Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Red Serpent - full transcript

Spartacus, a free man of Thrace, agrees to join the Romans to battle his tribe's enemies. A betrayal sends his life spinning out of control.

There is but one path.
We kill them all.

I'm your Dominus.
I will have your fucking hearts!



What would you do?

To hold your wife again?

To feel the warmth
of her skin?

The taste of her lips?

How many men
would you kill?

I left the deed
in Barca's hands.

Now you're free.

We have been betrayed by
the Beast of fucking Carthage.

You are beneath me.


He is a Magistrate!

One can never know who
is plotting violence, can one.

Or when they may
commit the act.

Your wife,
she moves ever closer,

even as we speak.

My word is kept.

They're reunited.

You will become the greatest
Lanistain the republic.

And as such a title we will
climb beyond our station,

beyond Capua,

perhaps to the very steps
of the Senate itself.

The fights are particularly
entertaining today.

You'd enjoy them more
viewed from the pulvinus.

Fucking shit eater.

Let Vettius preen like a woman.

You'll school him
in the ways of men,

when Gannicus
takes to the sands.

Ahh, absent Tullius

and the Magistrate
to bear witness,

what's the fucking purpose?

One man in today's games.

One only, and the seat
sneeding to impress

stand empty
as Vettius' fucking head.

Get up! Get up!

Solonius! What news?

Tullius and the Magistrate were
delayed with pressing business,

but arrive shortly.

As long as
the current match continues...


Get up!

Good day!

Get up, get up you fuck...

Vettius begins the match
without proper instruction?


Vettius and the word
are of distant relations.

I for one am grateful
to be spared his oratory.

The man's voice
causes skull to ache.

Gannicus takes position!

Now there's
a fucking gladiator!

Take his fucking face off!


Is your man ever
of a serious note?

He'd strip naked
and fight with his cock,

as long as he wins.

Gannicus, I love you.

What is he doing Quintus...

Fucking kill him!


Wait just a little while.

Gannicus, do not kill him.



Now they arrive.

A victory regardless.

Won in dewy morn.

None of the important
matches happen

until after
the midday sun has passed.

Consider yourself fortunate to
have a man in the games at all.

Good Solonius stands
with empty hands.

Come then.

Let us see them
filled with drink.

Tell Doctore to see
Gannicus back to the ludus.

And properly rewarded
for his showing.

Can we not stay
for the rest of the games?

Vettius' men command
the prominent matches.

He has more than enough eyes

to watch him stroke his cock.

I would not add ours
to the sight.

Now you love me, Capua.


Dominus orders Gannicus
returned to the ludus,

and seen to reward.

Perhaps one day
the pretty little bitch

will fight later
in the afternoon.

With the rest of the men.

You and your tiny cock
best pray that day never come.

Save blood for the fucking
sands, Gannicus.

What seized fucking brain,

releasing your swords
in the arena?

I could have killed
the man absent an arm

and both fucking legs.


A fine quality.

Often possessed by cunts
who perish from it.


Did you catch
the manner of his eye,

as he gazed down
from the pulvinus?

Fucking Vettius.

Barely free
of his mother's tit,

yet carries himself
above lanistas

of more deserving years.

Youth often imagines
itself swollen beyond its worth.

Time will cure him
of the condition,

as it does all
foolish young men.

Time is what he holds
in abundance.

The new arena will be finished
in but a handful of months.

If we are excluded
from the opening games...

Vettius is but shit
from a shit town.

How could Tullius
and the Magistrate

favor a boy from Nola
over Capua's own sons?

How do they do it now?

We must prove ourselves
in the more important bouts

in the old arena
and secure position.

To fight later in the day we
must first distinguish ourselves

against Vettius' men.

Yet Vettius' men only fight
later in the day.

A vexing conundrum.




How come you to Capua
without telling me?

I have only
this moment returned,

with intentions
of seeking you out.

Do you travel
with your husband?

He takes to road no more.

Not in this life, at least.


None required.

It was his time.

Are you occupied?

I am fit to bursting
with stories of my adventures.


What man dares stand
between women and gossip?

You must tell me everything.

Secret no detail.

Removed from the ears of men,
my lips willingly part...

Gaia returns unencumbered.

And in enticing form.

Huh, that woman is
a force of fucking nature.

One that has blown many an
unsuspecting man to his ruin.

You require someone
more refined to grace armas

our fortunes rise.

Have eyes ever
beheld such a marvel?

A sight to put the Circus
Maximus in Rome to bitter shame.

We will be the ones shamed,

if grand ceremony
passes absent our gladiators.

We must force advantage,

before opportunity
slips from grasp.

