Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 3, Episode 3 - Men of Honor - full transcript

Crassus sends Tiberius ahead with instructions to observe Sinuessa and wait. Caesar won't stand for being the boy's deputy and beheads the 'cowardly' gate keeper who escaped and reports Spartacus took the city easily. Despite Spartacus's explicit instructions, surviving Roman citizens suffer excessive cruelty, especially at the hands of Crixus's traumatized Naevia, who even kills blacksmith Attius. When Cilician pirates arrive, Spartacus learns their captain Heraclea has a secret deal with the late aedilius Ennius to use his seal to sell his thus laundered loot at market prices. Heracleo offers an Alliance. Spartacus agrees, mainly to buy urgently needed supplies. The suspicious leaders meet outside the city, but are observed by Tiberius, who decides to attack. The pirate fleet's artillery however makes the difference, Tiberius is carried off badly wounded.

Have I turned from the fucking visible?

I rose only as favor to Attius.

Much deserved for his efforts.

We have searched villa twice upon
length to result of empty hands.

Search of horreum gives like result.

Let us send word to Heracleo and
return him to the fucking sea.

- I would not be so quick.
- I am with Agron in this.

I do not care for the look in the
Cilicians eye.

Yet he has what we do not.

Ships that can carry grain and supplies

even when route upon land
is blocked by Crassus.

And how do we strike bargain,
absent what he seeks?

What of Nemetes?
Have you broken word?

He has not laid eyes upon the seal.

Despite picking bones of city clean
in search of errant coin.

We waste effort.

There's no one among us we
can divine word as being secreted.

Then I shall entreat oracle

of loftier standing.