Space Angel (1962–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Incident of the Loud Planet - full transcript

Blast off for another exciting adventure
in outer space with Scott Mcleod...

Space Angel.
In the story of

Incident of the Loud Planet.

Our story opens at earth
control on a routine day.

The dispatchers are about to okay of
venus junction space freighter launch.

Venus junction, Venus junction.
This is earth control, over.

Earth control,
this is venus junction.

Go ahead.

Here's your party, chief.

Space freighter zero zero five,
this is earth control.

Request granted. Launch your
cargo capsule on orbit 2.76.

Earth control this is space freighter.
zero zero five, roger.

Releasing cargo on
orbit 2.76, over.

Hey what's this?

Oh no, it couldn't be.

Master Control, Master Control.
This is station seven. Alert!

This is master control.
What's wrong, bill?

I'm recording red alert
in sector zero four five. Over.

Station seven, red alert.
Sector zero four five. Roger.

Hang on, bill.

This is master control, put
me through to the chief.

This is an emergency.

Come on, Master Control.
What's up?

Disturbance in sector 045, chief.

Source unidentified.

- It's jamming communications.
- Check all stations and verify.

- And move, man.
- Check.

All stations, stand by for fix on
unidentified signal and report.

Roger, master control.

Oh, Johnny you haven't touched
a bite of your lunch yet.

How long do you think
you could keep this up,

without making yourself sick.

- You've got to eat.
- I'll eat, mom.

I'm just not hungry yet.

Oh, dear.

I'm okay mom.
Just leave me alone, please.

No Johnny, I won't. It's high
time we put a stop to this.

I've put up with this beep beep
beep of your equipment every day

for three years now while you've
searched the skies for your father.

Johnny, it's no use.
He's gone. He's not coming back.

He is too! I'm gonna find
him if it takes all my life.

Don't stop me, mom. Someday I'm
gonna find that wild planet.

It has to come back.
It has to.

Johnny, dear, it's just no use.
Oh how I've prayed...


Mom, that's it I found it!

Look, it's the wild planet.

- We found dad.
- Oh, Johnny. Johnny do something.

Yahoo! You know it.

I'll pick the gain.

Hit the bearing computer and recorder.

And now what?

That's it. In a minute we'll know the
position and speed of the planet

Sonics, and earth space control
can send searchers after it.

I did it, Mom. I did it!

I produced an element that can't
be found any place on earth.

But, chief, we put
the data through the

analyzer and it's unable
to locate the source.

Put me through to the Starduster.
It's operating in that area.

Maybe we can get some missing
data from the Space Angel.

Okay chief, stand by.

Urgent signal from master control,
Scott. It must be the chief.

Right, Crystal. Master control,
this is the Starduster.

Go ahead, chief.

Scott there's a strange signal coming
from the direction of your control area.

- Have you seen anything?
- Sure have, chief.

And our wave detector
registers sonite.

- That is getting stronger.
- Sonite are sure?

Afraid so, chief.
We haven't had a blast, yet.

Here it comes!

- Scott! Scott! Are you all right?
- So far chief but...

Hey Skipper, our automatic guidance
system is knocked out.

- We're coming apart at the scene.
- She's out of control.

Where can the mysterious
sonite signal be coming from?

Will the Spaceduster be able
to escape that force?

Be sure and see the next
exciting episode of Space Angel.

Blast off for another exciting adventure
in outer space with Scott Mcleod...

Space Angel.
In the story of

Incident of the loud planet.

Remember last time, Johnny
transmitted a signal into space.

And was receiving an answer
when Scott and his crew were

suddenly thrown out of control
by a mysterious sonite signal.

Scott, we're spinning.


We've stabilized, but,
what's happening, Scott?

When we blasted into that sonic belt,
threw us out of control.

And when I chopped off
power, the sonic waves

took over and are pulling
us along in their wake.

Now we're churning along with it like
a chip of wood on a gigantic wave.

- Yes, Skipper?
- But how do we get out of this?

Just hang under your hats.
it's going to be quite a jolt.

