Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011): Season 1, Episode 2 - Missio - full transcript

A week has passed since he received his severe beating at the hands of Tullius' men and Batiatus has now recovered sufficiently to leave his bed. Tullius sends him a message to the effect that he acted hastily and offers a compromise. Batiatus is in no mood to compromise however and plans his own revenge. Quintillius Varis comes to Capua to select gladiators for his games and Gaia, who knows him, plots to have him come to Batiatus' house. Batiatus will seemingly go to any length to impress Varis but his blind enthusiasm does not sit well with the men. Doctore and Oenomaus settle their differences in the arena.

Reconsider your answer,

or be excluded
from the games forever. not the time.
Let us not broach the subject again.

Quintus, why are you from bed?

The Medicus gave plain instruction
you are to rest.

A week upon my back
sees advice well heeded.

More and even my cock will cease
knowing how to stand.

His spirit returns.

I am not a babe new-dropped
from fucking womb.

See meat and wine set out.

Yes, Domina.

I always follow the wine.

Your wounds, they are less gruesome.

Has she not found
some fool's bed to fall to yet,

or is her sole intent in Capua
to drink us dry?

- She has been of great comfort.
- And seeks the word for herself.

Who do you think dried my tears

when my husband was returned to me,
bloodied and broken?

His life in question?

I live.

And continue thoughts
towards doing so.

I would not see my injuries
wound you as well.

Oh, it's a balm
to see you on your feet.

You're going to speak
to the magistrate about this?

Towards what end?

- Quintus...
- He is a puppet.

What redress would Sextus offer,

when the man who grieved me
holds his strings?

Tullius has always been
a favoured son of Capua.

I cannot believe he would be capable
of doing such a thing.

A man of ambition
is capable of anything.

My dealings with the magistrate
take precedence tomorrow.

I would have you greet Varis
in my stead.

The honour would be mine.
The man pisses wine and shits gold.

Varis is but a stream
leading to an ocean of coin.

One I would see
break wave upon our steps.

He comes to choose men?

For the Games of the Vinalia,

to ensure his vines bear fruit
in the coming year.

I will present
only our finest gladiators.

I would enrich our stock,
and offer him Gannicus as well.

This had best be
the Falernian promised.

If I find
you've served your usual swill,

- we will have words.
- Put mind to ease.


Note sun and mountains
etched in the amphora,

proof of its authenticity.

Yes, of course.

I was unaware you had an appreciation
for such tastes, Solonius.

A gift for a friend
recovering from unfortunate injury.

Please. Allow me.

Generous, but unnecessary.

I believe it is.

I've done nothing to deserve it.

A matter shortly to be rectified.

Come, I would discuss message
to be delivered with our gift.

Better received
from your tongue than mine.

The Gaul is quite the beast.
What name does he take?

Apologies, I do not know.

His name is Crixus.
He trains in the style of Murmillo.

You have an interest in the games.

Or does it land only
upon the men who play them?

So easily made to blush,
a sign of tragic inexperience.

I have not turned such a colour
since before you were born.

How I envy your youth.

And all the wonders
you have yet to discover.

Do not be afraid to pursue every
delight this world has to offer.

Melitta cautions patience.

Plucking flowers too quickly
will bruise the petals.

Words from a mouth that has
only known her husband's cock.

You charge like a crazed goat,

absent thought.

When faced with stronger opponent,
draw him to you,

then counter.


Finally, words find way
through thick skull.


Join the recruits,
continue your training.

Yes, Doctore.

The mighty Gaul returns.

Or is it his corpse,
too stubborn to fall to grass?

Dagan expresses his joy
at finding you yet among us.

We feared you were
fated for the mines,

with all the sand
you have been eating.

An acquired taste.

Come, I should serve you some more.

You've done well with the man.

Crixus is undisciplined,
but not without promise.

Brings to thought
a wild fuck I schooled,

when we yet called
Batiatus' father Dominus.

I yet feel the sting of your lessons.

Their knowledge now
bestowed upon simple recruits.

I will seek word with Batiatus,
towards your return to the arena.

