Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 3, Episode 10 - Victory - full transcript

Rebels bands, whose leaders each pretend to be Spartacus, striking all over the region confuse the Romans. One of two columns with mainly women and children thus escapes, the other is captured and bloodily made into examples, crucified along the Via Appia. Once Crassus realizes the truth about Tiberius, Kore suffers the same fate. Spartacus cunningly prepared the battle field he chose to oppose Crassus's legions in a desperate last battle, with Gannicus in commanded of a mounted reserve to pincer the Roman infantry. Nevertheless, the last true gladiators fall one by one, so Crassus and Caesar triumph, only to be forced politically to allow Pompey, who actually arrived to late, to take the main credit, so as to forge the triumvirate which will take over Rome.

If you go to war,
you are destined

for great
and unfortunate things.

[ screaming ]

I would press north,
towards the Alps.

Let's see our people
to the winds.

[ screaming ]

We could press
attack from the South.

Pompey could stay Spartacus

from gaining the mountains
and slipping from grasp.

I will not be
as gentle next time.

She has moved
to join rebellion?

Five hundred of your men

for Tiberius' life --

[ screaming ]

The boy holds no value now.

Crassus will yet honor trade.

If you give him something
else his heart desires.

Prepare the men for march.

I would press towards Spartacus

and see him to deserved end.

[ grunting ]
[ clanking swords ]

[ screaming ]

[ grunting ]

[ screaming ]

[ clanking ]

Spread word
to your kind to strike

shackle from their slaves.

Or see their houses follow
yours in blood and death.

Who are you?

I am Spartacus.

Another villa set upon.

What number holds total?

Six in half as many days.

I am Spartacus.

I am Spartacus.

I am Spartacus.

I am Spartacus.

He lays assault with swiftness

to rival winged Mars.

Spartacus stands
but mortal man.

I have yet held
privilege of one that

could span distant
ground within single breath.

You believe reports false?

I believe he lays strategy,

to set Pompey to confusion.

Chasing veiled spectre
of the man himself.

We were charged with bringing

Spartacus to heel, not Pompey.

If the Thracian
slips beyond the mountain,

burden of defeat shall
rest upon our shoulders.

And those that have given
life towards campaign.

There was nothing
save cooling embers

in the rebel camp where
Tiberius met his end.

Forward scouts are yet
to have set eyes

upon Spartacus and his army.

See efforts doubled.

I would press the Thracian
upon field of battle

at soonest opportunity.

And gaze into his eyes
as life and hope

forever drain from them.

Lugo. See it done.

Many times have
I marveled at mad

scheme sprung
from fevered mind.

Yet one you now set
forth towers above all.

We have confounded
Pompey to the north,

yet Crassus still advances
from the south

with overwhelming advantage.

Hope lies only in
deciding field of final battle.

You weave barest tether
to the promise of such.

It will hold long enough

for the others
to slip from grasp.

I pray it so.

And would lend much needed aid

in giving
Crassus fucking pause.

Grip sword. And have it so.

They have taken all from me.

You will yet serve
purpose in coming battle.

By seeing those who
cannot fight to the mountains.

Return to task with Nasir,

and prepare for journey.

The man is more
dead than living.

And yet eager to give
life to your cause.

My cause?

It does yet not stand your own?

I'm no martyr upon cross.

That will gladly give my life,

so that those
more deserving may live.

Then take pause,

see heart attended
in advance of parting.

It seems another life.

That I last stood in equal
embrace with Crixus.

Much has been taken from us.

Soon we will face
the legions of Rome.

And we will
return bitter favor.

You crafted this?

We will lash hand to grip.

So it is not torn from grasp

if called to split Roman flesh.

I cannot flee to the mountains
with the others.

Despite command, my place
is upon field of battle.

As mine is forever
by your side.

The hour is upon us.

I do not want
to leave your arms.

Nor I see you from them.

Yet you must
go with the others.

Come with me.

You know I must stay.

That you may
reach the mountains,

live free
of the Republic beyond them.

There is no life
absent your touch.

You once said
to me that the gods

had sent me to save you.

And you were mistaken.

You were the one sent.

And I in need of saving.

I would join you at battles
then, if I am able.

And if you are not?

Then I shall wait for you
upon the shores of the afterlife.

Oenomaus and Melitta
to keep me company

until I hold you again.

May the Gods protect you.

And see Crassus and his legions
fall to better men.

[ grunting ] [ clanking ]

[ shouts ]

Your skills remain keen,

I would sharpen
them to deadly edge,

in advance of facing
the Bringer of Rain.

[ grunting,
clanking continues ]

[ exhales ]

He appears at peace.

Does he not?

