South of Nowhere (2005–2008): Season 2, Episode 12 - Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden - full transcript

Aiden's feeling the pressure of the different women in his life.

Previously on South of Nowhere

This time it's not about you and your mom.

Yeah, you guys are doing great.
What next? A parade?

You know, maybe
you're just a little bit jealous.

You still have feelings for Aiden.

Give it some time,
she'll burn you too.

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I'm
her little gay science experiment.

You think they're best friends?

What's this?

- I am in love with you.
- Spencer, that tape was ancient ok?

What don't they just get back together
and put us all out of our misery.

We're the opposite of free.
Everyone's in our business.

I don't like feeling jealous.


Madison, hey. How are you?

Ok. I just needed a little time, you know,
a lot of stuff going on.

So... so you're coming back to school?

Oh, yeah, on Monday.

Do you think you could eat lunch with me?

Just when I get back,
just to keep the buzzards from circling?

Sure. Ok.

- Alright, take care.
- Bye.

- Hello.
- Hey, what are you up to right now?

Just getting dressed.

I have a favor to ask you,
but only if you have time.

Yeah, what do you need?

Do you think you could come at the
auditorium after you're done with the gym

- and help me paint some loose and flats?
- Yeah, I mean I'll try.

Ok, thank you. Goodbye.

Hey Hi.

You left it here last night?
I don't think so.

Oh yeah, yeah.


Alright, so I guess I'll see you soon then.

- See you soon. Alright, bye Spencer.
- Spencer?

What did she want?

- She left her math book here.
- Does she know I'm here?

I don't know. You can ask herself.
She'll be here in a couple minutes.

Yeah, that'll be great. Hey Spencer.

I came over to talk to Aiden about how
things are weird between you and I now.

- She'll love that.
- Look, what was I supposed to do?

I don't know, tell her
you'll give her the book later.

Aiden, things are just weird
right now between her and I.

Because of her parents always
wanting family time and then

she saw that tape of you and I and...

I don't know, it just feels...

- I do love her, you know.
- I know.


- I saw your car outside...
- Yes...

I came over to talk to Aiden cause
he's having problems with Kyla still.

- Yeah.
- Alright, well, I'll leave you guys talk.

Thank you. Spencer!

Spencer, don't.

These girls are driving me crazy.

See, it's why I don't keep
girls as friends. Alright?

- There's too much talking, and talking...
- And all at the same time.

Look, it's simple bro. You have Kyla,
who is a hottie who wants you.

You just have to get out from in between
the two girls who don't.

Yeah, maybe but I just...

What? Oh ok. Well then,
if you don't, then I will.

She just needs help painting sets right now.
I mean, I'm there, I can paint.

- So can I.?
- Really?

Then go paint!


Dude, I didn't mean right now.
I still need you to spot me.

That girl can spot. She shoots
like she can handle it.


Who's there?

But soft...

What light through yonder window shines?

It is...

It is the east, and...

Juliet is the sun.

- Did I get that right?
- Yeah. Close enough.

I was...

I was thinking. Maybe we could
give us another try.

Oh come on. Whisk, whisk.
You don't beat, it's not a drum.

Ok dad listen. I know you're trying
to help me find my new thing.

But I just don't think
this is it. Because...

I have a lot of other ideas
and none involve a whisk.

I'm just trying to find something fun,
something you don't have to be the best at.

Why? Just because I'm not gonna be
the best at basketball ever again

doesn't mean I can't be good
at something else.

I didn't say that.
It's not what I said.

You know I think you can do
whatever you put your mind to

without have to obsess
over being the best at it.

Hey, I was the best at getting high.

I'm kidding, alright?
I'm kidding.

Well at least, we can kid about it.
Look come on, it's all on the wrist.

Just like this, see?
Just like a good jump shot, ok?

- Just like this.
- Ok. Got it.

Oh man, you're cooking?

- Now, enter the dark side, my friend.
- Help me.

Where are you off to?

Chelsea's. She's keeping the baby.
She hasn't told her parents yet.

It's a nice, cute.
That's your color.

It's nice, goes with your eyes, bro.

- Let me know if you need me, ok?
- Ok.

- Oh tell her we're making a pie for her.
- I'll do. That should cheer her up.

- Alright, have fun.
- Take care.

See you guys.

Great, now I have to share my pie?

These shoes are killing my feet.

I'm not gonna massage them. Ew.
I'm not gonna massage them.

You wanna smell them though?

Get off of me. Get off of me.
- I used to say that.

