Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011): Season 1, Episode 3 - Paterfamilias - full transcript

Batiatus is pleased with himself having arranged for Gannicus to appear in the primus of Quintillius Varis' games. He is not however prepared for the return of his father Titus who arrives ...


We have won many victories in the arena,

sent many an unworthy opponent
to the afterlife.

Yet self-important men hold us
to the lesser matches of the morning,

absent both eyes and prominence.

Such time has found its end.

Two days hence
our champion will take to the sands

to face another
of Vettius' shit-eating dogs.

Not in the streets,

but in the fucking primus!

Behold the champion whose
recent performance inspired

good Varus to return
the House of Batiatus

to proper position!
Behold Gannicus!

Gannicus, Gannicus, Gannicus,

- Gannicus, Gannicus...
- An inspired performance indeed.

One not to be repeated.

A true god of the arena!

A man to be admired

and emulated.

This is but glorious beginning.

Soon you will litter the sands

with the blood and bone
of all who present challenge

instructed in the ways
of death and glory

by a former champion!

One of our very own!

I give you Oenomaus!

No longer to hold that name!

No longer a gladiator!

Now and forevermore
to be revered as your doctore!

Yeah! Doctore!

This has been wielded with pride

by each before you since
the time of my grandfather,

bestowed on only the most loyal
and honorable of men.

Your will, my hands.

Batiatus! Batiatus!


The primus.

To gain such position,
Varus must truly

have been impressed
with your prowess. As am I.

- It was nothing.
- It is a great honor

for yourself and this ludus.

Both of you bring honor
to this ludus,

each in his own way.

Did you note how
he could scarce meet my eye?

He must now heed my commands

and does not embrace it.

Will the other men share sentiment

toward my honored position?

It is his position
that stirs troubled thoughts.

He sets mind to the primus

as you must to training the men.

I know this is not
what you wished for...

And yet here I stand, elevated.

As you deserve.

For taking a life?

For betraying hand that
forged the man before you?

There was no betrayal
in what you did.

Some acts cannot be avoided
when stripped of choice.


turn thoughts
from unfortunate past.

We must look towards days
to come and embrace them.

Barca, pair with Crixus.

The rest of you...
continue training.

At last the gods remove

cock from fucking ass!

The House of Batiatus... no.

The House of Quintus
Lentulus Batiatus...

...rises to the fucking heavens!

Soon my champions
will be carved in stone,

towering above all who came before,

and Gannicus will be the first of them

after his victory in the fucking primus.

The position was not gained absent aid.

I offered naught but introduction

and a few selected words
of suggestion.

You could wile

the Goddess Laverna herself.

Your place in this will not pass
without much fucking gratitude.

The kind I favor most.

Has a man ever been so blessed?


- Father.
- Gather yourself.

I would have words.

I leave this house in your care

and this is
what greets me upon return?

I was not expecting your arrival.

Am I to announce myself
to the walls that I own?

Of course not, yet if I had known
of your return from Sicilia...

The knowledge would have
produced what result? Huh?

Flowers and scented oils
laid to meet me,

masking sight of a son
gone to shit?

- I but celebrate.
- Upon what cause?

Angering Tullius with refusal
of reasonable offer?

- Your exclusion from the games?
- How do you come by that?

I'm old, Quintus, not dead.

There are still those in Capua
that hold my name in regard

and would see me well informed,

- good Solonius counted among them.
- Solonius?

He sent word of his concerns
regarding your dealings with Tullius.

The man is seized by unnecessary worry.

Your face suggests otherwise.

- A minor disagreement.
- Nothing with a man such as Tullius

is ever minor.

A fact obvious to the simplest of minds.

Then it is a blessing a greater one
than mine has arrived.

I bluster...

when soft breeze would
be more welcome, hmm?

You cannot ask
the wind to change its nature.

My frustration is more with myself.

You never wished for this...

the ludus, the gladiators,
the blood, the sand.

Your eyes were always
towards the horizon,

to glories and triumphs

forever out of reach
of a common lanista.

Yet here I stand,
a lanista like my father.

Not like him at all.

You have never been able
to look into the eyes of a man

and gauge his true heart.

Only days past, I looked
into the eyes of Quintilius Varus

and gauged way to secure
the primus in his games.

Varus has never employed
a lanista not blessed by Tullius.

Why now break tradition?

Because I possess
what Tullius does not... Gannicus!

The man is a jest,

inciting more laughter than awe.

And now I find he is desired
by half of Rome.

Much has changed in your absence.

And much has remained the same.

I would review my men

and see how they have fared,
denied proper guidance.