Gotta strap yourselves in now.

- This is it.
- Right, Skipper.

All okay here, milad.
Let her rip.

I'm going to pour on all the coals
she could take and blast free.

We hope.

Oh, that felt like an elephant
was standing on the middle.

That's enough of that for one day.

Taurus you're just getting old.

Earth control, Earth control.
This is Starduster. Over.

Starduster, this is Earth
Control go. Go ahead.

Earth control,
this is Stardust.

Clear pad for landing.

Priority one.

Roger, Starduster.
I'll notify the chief.

Take pad three.

Chief, this is Master Control. The Space
Angel just landed in the Starduster.

Splendid, Master Control.
Send the Space Angel right in.

Yes sir.

And call Dr. Mace for
an immediate conference.

Dr. Mace? Yes, sir.
Right away, sir.

My viewer was knocked out and never
did get a glimpse of the asteroid.

Sonite wave at that point was two
space units across, professor Mace.

Hmm, from that angle
I would say the sonite

waves must have been
transmitted from Earth.

The sonite asteroid only magnified
them and bounced them back.

Then sonic transmission could
knock out any spacecraft

that got into the
path of its transmission?

Not the path of transmission, Scott.

It's the bounce-back wave from the
greater source of sonite, that is dangerous.

That's why we've got
to find out who, when,

where what is
broadcasting this thing.

We're running the recorded
data through now.

We'll know exactly where it's
coming from in a minute.

Hum, come in.

Pardon me chief.
There's a young boy out here

who says he's been
broadcasting sonite.

I thought you'd like
to talk to him.

Would I?
I'll say I would.

Send him in here.

Your computer pinpoints
the sonite transmission

in the 1200 block on Pine street.
Right here in the city.

- And where do you live, young man?
- Uh, 1240 pine street, sir.

Young man, don't you know the
transmitting sonite is against the law?

Yes, sir, but...

Do you know you almost
killed a Space Angel?

No chief, don't be so tough on him.

It was the only way to
locate the wild planet Sonax.

Through harmonic response.

And my dad was lost on
it over three years ago.

And I found it.
I had the computer tape, and...

- Wait a minute, slow down.
- The boy makes sense.

The planet Sonax was in this
area three years ago.

And professor Kendall who went out
to survey it has never returned.

Scott, this looks like a
job for the Space Angel.

Oh boy! The Space Angel!

Roger, chief, I'll...

I'll notify the Space Angel
to have the Starduster

ready for blast off first
thing in the morning.

Will Scott find the
planet Sonax?

Can professor Kendall
still be alive?

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episode of Space Angel.

Blast off for another exciting adventure
in outer space with Scott Mcleod...

Space Angel.
In the story of

Incident of the Loud Planet.

Remember last time,
Johnny was picked up

by the space control
for transmitting sonite.

Which was interfering
with space travel lanes.

Johnny pointed out that he
believes through harmonic response.

He's discovered the
missing planet Sonax.

The chief then ordered
Scott to blast off

and go in search of
the wild planet Sonax.

On which Johnny's dad
has been lost.

Scott, is the Starduster all ready
to blast off on schedule?

Ready, willing and able, sir.

Crystal's helping professor Mace
check out our new tracking gear.

And Taurus is directing
the loading of supplies.

Where's the Space Angel?

Can I meet the Space Angel?

No Johnny, he's uh
already on board.

I'll, I'll see if I can't get
you two together when we get back.

You're going along too,
huh, Mr. Scott?

You bet, Johnny, uh.
I'll be taking along.

Then will you tell him I know
he can find my dad.

I'm counting on the Space Angel.

I'm sure the Space Angel will
do his very best, Johnny.

Thank you, Mr. Scott, sir.

Okay if I go down and look
over the Starduster?

Sure, Johnny.
Go ahead.

Launching crew,
report to platform three.

- Launching crew...
- That kid is sharp, Scott.

Could be he'll catch on that
you're the Space Angel.

I know chief.
I'd better get a board before

he returns and fires
more questions at me.

