Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 8 - Mark of the Brotherhood - full transcript

Batiatus purchases a new group of gladiator trainees and considers selling Crixus. Meanwhile Crixus is still not fully healed but chafes at Spartacus assuming the role of champion. Ilithyia gets her own gladiator-in-training but trouble arises.

I - am - Spartacus!
victor again!
It's a marvel good Solonius has any men left!
Must the Thracian appear in every primus?
Does the house of Batiatus not deem another gladiator
worthy of spectacle?
They have no one else of note.
Crixus will return to glory, presently.
As you say.
A welcome addition.
I grow tried of seeing a Thracian and his victories.
Perhaps something of note to erase the tedium.
I purchase a fresh batch of slaves at auction tomorrow,
to be trained as gladiators.
We would be honored if you would
grace us at the unveiling.
What sort of beasts shall you procure?
Only the most ferocious,
to be displayed for your pleasure.
Our next auction is about to begin.
Fortune favors us!
A fine selection, enough coin to take our pick.
Your competitor approaches.
Solonius, my heart brims with joy!
I had hoped to see you here,
buying new men for Spartacus to slaughter!
Batiatus, now purse-proud and so potent with charm.
How quickly Fortuna shifts her blessings, huh?
A fact that beloved Ovidius was unexpectedly made aware.
You speak truth.
His murder was a deep tragedy.
One can never know who is plotting violence, can one?
Or when they may commit the act.
Good citizens of Capua.
The auction begins, Dominus.
To business, then.
Behold the finest offering of flesh and bone...
The Gaul Segovax will demand expense.
And perhaps the German brothers, Duro and Agron.
The others?
Of little worth.
Let us begin with a Celtic Gaul
of imposing virtues!
I give you Segovax.
Skin, his armor!
Hands, his steel!
Who would claim such a man?!
Five denari!
Five denari from good Vibius!
Ten denari!
Twenty-five denari!
I grow tired of bidding.
A hundred denari!!
A hundred?
For the entire lot.
To Batiatus!
Savior of Capua!
With respect Dominus,
Your coin far exceeds their value.
Fuck value!
None can be placed on seeing
that cock eater's pride ground beneath my heel.
Solonius, consider the whores!
Perhaps you will have better fortune
fighting women in the arena!
Have I not pleased you, Domina?
Does your cock stand dry?
I fear you have not quaked.
My wounds have yet to fully heal.
Well you will recover and all will be as it was.
Forgive me.
Dominus returns from the market.
Get out.
What would you have me do?
If I refuse, Domina will grow suspicious.
I know.
I perform as weakly as I can,
hoping she will lose interest.
I am not angry with you.
It's only...
I find it difficult
that you and Domina share what we have not,
for some time.
You alone occupy my thoughts.
You're gonna die!
You're gonna die!
You're gonna die!
I'm gonna kill you.
You're dead.
I'm gonna kill you!
You're dead, you're dead,
Now you're dead, you're all dead.
What is beneath your feet?
Fucking idiot.
Sacred ground, Doctore!
Watered with tears of blood!
Your tears.
Your blood.
Your pathetic lives,
forged into something of worth...
Five denari on the fool who spoke.
Listen. Learn.
And perhaps live,
as gladiators.
Now, attend your master!
You have been blessed,
each and every one of you,
to find yourselves here,
at the ludus of Quintus Lentulus Batiatus,
purveyor of the finest gladiators in all of the republic!
Yeah! Yeah!
Prove yourselves, in the hard days to follow.
Prove yourselves more than a common slave.
More than a man.
Your husband speaks as my father would
before the senate.
He's quite the orator.
The tongue of Apollo.
Succeed, and stand proud among my titans!
Batiatus, Batiatus, Batiatus!
A gladiator does not fear death.
He embraces it.
Caresses it.
Fucks it..
What make you of the new men?
They are...spectacles!
I find myself growing quite fond of this
sordid business of gladiators.
Perhaps you should consider purchasing
one of your own.
A gladiator?
I could never.
Could I?
Choose a recruit, and he is yours.
For a nominal fee, of course.