No, we must be patient.

Your father would venture forth
with respect and caution.

Then a blessing
he is not present.

Perhaps we should send word
to him in Sicilia,

petition advice...?

I can already
divine content of his reply.

Which is why he never
rose above his humble station.

Fuck patience!


Look to Tullius for the way!

He seizes
opportunity by the balls

while lesser men
are left holding cock!

A simple merchant,

yet he gives honored
counsel to the Magistrate

and all the rest of the noble
shit eaters of Capua.

Truth told,
yet at excessive volume.

I would shout his praise
to the fucking heavens.

His hands shaped events

resulting in the erection
of the new arena.

He supplies slaves
from the furthest reaches

of the Republic to speed
its completion.

Through the ambitions
of Tullius,

Capua is elevated.

A lesson to be studied,
and reproduced in kind.

Is that all?

A simple task then, Batiatus.


Between us, we have the greatest
gladiators in Capua.

Barca, Acadeus, Gannicus...

Men forged into something
beyond their worth.

Beyond anything that smug
little piss Vettius

could ever hope to offer...

Perhaps Tullius
should not have strayed

so far abroad
in acquiring his slaves.

Pick him up.


You know the rules.

No one breaks the line!


This is one
of good Tullius' slaves?

It is.

I would make purchase.


What's the man's worth?

He is not for sale.

Fifty denarii.

What are you doing?

Seizing balls.

The man is barely worth ten.

Why would you pay such
a sum for a shit Gaul?


Do you not see
the promise in his eyes?

The spark smoldering
in his breast?

I would give it tender,
to ignite in the arena!


Add another five
to weight your own purse.

Lend me twenty denarii.

You pay too much for the man.

The man is nothing.

I pay to gain favor
with Tullius.

A waste of coin.

The shit fuck will
never be a gladiator.

Even the lowest man
can rise beyond the heavens,

if tempted
with the proper reward...


He was well satisfied?

Very well.

Dominus will be pleased.

Not as much as I am.

When are you not so?

Especially with yourself?

It is a curse.

Being blessed
with so much to offer.

And so few interested
in sharing it.

See yourselves well scrubbed.

I would not
have you smell of goat.


A dead one.

The smell of victory, brother.

Well earned.

The men all speak
of your triumph.

As they will of yours,
when you return to the arena.

The crowd will cum
in great geysers,

drenching the gods
gathered to witness

Oenomaus once more
upon the sands!

I would have words
with my wife.

Absent your cock,
which has escaped you.

It will be missed.

Has Dominus
spoken of my return?

I have not heard it.

More than a year has passed
since I faced Theokoles.

Perhaps Dominus
does not intend...

You were the only one
to ever stand against

the Shadow of Death and live.

Batiatus would be a fool
to keep you from the arena.

Or I am the fool,

for ever dreaming
of such a thing.

You are many things.

Foolish is not among them.

Batiatus waits
but for the perfect day

for his champion
to retake glory.

Is it true?

That his thing
is large as a horse's?


Are you not curious?

Is Gannicus' really that big?

Where is Domina?

In the triclinium
with her guest.

Diona, see the girls bathed.

Yes, Melitta.

It is exciting, speaking
of such things, is it not?

I was of a similar age,
not so long ago.

I know the giddy enticement
of the subject.

Yet you and Diona
should turn thought from it.

Soon enough your flowers
will be plucked.

Hastening the moment
will only result

in bruising of the petals.

Yes, Melitta.

And in regards to Gannicus...

I've seen bigger.

Oh, you don't seem overly
distraught at his passing.

How would you present,

after years enduring
withered flesh groping at you.

But when you left Capua
I thought you madly in love.

I was...with his purse.

Sadly his fortunes
went dry towards the end.

And did you aid
in their evaporation?

What can I say?

I am the glorious sun.

Returned to bless
loving rays upon favored friend...


I have far too many baubles
brought from Rome.

Along with other
pleasures to be shared...

It suits you.

It would dazzle Venus herself.

I fear I have nothing so
exquisite to give in return.

Your company
is all I ever desire.


And, I would not
refuse the comforts

of a well appointed villa,

until I manage
other arrangements...?

Involving a ripe purse?

So many years have passed,
yet nothing has changed.

Everything has changed,

and for the better,

by the judging of it.

When last we parted,

this house was but a tomb,

haunted by the living specter
of your husband's father.

And you,
forced to smile and cater,

bringing him his honeyed
wine every evening.

I thought the crusty
old bastard

would never succumb
to the afterlife.

He is not yet so far removed.

Merely retired
to Sicilia for his health.

So he yet controls the ludus?


My husband does.

As his proxy.

