Southcliffe (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Light Falls - full transcript

As the news breaks that fifteen people have died in the shootings David drives to Southcliffe, telling colleague Anthony the town holds bad memories for him. In the days before the violence broke out Claire Salter, social worker to Stephen's mother Queenie, notices his isolation and suggests he socialize. Though they have a daughter Anna, shortly to leave home for university, Claire and husband Andrew consider IVF for a second child as Claire has difficulty conceiving. Pub landlord Paul Gould, to the disgust of his brother Geoff, is having an affair with a younger woman who wants them to leave Southcliffe though he refuses. Later he will discover that his family will be among Morton's victims. Claire is also worried when Anna, out jogging, fails to answer her mobile phone.

And now the shipping forecast,
issued by the Met Office

on behalf of the Maritime
and Coastguard Agency

at 05:05 on Wednesday
2nd November 2011.


Wake up. There's someone
in the house.


Oh, shit! Shit!

Where was it you're from again?

Nowhere you'd want to go. Why?

Well, there's something
I think you should see.

It's nothing, just the usual
domestic nonsense, isn't it?

No, I'm not sure about that.

The police saying anything?
Not yet.

Right, I think you'd better
get yourself up there.

Er... I'm not sure I'm your boy
for this one, Madge.

Oh, left a trail of broken hearts?

Just... send someone else.

You don't really mean that, do you?

You know you're not supposed
to be up here. Jacqui!

It stinks.
It's delicious, isn't it?

It's cigarettes.

It's opium, mostly. Jacqui?

Are you going on an assignment?
Yeah. It's top secret.

Will you be on TV again?

Hey, come on now. Granny needs
your help downstairs.

So, you're going to Southcliffe?


You going to be all right up there?

Wasn't given much of a choice.

OK. Got tweets coming in.

"Sure I heard gunfire just now.

"Police told us to stay indoors.
What's happening?"

Message them back. Set up an account.

Say you're a neighbour. You've seen
a gunman through the curtains.

Good idea.

Hey, so, er... there's no actual
cliff in Southcliffe.

Weird, isn't it?
Huh! Oh, it's weird all right.


Hi, Suzannah.

Er... I... Half an hour, I reckon.

What's the score?
Er... how many?


Yeah. He's still on the loose.

I think we've got another
Whitehaven here, mate.

They release a name? Yeah,
um... have you got a name yet?

Yeah. Morton, Stephen Morton.

Su...? Oh, fuck, lost her.

Morton? Mm.

Mean something to you?

Stephen Morton?

Yeah, I remember the name.

Queenie? It's me. It's Claire.

Be up in a second.

Just making you lunch, Queenie.
Let's get you changed.

I missed you, Mary, love.

It's Claire.

There we are. Come on.

Come on, now. I lost me feet.

Oh, no, you haven't. They're
there on the end of your legs,

where you left them.
Oh, you're hurting me!

No, no, no, I'm not.

There we go. Come on.

Hold on tight to me.

That's it, come on.

There we are.

There we are.

It's all right, Queenie. Claire?

There we are.

Lend us a hand, Stephen.
What's going on?

There we are.

Watch out. Stephen...

No, you'll hurt her.

Ow! It's fine, Stephen.

Let go of her, Claire.
You're hurting her.


There you go. There you go.

Oh. Oh.
Don't touch her hair!

Why don't you get some fresh sheets?

And a nightie.

I feel like a dead pigeon.

I thought we agreed
you'd come in for a chat.

There's no point,

cos then you'd just send a different
person round each week.

Most of them don't even
speak English.

Well, you're entitled to benefits.

We do all right.

You shouldn't have to look
after her like this.

She's my mother, Claire.

I know, Stephen.

But you need your own life.
You want to go out and that...

I do go out.
And meet people.

You just want to poke
your fucking nose in, girl.


I'm sorry, Claire.
I shouldn't have said that.

I care about your mum. Mm.

And you. Mm.

Be sure she drinks enough water.

I feel tired, Claire.

Yeah, me too.

Lucy, your breakfast's ready!

Eurgh. Your beard water's like soup.

Shall we feed it to Emily?
Shall we?

Only kidding.

She has milk.