Such funds to cover the expense
of his upkeep and his training.
Every victory in the arena,
is an honor to his Domina.
Who should I choose?!
May I offer a suggestion to aid your dilemma?
Our honored guest wishes to access the recruits' virtues.
Remove your cloths!
I wish to alter my bet.
Everything on the one with the horse cock.
The one on the left...
Segovax, the Gaul.
He has truly been blessed by the god Priapus.
A fine specimen!
We must celebrate!
See to the wine.
Has a man ever had such a wife?
She but loves her husband,
and would see him elevated.
A gladiator of my own,
mined from the same lands as Crixus!
The envy of my friends shall spread like locusts,
their hearts devoured.
Who would you torture so?
No one of my acquaintance, I hope.
Caecila, Aemilia...
Licinia, cousin to Marcus Crassus?
The wealthiest man in Rome,
according to him, at least.
Licinia, in particular enjoys the games.
More so the beasts who do battle in them.
You must make invitation for private
introduction to your man Segovax,
here at the villa.
Uh, these are proper Roman women.
They only mingle with families of equal standing.
Oh, perhaps it's for the best.
Seeing your man in the flesh
would only inflame their envy.
I will arrange it,
and I shall even help you with your hair.
We must make you look suitable for such elevated company.
Shit baking in the sun.
Seems only yesterday we were of a similar position.
Much has changed.
You became the fucking champion of Capua,
your myth to echo for a thousand years.
- And I... - Became a good friend.
The die call your name!
And Varro answers.
You continue to gamble?
A few coins to pass the time.
You fucking wait until gladiators
have filled their bellies.
Let them eat.
They must embrace pain and suffering to become gladiators.
This is how it is done.
Not by you.
Let them eat.
Spartacus, the kind and gentle one.
Do not mistake me, Crixus.
I give no shit about these men.
But you are no longer the champion of Capua.
You do not take lead here.
You follow.
The man who follows is forever at your back.
Something to consider Champion.
Fucking Gauls.
Much gratitude.
Men should not die with empty stomachs.
Um, end of the month already?
According to the calendar you cannot read.
Your winnings amount to three and a half denari.
Preserve coin, or indulge yourself?
When do I ever take coin over gash?
I expect her ass to be returned free of blood.
Ashur, you pass my cell by mistake.
Where is my coin?
The mistake is yours.
You do not fight, you are entitled to neither coin
nor cunt.
The dominus shall hear about this.
Oh his very hand set the names.
Perhaps next month you should find yourself
again among them,
should your wounds ever heal.
Varro, a moment.
Your victories amass much coin.
Shall I see it transferred to your wife as usual?
would you prefer a small portion
applied towards more pressing concerns?
That tiny man is the fucking champion of Capua?
Fucking Romans swell his legend
to their advantage.
We could easily best the man, Agron.
Spartacus defeated Theokoles,
and the skies wept to honor his victory.
The two of you would present challenge
equal to piss and shit.
You find my words amusing?
Your words, no.
The stupid fuck that speaks them,
very fucking amusing.
Spartacus is a man to be held as an example.
The slave ignites the arena.
One day the flames shall set him free.
I've witnessed such a thing.
The roar of the crowd, demanding a gladiator
be granted freedom for his showing in the arena.
You haven't even earned the mark
of the fucking brotherhood
and you cluck about freedom.
Segovax is right.
Spartacus shows us the way.
I will train as he trains,
every thrust and counter committed to memory.
And one day...
I too will become legend in the arena.
His wounds need yet more time.
How much longer?
A fortnight or two.
Perhaps three.
Uhh...Jupiter's cock!
His recovery may be aided by certain herbs
Absent the apothecary.
Dominus, I've been without sword for too long.
Let me resume training.
I will see all on the list procured.
Heed Medicus' warning.
Your sword will return to your hand soon enough.
Mandragora... Henbane..
Lye... Thorn apple...
Hemlock... Belladonna... Half a dozen more.
Substantial lists require substantial coin.
Procure the highest quality.
A justified expense, should remedy result.
May the gods see it fucking so.
Too many days pass without progress.
