Soundtrack (2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Track 5: Dante and Annette - full transcript

♪ Tell 'em this boy was made for loving ♪

♪ Tell 'em
This heart doesn't stay to one ♪

♪ I'll be the same
Never changed for nothing ♪

♪ It's all I know
Never learned much more ♪

♪ Mama called me destructive ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Said it'd ruin me one day ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ 'Cause every woman that loved me ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ I seemed to push them away ♪

♪ That's real life ♪

♪ Real life, oh ♪

♪ Real life ♪

♪ Real life, ooh ♪

♪ Mama talking that real life ♪

♪ Real life ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ That real life ♪

♪ Real life ♪

♪ Heaven only lets a few in ♪

♪ Heaven only lets a few in ♪

♪ It's too late for me to choose it ♪

♪ It's too late for me to choose it ♪

♪ Don't waste precious tears on me ♪

♪ I'm not worth the misery ♪

♪ I'm better off when I'm alone ♪

♪ That's real life ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Real life ♪

♪ Ooh, Mama talking that real life ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ That real life ♪

♪ Real life ♪

♪ Real life ♪

You got time for Mario Kart?

Yeah, you're gonna get your ass beat.

never gonna happen.

All right, Barry,
let's get some air on this one.

Put your foot in it.
Keep it together, guys.

That's what I'm talking about.


Keep it tight.


Nice kick.

All right, guys, wake up.

Wake up, give me a good five minutes,

then we'll take a little break.

Very nice.

You keep working this hard,

somebody's going to steal you from me.

Since when does the LAPD
believe in second chances?

The warden had the same ring.

That was a long time ago.

Speaking of the devil,
here's my new warden.

Probably can't believe I'm still here
till the end of the day.


maybe she's keeping an eye
on something else.

We done here?

Yeah, you're good.

See you Monday.

You looking for Moses?

No, I came to pick up this guy.

Leah's gone to a mock trial.

Where you going?

I'm not supposed to be around Bear.

I think we're safe here.

Safer driving hipsters to brunch,
which you should be doing right now.

It's prime time.

Is Uncle D being sad and rude

or defensive and rude?

Hm. See, I thought we could spend
some quality time together.

With you?

No, thanks.

I'm good.

Sad and rude, buddy. Sad and rude.

Come on.

What's this? Y'all don't hear?

We need a list
of all the symptoms of griff.


- Come on, man.
- Grief.

Are you kidding me? You told him too?

You know, people think
the first week after the...

the thing that happened
is the worst week,

but it's not.

It's actually the third week.

When the shock wears off and you realize

that nothing will ever be the same again.

We are going to help you
get through that week.

As long as DCFS doesn't find out.

I don't need your help.

I'm good.

Well, you know, Dante,
you can say no to me as long as you want.

But can you say no to this?

We're with you this week
whether you like it or not,

except when I'm driving.

Wait, does that mean I can skip school?

- No!
- Aw, man!

All right,
let's start with the ten things.

The ten what?

Ten things...

that you loved about Dee.

What kind of S&M shit are you into?


What makes you think
that listing all the that things I loved

about the woman that dropped me
is going to help anything?

Because the stuff you didn't like,

that's easy to move on from.

The stuff you loved...

that's what you need
to get used to not having anymore.

Were there more
than ten great things about Mom?

Papi, there was, like, 600.

But ten's a good place to start.

Talking about those things, did it...

did it help?

I'll let you know when I find out.

But until then, for this week,

we can find out together.

You know one thing I am grieving?

De'Andra knew when to leave me alone.


I never learned that.

...on her nose...

- and I couldn't...
- Oh!

Yo, what's up, man? I hit you back.

I got held up by this guy.

It's cool.

Come on.

There's nothing to worry about.
Carver's a good guy.

Oh, yeah.

Good guys don't exactly have

unlicensed firearms
in their waistband, Dante.

So what, if you have a permit
that makes it okay?

You know, it sounds like a fantasy
from your Echo Park neighborhood watch.

- Blue Lives Matter...
- Thing four.

We lived in the same world.

We're from the same world.

I mean, Dee, we grew up together,

and no one's going to share
that history with me.

You didn't even have that with El.

No, but I got it with him.

If I were to ever lose him...

I'm sorry.

- I'm going to be sorry forever, man.
- Don't worry about it.

DCFS, they did their last home visit,

so there's nothing to be sorry about

As long as you stay away
from your old friends...

I'm not here with them,
I'm here with you.