Have feast prepared as instructed.
And send to market

- for an amphora of mulsum.
- Yes, Domina.

The highest quality,
not that shit from Flavus.

Again with the honeyed wine.

- Does the corpse drink nothing else?
- Lower your fucking voice.

The man has severed you from moorings.

He is the paterfamilias.

One word dropped from his tongue
could send us both to the streets.

We must be beyond reproach
or fall to ruin.

Very well. I will be a vision

of demure obedience and propriety.

On the outside at least.

We are honored
by your return to Capua, Father.

I am certain your heart swells.

Oh, the clime of Sicilia has
most certainly restored health.

Perhaps you do not recall me.

Gaia, a dear friend of...

The memory of you has
not yet faded. Quintus.

We must prove
this fucking house in order

and prompt decision
for his quick return to Sicilia.

Withered old fuck.

Eat, brothers.
You bear the mark now.

Savor the taste of victory.

Congrats, brother.

Welcome, boys.

Our piss once again

- finds its way to their mouths.
- As if sucked from our cocks.

- We bear the fucking mark!
- Received absent the test.

A fucking goat may bear the mark.
It does not make him a brother.



- Fuck did he say?
- Fucked if I know.

He wants some more.

You should not eat with lower men.
You are Doctore now.

A title I did not seek.

I would not have events
absent my control

come between us.

Nor would I.

Ah, greetings.

Auctus. Narto.


You assumed mantle of Doctore.

After unfortunate death
of his predecessor,

I chose Oenomaus as replacement,
knowing that he...

Gather your food.
Let us retire to your cell.

I would exchange stories
of the passing years, old friend.


Many regrets haunt a man

as life draws nearer its end.

Being too ill to witness your battle
with Theokoles in Pompeii

counted deeply among them.

A fight of legend I have been told.

A defeat of equal proportion.

Defeat? Huh!

- You did not lose.
- Nor was I victor.

You are the only man to ever face
the Shadow of Death and live.

That alone is a great victory,

one that has brought honor
to this house...

well, as you have always done.

And I would continue to do so...
in the arena.

Are you not pleased
with elevation to Doctore?

Give command and I would gladly release
title in favor of sword and shield.


Words I am reluctant to speak.

The doctore is second in importance
only to the lanista himself.

I chose Ulpius, oh, many years ago.

This ludus was his beating heart.

The stilling of it is unfortunate news,

tempered only
by you assuming his place...

the sole decision my son has made
that I find agreeable.

It is a position
I am not worthy to hold.

There is none more so.

From the moment I laid eyes

in that awful place,

I knew that wild boy,

so filled with rage and hate,

would grow into the man
I see before me.

We have traveled
a great distance together, Oenomaus.

I would finish my journey comforted

by thought of you
maintaining honor within these walls.

A comfort I'm certain
your wife will share,

knowing that you will not die
beyond them.


The way they fawn over him,

falling to knee to lick his fucking ass.

He takes over my house,
my gladiators, my fucking bed!

Did he give voice toward

- length of stay?
- He gives voice only towards

considerable fault
of un-fucking-worthy son.

Just leave.

I secure the primus and he acts
as if I shit upon the name Batiatus.

Oh, you raise it beyond
anything he can imagine.

He will see this and bitter tongue
will turn to praise.

He would sooner bite it off
than have it betray him so.

I had forgotten the feeling

of this sudden abyss

as he sets disapproving eye upon me.


You'll not need
to endure his presence long.

His health has fled
in these climes before.

Should he fail to realize that
his house, his name

is in proper hands,

a forced return
to Sicilia will eventually arise.

I would see him removed sooner.

Your return lifts the heart, Dominus.

Only for those who yet possess one.



Pair up!

Crixus, spar with Barca.

Auctus, work the palus
until Gannicus joins us.

Oenomaus, this one is too small.
I would have something

- the size of a man.
- Barca!

Do as your doctore commands.

Yes, Dominus.

Come. Let us see
what is between your legs.

The Gaul winces from spear

as he would from my cock.

Is my long, hard weapon
too much for you, little man?

I'm without lesson against it,

but your instructions are well received.


- You rise earlier than expected.
- I rise at proper hour...

an attribute neither you
nor your man Gannicus seem to share.

Harsh words will find the man's ear.

It could be shouted, yet ignored.

Gannicus is no champion.

I would promote Auctus
or half a dozen men in his place.

- Mmm. Matter we disagree on.
- One of many.

What man spars with Barca?

Crixus, a fierce Gaul of worthy stock.

I recall name from the ledger.

A sapling of exceeding cost.

The man will earn the mark
and see investment well returned.