Okay, Scott. Good luck and
stay in close contact, my friend.

Right, chief.

All set, kids?
Ready when you are.

- Okay here, Skipper.
- A-okay, Scott.

Space control, Space control.
This is Starduster. ready for countdown.

- Over.
- Roger, Starduster.

Ready for countdown.

Clear launching station three of
all equipment and personnel.

Emergency vehicles, standby it.

- Eight, seven...
- Atomic engine activator.

Atomic engine activator go.

- Six, five...
- Trajectory angle?

- Four, three...
- Three, point, zero, five, go.

Two, one, zero.


We're free of earth's gravity.

I'll switch over to our
own gyrogravity equalizer.

- Roger, Taurus.
- Trajectory looks very good, Scott.

Roger, Crystal.

We're in free flight.

How's the new sonate tracking
equipment working, Crys?

All okay. I'm just checking the present
position of the sonite asteroid.

- Hey, Taurus.
- Yes, skipper.

My radiation indicator
isn't working.

Better go left and
check the shielding.

I Skipper, right away.

Probably a resistor out.

Wha.. what?
I'll be.



Hey, Skypper, I found
a mouse in the machinery.

Johnny Kendall.
what are you doing here?

I sneaked aboard while they were
loading the sonite tracking equipment.

How on earth did you
survive the blast off?

I strapped myself to
the computer rack.

That's why your indicator
wasn't working, Skipper.

Hey, where's the Space Angel?

Wel, uh, um...

You see lot...
he's uh uh...

Johnny. I suppose we'll have
to take you into our confidence.

And trust you'll
never tell anyone.

I'm the Space Angel.


Now as long as you're here we have
no choice but to take you along.

Taurus, see if you can
rig up a spacesuit for

our new crew member,
Johnny Kendall.

We're entering sector five
will be long now.

Scott, the alarm.
We're registering sonite.

- There it is.
- The Sonite planet.

The sonite planet.
Will they find professor Kendall?

Be sure to see the next exciting
episode of Space Angel.

Blast off for another exciting adventure
in outer space with Scott Mcleod...

Space Angel.
In the story of

Incident of the Loud Planet.

You remember last time, Johnny had
stowed away on the Spaceduster.

Scott had gone too
far to turn back.

So agreed to take Johnny
along on their search for the

Sonite planet and Johnny's dad,
professor Kendall.

It certainly looks
evil enough, Skipper.

It looks completely dead.

How could anyone
survive on such a place?

If anybody could, it would
be your father, Johnny.

He's a very capable man.

Hi laddie, I read one of his books on how
to survive in hostile environments.

Gravity reading .015.
moving up fast, Scott.

Right, Chris. We'll drop into orbit
now and survey this planetoid.

Taurus, get on the analyzer and
check for atmosphere content.

I Skipper.

Crystal, check the radiation
and ground conditions, please.

Right, Scott.

Aren't we gonna land sir?

Not until we take
a look around, Johnny.

We have to know what
we're getting into.

Notify the queen, unidentified
spacecraft approaching.

Your highness.
We have an alert.

Unidentified spacecraft
coming in on low approach.

Well, general, shall we go see who
our unexpected visitor is?

Of course, your highness.

Who knows but we may fall
here to another useful prize?

Safe enough. Let's drop
down and drag the area.

Any atmosphere
readings, Taurus?

Atmosphere negligible,

Geiger reading in the green.
Safe gravity.

- 0.094 g's.
- Very good.

They're coming closer
now, your highness.

Hmm. Does the stranger have
any markings, general?

It... It... your highness.

It looks like the Space Angel ship.

This Space Angel.
I might have known.

Your highness. The tower. They'll spot
the sonar transmission tower.

Of course they will, you fool.

We'll just prepare until surprise
reception for the Space Angel.

Why, of course your highness.

Sure hope my dad's down there.

Hi, lad.

Hey look.
Was that a tower?

Out here in the
middle of nowhere?

Hey, Taurus check a stern.

Hi, Skipper. Jump in jupiter.
It's a tower, all right.