- Gratitude, Doctore...
- Close fucking mouth.

I but seek not to have wasted

long years of
pulling your head from your ass.


I require a more worthy opponent.

Perhaps if Oenomaus is
finished sipping drink?

Instruct Gannicus
in the ways of a true champion.

Do you recall Magnetius,
when he fought Trux of the East?

A glorious victory.

For my father.





My father's champions.
My grandfather's champions.

The storied history of
the House of Batiatus.

With new chapters yet to be added.

Etched upon what tablet?

I'm excluded from the games,

or has such details
slipped memory's grasp?

Apologies. I did not mean...

Fault is mine
for bearing teeth at trusted friend.

Gratitude for the gift.
It's well received.

I claim only its delivery.

He's willing to see
his bid for Gannicus doubled.

If accepted, he will
grant your men strong position

in the upcoming Games of the Vinalia.

This wine is from Tullius?

I did not seek him out.
He approached me in the marketplace,

expressing regret that his business
with you turned to excess.

He even paid for the wine
that I'd selected for you.

A gesture of goodwill.

- Do you see these marks upon me?
- We must consider...

Do you fucking see them?

I see them.

That is the man's true gesture,
the only to be considered!

You counsel to suck
the cock that pisses on me!

I merely counsel reason,
as your father would.

To what purpose?

He brings word and gift from Tullius,

who yet seeks Gannicus
to swell his ranks.

After what he fucking did to you?

Let us
sweep aside such petty grievances

in service of reason and reward.
He offers twice the sum refused.

And what, I wonder,

does good Solonius receive
for convincing me to spread cheeks

and accept deeper ramming?

I would share
equal position in the games.

You are in remarkable condition,
to claim my reflection.

Our fates move towards similar end,
despite outward appearance.

Refuse Tullius' offer,

and I shall join you
in exclusion from the arena.

He makes such a threat?

With exacting clarity.

I did not mean
to see you burdened so.

I will think upon the matter.

Tullius requires answer.

I require a fucking moment!

He wishes to present your man
to Quintilius Varis tomorrow.

Varis? He comes to Capua?

Vettius is to meet him
as he enters the city midday.

I held his acquaintance in Rome,
a man of great influence.

And coin.

You would beg for Tullius' scraps?

Without them,
I fear we shall both go hungry.

Think upon it.

And know that I stand with you,
whatever your decision.

I have witnessed
greater spine within a snail.

What are your thoughts?


Send that fucking man to the mines!

Do it!

No, Doctore!

No, please!



We do not surrender
in this fucking house!

I'll see these walls fall to ruin
before missio is given!

It appears decision is made.

Gannicus will one day stand
the champion of Capua.

For the House of Batiatus!

How do we manage such honour,
if excluded from the games?

Tullius but brokers interest.

If a man of wealth and position,
such as Varis, requested my men,

even he would be unable to refuse.

He meets with Vettius.

You expect that fucking child
to make introduction?

No, I expect him to bleed,
as I rip Varis from his grasp!




Your numbers shrink
like frightened cock.

A man is condemned to the mines,
and they all fucking jest?

If it were a brother lost,
you would find the mood solemn.

We must earn
the fucking mark to gain respect.

Or follow Indus to his fate.

I will not die a faceless slave,
forgotten by history.

We shall rise together.

One day all the Republic
will marvel at the sight of us.

Fucking savages.

They pissed in the porridge.

I have had my fill.

Oh, finally,
someone who can hold their wine!

I did not realise
we were for company.

He leaves presently.

Oh, please,
after we have finished the jug.

The last of my spoils
to be shared with dearest of friends.

Replace dearest with only,
and sentiment becomes truth.

Settle argument.

Who was the better man
as we sparred today?

My husband.

You are swayed by the title of wife.

One day we shall
face each other upon the sand,

and have true decision.

What would really happen?

If you had to face each other,
sine missione?

No quarter given, no mercy shown?

I would give your husband
a glorious death.

You joke of killing a man you love,
when someday you may be asked to.

Oh, you two are a perfect match,
are you not?

Both always fretting about
what tomorrow may bring.

We are slaves.