When Doctore suffered wounds from Theokoles...
did they require equal time in the healing?
Considerably less.
There might be a blessing
hidden among such a curse.
Talk of Crixus' true condition
surely has not escaped beyond these walls. Yet.
Your meaning?
Inquiries for his purchase could be made
in a delicate fashion.
My visit to the market could serve dual purposes.
Remove the thought.
There'll be no talk of selling Crixus.
I only fear for the future, Dominus.
One that does not see Spartacus erased from it.
Straighten your fucking tongue
and speak plainly.
Yesterday I witnessed the hatred Crixus cultivates
towards Spartacus, grow beyond measure.
If in his mad passion,
Crixus were to make an attempt on his life...
Solicit numbers from Sextus Vibius, alone.
Word of Crixus' stunted recovery must not spread.
I wish only to discover his current value.
You would sell Crixus?
I would explore all avenues of reason.
Which has flown if you consider such a thing.
Crixus will fight again.
But will he ever be the man he was?
Give him time to heal, Quintus.
He bleeds when pierced, as does any man.
The crowds do not see a man.
They see a god, and we present him as such.
Should that myth evaporate, so goes his worth.
Then we'll find worth in another role.
Well surely his knowledge would aid instruction
to the lower men?
We already have a doctore,
the finest in any ludus.
He could work beside you, then.
Crixus has no head for numbers.
The sword is his only purpose.
He's part of the family, Quintus!
He is a fucking slave!
This house, this family, is a business, Lucretia.
As much regret results from selling a gladiator like Crixus,
when the time arrives, and it fucking will for them all,
it's a necessity that must be swallowed.
No decision has yet been made,
he may still prove himself fit.
Turn your mind towards Ilithyia and her friends.
Win their favor, and see this family rise ever higher.
But you lower your shield when you thrust.
It leaves you open from shoulder to neck.
What are you doing?
Doctore's gaze misses nothing.
A risk made necessary by unfortunate events.
Has something happened to you?
I am ever safe.
But Dominus...
he considers selling you to another master.
You're mistaken.
Ashur has been sent to market for herb...
and to question Vibius on his interest towards you.
Vibius? Lanista of shits and mongrels!
The glory I have earned this ludus,
This is my fucking reward!
Crixus, you must prove to Dominus
that your time has not passed.
To step onto the sand as a gladiator
is the highest position a slave can pray for.
Prove yourselves.
Earn the mark of the brotherhood.
You strike a solid blow,
against an ill-trained fool
who taints the name of Gaul.
He may be a fool,
but he is one who is fit to train.
You doubt that I am fully healed?
'cause I will show you otherwise.
Doctore, Crixus offers a demonstration,
to the benefit of the recruits.
Shall I indulge?
He believes himself ready.
As do I.
Segovax, your sword and shield.
Show them who's champion, Crixus!
Show me.
He attacks boldly
to hasten victory.
Counter to proper training.
Defeat is delivered not only by the sword,
but also the crowd.
Fall from their grace,
and you may never rise to former glories.
A true gladiator is taught to embrace
pain and suffering.
To fight until life flees from his worthless body.
Learn from this man,
or share his fate.
Return to training.
Rhaskos, Hamilcar.
See him to the medicus.
A fine offer, good Vibius.
I shall hasten to present it to my master.
A moment, slave.
You frequent the market absent Batiatus?
I conduct important business on his behalf.
Regarding the former champion of Capua?
I discuss no business of the like.
Well, I would, if found in your position.
Crixus is Champion in name only.
He is but limbs, dangling from a skewered trunk.
Your master would be well served
pawning him off on a toad like Vibius.
Your concern for my master is well received.
My concern is not for him, but about him.
Are your ears receptive?
I cannot stop a free man from speech.
Were Batiatus to seek reprisal for offenses
he believes I have made,
I would wish warning in advance.
I am a villain,
but I'm not your villain.
Seek another slave.
Loyalty can become a crushing weight,
if not braced by proper support.
When your back begins to break,
you'll find my shoulders broad and welcoming.
You over-reach,
and here is the result.
Do not address me as you would a recruit.
