- we begin.
- Mitch, stop!

Justin, assume the Kilian hold.

Uh-oh. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

It's the choreographer. One moment.


That is never happening again.

Uh, what are you talking about?

I'm sorry if I overreacted, but...

we are just partners.


That is never, ever happening again.

It was a year ago.

- Calm down.
- All right. So now I am done.

We can begin.
Let's see how you skate together.




right, left...

...right, left, and...

left, right.


Right, left,

right, left,

right, left...