Was Gannicus
well attended then?

He was, Domina.


That Celt with the ridiculously
charming smile?

He has risen to prominence
within the ludus

ever since Oenomaus
was injured against Theokoles.

In an amazing
display of bravery.



All the hard, rippling men
right beneath our feet.

One moistens at the thought.


They are but slaves!


In all the years
you've called this ludus home,

you've never once considered
fucking one of them?

The very thought
of that turns stomach.

I would never lay
with any man besides my husband.

Let alone a filthy gladiator.

Fucking Gaul.

Another sacrifice
to the gods of the arena.

Ze'irta kema atteta
mezayyna, hada.

Ah, Dagan thinks you of a form,

giving odds in your favor.


Do you know
where you are, friend?

The House of Batiatus.

Trainer of gladiators.


You stand among
his latest recruits.

Bound by pain and blood,

together we toil
beneath the cruel sting

of Doctore's whip.

There were eight of us,
when training began.

Now we're but three.


And how are we so blessed
by a swelling number?


By what means
do you find yourself

among such storied company?

My own.

You willingly present
ass for fucking?


no, young Indus.

Do you not see it in his eyes?

This is a man with dreams
of blood and glory.

I doubt he'll live
to see the test.


Our last trial.

We must all face
one of the seasoned men,

and demonstrate to the Dominus
what we have learned.

Live, and receive
the Mark of the Brotherhood,

proving yourself
worthy of the arena.

I will stand upon its sands.

Gammadta mezayyna.

Be-qushya matya maysaeri.

Hm, he longs
to call you brother,

and join you as gladiator.

Tell him the feeling
is well shared.

Oh, Jupiter's cock!

Fifty denarii,
for a fucking stone hauler.

Coin well spent.

Was it?

Word surly
has reached Tullius' ear,

yet none of gratitude return.

Fifty denarii!

Solonius was right.

I should temper patience,
as my father would.

You're not your father.

Nor would I have it so.

Perhaps tomorrow you will
find yourself in the market.

Where you have often
mentioned Tullius

frequents upon a certain hour,

overseeing his concerns.

A chance encounter,
to gauge reaction?

Certain to be favorable.

As I know your reply
to my request will be.

Give it voice,
and see it considered.

I would have Gaia
remain with us.

Just for a few days,

until she can manage
other arrangements.

The request does not surprise.

Is that a yes?

Ask for the moon,

and I would wrest it
from the heavens.

Gaia will be so pleased
at your answer.

Let her keep company
with her wine a moment longer...

Has a wife ever
had such a husband?

He but honors her...

and the gods for guiding her
to his arms...

Crixus, you lower
shield when you thrust.

See it raised, or your fucking
brains on the sand.

Yes, Doctore.

A lucky blow.

A blow well struck.

I will not make
the same mistake.




I would work the palus.

In the shade.

I would not let gaze linger.

Gannicus is a fucking fool,

yet one of deadly skill.

He is often rewarded
for his victories

with wine and cunt.

Gain Dominus' favor,

and such delights
could be yours.

Drink and women
are not my concern.

Ah, more for me then.

Fucking recruits.

Smaller and smaller
each year.



You return to form.

Pair with Crixus,
and bring him to speed.



For your instructions...

Lesson one: never drop
your fucking guard.

Do you lay eyes?

No. Perhaps Tullius
did not come today.

He always arrives,

and seldom departs
before noonday sun.

Are you his shadow now,
adhered to each footstep?

I but study my subject,

as any proper student
would in pursuit of knowledge.

Tullius' man.

I seek your master,
good Tullius.

Would he be within?


I wish to express my gratitude

for allowing me to purchase
his slave Crixus.

The Gaul shows great promise
towards the arena.

Perhaps you could
pass word of my presence...

You owe me a few of those,
if you recall.

A costly enterprise,
for us both.

That one prays
will turn profit.

Good Batiatus.

The gods answer...

In mocking tone.

I hoped for occasion
to give gratitude

for relieving me
of that troublesome Gaul.

Think nothing of it.

A gesture of respect,
for a man deserving of it.

Received with all intentions.

Yet I fear you have overpaid.

A common mistake, for those
with no head towards business.

Fifty denarii, minus the ten
of the Gaul's actual worth.

Well uh...

I do not ask for its return.

Fair bargain was struck.


A clumsy maneuver to
gain position

for your ill-trained men.



Any one of my men could
best yours fucking blindfolded,

you pissy little shit.

Listen how the rooster crows.

Let us calm ourselves...

You doubt my words?

Test them.

Request the match
in next month's games.

Why delay?

Let us see it here
in the morning,

the people to judge
who holds the better man.