Burden of choice and conscience
equally removed.

We are truly free when we fight,

or when we fuck,
which I shall leave to do presently.

It is you and my husband
who are of a perfect match.

One hides true thought
in brooding silence,

the other in boastful jest,

meant to hold all at a fair distance.


I do not hold you at a distance.

You are my two favourite women
in this world.

And what happens, brave Gannicus,
when presented with circumstance

you cannot laugh or fight
your way clear of?

Well, I may have to
fuck my way clear of it.

Good night!


Never come upon my back.


I seek only advice for coming days.

Heed Oenomaus' instruction,
you will earn your brand.

Till then, you stay from sight.

It is not the brand that concerns me.

It is becoming champion.

There is only one way
to become champion.

Never fucking lose.

See Barca readied.
He is to accompany me to the city.

Another stunt in the market?

Does my last bodyguard's death
fucking elude?

Barca is to serve as such?
He is a gladiator, not...

He is whatever I fucking say.

Have the Syrians also prepared.

Absent shackles
and clothed for the streets.

Ashur and Dagan,
what use do you see them to?

- None of your concern.
- With respect, Dominus,

I am the Doctore.
The men are my only concern.

A duty awarded you by my father.

A man who would not condemn
a promising recruit to the mines

out of a mood!

Recruits, gladiators, even you,
are but slaves.

Mine to command,
despite my fucking moods.

You truly believe
this man ripe with potential?

Indus will never be champion,
but he is not without skill.

Have him loaded with the Syrians.

I will give him opportunity
to prove his worth.


Has Venus herself
ever appeared in such rare form?

You blaspheme.

Frequently and with great relish.

Where is Gaia?
The appointed hour is upon us.

She stands ready. Quintus...

Do not give voice to doubt.

We are committed,
and will see this to its end.

You each know your parts.

See this act
to successful completion,

and earn the Mark of the Brotherhood.

Without proving
ourselves in the test?

This is your test.

But turn thoughts toward escape
or fail in its charge,

and I will have you parted
from your cocks and crucified.

You're clear to your purpose?

Yes, Dominus.

Take up your positions
and await my signal.

I do not trust the Syrians.

If this does not end in our favour,
they will appear as common thieves,

absent my fucking mark upon arm.

Oh, this will never work.

Of course it will, look at you.

What man or otherwise
could resist such charms?


Oh, still fluttering heart.

I would not deny myself
such pleasures if presented again,

yet necessities
shift attention to cock.

And a golden one at that.

You set eyes towards Varis?

He is without wife, last I heard.

We do this to aid my husband,
not to secure one of your own.

He arrives.

Let us end discussion
and set mind to purpose.

Good Vettius!
Thank the gods I have found you.

Your gratitude is misplaced.
I do not know you.

I am Varis' man.

He sends word of pressing desire
to see the new arena

before retiring to business.

The arena? No.

I am of clear instruction
to meet him as he enters the city.

Of course. Apologies.

I will deliver word of your refusal.


Varis is honoured guest.
As such, I am but humble servant.

It's quicker, I think,
if we pass through here.

Apologies, for the inconvenience.

Dominus will be most pleased
that you've accompanied me.

You've turned yourself about.

This is not the direction of
the fucking arena.


It is not.

We are to leave this one alive,
you simple fuckl

Our charge is met.
I will not see the mines.

I fear
they would have been a blessing.

Apologies, brother.
Vettius saw your face.

Dominus gave instruction.

Where the fuck is Vettius?


It is you!


What finds you in such horrid climes?

A visit to see dearest friend.


Lucretia and her husband, Batiatus,

are the saving grace
of this ill-bred town.

This is Quintilius Varis,
an acquaintance of my late husband.

His wine is the toast of Rome.

Your tongue
has lost none of its silver.

It's an honour.

And what good a fortune blesses
Capua with your presence?

I come to choose gladiators
for the Vinalia.

Or would, if young Vettius ever
deigns to appear.

We shall entertain you with diverting
conversation while you wait.

I fear
it shall be tragically one-sided.

The sun threatens
to bake me senseless.