So the lovebirds are back together?

Oh, you know you can't stay
mad at her for too long.

- It's because I'm so cute.
- No it's because I'm so understanding.

Why are you all dressed up?

- None of your business.
- He does look nice though, doesn't he?

- I do ok.
- Yeah like the camouflage blazer.

Look I don't wear that anymore, alright?
Not after all the abuse you gave me.

Oh my God. Wait,
you mean no more combat Ken?

The outfit that went
from the battlefield to the boardroom?

How about the suit of shining armor I wore
when I helped you and Spencer run away.

Yeah, you wear that a lot for Ashley.

What about the white tux you wore
to prom last year? Not cute Aiden.

You know that was Madison's fault.

So whatever. That was your fault
because you let her dress you.

What are you gonna wear this year?

I haven't thought about it.

Or ask anyone.

I gotta go.

Yeah I gotta go too.
Talk to you later.


- You guys are back together?
- Yeah.

What? are you ok with it?

Yeah, just as long as Aiden and I
can still be friends.


- I don't wanna lose anyone else, you know?
- Yeah I do.

I do.

I don't wanna have to ask her to choose.

What are you talking about?
She's in love with you. I mean...

All the stuff you guys have been through,
you're solid.

But I can't compete with history
you two have together.

Wait, it's not a competition!

Where did this come from?
Did I do something wrong?

No! Look...

If you could just back off,
it would really help, ok?

Because if I lose her,
I don't have anything.

Look, I have my own thing
going on with a Davies sister.

Yeah, I'm confused
about which one that may be.

Whatever! I'll back off and you're gonna see
that you're paranoid over nothing.

Oh it's no big deal.
My parents just thought I needed a break

so they sent me to a spa
in the desert for a few days.

So you feel better?

- I do now.
- Good.


People look at us.
They really like us together.

I was thinking about it
and I just wanna say we're ok.

So... I'll take you back.

Madison, we've been here, alright?
And it didn't happen.

Sweetie, if you wanna play
these games, it's fine.

I like games, and there're
some other ones we can play too.

Hey Aiden, I'm gonna get Spencer lunch.
Do you wanna come? It's my treat.

Well, I'm... full, so...


Maybe some other time.

There's something weird
in the air, cousin.

What do you mean?

People are more uptight than usual.
You included, dude.

Ain't nothing to include.
Just letting it flow.

What's up with you and
them boys from Northridge?

I told them to take them busted ass
back up over the hill where they belong.

- So that's it?
- Yup, I even gave them directions.

- What, you on a mapquest now?
- What you my moms now?

Yo, if I was, I'd dress you better.

That's the creepiest thing I've ever heard.

You should have seen her.
It was like...

It was like the lights are on but
there's nobody home but these crazy girls.

I feel so bad.

Why? It's not even like you guys
are friends anymore.

I know, but obviously
Madison's in a lot of pain.

It's not the only one.

Wait, what are you talking about?

I got this tattoo the other day,
and it's still really sore.

Wait, what?

- You wanna see it?
- Yeah, I wanna see it.

Oh my God.

- You're retarded.
- I know. I'm dumb.

- Oh hey, I'm sorry.
- Hey.

- Sorry, I knocked.
- No, don't worry about it.

Can I use that belt you were wearing
the other day?

Yeah, sure. Wait hold on. Look at
this picture of dad. What is that tattoo?

I can't quite make it out.
I thought it might be my name.

Not unless your name is
kill the DJ.

Jeez, he is just a rock and roller.

Yeah, but he flipped out
when I had my tattoo done.

- I thought about getting another one.
- Why don't you?

- I don't know.
- I'd go with you.

- Might even get one with you.
- Really?

It's permanent.

So is having a sister.


- Oh, it hurts.
- But it looks so good.

Oh, those are so pretty.
It looks so cool.

- Did it hurt?
- Oh like hell.

Hey Ash, maybe we should get one.

I don't know Spence. If we get
tired of each other it won't wash off.

I didn't mean like
get our names or anything.

Alright, I'll see you guys later.

- Lunch?
- Yes, lunch.

You know what we could do?
We could get matching bracelets.

Surely huts a lot less too.

Yeah, I'm down for anything
that hurt less these days.

- Where have you been?
- What?

I call you don't pick up.

You eat lunch with Madison and then when
I come over and sit down you walk away.

- Why are you avoiding me?
- I'm not.

You're so full of it.

Last time I checked, I wasn't on a leash.