In the market?

Surely the Magistrate

would not approve
such disruption.

Good Tullius has his ear.

The Magistrate could
be swayed to allow it...

if that is what you wish?

It is.

And long past due.

Tomorrow then.

A friendly rivalry,
well settled.

You press beyond advantage.


I fucking press towards it.

You should have
seen young Vettius,

so easily goaded
into making challenge!

The fucking child!

All men are reduced in years,

when faced with superior mind.

Superior in all accounting!

A fact Tullius
and the rest of the city

will bear witness
to in the marketplace!

Sleep will come
with difficulty tonight.

It's been ages
since I've seen a decent match.

Or Tullius.

In the blush of youth,

he was forever attempting
to slip beneath my robes.


You should have
fucking let him.

Tullius has grown
to be a man of worth.

One to be emulated and admired.

And who will you choose
to impress him?

Vettius' foolishness
presents rare opportunity.

The question begs
careful consideration...

I have news to lift the heart.

Vettius has made challenge.

The coward finds his cock.

And I would see it shriveled.

My bestman is to meet his dog
in the marketplace come morning.

The market?

Ah, detail of no consequence.

My question to you is plain.

Is our man prepared
for such a vital match?

Yes, Dominus.

I long to honor
this house once again.

No, I fear you have
mistaken intentions.

I speak of Gannicus.


The question would
be better put to Doctore.


His counsel is always valued,

yet he is my father's man.

His judgment clouded through

a haze of outdated traditions.

I seek a more
visceral assessment.

You and I practically
grew up together

in this ludus.

You have witnessed the rise
and fall of a dozen champions.

What now does your gut
tell you of Gannicus?

Is he worthy of the mantle?

I believe it so.

He must truly be,
for you to offer

support despite
your own desires.

I would not give false tongue
to gain advantage.

There are few that
would stand with you so.

Your wife's weekly visit.

Two nights hence?

Yes Dominus.

I would see her to your bed
tonight as well.

In gratitude
for honest thoughts.


Do the gods ever
answer your prayers?

They often reveal
their leanings,

though not in words.

Much like my husband.

Dominus summoned me.

To ask of Gannicus.


He has chosen him as champion,

he is to face Vettius' man
in the marketplace tomorrow.

And this is why you sulk?

The streets are no place

for the mighty Oenomaus
to make his return.

The arena will be home
to your triumphs,

when the time comes.

And I will be there
to witness it...

I will dream of your touch.

As I dream of yours
every night.

♪ Blood rains down
from an angry sky. ♪

♪ My cock rages on,
my cock rages on...♪

♪ The blood rains down,
from an angry sky, ♪

♪ my cock rages on,
my cock rages on...♪



Brother come, drink, join me!

Lower voice!

If the Guards
were to hear you...

The guards have already passed.

And were well plied with wine

to keep nose from
fucking business.

Tomorrow you fight
for the honor of this ludus.

Now is not the time for drink.

Every night is time for drink.

For the morning
sun may greet you

with your last fucking day.

Fall to your bed.

Or risk steeper plummet
against Vettius' man.

Words of wisdom, well received,
well, well, received.


It should be you tomorrow.

Where is good Vettius?

Is he among you?

Or did he come to sense,
and remain within

the warm safety of his bed?


There he stands!

Fresh and young
as a newborn calf!

The fool at last shows himself.


We had begun to fret
on your arrival.

Although I see you arrive
with unexpected gift...

It has been too long, Gaia.

And grows longer still.

Apologies for my delay.

I had much difficulty
in the choosing of a man.

An imposing task,

when each among
my stable stands a titan!

Perhaps good Vettius
should have taken more time

with the choosing of his own.

Words fall from your mouth,
as shit from ass.

Let us not become mired
in base exchange.

We are gathered
this glorious day

to witness honorable contest
between respected rivals.

Clear space!

The years have favored Tullius.

And his purse.

A brawl in the streets.

Where is the honor
in such a thing?

Fuck honor.

This is business.

Gratitude to Magistrate Sextus

The event turns
larger than expected.

for allowing
such thrilling event

Your mad schemes
may yet bear fruit.

Enough for both of us
to feast upon.

In the streets
of the great city of Capua!


Present your man.

In honor of the Magistrate,
esteemed Tullius,

and the good people of Capua...

I give you the fearless Gaul ever

to take up arms in the arena!

Slayer of beasts!

Conqueror of giants!

Behold Gannicus!

of the House of Batiatus!

A fine choice.


Present your man.

I have no tongue
for overripe embellishment.

Nor is it required.

Otho! Stand forth!


Your day finally comes.

And yours ends.