All right.


Creditors or responses to resumes
I dropped off last week?

- I'm gonna let it go to voicemail.
- Only creditors leave those.

If it's the other one,
you might not get them back.

- Hello?
- I'mma take this one upstairs.


You don't want to get it from Dante.

You big D?

Want to go inside and warm up the Switch?

Go wash your hands first, all right?

You know, my baby sister,
she used to live right here.

This same apartment.

Until she got tossed out.

I had no idea.

I was in for four years.

A lot of shit happened.

See, that's funny.

Because somebody from your crew
called the office,

said that she was dealing.

The office called the cops,
the cops came in...

moved her out.

- I'm surprised you didn't hear that.
- I heard about her dealing.

It's a lucky break then, huh?

Since your cousin needed
a place to stay tonight too.

Yeah, that's how luck works.

That his kid?

Yeah, just like this isn't your house.

Does getting the cops called on you
run in the family?


It's all good.

I just wanted
to come and introduce myself.

I'm sure
we'll be seeing each other around.


I didn't realize you had a friend waiting.

Oh, it's all good, man.

We just rescheduled.

- I'm Cliff.
- Sam.

- Nice to meet you.
- You too.

Hey, I'll call you.

That's a cute kid.

Hey, you was down there long enough.

Was it debit or credit?
Did something happen?

Fuck yeah, something happened.

I just got invited
to an ASCAP conference.

This is an exciting thing?

I mean,
it's not like a writing camp, but...

No, it's a start.



It's like
a performing rights organization.

So they sometimes get songwriters
publishing deals.

They asked a bunch of us
to hole up for a day

and play songs to potential publishers.

I mean, the A&R assistant
must have recommended me...

Ah, shit.

It's tomorrow.

I don't have a plan for...

I'll just tell 'em
to keep me in mind for next time.

What? Primo, are you crazy?

With respect, Primo, you're a nobody.

Okay, nobody ever kept a nobody
in mind for next time.

Okay, it's now or never.
Call 'em back and say, "Fuck yes."

I don't even know what this is,
but even I know that you got to do this.

- I know, but what about Bear?
- We got him.


Ma, Leah, me when nobody's watching.

- You sure?
- Sí.

We're going to keep him safe. I promise.

- Okay.
- Hey.


Uncle Dante! Come on, let's play!

We was out of eggs.


Right, 'cause I went and got some.

How much were they?

Don't worry, warden. I didn't steal 'em.

I didn't think you...

You're up early.

We gotta help Sammy today.

"Have got to."

Take your shower? Yeah, you do.

Don't worry.

I will take care of this morning's repast.


the breakdown of complex molecules
in a living organism

to form simpler ones,

together with the release of energy.

Destructive metabolism.

Now use it in a sentence.

Nobody's ever used that word
in a sentence.

Hey, watch out, Sis.

'Cause your tombstone's going to say
that she didn't know what cata...

- What's it...?
- ...bolism.

"I would like you to both catabolize

into simpler molecules right now."


I used it in a sentence.

Oh, don't forget your grant application.

It's not due till Sunday.

And when do I get to proofread it?

It's Friday.

Your lunch.



Oh, Malik got a shar-pei a few months ago.

His name's Ivan.

Guess I ain't on the family chain.

But, I mean, you can add me though, right?

It's Mom's chain.

If I add you, it would be a thing.

Ask her.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Come on!

Ready for the weekend, little man?

Are you sure this is okay?

Leah will get Barry on his bus
this morning,

Margot will pick him up after school,

he'll spend the night at her place,

and I'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon

and hold onto him
till you get back from Ojai.

Oh, hi!

Ojai sounds fancy.

It's not. We're sharing rooms.

- Everything's fancy in Ojai.
- Oh, hi.

That's what I get for sending you
to a charter school.

Thank you, Annette.

I'll be sure to keep Dante
and Barry separated.

DCFS actually finished their home visits,

so it should be fine.

And Dante's been good.

He's a little down because of Dee,
but maybe keep him occupied.


Who can keep him anything?

You can.

He don't listen to me.

You're the only one he listens to.


He's doing good. I promise, okay?

- Okay, I love you.
- Love you too.



The light out there needs replacing

and we got to get that door oiled again.

A creaking door signals to patrons
faded, not fancy.

Okay, I'll let Benjamin know.

Anything you want to hear today?

I'm feeling 60s,
and I never mean Beach Boys.