We cannot have such esteemed
guest expire so, can we?

Well, my husband's villa
is but a little ways from here.

You'd be more than welcome...


But I would seek Vettius out,
and put foot to ass for his delay.

Lucretia's slaves know the man.

It would be just as easy for them

to bring him to her villa
when discovered.

It would give us much needed
pause to reacquaint ourselves.

Well, it would be ungrateful
to refuse such kind offering.

Your villa, then.

My husband will be
most pleased to receive you.

What good fortune to run into you...

The last time
I was graced with Gaia's presence

was at some sober, airless affair,
hosted by...

- Oh, what was the man's name?
- Atticus.

Atticus! Yes! Desiccated specimen.

I fear without Gaia's charms,
pronounced boredom

would have carried me
to the afterlife that very night.

Oh, my husband returns.

Fetch more wine.

Lucretia, apologies.

I did not realise
we were to entertain.

An unexpected pleasure,
chanced upon in the city.

Quintilius Varis,
an old friend from Rome.

The name is not unfamiliar.
You honour us with your presence.

The honour is mine,
to fall upon such warm hospitality.

Forgive unsightly countenance.

A mount, long trusted,
threw me from purchase.

One must be cautious
when dealing with such animals.

Yeah, a lesson painfully learned.

What finds you so far from Rome?

Games of the Vinalia.

You come to choose men?

I have many fine offerings.
Gannicus, in particular...

Apologies... You are a lanista?

He has already set purpose
towards Vettius' men.

Well, fill cup and
strike ill-spoken words from mind.

Thing of no concern.
Vettius will see you well attended.

At considerable savings.

Do I appear so light of purse,
to require such?

You have never been
so taken with the games.

I only assumed you would not waste
excessive coin towards them.

True, yet the gods
must be properly honoured.

And Vettius
remains annoyingly absent.

Your men, how stand they
in comparison to the boy's?

Well, I would not speak ill
of a brother lanista.

You are too modest.

Vettius offers shit.

I was told by good Tullius
that his stable is well stocked.

The boy chooses gladiators
as carelessly as his wine.

High quantity, of the lowest quality.

Come, let us sample a finer vintage.



Gladiators, form up!

Present yourselves!

Batiatus, Batiatus, Batiatus!

Did I not tell you?

The finest gladiators
in all of Capua.

A demonstration, perhaps?

Of course.

Gannicus, step forward.

Behold. My finest champion.

No man stands his equal.

And who would you have face
this god of the arena?

Barca, perhaps, or Oenomaus,
who fought so bravely...

How about the Gaul?

Who would not marvel at seeing such
a creature locked in mortal embrace?


Apologies, the man does not yet bear
the Mark of the Brotherhood.

Yet he is presented.

I fear such a match
would be overly brief.

A blessing, considering the heat.

Well, let us move to it, then.


Step forward!

A fucking jest.

The House of Batiatus is humbled by
the attentions of Quintilius Varis.

Let us show him
they are not unwarranted!

Apologies, are they
to use those little wooden sticks?

Well, it is the tradition,
when blood is not the purpose.

So they are to fight as children,
not men?

Why, I would not see you
to such an impression.

Doctore! Have wood give way to steel.


The gods have heard you.

They present opportunity
to become champion.


Oenomaus has trained you well.

Yet you are
a pale imitation of the man.

You lie! I did no such thing!

A fine attempt.

Has there ever before
been such a demonstration?

What say you, good Varis?
Should the Gaul live or die?

Well, Gaia chose the man,
let the choice be hers.

Let him live.

He may yet find his use.

What of my man, Gannicus?
Did you find him to your liking?

The man is weary from his travels.

Let us not press him
with further business.

Come, see yourself inside to
sample other indulgences.

Some delights from Cyprus, perhaps?

- A region I'm most fond of.
- As I recall.

What the fuck are you doing?

What I do best.

Varis is a man
of particular appetites,

which grow strong
under influence of wine and opium.

See your man Gannicus
oiled and scented,

to be presented as the hour passes.

I risk all
to lure Varis to our house,

only to find I am
no longer the fucking master of it...