Doctore, bring Crixus up.
My father would have closer inspection.

No, continue training.
We are to town for necessary business.

I will have Barca prepared as an escort.

Barca is a gladiator,
trained to wield weapon in the arena,

not be yours in the street.
Now come.

Your late rise already threatens
the appointed hour.

And not one denari less.

You would have me sit
with this fucking man?

I would have you silent while
I attempt repair of damaged relation.


Good to lay eyes, old friend.

Your experience in delicate matters
of business has been sorely missed.

- To be rectified presently.
- Come. Sit.

You recall my associate Vettius?

Vettius? Oh.

You were but a child last I knew.

How the years flee from us, eh?

- How fares your father?
- Dead.

Oh, apologies.
How terrible.

The boy is ill-starred acquaintance

with such misfortunes.

Why only days past

he was set upon
on our own streets

on way to appointment
with Quintilius Varus.

- Varus?
- The same man who,

absent Vettius' presence,
managed to find way to your ludus.

Where this fucking cock-eater
stole the primus from me!

Vettius, hold your tongue.

How do you answer this?

Pssh. He accuses, absent cause.

My wife and her friend Gaia
came upon good Varus in town

- baking under noonday sun.
- Gaia?

She knew Varus from her days in Rome,
offered respite at my villa

while he waited for the absent boy
to come to purpose.

A fortunate coincidence
for all involved.

Was it this same fortune that saw
me set upon by your fucking men?

Did you see faces?
Did they bear my mark? You wet cunt.

Remove yourself to the street.


And leave reasonable men
to discourse.

Your son has much to learn
from the ways of diplomacy.

A subject all young men
struggle to master.

Let us school them in its ways.

You are better matched
against wooden men.

Work the palus, Gaul.


Are we to follow
Barca's commands now?

He shares my thoughts.
The Gaul falters against spear.

Perhaps advice from a champion
would aid his cause.

Days past you fought me
with something approaching skill.

Yet opposite Barca,
you act as his lover...

face down with your cheeks spread.

The spear is unknown to me.

You are Gaul.
Did you never face the Arverni?

My years before capture
never held the privilege.

They wield spear
with deadly purpose,

as does Barca
from the judging.

He but instructs...

each blow a lesson
never to be repeated.

You should be quite the scholar
by the time he has beaten you to death.


You fought well
against my two swords.

Rid a hoplomachus of his spear

and he is left with only one weapon.


If you're done with your man's cock,
I would have proper contest.

The gods bless Barca
with another tiny man to fuck.

Your man Gannicus appears in fine form.

As he will in the primus,

elevating the house
with glorious performance.

My heart yet races
at the thought of his last.

We'll place such memories behind us.

A difficult feat

when so enjoyed by all.

- Some more than others.
- Come here.

Apologies, Domina.
Guests have arrived.



We were not expecting.

Oh, the fault is mine
for failing to announce.

Good Cossutius is on stay from Rome
to celebrate the Vinalia.

After I extolled the virtues
of the House of Batiatus...

- I demanded introduction immediately.
- You honor us.

But my husband tends
to final preparations

- for tomorrow's games in town.
- Oh, how disappointing.

Yet we could remove ourselves
to the balcony for proper viewing

of his gladiators until his return.

I fear you mistake intent.

I was not regaling Cossutius
with tales of your men

but of your house's

more intimate delights.

I fear that was
a special consideration.

Was it?

Perhaps Vettius will be
more accommodating then,

concerning this and my primus.

It would be unfortunate
to have come so far

and find hands empty,
would it not?

I would not have it so.


- Let us prepare Gannicus and...
- No.

For what joy is there in exploring
ground already discovered?

None at all.

What do you offer?

A gladiator of your choosing

paired with...

a slave

as yet untouched.


A delicacy no longer present
at the moment in my house.

Then it is fortunate
you find yourself in ours.


- A word.
- And for you, sir?

- Fresh just this morning.
- I would share its equal.

I came to you as trusted friend

carrying news of Tullius' renewed
offer towards Gannicus.

You carried but shit
spewed from an errant hole.

And what of other knowledge
I lighted upon treacherous ears?

That of Varus' arrival
to be met by Vettius?

- Vettius is a fool.
- Under the employ of Tullius.

He will think I had hand
in the boy's assault.

He suspects nothing. His thoughts have
turned towards my father inside.

What seizes fucking mind,
dispatching message to him?

- Your father is in Capua?
- He sits with Tullius as you bleat,

- stroking fucking cock.
- Why do you remain in the streets?

- Why do you think?
- I did not mean for his return.

I sought only advice

towards worry
for a man I hold as brother.

