Space Angel (1962–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Gladiators - full transcript

Blast off for another exciting adventure
in outer space with Scott Mcleod...

Space Angel.
In the story of

The Gladiators.

Eveningstar calling Starduster.
Starduster, come in, please.

Scott, if you can hear me,
please, come in.

This is Starduster. What's the
excitement, professor? Over.

You know that asteroid Crystal
discovered in Vectra five?

- Yeah! What about it?
- Scott get this.

That little gem contains
over 80 percent beryllium.

What's the mass, professor?

It's one half of earth's moon.

Holy cats! Wath a find.

It's important that we
get to the asteroid

before an outsider
discovers this information.

It's up to you, Scott.

We're on our way,
professor, out here.

- I feel like a lucky prospector.
- Oh-oh we've got company.

What is it, Taurus?

Another ship headed
toward our asteroid.

Looks like we have a race.
Hang on.

- Taurus, turn on the forward disco.
- Aye, Skipper.

- I don't recognize this ship.
- It's not from our solar system.

- Anthenians, no question about it.
- Think we can beat them?

We'll sure try.

- Standby for landing.
- Aye, Skipper.

- Readings, Crystal.
- Point four gravity.

Firing retro rockets.

We beat him.

Follow me, gang.

Steady now.
The hatch is opening.

Look Scott, there's the Anthenians.

Creatures from earth,
you are helpless.

We have a protective beam
surrounding you and your ship.

But, why?
We were here first.

The inner galaxy law determines that this
is our asteroid by right first touchdown.

Laws? Antthenians
have their own laws.

And by the right of possession,
this asteroid is ours.

This matter must be arbitrated before
the interplanetary space council.

We will settle this before
the Anthenian space advisors.

They will know what to do.

- A force ray.
- I... I can't move.

Should think you can
out with it, Anthenians.

The girl must come with me.

Leave the lassie
alone, your monkey.

If I could move I'd...

Could reach my disintegrator I...

Why are you taking the girl,
she can't help you.

To main sure you
follow us to Anthennia.

Skipper, we can't
leave Crystal.

I know. they've got the
upper hand at the moment.

Good, he's turned off
the force ray.

We'll have to follow them, Taurus.

Aye, skipper. And if they harm that lassie
they'll be sorry they ever saw this day.

Should we notify
the Space Council?

Not while they have crystal.

No, we'll have to play by
their rules for now.

Well it won't be long now.
There's our destination.

Standby, Taurus, this isn't
going to be easy.

Careful, skipper, you're only
allowed one mistake.

We made it skipper.

- I'm sure glad that's over.
- Me too.

That belt of asteroids is what
makes the Antheanian so arrogant.

It's the finest defense
barrier in this galaxy.

Aye, skipper, and there's
their main planet stay ahead.

Standby for landing. We're
entering in atmosphere.

According to inter galaxy
law, the first ship to

touchdown on an
asteroid may claim it.

Here we make the law,

and there's but one way
to settle the dispute.

- War!
- War!

- War!
- What kind of war?

You will meet our gladiators,
in our fighting machines.

Well now, we always
enjoy a good fight.

You will have a
good fight, earthling.

Against our champions.

You will have the privilege
of fighting three wars.

If you win two of the three,
the beryllium's asteroid is yours.

- And if we lose?
- To lose is to die.

This meeting is
adjourned to the arena.

The first war will be fought
with cannon mobiles.

I presume I'll have time to
practice the operation of this toy.

You will get plenty of practice
when the war begins.

Real sports these anthenians.

You will find, Zarko, your opponent,
to be a wonderful teacher.

He has 100 such wars.

And now you will
mount your machine.

The first war is to be fought until
one of you is unable to continue.

- Scott, be careful.
- Keep your guard up, skipper.

The gladiators will take their
place on the battle lines.

- At either end of the arena.
- Let the war begin.

Good afternoon,
fellow citizens.

In the blue chariot is Zokar,
champion of Anthenya.

Victorious in over
a hundred wars.

Zokar, represent of the
greatest culture in the universe.

The supreme planet Anthenia.

Now entering the arena, the red chariot
carrying the earthly Scott Mcleod.

This will indeed be a
glorious day for Anthenia.

Once again we shall prove
the superior might of our planet.

Through the efforts of Zokar.

Zokar maneuvers into position.
He prepares his battle attack.

There goes Zokar.

Obviously warming up,
can he, citizens?

No cause for alarm.

I've seen him do this
a hundred times.

Again Zocar maneuvers for position.

The earthling up and he dies.

Watch earthilings, Zokar.

He appear lucky,
ain't, citizes of Antenhia?

The Earthilings punes
after battle.

Crystal do you think you can make it
to the Starduster without being seen?

- I can try.
- Then get going.

Call the space council and see if
we can get some help out here.

Rght, Taurus, see you later.

Zokar is playing Katonic
and Dingo with him.

Stop playing with the
poor earth creature, Zokar.

You're beginning to fight him.

Put him out of his
misery, Zocar fires.

The earthling is hit.

Give with him, skipper.

Why earthling?
What can we do for you.

Zokar has scored
the first blow.

That's it run earthling?

After him, Zokar.

Catch the miserable
insect and crush him.

Oh-oh, no guns.

Your friend is stubborn.
Already he has lost his weapons.

We haven't lost yet.
you watch.

Merely a question of time.

- Oh-oh.
- Sorry Taurus. I didn't make it.

Where did you find her?