Blood! Ah.

Blood! Mum!
Dad's got blood all over him!

It's nothing, Lucy.

Should have used
a proper razor, then.

It is a proper razor.

You, breakfast.

You OK?

I'm fine.

You know we don't need
to do the stove this morning.

Yeah, we do, or they'll freeze.

I'll sort it.

I'm really fine.

It's just it had this really sweet
uterus shape to it.

I'm just going for a run!


Terrible sleep.

Horrible dreams.

You were squeaking all night.

If I get any hotter,
I'll burn the place down.

You are hot.
Don't be nice.

It makes me want to cry.

She wants to leave home.

What for?

To travel.

I don't know. Waste time.
Have a gap year.

She's a bit young, isn't she?

Oh, I don't know.

Do you want some help with that?

Hi. Hey. Listen, I've decided.

I'm going to take all of Raymond
Chandler on the trains with me.

I'll tear out the pages as I read
them and throw them out the window.

I don't expect they'll notice,
with all that litter out there.

Did you speak to Dad?

Yeah. He thinks you should
finish your studies first.


The truth is,
he can't wait to get rid of you.

You and your hormones.
Mm, they aren't mine.

I quite like the idea
of having a little sister.

Oh, you do, do you? Yeah.

Mwah. You're all sweaty.

Hello, trouble. Hi, Dad.

See you later.
Bye. Bye.

- I'm worried about a few things.
- Ask away.

I worry I won't produce any eggs.

I worry someone's going to drop
the Petri dish with the embryos,

and it's all a waste.

I worry that I might kill someone.

Probably my husband.

I think IVF makes it a crime
of passion.

That's good.

This is our second try.
Our chances are halved, aren't they?

Mm, statistics are tricky.
You know best how you feel.

But I don't.

Yeah, but you know
if you feel up to this, love.

Morning, everyone.

Morning, Commander. Morning.

Is that him? Yeah.

I saw a Strider last night. Oh, I
didn't think they were real, Lucy.

It was looking in my window.

I think you were dreaming,
baby doll.

Sorry about this, Steve.
Lucy, stop scaring yourself.

Come on, get your coat.
We can't be late.

Now, there's a picture.


Um... you plastered over
the brickwork?

Mm. The plate you fitted is OK.
It draws fine.

Well, I wanted to keep
the original shape.

Like a uterus, isn't it, Sar?

Well, I just wanted it restored.

Knock it all off, start again?
Sorry, mate.

We need it working by
this afternoon

and, um... can you put down some
dustsheets or something, Stephen?

Mate. Chubster.

Oi, don't call me that.

You all right, darling?
Yeah, good, thanks.

Hey, all right.
Uncle Geoff!

Hey, who's this? Give us a kiss!

Mwah! Rosie's dying
to see you, Mouse.

Come on, then. Let's go.

And Micki? Cheers, love.

I hope it all goes well. I don't
mean well. I mean... I don't know.

I just... I hope
everything's all right and...

You OK there? Yeah.

All right. Carry on, Commander.

Hey. Annie.


Oh, yeah, nice one, Geoff.

Hey, big brother weren't going to
let anyone else muscle in, was he?

Well, I, er... could have done more.

Yeah, you could have.



Oh, Jesus. Look at that.

Don't you want it?

It's not him, is it?

Him and Mum, they're just... gone.

No, I'm not sure about that.
I think...

I think the old boy's around,
you know?

No, he's not.

Just looking for some kind
of closure.

We're not fucking Yanks, Geoff.


Let's dance.

You all right? I thought I was.

You're doing great, you know.

Yeah, you too.

You're doing fine.

I need to escape
for a little bit, all right?

Yeah. See you later.

Oi, where are you off to,
mate? Just getting some air.

Yeah, well, you let me come
with you.

Look, you're fucking
everything up.

You've got everything
and you're fucking it all up.

Fuck off, Geoff.

"Fuck off, Geoff."

I just want us
to get away from this place.

I like this place.

It's so boring.

As soon as I graduate,
I'm out of here.

I'll miss you.

Don't say that.

Look, now's just not the right time.

All right.

All right, I'll do it.
I'll take you away.

I promise.

I thought he didn't want to play.