- Put that in the office for me.
- Sure. And Leonard is in the bar.

Two's better than one.

He claims he's out of sea bass.

I'm not claiming it,
it's true. I'm out.

Then you go into the ocean
and fish it out like you promised.

You want grouper? I can get you grouper.

Nobody in America wants grouper.

Just the intel.

How much more they paying you?

That new tapas place up on Washington,

how much more are they giving you
for my sea bass?

Five cents a fillet.

I'll give you six,

or we'll have to find another vendor.

It will kill me, but I'll do it.

Only for you, Miss Annette.

Any headway?

I keep running the numbers,
trying to figure out

how they're going to screw us over
by buying this place,

but I can't find anything.

It's a solid deal.

So you're signing.

You've got nothing to worry about.

Your job is safe. Hell, I feel
the only reason they want to buy the place

is because of the way you run it.

They know what an asset you are.

Well, what changes?

Updates to the kitchen,

general decor, staff adjustments.

Everyone changes something
when they buy a house.

You know what I'm saying?

Don't let the gang know
until it's official.


Our white will be a Trebbiano d'Abruzzo.

Soft finish,

not for customers
who like mineral or acid.

The red will be the classic
Poggio Vignoso Chianti.

Let's go over today's specials.

Sea bass!

Thank you, Annette.

♪ All alone
At the end of the of the evening ♪

♪ And the bright lights
Have faded to blue ♪

♪ I was thinking about a man ♪

♪ Who might have loved me ♪

♪ And I never knew ♪

♪ You know I've always been a dreamer ♪

♪ Spent my life running 'round ♪

♪ It's so hard to change ♪

♪ Can't seem to settle down ♪

♪ But the dreams I've seen lately ♪

♪ Keep on turning out and burning out ♪

♪ And turning out the same ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ - So put me
- Put me ♪

♪ - On a highway
- Highway ♪

♪ - And show me
- Show me ♪

♪ A sign ♪

♪ And take it to the limit one more time ♪

♪ You can spend all your time
Making money ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ You can spend all your love
Making time ♪

♪ But if it all fell to pieces tomorrow ♪

♪ Would you still be mine? ♪

♪ - Would you still be mine?
- Ah ♪

♪ And when you're looking ♪

♪ When you're looking for freedom ♪

♪ Nobody seems to care ♪

♪ You can't find the door ♪

♪ Can't find it anywhere ♪

♪ When there's nothing to believe in ♪

♪ Still you're coming back ♪

♪ You're running back ♪

♪ You're coming back for more ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ - Put me
- Put me ♪

♪ - On a highway
- Highway ♪

♪ - And show me
- Show me ♪

♪ Show me a sign ♪

♪ And take it to the limit one more time ♪

♪ One more time ♪

♪ - Take it
- Take it ♪

♪ - To the limit
- To the limit ♪

♪ - Take it
- Take it ♪

♪ - To the limit
- To the limit ♪

♪ - Take it
- Take it ♪

♪ To the limit ♪

♪ One more time ♪

♪ Take it to the limit ♪

♪ Take it to the limit ♪

♪ Take it ♪

Dessert has just been sent to table 23.

- Thank you, Zoe.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God. Annette.

This is way too much.

I just wanted you to know
how much I appreciate

you squeezing Leah into those AP classes
a year early.

Well, you know you are
the most involved parent at Crestone.

Well, she's my brightest and my last,

and I just want to do everything I can
to help her.

Oh, you have done everything.


She's fine. She's great on paper.

It's interesting
that you should bring that up.

I've heard you say that,

but I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

Well, you know, I've been her...

guidance counselor for two years now,

and I just...

I still don't know who she is.

Does she have hobbies?


Well, her passion is for academics,

That's not what Harvard wants to hear.

She's a straight-A student,
has extracurriculars...

Good grades
and extracurriculars are a given now.

These days, schools want something

that students can't get in the classroom
or from a club.

Something that they cultivate
on their own.



Well, we've had a few distractions
at home lately.


Well, let me know
if you need anything else.

Oh, no. No more.

This is perfect.

So good to hear.

You know,

it's not too late
for Leah to discover who she is.

Maybe a lighter workload
would create some room to.

It's just a thought.

You need some grappa.

Oh, that's just what we need.



Do you want to comp anything
besides what we sent them?


Someone's at the bar
asking for the manager.

Thank you.


Even after a full day,
she still looks like that?

They told me you drink
a sherry after work.

I don't drink with customers.