Yes, Dominus.

It is false image
of the boy I knew.

Forever of furrowed brow

and pressing concern.

A reflection of his father,

grave of face and disposition.

He was not always so.
Was he?

No, Dominus.
He was not always so.

The passing of years
hardens a man

to the simple joys of life.

Until all that is left
is a thing of stone,

cold and unforgiving.

I wish nothing
more than journey

had set towards different path.

Tell me again of his passing.

The rebel crowd was
thick with slaves

angry that the son of Crassus
had been set free.

One broke from crowd with
knife clutched in hand

as Caesar led Tiberius away.

Give voice to slave
that robbed him of life.

A man long in years.

With scars of his
master etched upon flesh.

Would that he had been struck
from this world,

so that Tiberius
may yet be of it.

Apologies for intrusion.

We have received word
from forward scouts.


A clutch of his men
sighted to the north.

Give order to break encampment

and fall to march.


War at last draws to its end.

As all things must,

born of man and misplaced

The guards will see
you returned

to where you belong.

You have not asked yet
why I turned from you.

Could answer reverse course
of time's passing?

Or erase memory
of deepest wound?


Yet I would give
life to gaze upon

forgiveness in your eyes again.

For all that I have done.

If but I could be so moved.

Once beyond camp,
you will divide number and path.

Better give chance
of reaching mountains

absent discovery by Pompey.

I would count fortune
more assured,

were you to lead us.

Crassus must be given pause.

So that you and the others
may slip beyond grasp.

We will wait for you then,
at foot of the mountains.

But I would not have it so.

Am I not free,
to make own choice?

As you frequently remind.

Yet do not hazard life,

in hopes that
I yet cling to my own.

You will not fall
in battle against Crassus.

You now hold power to pierce

future's uncertain veil?

I hold but faith.

In a man like no other.

For your words.

And for what comfort
your presence has given.


Do not fall to the Romans
you wild cunt.

I fucks them all

and due then return.

You are clear of purpose?

Never more so.

Yet Nasir and I shall
not be among those

striking towards mountains.

We have broken
words towards subject.

You cannot fight --

He has yet found way,

forged by loving hands.

Do not ask my own
to lay idle in coming battle.

I have born witness
to the fall of many

I have called brother.

You are the last yet living

that stood with me when
Batiatus' ludus

was laid to ruin.

You honor me,

by standing again
at my side in final conflict.

They are readied for journey.

My friends.

The time of our
parting has come.

Know that you
will be heavy upon thought

when we face Crassus
and his legions.

Many of us will fall.

There remains strategy
nor deception

that can bend course
of inevitable fate.

Yet know that our blood...

...shall purchase needed

for you to gain mountain paths.

Beyond snapping jaws of Rome

that have plagued
us with death...

...and misery.

Part ways.

And live free.

For all you've done.

Gratitude, Spartacus.

Gratitude Spartacus.

May the gods bless you.

May the gods bless you.




Roman scouts have
laid eyes upon us

to the south of the valley!

What markings did they bear?

Fearsome bull upon chest.


Fucking bait is seized upon.

Set upon path,
and do not turn from it!


I shall lend prayer.

Toward the end of Crassus.

And the triumph of Spartacus.

I have had my fill of words
and tearful farewells.

I desire blood,

and cries of our enemy.

Let us make it so.

[ horses neighing ]

[ horse neighing ]


Balistae ready!

Do not engage
unless given command!

Stand ready!

[ horse galloping ]


[ grunts ]

[ horse neighing ]

I do not seek quarrel!

Only to deliver message
from Imperator Crassus!


Break words.

And pray to your gods
I find them of worth.

Have you ever witnessed
such a thing?

So many hearts,

beating towards inevitable end?

Why did you call me here,

The same reason you came.


Well has it been satisfying?

We've vexed each other
for many months.

Both suffering grievous
wound upon effort.

Yet have never
broken single word.

There are none that
would hold difference.


Yet I would still
have them regardless.

[ chuckles ]

Leave us.

Imperator --

Fall to command.

It is a thing known, is it not?

That you cannot
win this conflict.

A sentiment shared.

By all the Romans I have killed

who held such belief.

My son among them.

Apologies Imperator I cannot
give voice to regret of passing.

To the soldier
that robbed Crixus of life.

The Gaul died
upon field of battle.

An honor denied Tiberius.

It is not as I had commanded.

Yet the woman
had been rudely treated

by his hands,

and her own claimed vengeance.

As mine are so moved
in memory of my son.

And yours towards
wife no longer --

Do not think to place your loss

upon equal footing.

Your son took
up arms for the Republic.

The same one that saw
my innocent wife torn from grasp

and condemned
to slavery and death.