She knows the man
more intimately than we do.

We must lend her our trust.

Let us pray
it is not soiled upon return.

See Gannicus
prepared and brought up to the villa.

And what will be required of him?

Whatever I fucking desire.

Ashur and Dagan
returned absent Indus.

Did he not prove himself?

He did, and was well rewarded.

And the Syrians,
are they to be rewarded as well?

With the Mark of the Brotherhood.

The mark?

Without proving themselves
in the test?

They proved themselves in my test.
See it done.

- Your father would never approve...
- I am not my fucking fatherl

A fact well known.

See to Gannicus,
brand the fucking Syrians,

and inform Oenomaus that
he is to assume mantle of Doctore.


You are a relic, as is my father.

Shadows from the past,
soon to fade from memory.

See to Gannicus.

See how it caresses the wine.

Is there anything so enticing?

I have seen its rival.

This house indeed
offers many pleasures.

With more yet to be presented.

Pleasing this man must now become
your sole fucking purpose.

Please him? In what manner?

I have had my fill of
being questioned by slaves.

If Varis wishes you
to suck his cock dry,

you will savour every drop.

Are we of a singular mind?


In honour of distinguished guest,

I present my finest man
for your personal viewing.

Behold Gannicus, yours to command.

You are quite the lanista, Batiatus.

I have never been so well plied
towards aid of a sale.

This is not about business.

This is how they live!

They grab life
and squeeze until the juice flows.

How do you always come by
such marvellous acquaintance?

It is a gift.

One among many

set before me.

Is he not of a form, our champion?

I have not seen his like.

And more than a few
have stood before me.

The man stands as a god.

The arena, his Olympus.

He once thrust a blade
so deep into an opponent's breast

that tears turned to blood.

I am not impressed by inflated tales.

My interests
are grounded in what I can see,

what I can touch.

Now, that is impressive.

Are you as skilled in its use
as you are with a sword?

I would have demonstration.

The man is yours,
we will lend privacy.

You mistake intent.

No, I have had too much wine
and other pleasures

for such rough exertion.

No, I would prefer
a feast of the eyes.

Have him fuck this one,
and I shall watch.

- Apologies...
- For what?

Is she not a slave?

She is, and will do as commanded.

Welcome to the fucking Brotherhood.

Why are we gathered?

The Syrians receive the mark.

Absent the test?

Wait, are we not to recite the oath?

I will not see more shit
heaped upon sacred rites!

You may bear the mark, but don't
ever think yourself a gladiator,

you little cunt!


Do not fucking speak
to me in such tone!


You believe yourself
my equal, Oenomaus?

No, Doctore.


Bring fucking swords!

Now, let us see if you have learned

all I have to teach.

Remove her dress.

Is that what I taught you, Oenomaus?

- Doctore...
- How to turn upon heel?


Doctore, stop!

Fight me, you coward!

Melitta, I...

See it done.

Prove yourself worthy, Oenomaus.

I taught you well.

The man is dead?

I did not want it.
He forced me to fight.

And I do not know the reason
for his anger toward me.

The reason falls to my own tongue.

Earlier I revealed intent of raising
you to the position of Doctore.

I am not to return to the arena?

You are beyond such things now,
proven by your training of Crixus.

Let us put the past behind us,
and look to future glories.

My wife.

I know it is not our time,
but I would ask to see her.

I will send her to you
when she has finished her duties.


Apologies, the demands of a lanista
seldom offer respite.

Oh, none required.

This night has been
filled with unexpected joys.

You remain in Capua?

Until more adventurous opportunities
present themselves.

I'll take my leave then,
with promise of further discourse.

Oh, your man, Gannicus.

I would see him perform again.

In the Primus of my games.

And you shall have him.

Terms to be discussed.
Gratitude for your hospitality.

It will not soon be forgotten.


Did I not tell you I knew the man?

May the gods strike me
for entertaining doubt.

You were magnificent!

Did I not tell you?

You have elevated this house.

Yet speak of how
we came by such honour,

and see Brotherhood shattered
and a husband lost.

I have done a terrible thing.

We do what we must in this house.

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