- Oh that's really nice Aiden.
- What's the matter with you?

You. Pulling this
whole jerk disappearing act.

Now it's like the last year
never even happened.

Look, back off, I'm here ok?
I'm here.

You're so not.

Look, you don't get to have
whatever you want, Ashley.

It's already weird with you and Kyla
comparing notes about me.

And you have Spencer,
so lean on her a little.

What is that supposed to mean?

- Stop.
- Look.

I'm not your boyfriend anymore.

Spencer, wait. Spencer.

- Get away from me. Get away from me.
- Please stop. Please!

- Would you at least talk to me?
- I have nothing to say to you.

Spencer, nothing happened.

Look, I know what I saw and what I felt
all along. Don't treat me like I'm stupid.

I don't think you're stupid.
I love you.

You're not allowed to say
that to me right now, ok?

- Where are you even going?
- Wherever you aren't.

What? What are you saying?

- You're the other woman.
- I am not.

Man could you imagine what it would be
like if you were a girl dating another girl?

All the crying and the chick flicks.
I think I'd die.

No. Spencer makes
Ashley really happy.

Man you're looking like you might be in
trouble,we'd better stop and stretch it out.

We've only been going like two miles.

Look dude, I'm training for the LA marathon,
alright? You gotta pace it out.

Next weekend I'm running with
the women's road runner team. Holla.

I don't know if it's such a good idea to run
a marathon you know with your knee so off.

Hey! I decide how far I can push it.

- Hi mom.
- Hey Mrs. C.

Hey guys.

Glen, are you limping.
You've got to ice that knee.

Ok, Well I'm gonna take a shower.

Alright we'll do it when you come back down.

Aiden you wanna stay for dinner? Spencer
just got home and Arthur's bringing pizza.

- Mom have you seen my Coldplay CD?
- No.

Actually Mrs. C. my family's going out
for dinner tonight, but, you... thanks.

Tell Glen I said bye.

Soon though.


- I'm so glad that I came over.
- You are?

We should stay in bed.
It's still early.

- What is that?
- She's ruining everything.


- Ashley?
- Shh. I'm trying to get her to go to sleep.

She missed her daddy today.

- I need to get some fresh air.
- Ok, don't forget the diapers.

Hey baby where have you been?

- Is this prom?
- No silly, it's our wedding day.

Aidencito, where are you going?
Mira, ya no te me dejas...!

Do you realize how much I lost
in order to be with Ashley?

- Spencer, wait!
- Get away from me.

- Can we just talk about this?
- It's over.

Leave me alone.

Hey Aiden. Come on in.
You're just in time for pizza.

Glen, yo come on man,
we're late for school. We gotta go.

Yeah yeah, ok, ok.
Hold on, I'm almost done.

- What level is this?
- Commando.

You're pretty good at this.

Yup. I could blow away stuff
with the best of them. thumbs of death.

No really you know they actually train
real army officers with this game?

Yeah I know. I talked to this guy
who used to be like a total gamer.

And now he's launching missiles
off of an aircraft career. It's cool, huh?

Yeah, if you like blowing stuff up.

I'll be in the car.

See you in class, man.
I gotta go find Chelsea.

- What's up man?
- What's going on man?

It's hard to believe
our boy is gonna be a proud papa.

I feel sorry for the kid
who's got that boy scout as a dad.

What? I feel sorry
for the kid that's got you for an uncle.

What are you talking about?
I'm gonna be a great uncle!

Ok? Cool uncle Glen. Uncle Glen
who takes him to his first strip club.

Ok what if it's a girl.

Well I'm gonna kill any guy
that comes near her.

- You mean any guy like you?
- Especially like me.

Damned, it's Buzz.

I told you.

Shut up, man. Shut up!


Do you think that?
we can see each other tonight?



Spencer, please.

Look I get that you guys are best friends,

and that you feel like you need
to be able to talk to him.

But don't you care that it hurts me?

I mean, what you have with him,

is that more important to you
that what you have with me?

No. I'm sorry it's just...

Aiden's already been there with me
so it makes it easier.

- Especially when I'm...
- When what?

When I wanna talk to him about us.

I just wish it was easier for you
to come to me.

Spencer, I never meant
to hurt your feelings.

Then why do you?
I don't want any more drama.

You know what I want?

I want you to wear this.
Give me your wrist.

But you can only wear it for today.
Because I wanna take it and get it engraved.

That's sweet.

- With what?
- It's a surprise.




Nothing, I...

I can't.