Gratitude to Batiatus
and Vettius.

Now, let us judge
who stands the better house!

Apologies, Magistrate.

There appears to
be something missing.

Where is your man's blindfold?


What the fuck...

That was your boast,
was it not?

That your gladiator could best
any of my men absent sight...?

You did voice such challenge.

A simple figure of speech,
not meant to be...

Good Tullius...

If Batiatus does not
wish to honor terms,

he should remove himself.

With tail between legs.


Come...the task should
not be that difficult.

I need only direct my blades
towards the smell of shit.

Gannicus. Ever the fool.

You are going
to allow this, Quintus?

The choice has been
removed from my hands.



How thrilling.

I have never seen such a thing.

For good reason.

A noble attempt.

To be remembered
only in its failing.

Get up!


Fucking kill him!


Have you ever
fucking seen the like?

Perhaps good Vettius should
pit a man less prone to death

against the mighty Gannicus!

An impressive display,

One not soon forgotten.

Gannicus is truly a wonder.

One deserving more prominent
position in the games.

You gaze upon my very thoughts.

Commitments beckon.

Join me at Nestor's shop
after the market closes,

and we shall discuss
your man at length.

Only mad Gannicus could win
contest fucking blindfolded!

Barca could do the same!

And I would kill you
for being a fool.

Auctus speaks truth.

Facing Vettius' man
absent sight was beyond foolish.

The gods must have taken
pity on your addled brain.

The gods had naught
to do with it.

Otho he grunts like a stuck pig
before each attack.

His squeals
they gave way position!

Your victory lifts the heart.

You will not be rid
of Gannicus so easily brother.

Dominus he rewards me
with all the wine

that I can drink and I would
share it with my brothers!

Those that bear the mark.

One day.

Gannicus' victory forges
path to greater glory.

With Tullius' support,

we can finally gain
proper position in games!

Maybe a place in the opening
ceremony of the new arena.

After such
a magnificent showing,

I have no doubt Gannicus

will be offered a place
in the primus.


Yeah, I favor
the fucking sound of that.

Expect late return.

I would seek out
Solonius afterwards,

to discuss extending
advantage to his house as well.

Send Tullius my regards.

And gauge his response
in remembering me.

How could he fucking
forget you.

It staggers mind,
the change in him.


You know my meaning.

He always seemed so...

demure and cowed.

Now he positively burns.

He has always done so.

His light was merely muted
by the shadow of his father.

The man could turn day to night
with disapproving frown.

He never cared much for me.

Or, I suspect, anything
that smacked of enjoyment...

And what might this be?

More gifts from Rome.

The finest opium,
carried from Cyprus.

I have not partaken
in many years.

My husband...

Will be gone most
of the night...

Good Batiatus.

Word of Gannicus' victory
has spread throughout the city.

His name- and yours-
fall from every mouth.

May they always find
the taste pleasing.

Everyone clamors
to see your man again.

With exception of poor Vettius.

He is fit for seizure
from the ordeal.


That he could not provide
more worthy opponent.

Yet his stock is well known
to be of inferior quality,

as is the boy himself.

The manner in which
he tends the ludus.

The child has no fucking
talent for it.

You surprise me, Batiatus.

Your disposition towards
business is much more...

aggressive than your father's.

We are of diverging

And desires.

How does he fare in Sicilia?

The clime is more agreeable
to various conditions

brought about by
the passing of the years.

How did the Magistrate
take to Gannicus' display?

Ignited by it,
as was the crowd.

He even broached subject
of retaining the man.

For the opening games
of the new arena.

Gannicus in the opening games?

If you could aid
in such a thing,

I would forever
be in your debt.

It merely requires a word
in the proper ear.

All that remains
is to agree upon a price.

Ah, of course I would be happy
to see coin to your hand

in exchange for assistance.

What, err, sum
did you have in mind?

You misunderstand, Batiatus.

I do not offer
a broker arrangement.

I offer to purchase your man.


But why would you
want a gladiator?

You're not a lanista.

Jupiter's cock, no.

Yet I have many
vested interests.

In shipping.

Goods and services.

This very shop.

And young Vettius' ludus.

Look at the little fuck now.

About to shit himself.

Still your tongue.

The grownups are talking.

Two hundred denarii.

A generous offer.

In respect of your father.


I would not part with the man.

I allowed you to purchase
one of my slaves.

Yet now you deny me
the same opportunity?

Gannicus is not for sale.

Everything is for sale,

The question is but price.

I make fair offer.

And you produce
cock to piss on me.

Do you know what that
feels like, Batiatus?

Reconsider your answer.

Or be excluded
from the games forever.