Intentions well received.
Let us place transgressions aside... favor of more pressing concerns.

Your patience and reason
recalls joyous times,

when business was conducted
by those who shared respect for it.

I fear we are a dying breed.

I am certain you shall
outlive us all, Master Batiatus.

Solonius, I hardly placed you.

The years weigh heavy
on a man, do they not?

Your presence is fortuitous,
striking need to seek you out.

Share walk and let us
review recent events.


Am I allowed voice now?

Could the gods halt the sound?

Whatever Tullius
and the boy may think,

I gained the primus
on merit of Gannicus' prowess.

Even if true,
it is of no matter now.

Gannicus will not appear
in the games.

But Varus has made
personal request.

A necessary sacrifice
towards leveling unequal ground.

You will make apology to Varus, relaying
Gannicus found injury in training

and that Vettius is amply capable
of seeing the primus attended.

You give away the primus and now ask
that I tongue the fucking boy's ass?!

I ask nothing!
This is how it will be.

In return, a few of our men
will be paired

against each other
after midday sun.

- Our men fight themselves.
- The only plank salvaged

- from such wreckage.
- Then we must choose the men with care.

- They have been chosen for us.
- Tullius now selects

- my fucking men as well?
- An unavoidable concession.

Barca and Gnaeus,

Auctus to face your Gaul, Crixus.

Crixus is but a recruit,
not yet a fucking gladiator.

Who you failed to mention
was purchased from Tullius.

To gain... to gain his favor.

And what fruits did
your scheme bear? Huh?

No, this is price due for attempting
to maneuver men above your station.

Be thankful it was not more costly.

Are you certain you would not prefer
the man bathed and scented?

He stands perfect towards his cause.

I would, however,

gauge the freshness
of your offerings.

Remove your robes.

Did I not tell you?

They are of a form.

But a woman's worth

is not always revealed to the eyes.

A man must probe deeper

for true value.

Remove yourself to the vestibule.

Return if Dominus and his father
are seen upon the road.

I shall have this one.

She's considerably tighter.

Move on top of him.

Know why I chose this man?

So crudely etched,

the smell of shit hot upon his breath?

Because this world is filled
with the grotesque

and the divine.

They exist together,

two sides of a coin.

You cannot have one...

absent threat of the other.

And words...

cannot convey the true nature of this.

It must be experienced.

It must be felt.

And never forgotten.

Oh, your presence has
been missed in Rome

since your husband's passing.

Your charms would brighten
darkest night.

I long to return

and crest dawn
upon a husband yet of this world.

How does your dowry stand?

I was under under impression
you were absent family of means.

Gaia is a treasure
within herself.

One to be coveted
by a man untethered

to the burden of position
and appearance.

you were well satisfied?

Praise laid upon your house
has not been exaggerated.

It is a wonder.

Such base diversion would be
impossible to conceal in Rome.

Capua is a city of many pleasures.

Often obscured by pressing business

to which we sadly must attend.

- You take leave so soon?
- A regrettable necessity.

Gratitude for your hospitality.

I look forward
to seeing you at the games

and your man Gannicus
upon my primus.

Oh, you honor us.

- Crixus begins to show promise.
- Upon his back.

The man always rises...
a trait to be admired.

So you have eyes for the Gaul now?

- And if I did?
- I would fucking kill you.


Come here.

You fucking cunts!

You soil our food.

Why shall we not make meal
of your fucking pets?


- You do not help your friend?
- This is a fight between brothers.

I do not yet bear the mark.

A fact Ashur is fond
of reminding me of.

Have you lost fucking mind?!
Stand down!

Calm yourselves!

Is this what my house has fallen to?

Brother setting upon brother

so far removed
from the honor of the arena

where such contest holds meaning?

This points to reason
the gods have turned from us,

stripping the primus from our hands.

- I do not fight in the games?
- You do not.

Yet our sacrifices
do not stand unrewarded.

A few of you will take
to the sands after midday sun.

And I expect those chosen
to bring more honor

to the House of Batiatus
than you now bring to yourselves.

Yeah! Fuck you!

- Gnaeus fight Barca!
- Then I will split your ass in two.


You do not gain position?

I do... against Crixus.

Ah, your favorite.

The man does not even bear
the fucking mark.

Am I to fight?

You are to die...

at the end of my spear.


you fight in the arena.

I do not.

The gods truly punish me.

I long to be of the brotherhood,

to become a gladiator.

But to be awarded position...

it is an honor I have not earned.

There are many things given to us
in this life for the wrong reasons.

What we do with such blessings...

that is the true test of a man.

Go well.

Be victorious, brother.