And there's smoke
coming up near it.

Then it must be coming from
an underground installation.

Oh boy! Dad must be there.
He's alive he must be alive.

The chances are pretty good, Johnny.

Standby, crew.
We're coming about for a landing.

Landing legs extended.

Steady power, steady.

Power steady,

Ready for touchdown.

That space angel is such a fool.

Is everything in readiness
for his surprise, general?

Everything, your highness.

The Space Angel will get the
surprise reception he deserves.

What kind of a surprise has
the queen for the Space Angel?

Will Scott fall
into their trap?

Don't miss the next exciting
episode of Space Angel.

Blast off for another exciting adventure
in outer space with Scott Mcleod...

Space Angel.
In the story of

Incident of the Loud Planet.

Remember last time.
Scott, Crystal, Taurus and Johnny

saw a sonite tower on
the mysterious planet.

Unbeknown to Scott,
queen Zora and her henchman,

the general have spotted
the Space Angel.

- Open outer panel.
- Outer panel opening.

- How's the suit fit, Johnny?
- Very comfortable, sir.

Mr. Taurus is a genius.

A-okay here then, Crystal.

The brave fool is opening
the hatchway already.

It is a Space Angel, all right,
and a small figure.

They're headed straight
for our sonic tower.

- Checking communications, Crystal.
- Loud and clear, Scott.

Look, Johnny. There's a door in the main
building just to the right of the tower.

I can see it, sir.

Let us accommodate
our friends, general.

Open the sonite tower door.

Yes, your Highness.

Look sir, the door.

- Scott, be careful.
- Looks like somebody is inviting us in.


Ah, our friends are trying to decide

whether or not they should enter our trap.

- Are you ready, general?
- Most certainly, your highness.

Okay, Johnny, this is it.

Stay close to me.

Some kind of strange
generator room, sir.

Yeah, Johnny. You can bet somebody's
around opening and closing doors for us.

It's the evil queen Zora.

I thought she was dead.

I am so sorry to disappoint
you, Space Angel.

But now you see it is you
who will be destroyed.

Is my father, professor Kendall, here?

Professor Kendall is
helping us process sonite.

So that we can control the universe.

That's not true! That's not true!
My father would never help you.

Not willingly, I would admit.

But we have had ways of
persuading the good professor.

Since he fell into our
trap three years ago.

You see, Space Angel.
We have prepared sonite capsules,

so we can put them in orbit
around all inhabited planets.

And you, Space Angel
and your little friend

have brought us the
means to deliver them.

- Your spaceship, the Starduster.
- The Starduster?

I see.

If the people of the universe
refuse to pay you tribute,

you will activate the sonite.

Of course.
I will rule the universe.

- I want to see my father.
- Of course, little man.

General, send the
professor to join his son.

We have no further use for him.

In what fashion do you
intend to eliminate us?

Your royal highness.

You are standing directly
over a sonite deposit.

I need only throw this switch
and you will be shattered

as the waves pass through
you to the tower above.

Professor Kendall!

Johnny, my son.

- Dad!
- You found me.

A touching reunion indeed.
Too bad it must end so soon.

You get that, Taurus? Aim for the
ball at the top of the tower.

But don't fire until
I give the word.

I Skipper.

You have been most
helpful, professor.

But your usefulness has ended.

Now Taurus.

The tower has been hit.
Don't throw that switch!

You have actived the sonite.
and the load control is destroyed.

The activator is still going

Quick, we must get out.
The whole planet will explode.

- That's right, we only have seconds.
- Grab a spacesuit, professor.

Taurus, Crystal.
Stand by the blast off.

I, Skipper.

Quick, look to the viewer.

Oh, by.
Gimile Gollie!

- I wonder if queen Zara escaped.
- I don't know Crys.

But our mission is accomplished.

If I knew who you were, Space Angel.
I could thank you properly.

That's right, dad. But no one
knows who the Space Angel is.

All well that ends well.

Be sure and see the next exciting
story with Scott Mcleod.

Space Angel.

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