She was attempting to
communicate with her galaxy.

Good work, Kalzar.
Keep them both under guard.

Citizens now pay
close attention our

glorious champion now
closes for the kill.

Now Zokar!
Now for Anthenia!

Now for victory.

Mercifull heavens!

This up not!
Death up.

Scott, oh Scott.

Our gladiator is still standing.

It would appear that we have
been victorious in the first war.

- Is he...
- Just unconscious, Crys.

I'll take him.

Since you are unable to continue the war,

I hereby claim victory, and the beryllium
asteroid for anthenia and her planets.

Hold on now.
Who says we're unable to continue?

But look at your man,
he is unconscious.

I challenge for the right
to fight the next war.

You? Very well.
So shall it be.

Prepare the next two
gladiators for combat.

- I may make a suggestion.
- Continue.

Let's dispense with the toys.

I wish to fight without weapons.
We'll use our bare hands.

You may not have the
advantage of your strength.

However you may have
your choice of weapons.

The earthling will have
his choice of weapons.

The double-headed polax.

The mobile sphere
tank cannon mobile.

The shield and
disintegrator robot.

The atomic crossbow carrier.

The mobile mace and...

the paralyzer.

I choose the mace, that's
more like it, agreed.

Take your friend to the ready room
and prepare yourself for combat.

How are you feeling, lad?

My head...
What happened?

- You rammed the black robot.
- You did well, lad.

But I'm afraid we lost the about.

Taurus, what about the next war?

We haven't lost yet.

Taurus is going to fight the
next war with mace shield.

Aye, this is one party I
wouldn't miss for anything.

I should be fighting.

No, lad, you're in no condition.

Man in your machines.

Okay, old bull.

Go get them.

The gladiators will take their
positions on the starting lines.

This contest will be
a fight to the finish.

The war will be over only when one of
the gladiators is unable to continue.

Be ready. The battle will begin
at the signal from the leader.

Let the war begin.

Once again Zolkar must
vanquish an earthling.

Now that he has warmed up.

This should prove
to be a simple task.

The maze is most effective
for close fighting.

Make it quick, Zokar.

Scott I'm frightened.

Don't worry Crys. Taurus didn't
come by his name accidentally.

- Watch it!
- Watch how quickly Zokar finds the range.

This is it, citizens.
Hold on to your helmets.

Zokar will now make you smooth.

Observe citizens, how Zokar
carves the earthling out of position.

Scott, this is bruttal.

Nothing than Taurus can handle it.

They're turning around.

The last three battles
fought with the mobile

mace, found Zokar an
angry vicious gladiator.

This afternoon he is the same.

Watch citizens as our wonderful
hero approaches for the slaughter.

Goodbye, foolish earthling.
Take him Zokar, now!

- He's been hit.
- No, he's okay Crys.

Just lost his windshield.

The earthling has lost his
protective headguard.

Just one more blow, Zokar!

Lookout, you fool.

Get him, Zokar!
Get him!

He did it, Scott.
Taurus won.

The war is over.
The white gladiator is victorious.

We won this round, all right.

I wonder what they have
in store for us next.

This round is yours,
but for the last and final round,

we will have the
choice of weapons.

Disintegrating rays.

The next and final war
will be fought with

disintegrating rays
and reflective shields.

For the protection of spectators the
ray guns have a range of only 30 yards.

The participants are restricted to
the center section of the arena.

They don't kid around do they?

What strange looking machines.
What's the mirror for?

The mirrors for deflecting
the disintegrator ray.

The control mechanism
looks simple enough.

I shouldn't have any
trouble operating it.

No, Taurus.

I'll take this bought.
I've got an idea.

If those mirrors can deflect the rays,

I can see where they can be
as lethal as the blasters.

If I can just get my
opponent in close enough.

But if I should lose you'll have
to look after Crystal, Taurus.

The contestants will take their
places in the fighting machines.

This is the deciding war.

It is to be fought to the death.

There is to be no compromise.

- Do you understand?
- I understand.

- Agreed.
- That's unfair.

He's wearing a reflective suit.

I'm afraid we're still
playing by their rules.

Take your positions
in the battle line.

The contestants are in position.

Begin the war.

Zokar lowers his
ray gun and fires

what appears to be
a simple test shot.

Merely sampling the
earth creatures courage.

The earthling is
obviously afraid,

as he refuses to return
Zokar's powerful rays.

Taurus why doesn't
Scott use his blaster?

He has to get the hang of
the controls first, lassie.

Now watch this.

That was a low shot easily
deflected by Zokar.

Attaboy, lad.
Now go get him.

Taurus did you see that?
He did that on purpose.

He deliberately held out his ray
gun and let it be blasted away.

That's right. And whatever plan
he has in mind I hope it works.

- Taurus look!
- Watch it, lad! Watch it!

- He did it! He won!
- Good work, skipper.

Silence! The cheers of
my people testify

you have conducted
yourself with valor.

The wars are over.

You have won the prize.

- The beryllium asteroid is yours.
- Thank you.

And so long as you've lived up
to your agreement and...

If you join the interplanetary
space council, I'll see to it

that your planet gets its share
of the process beryllium.

Where have you been Scott.
I've been worried about you.

We stopped off at Anthenia
for a little sport.

- Sport?
- Sport, he calls it.

We're returning to
base now, professor.

We'll inform you in when
we get there.

Starduster out.

And so ends the
story of the gladiators.

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adventure of Space Angel!

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