And now you
would lead thousands

to join her in futile attempt.

Whatever happens to my people

it happens because
we choose for it.

We decide our fates.
Not you.

Not the Romans.

Not even the gods.

You choose but time
and place of journey's end.

Better to fall by the sword

than by the master's lash.

And will
it balm festering wound?

If the Bringer
of Rain heralds miracle

and defeats Crassus
and his legions,

will he withdraw
from the Republic?

Content that he's brought those

who so injured him to justice?

There is no justice.

Not in this world.

At last.

A thing we agree upon.

When we again meet,
I will kill you.

No. You are going to try.

It is all a free man can do.

You cannot place trust
in the words of Spartacus.

What reason would he have

to twist tongue upon subject?

I do not pretend to know lay

of a savage's fucking thoughts.

Tell me again.

What hand struck
Tiberius from this life?

One belonging
to a man long in years,

as I have said --

[ thud ]

Spartacus spoke of a woman.

Moved by vengeance.

He but attempts to turn
us against each other

with plotted lie.

The threat of ruin
carries upon such deceit,

if so embraced.

Yet only in
the breaking of truth

swells hope of forgiveness.

It was my hand that moved
against Tiberius,

and saw him from this world.

Was my touch so cruel?

That you would strike
at heart through noble son?

[ skrieks ]

While you yet have
throat to give voice!

You place blame upon victim!

Your "noble" fucking son
forced himself inside her.

One of many acts that
lead to deserved fate.

More lies!

It is the truth!

His love for you turned to hate

in the wake of the decimation.

And he struck at you
the only way he could.

One he knew would
inflict deepest wound.

Why did you not tell me?

I made attempt,
upon Melia Ridge.

There is no misstep
that would see father

withhold forgiveness
from treasured son.

We did not wish
to cause you further pain

absent reason, Marcus.

The cause of withholding truth.

Leave us.

A son is but
reflection of the father.

Is this how I stand?

Twisted and grotesque?!

You stand as you always have.

A good man.
That does what he must.



Apologies for
all you've suffered.

Know that it shall
end when Spartacus falls.

And unfortunate events of war

trod path of distant memory.

It is heavy burden.

Gaze at war's end.
And weigh bitter cost of it.

You do not believe
that we can defeat Crassus?

[ laughs ]

You are forever
conjuring the impossible.

And I would not wager
against you in final gambit.

Yet odds are not of a favor.

No. They are not.

I would offer
drink to lift spirits,

but I have
turned from it of late.

A thing not escaping notice.

I too turned
from wild pursuits.

When possessed by purest heart.

You speak of your wife?

When we first lay together,

she told of how the gods
delivered oracle in her dreams.

And foretold that I would
never love another woman.

Did prophecy hold true?

I found comfort in others.

Yet there's an emptiness
that can never be filled.

A void left
where heart once beat,

when Sura was taken from me.

You once questioned
how victory can be defined.

I thought answer
held in Roman deaths.

A position no longer taken?

Life is what defines it.

Not the death of Romans.

Nor ours, nor those
that follow us into battle.

But the life of Sibyl.

Of Laeta,
the mother and her child,

so many others.

They are all Sura.

And I would see them live.

A cause even I can embrace.

If we are to give the others
any chance against Crassus,

you must do more
than embrace it.

You must lead.

An old argument, Spartacus.

One that must
now stand settled.

I cannot do this without
you assuming rightful position.

One that there
is none more deserving of.

What would you have me do?

The impossible.

The men stand ready?

They do, Imperator.


For loyal service.

Spartacus stands the fool,

to face our
legions with so few.

He has proven
himself many things.

A fool not among them.

They stand an ocean.

As when Crixus was swept
from the shores of the living.

They but offer opportunity.

To swim in a sea
of Roman blood.

Great and unfortunate things.

What meaning do words carry?

A warning,
given voice by loving wife.

To a man who no longer exists.

Soon Crassus will give command!

And we shall face
his legions in open battle!

We stand in the shadow
of greater might!

As their Republic cast across
the lives of every man...

every woman...
And every child...

condemned to the darkness
of slavery!

Forced to toil and suffer,

so that those of coin
and position

can see their fortunes grow
beyond need or purpose!

Let us teach them,

that all who draw
breath are of equal worth!

And that those that seek
to place heel

upon the throat of liberty...

Will fall
to the cry of freedom!

[ cheering ]

No wounded enemy
is to be blessed

with merciful passing!

I would make example
of all those who dare raise

hand against the glory of Rome!

Raise ballistae and catapults.






[ cheering ]

Sound advance!

And see Rebellion
distant memory!

[ horn blaring ]


[ horns blaring ] Advance!