And I got to go back into the kitchen.
They're falling behind.

If you say so.

You think I'm lying?

I think any ship you run is so tight,

they'd only need you
if they caught on fire.

And they would never catch on fire.

The ship isn't as tight as you think.

I haven't slept in a month.

Make that six weeks, four days.

Five by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.

He's doing good.

He's trying.

Doing or trying? Pick one.

You're too hard on him.

I'm too hard on everybody.

Yourself included?

You don't know me.

You don't get to talk to me like that.

And you don't get to tell me
how I can talk to you.


I just found out
my daughter isn't special.

Apparently, my oppressive nature
has made her into an automaton.

You didn't make her anything.

Dante's good.

Leah will be good too.


ease up a little.

I thought I had. I don't know.

So, um...

Saturday's your night off?

You memorized my schedule?

Do I need to call the cops?

You got one right here.

23 years.

They let you off on good behavior?

I let myself off.

Something you should try.

I also don't like being told what to do.

Which is why...

I'm doubling down.

Come out with me tomorrow.

Give Dante a night away from prison.

Let Leah find something she wants to do.

Something of her own.

I say yes, I'm inviting disaster.


Maybe not.

When was the last time

you weren't in control
of how something was going to turn out?

Charge him for the drinks.

You know where I live.
Eight o'clock tomorrow.

♪ You don't love me anymore ♪

♪ Let's see how you like this song ♪

♪ See you walking out that door ♪

♪ Wonder why it took you so long ♪

♪ Ever since the day that I met you ♪

♪ I knew you were the girl of my dreams ♪

♪ But we could never be ♪


You ain't gotta check on me.

Check up on you?
Man, no, I'm calling to complain.

I just spent 24 hours in a hotel room

with three people
I ain't never met before.

We're waiting to be called,
but nobody came.

- Any other cool people at least?
- Who?

You mean the married couple
that filed for divorce

two days before the conference started?

Or the Swedish guy who I'm pretty sure
is pretending not to speak English?

Which I wish I'd thought of
before I met the married couple.

They had sex
when they thought we were sleeping.

So what, that's it?

You'll come home now?

Nah, the organizer asked us
to stay another night.

He promised us
that we would play tomorrow,

so... I'm hoping I can make it work.

What about you, man? How're things going?

It's a dead zone, man.

Leah, she's always working.

My mom got a date.

Moses Martin of all people.

Damn. I go away for one day,
she finds husband number five?

♪ We knew it'd come around ♪

♪ This thing called love
Comes crashing down now ♪

♪ Pieces all on the ground ♪

♪ What once was lost cannot be found now ♪

Tell me one more thing.

Nah, man, that shit was dumb.

No, it's like therapy, D. Come on.

I don't believe in therapy,
I'm a Scientologist. Can I go?

Not until you tell me one more thing.

She used to sing to me
when I would fall asleep.

What'd she sing?

She would make it up.

Usually about my tattoos.

You know, how they're all over my body.

Just dumb shit.
I don't know why I miss it.

Yeah, El used to sing to me too.

Well, look, man, I got to go.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Don't do anything stupid, okay?

I won't.

♪ We find love ♪

♪ We get up ♪

♪ Then we fall down ♪

♪ We give up ♪

♪ We find love, yeah ♪

♪ We get up ♪

♪ We fall down ♪

♪ We give up ♪

Where's that blue dress?

Ooh. That looks terrible.


That's for special occasions.

Isn't this a special occasion?

Huh. She's been on too many dates
to call 'em special anymore.

Which is better?

This one. She looks good in red.


It goes with the dress!

That is not everyday hair.

That there is husband hair.

Maybe you need to wear it to get one.

Did you just say...

You haven't worn this
since you threw out the last one.

His name was Demetrius.

Why are you just gonna let it collect dust
for another six years? You're not.

And what about your night?

Have you finished your grant application?

- Almost.
- What are you going to do after?

It's Saturday night.

Your friends must be doing something.

I'm sure, but...

Why don't you go join 'em?

You're always saying
you wish you had a Saturday.

Go have one.

Are you being real right now?

Do I ever say what I don't mean?

After you finish the application.

And you, don't bother her.

Go on.

Hey, don't worry.

She's nervous too.

I spoke to Margot.

She's going to keep Barry
for another night,

so you got the place to yourself.

I made a reservation.

I made reservations.


Hope they don't mind when you cancel.

What are you doing in your pajamas?
It's not even 8:00.