Well, he's changed his mind.

He hasn't got a mind.

She's enough, isn't she?

She's leaving. India.

She'll come back. Unless amoebic
dysentery gets her first.


It's not the oil. I already checked
it. I think it's electrical.

I'll take it in later. I'll do it.

Good morning. All right?

All right, Micki?
Bit of a mess in there, love.

No worries. Lucy, get in.

Give us a kiss, then, Mouse.

Go on.

Seatbelt. OK?

I, um... I slept downstairs.
Didn't want to wake you.

Do I see you tonight? Yeah, sure.

Look, I can't keep this smile
going much longer, Paul.

It's OK. It's OK. It's over.

Are you sure about that?

You need to order some more
of these.

HHey. Ha-ha! Hello, Rosie.

Come on, darling. In you get.
Come on. Give us a kiss.

See you later.
Have a good one.

Why doesn't Annie like me?

Because you're a bit of a cunt.

Is that what she says?
Annie would never use that word.

Never? Well, special occasions.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Send him, send him!
Bury it! Bury it!

Geoffrey, the fucking bungle!


Fellas, just... just remind me...

It was a nutmeg, wasn't it?

Yeah, it was a nutmeg.

I did put the ball
through Geoffrey's legs...

Yeah... and score the winning goal.

Yeah, but where was the defence?

Where was the defence?
Fucking nowhere.

He had no chance.

No keeper in the world
would have saved that.

Let's have a look, let's have a
look. Look at that, look at that.

Look, look, look, look, look.
Oi, look.

We all down the pub?

I'll see you later. Bye.

Wait! Wait, where you going?


No, mate, sorry.
You have to turn back.

I... I live in Southcliffe.
What's going on?

I'm sorry, sir, but we've got
an incident up the road.

Wait. That's my wife's car reg.

Why have you got my wife's
car reg written on your hand?

Your wife? What's happened?

Can you just wait here
a moment, please, sir?

No, no, mate.
I'll get someone who can...

I can't wait here. Excuse me!

Why have you got my wife's car
number written on your hand?

Excuse me!

Excuse me, mate!
Why have you got...?

Sir, wait there.

Why have you got my wife's car number
written on your hand?!

I don't understand what's happening.

You caught us on the hop,
Paul, turning up like that.

Er... hello, Jo. This is Joanne,
your liaison officer.

Your brother's on his way.

I just... I just don't... I just want
to understand what's going on.


a man's been going round,
shooting at people.

What's that got to do with me?

It looks like he fired at your
wife's car.


We don't know yet.
We're looking into that.

I... I don't understand.

Paul, the, er... the car
was a fireball in seconds.

Well, couldn't you put it out?
We... We tried.

Are you sure you want
to hear all of this right now?

Yes, I want to hear all this.
It took a long time.

I'm sorry, Paul.
There have been fatalities.

A woman and a child.

There are three of them.

We can't be sure about
anything else yet. I'm sorry.

Can I see them?

I...really wouldn't advise that,

I should have just taken her
car in for service.


They've all gone. They've gone.

It's going to be all right.
They've all gone, Geoff.

It's all right.
It's going to be all right.

It's not going to be fucking
all right. Nothing's all right.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Yeah, the satnav is down.
There's no signal.

Yeah, don't worry. It's this way.

Do you get back much?

Er... no.

Hi, there. Press trying to get
through to the quay.

Sorry, sir. You have to go
right round the creek.

Really? Sorry, sir.

Oh. OK, thank you.

We can cut down here.

I used to run down here
all the time as a kid.

Happy memories?

Not really, no.

My, er...

father was killed in an accident
at the power plant up there.

I was ten.

What happened?

The management cut corners.
There was a, um...

fracture in the pipeline.

Seven men died. Dad was one of them.

And, er... in his absence, they very
kindly put the blame on him.

Said it was his fault.


Sorry, mate. That's a tough break.


Yeah, it was.

Yeah, good people.

'15 people have been killed and 20
injured by gunman Stephen Morton,

'who opened fire in
Southcliffe earlier today.

'The first two fatalities
were in Stock Hill,

'before the gunman headed south
shooting people at random.