Then do not act like one.
Words of import from the mighty Spartacus,
bringer of rain!
Slayer of Theokoles!
As if you stood against him on your own.
Without my aid, you would have nothing.
Not even your miserable life.
But here I stand.
And there you sit.
You know shit about being a champion,
of being a true brother.
You are only playing at your own part.
And one day the game will end.
Death comes to us all.
Press me again, and you shall find yours.
Gratitude for joining us this evening,
at the house of Batiatus.
Indeed, Ilithyia has spoken so very highly of you,
that I feel as if I'm with old friends.
Oh, that's a disadvantage.
Ilithyia neglected to mention she was acquainted
with the wife of good Batiatus.
I am sure I must have.
She is quite the bitch, if you have not noticed.
Which is why we love her so.
I grow rather fond of her myself.
Mmm, I could use a cup of wine to wet the tongue.
You could be drowning, and gurgle the same.
Mmm. Is this Sestian?
Oh, she is trying hard, is she not?
Only because I have told her how important you are to me.
Yes, we all love each other
and have orgies under the new moon.
Now tell us stories!
Yes, tell us everything about this horrid place!
She means the ludus below.
Do I need an interpreter?
Do be quiet, let her speak!
How do you live among such beasts?
My husband sees them well tamed.
I pray not fully.
Some instinct remains.
So that they may yet unleash their savagery in the arena.
I would go insane here!
Surrounded by all these animals, high atop this mountain.
Would you not prefer to live in the city,
surrounded by real people?
I find that we are perfectly located.
I need only step out onto my balcony
and all of Capua kneels at my feet.
Well stated.
But are you not bored?
Up here, all alone?
Nothing but slaves and beasts,
not even children to occupy...
Impossible with so many distractions!
I stay quite occupied.
Each day brings with it opportunity.
Yesterday, in fact, six new recruits
began their training.
One of whom fights under Ilithyia's patronage.
Claudius gave you approval?
He does not know.
A few coins, parceled from my allowance.
He will kill you when he finds out!
And I will kill the first who tells, Caecilia!
Mmm, a gladiator of your own!
May we see him?
Course, he's not yet a gladiator.
He must pass the final test
before he earns the mark of Batiatus.
Oh. So he is only a slave, then?
Oh, for the time being but..
I would lay eyes upon a real gladiator.
A champion!
Bring Spartacus up!
Spartacus, oh yes,
you must.
Bring up the champion.
Let us all revel in his presence.
For your aid in my training today.
I would be eager to hear any advice,
to further my cause.
Your cause?
Victories in the arena, and freedom.
Forsake any thoughts of freedom,
and the life you once had beyond these walls.
Accept your fate...
or be destroyed by specters of a past never to return.
Spartacus, you are summoned.
Mmm, he stands as Mars, ready for war.
Is there truth to the legends?
Gladiators share the blood of the gods?
The mighty Crixus, most certainly.
Now there was a man!
Truly blessed by the gods!
When will we see him in the arena again?
What of you, Spartacus?
Are you a blessing to us?
To some.
To others, a curse.
A duality of his kind.
Admired as a gladiator,
yet despised as a slave.
He is much more than a common slave.
You can feel it radiating from his flesh...
I have heard tale of a champion's blood
possessing many restorative powers.
A few drops in a glass of wine is said
to make a man hard for days!
Such are the legends.
Well I would test them for myself, if I could?
I'll send a messenger with a vial..
I would have it now.
May I have the honor?
Take care not to cut too deeply.
The legend does call for the blood of a dead gladiator,
does it not?
But such details should not concern us.
Spartacus will die soon enough...
to the roar of the crowd.
I do not believe he will ever fall in the arena.
He is a god among men.
He's nothing but a Thracian dog.
His treachery dishonored Rome.
It is your husband who bears the dishonor.
He abandoned defenseless women and children.
Left to be raped and murdered.
Get him out of here!
What a bold tongue!
Were he my slave, I would have him crucified!
For what?
Speaking the truth?
We've all heard the rumors about your husband.
The hour grows late, and I'm expected.