Take position!

[ cheering ]

[ footsteps approaching ]




[ horns blaring ] Charge!

[ grunting ]

[ yelling ]



[ groaning ]

The savage yet proves

He but delays coming
tide with grains of sand.

Give signal to form testudo!

[ horns blaring ]

They fall
to predicted maneuver.

Let us show
them one unexpected.


[ yelling ]

[ grunting ]

Raise command for
ballistae and catapults!

You would rain
death upon our own men?

I would end this fucking war!

Do not turn from advance!

Press forward!

[ yelling ]

[ speaking German ]

[ groaning ]

The slaves fall to superior

strategy and tactic.

As do Romans beneath
our command.

An unfortunate loss.

Yet one gladly accepted,
to bring Spartacus to his end --

Riders approaching!

About face!

[ screaming ]

Turn ballistae!

You there!
Defend the left flank!

[ grunting ]

[ grunting ]

Take command of rear position!

Do not let them
fall to confusion!

We must withdraw!

No! That is what he expects!

Sound horn and advance!


[ horns blaring ]


Would that I had been you...

... for but a day.

[ screaming ]


Shore your flank!

Do not let them close upon us!


[ grunting ]

Aid Gannicus!






Protect the Imperator!

[ grunting ]


It is a glorious day!

To have so many Romans to kill!

It is but one
life that holds meaning.

Draw attention upon field.

I shall claim it.

[ grunts ]

Hold the line!

Seize amphoras and see
them to purpose!

[ glass breaking ]

[ screaming ]


Send for the medicus!

I need no soothing balm.

Only to return to field

with rebel blood hot upon face.

Do not place
yourself at further risk.

If you fall,

Spartacus would
gain advantage --

[ gasps ]

[ grunting ]

I have longed to meet
you in true contest.

As I have longed
to see your head

parted from fucking neck.

[ exhales ]


[ speaking german ]

[ grunts ]

I made promise.

That time next we met...

I would have your life.

Come then.

And attempt to take it.

[ grunts ]


This does not belong to you,



[ grunts ]


[ groans ]

[ exhales deeply ]


Would that you
had been born a Roman.

And had stood beside me.

I bless the fates...

that it was not so.

[ horse neighing ]


Give me a sword...

Imperator --

Fall by my side
and retake hill!

Sweep surrounding hills!


The gods once more aid

in slipping from fucking grasp.

He weeps from
a thousand wounds.

And if heart yet beats,

it shall cease
at briefest passing --

There are many who
have followed mad cause

that still
cling to fading life.

See them to promised
example upon Appian Way.

And let all slaves,

upon road
to Mother Rome know reward

for turning hand
against master.

[ screams ]

[ whimpering ]

Ignoble end.

For a legend that once
stood a god of the arena.

Legends are but bone
and meat of dreams.

Rotting in the harsh
sun of reality.

It is hard sight.

To see one so loved
among the damned.

She was known
to be of the rebellion.

I have forgiven reason.

Yet do what I must.

[ horns blaring ]


Praise the gods to find
you well old friend.

I'd feared that Spartacus and his rebels
had overrun you,

before I ratted them in the north.

The north?

He came upon
rebel army attempting

to gain the mountains.

Dispatch has already
been sent to Rome,

naming Pompey victor

against enemy you
could not quell.

You claim false laurels.

was defeated --

-- in the north.
By valiant Pompey,

hero of Hispania.

You honor me.

I but honor Rome.

And those of like mind,
that would see it flourish.

Then we are one in such regard.

Let us break meal
on your return.

After all that
we have suffered,

you allow Pompey
to snatch triumph

from deserving hands?

Supporting claim
he will be made ally.

We shall stand fearsome

with means to bend
the course of history.

You forever
speak of the future.

The past cannot be altered.

The present holds
but regret and loss.

It is only in the days to come

that a man may find solace.

When memory fades.

[ thunder rumbling ]

[ exhales ]

[ screaming ]

[ chanting ]

Gannicus! Gannicus!

[ cheering ]

[ screaming ]

He yet lives.

We've gained the mountains.

We waited for you, as promised.

All safe?

Pompey set upon other half.

Many were lost.

We must see him
to mountain path,

before we too are discovered.

Stay hand.

I would rest awhile.

We cannot stay here.

No, you cannot.

Nor can I follow.

Spartacus... Spartacus.


That is not my name.

I shall finally hear it again.

Given voice by loving wife...

in greeting longed for...

Do not shed tear.

There is no greater victory...

than to fall from this world...

a free man.

One day Rome
shall fade and crumble.

Yet you shall always
be remembered.

In the hearts of all
who yearn for freedom.