Give him hell, man.

May Auctus fall, and Barca follow.

Auctus. Gnaeus.

Return victorious, brothers,

for I am out of wine.

After all we've done,
the sacrifices made,

only to have
the primus torn from grasp.

Pssh. "Torn" would imply resistance.
My father offers none.

You could not move him
from this decision?

Hercules would fail in the labor.

Are we set to leave?
I would not arrive late.

- Doctore gathers the men.
- Ah.

Perhaps some mulsum
while you wait, Father,

to celebrate your return
to the games.

You seek to ply me
with honeyed wine?

You find my weakness

and I would have it exploited.

- I shall join you.
- It disquiets your stomach too much,

especially in hot weather such as this.

- It never did agree with you.
- Guards!

- A trait gained from your mother.
- A presence sorely missed.

Every day.


Your Gaul appears ragged.

Result of extensive training
and preparation

- for the test he has yet to take.
- You set this in motion, Quintus,

- by purchasing the man to gain favor.
- Only after I looked into his eyes

and saw a spark
as you always spoke of.

Then today presents rare opportunity.

Auctus, a man forged
beneath my rule,

to face Crixus,
forged beneath yours.

The outcome to prove
if son has learned

anything of worth from father.

Your time has come.

for all you've taught me.

Fight with honor.
And if the gods will it,

die the same.


A word.

You have shown great promise

in practice and exhibition
against Gannicus.

Yet this is the arena.

This is where men become gods.

Legions with far greater training
and skill than you

have fallen upon this sacred ground,
many beneath Auctus' spear.

But I do not think
that you will be one of them.

You have the blood of a champion

to rival any my father
has ever heralded.

Do you wish to behold
such miracle come to pass?

It is all I desire.

Then seize fucking glory

and see us both proven worthy.

Have you set Crixus to purpose?

Stoked the flame as best I can.
It is now up to the man to ignite...

or be forever extinguished.

It is a pity it is not Gannicus
nor the primus. It was well earned.

Yet he is the one honored,

while his only fucking son
is left to languish.

Soon your father
will attest your worth.

Or decay into the afterlife.
Either way, we will be free of him.


An epic showing
from the House of Batiatus,

certain to please the gods.

In gratitude,
we will be merciful

and grant life!

You are overly kind.

Your house is being most accommodating
and should be rewarded.

Well, gratitude. L...

- Are you unwell?
- Perhaps the excitement

is too much for him.

- 'Tis but the heat and dust.
- Water.

I would not have torrid throat
announce your final offering.

Address the crowd?

The honor is unfit a lanista.

We decide
what befits a lanista, Batiatus.

Make introduction.
Let us move on.

I stand humbled

before the great people of Capua,

my home and my heart

too long parted from chest.

In gratitude,

I present the final offering
from the House of Batiatus.

Entering the arena,
a virgin upon its sands,

I give you Crixus! Murmillo!

His opponent,

a warrior unmatched

in skill and honor.

I give you Auctus! Hoplomachus!


Just like last time!
Just like last time!

- Come on!
- Begin!

Kill the fucking Gaul!
Kill the fucking Gaul!

Kill him!

Auctus wields spear
to rival Mars himself.

Well, he has been well trained.

The same cannot be said of Crixus.

Perhaps he should've remained
a hauler of stone.

Wo Cut him through! Yeah!

Stupid fuck.

- Kill the little cunt!
- Fuck!




Barca has taught you well.


Crixus, Crixus!

A fine showing, Batiatus,
with unexpected conclusion.

Indeed it was.

I swear to be burned, chained,

beaten or die by the sword

in pursuit of honor in the arena.

Welcome to the brotherhood.

Crixus proves himself.

Perhaps even as match
for Gannicus one day,

in and out of the arena.

You fought well, brother.

Your Gaul, still yet a recruit,

defeated a gladiator I considered
among the best of my men.

It would appear
I underestimated Crixus...

as I did my son.

- You honor me, Father.
- No, you honor yourself,

- when cleared of plots and schemes.
- Thoughts far removed,

- never to return.
- Nothing pleases more

than to see reason take hold of senses

and a house righting its path.

I will see it continued in your absence.

- Absence?
- Why, I assume you return to Sicilia.

- Your health...
- No. Seeing Crixus's victory

stirred passions
I have not felt in many years.

The blood and the sand,
the roar of the crowd...

oh, it lifts spirits more than
change of clime could hope to offer.

No, I will stay at your side
and together we shall see

the House of Batiatus rise
to former glories, huh?

- You remain here?
- Uh-huh. Until breath flees

wearied flesh,
calling me to the afterlife.