'The tragic and horrific series
of events

'were brought under control
by Southcliffe Police Force,

'in what's been described
as an unparalleled operation.

'The killing only ended when Morton
made off on foot across the marshes

'to hide in a storm drain,
where he took his own life.'

# Some day you will find me
caught beneath the landslide

# In a Champagne supernova
in the sky

# Some day you will find me
caught beneath the landslide

# In a Champagne supernova

# A Champagne supernova... #

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

No, no!

They're good mates.

But every one of them's thinking,
"Thank fuck it's not me."

You come and stay with us.

I spoke to Annie,
and she's fine with it.

Who's going to feed the cat? Cat?

Someone's got to.

You need to sleep, Paul.

She's up early.

I'm off for a run!

Do you have to wake the
whole house? Claire.

You let her do anything.


When do you get too old
to start again?

Or change? Or... anything?

You're not too old.

I don't mean old.

You're just feeling low.

I'm tired, Andrew.
It's doing me in.

Listen. No. Don't say it.


Oh, morning.

Oh, yeah, this is the Marshall case.
Oh, thank you very much.


'You have three new messages.'

'It's Terry, Claire.

'Sorry to bother you, but Kate's
meals-on-wheels didn't arrive.

'Again. Can you chase them up?'

'Message deleted.'

'Hi, Claire, it's Jo. How about a
natter over a sandwich at lunch?

'Unless I get that flight
to Barbados.

'All right, cheers.
Speak to you later.'

'Message deleted.'




'I, um...

'need to speak to you.'





Oh, my God.



Queenie? Queenie!


'Keep everyone inside.

'Everyone to stay indoors until
we have secured the situation.'

All right, everybody, inside!

For your own safety, inside now!

Fast as you can. Come on,
quick as you can, please.

In here. That's it.

Quick as you can. Thank you.

Claire? Andrew?
Come and find me, Andrew.

No, no, I...
They're not letting us out.

What about Anna? Is she with you?

I can't hear you.

I can't hear you! Please.

Claire. I can't hear... Claire!


'Hi. Namaste.

'This is me. Leave a nice message.'

Anna? Anna, it's Dad. Listen.

If you're inside, stay inside.
Don't go out, OK?

Call me when you get
this message, all right?

Love you.

'Hi. Namaste. This is me.'



Oh, please. Please.

'Hi. Namaste.'

Oh, please, please, please!


'Hi. Namaste.' No, no, no.

'Hi. Namaste.' Please.


'Hi. Namaste.'

Please, please!

'Hi. Namaste.'


Hello, boys. Hi, Suzannah.

What's happening, Suzannah?

Morton managed to evade
the police for hours.

They lost him in the marshes.

They finally got him cornered
in the storm drain down here.

This is as close as you can get,
unless you want to row out there.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

The police are saying, if you see
this man, do not approach...

Who's that? Couple of stringers.

It's low tide.
They'll be stuck there for hours.

Ooh, you native son, you.

Ah, six fingers and toes.

Anybody ask why yet?
Kids called him names.

He defrauded social security.

Who knows? You're the local.

Yeah, we'll do a stand-upper
over there. Hi, Andy.

Hi, Dave.
How are you, Suzannah?

Good. You? Yeah.

There's a gunman on the loose.

You good to go?
Can you say vigil?

Yeah, vigil's good.

OK, are you ready? OK.


Oh, my.

I'm here in Southcliffe on
a quayside crowded with locals.

This solemn vigil is the final act...

in a tragedy visited upon
this small market town today.

People are in a state of shock.

Everyone has questions, questions
that can only be answered by one man,

Stephen Morton,

who is today responsible
for more than ten deaths,

and many more seriously injured.

Out there on the marshes,

Morton's bloody reign of terror
is about to come to an end.

Are we good? Was that all
right? That was great.

You OK with the sound of
the chopper? Oh, that's fine.

- Anywhere I can get a coffee?
- Yeah.

You want me on?

Right, I'll call Madge, get a line
up. We should do a live feed.

That was definitely a gunshot.

I think they got him.

Right, David, we got the go-ahead.

Just wait a sec.

What do you want to wait for,
the autopsy?


We should, um... wait
for official confirmation.



Are you with us?