Gratitude for a most interesting evening.
One that begs a repeat soon.
None required.
You will soon learn that women of note
have a rabid taste
for the embarrassment of their friends.
Well I would not see mine treated so.
May I have words with Segovax, before I take my leave?
I wish to bid my man good fortune in the days to follow.
Ah, my fortune returns!
I'm of a winning mind.
Save your words of caution.
I am not here for words.
I'm here for dice.
You and dice?
I am of a mood tonight.
I would have distraction.
And coin.
The rules, then.
Should I need instruction, I shall ask.
Leave us.
Do you know who I am, slave?
I do not.
I am your Domina.
My coin pays for your training.
The very air you breathe.
Survive to receive the mark,
and you will become my gladiator.
My champion.
Please me,
and the rewards will be substantial.
Even freedom, perhaps.
You desire such a thing?
Yes, Domina.
There is something I desire.
See it attended to,
and your freedom will be secured.
Spartacus should never have been summoned!
I had little choice.
Ilithyia, and the man should be kept separate.
Throwing them together invites calamity.
The risk bore fruit.
Lincinia intimates another visit.
Spartacus her purpose?
Then we shall accommodate.
Her cousin, good Crassus, owns the fucking heavens,
even if he is not currently favored by
his fellows in the senate.
Your efforts raise us ever higher.
And how do yours fare?
Have you received offers for Crixus?
I meet Vibius tomorrow.
His ludus is in Damascus!
Crixus will fare better in the smaller venues,
until he is healed.
Well, tomorrow then.
His glory fades.
I would not have it extinguished beneath my roof.
Dominus meets with Vibius tomorrow.
I've never seen Damascus.
Do you think I'll like it?
You cannot go.
The decision is made.
Even Domina doubts me.
I see it in her eyes.
Then convince her otherwise.
My words carry no weight.
I do not speak of words.
You would have me do this?
I would have you stay.
The coin you lost to me.
Which makes it yours.
You are a fool.
You have thrown dice before.
I turned from such things years ago.
For my wife.
You are a better man than I.
Do not forget why you are here, Varro.
- Remove your hand. - You dishonor your family.
You dishonor your own wife.
My wife is a whore!
She carries another man's child.
How did this come to be?
A friend from the marketplace.
She claims he forced his way onto her, but..
You find fault with her?
She did not fight.
Had you not left to pay your debts,
she would not have had to.
She lives, Varro.
She lives.
You may yet hold her in your arms.
A thought a decent man would cherish.
My husband is at market on business concerning you.
He believes your day may have passed.
And you?
I pray he is mistaken.
And your gods?
Do they answer your prayers?
They're silent.
Then let us crack open the heavens...
and gain their attention.
Remove any doubt...
that my day has passed.
She seemed... pleased.
You did what you had to.
What I asked of you.
Dominus is already at market,
speaking with Vibius.
There is nothing that cannot be undone.
You are a good man, Crixus.
The gods will not see you treated so.
They now favor Spartacus.
They give no shit for me.
Forgive me, Champion...
You'd kill a fellow Gaul...
to save a man you hate?
I did not save Spartacus.
I saved a brother who shares the mark.
You have earned a glorious death...
and will die at the hands of a gladiator.
I leave these walls for a fucking moment
and a recruit tries to kill Spartacus,
Ilithyia's own fucking man?!
And he would have succeeded, if it weren't for Crixus.
His days not passed.
Oh fuck!
Send note to Vibius.
Crixus is no longer for sale.
Oh, I feared terms were already agreed upon.
Well fuck the terms!
Should he have issue, he can reason to my cock.
Ahh, the snake arrives, walking as if human.
I pray I have not missed the test?
Delayed, due to most unfortunate events.
Spartacus, the champion of Capua,
was attacked unawares in the baths.
By your recruit, Segovax.
How unfortunate.
For your man, yes.
He had to be punished, of course.
Spartacus yet lives.
Your man would not speak as to his reason,
even when parted from his cock.
He gave you no sign of cause
when you met with him last night did he?
No. It is a mystery.
I will regain my position, Champion.
I welcome the attempt.