I don't know.

Mom said go out.

That's like a fucking blessing
from the Pope.

I always have schoolwork.

My clubs, volunteering...

My friends texted me
at the beginning of the year,

but I kept having to say no.

You go away
and everybody forgets about you.

I know.


How did you do it?

Survive all those years in there?

It's easier in there than it is here.

You know, the past don't matter.

Your mistakes got you there, but..

they're made.

It's done.

You know?

Nothing to think about but the moment.

And the future.

Some fucking future, huh?

This ain't no life,
it's a prison with no walls.


Was it the eye twitch thing again?


I just remembered.

I have a friend to hang out with.

Show me!

Come on, finish strong! Get...
Come on, show no weakness!


Oh, my God.

Hey, I bet that's the first C
you ever got in your life.

No, it's not.

Don't tell Mom!

That you get your rhythm
from your dad's side?


Uh. Come on, redo it.

Your phone's blowing up.


Don't be a slave to your phone,
young grasshopper.

If you don't put that shit down,
it's going to control your life.

Look, I'mma go get some more tokens.
Practice your moves.

How many tokens are you going to get?

I am Dante Mendoza,

the Energizer Bunny.

I keep going and going...

Hey, hold up,
I'll be right back, yeah?

Good moves.


- I'm with someone, so...
- Hey, we know.

I'm friends with big D.

Oh, okay, cool.

- So...
- You mind if we hit a round with you?


- I don't know.
- Lay off her, Cliff.

This your sister?


You a little younger than mine.

Maybe you remember her. Rose?

You used to live next to her?

I mean it.

I said back off.

What you going to do? Going to climb me?

- No, don't!
- Come on! Move!

Someone fighting over there! Go!

Whoa, hey!

Chill out, all right? Relax.


How is it?

The bathroom?


It got the job done.

Are the urinals open
or do they have dividers?

I do not know what to say right now.

Is it well maintained?

Is the soap in a dispenser or a bottle?

Why do I feel like
I'm on a sting operation?

This company
is about to buy my restaurant.

So is this a date?

Or a work opportunity?

It's also a sting operation. Don't be mad.


I love it.

Yeah, the soap was in bottles.

But the labels were peeling
and the bottles looked old.

Refillables, the worst.

The urinals were wall-mounted and clean,

but the whole bathroom smelled like
they were piping a scent from somewhere,

like they do in hotels in Paris now.

You've been to Paris.

I try to go every few years.

If this is work,
you're picking up the tab, right?

Do you have lobster?

I can't believe you told them
I was allergic to garlic.

Now I'm basically eating rubber.

It's always good to see
how a place deals with allergies, right?

There you go.

Why'd you quit the force?

Who says I quit?

You got fired?

You don't have to quit or be fired
to leave a job.



Routine robbery.

16-year-old kid.

Could've been my son.

I'd have to work South LA in the 90s.

Sick of white cops

coming into neighborhoods
they couldn't understand.

All the others said,
"There come a point you have to decide:

black or blue."

I was determined that would never be me.


you have all this energy coming at you.

They can't prepare you for that.
It's like a...

a video game.

You stop thinking like a member
of the community and you just...

you just act.

- Mm.
- Something had to slow me down eventually,


so I got out.

Took a few months.

Trip to Paris, and then...

came up with the Wolves.

Real change...

isn't stopping someone
from doing something they shouldn't.

It's creating a world
where they don't feel the need to.

Happy anniversary.

Thirty-five years!

I was a child bride!

Honey, why don't you tell her
the secret to our success?

Get out of the house.

Away from the kids every once in a while.

If you can.

You can if you let yourself.

If they comp this,

that puts them in the pro pile.

Maybe if they tasted it
before they served it.

Is that your rescue text?

You going to pretend there's another fire
in your kitchen and have to go?

It's my son.

The other one, Malik.

We text every morning
and before we go to bed.

Malik, my daughter Nikki, Leah, and me.

No Dante?

Well, we started it when he was inside.

I want to add him, but...

Why does it feel like adding him
means that it's all okay?

Like nothing happened?

All he wants is to be on this.

I heard him talking about it this morning.

He just wants to feel
like part of the family again.

And all I seem to do is want to punish him
for what he's done to it.

I was 16 when I got pregnant.

17 when I had him.

Scared shitless.

So desperate for someone to care about me,
to need me.

His father didn't.

But Dante did.

For eight years it was just us.

Hanging out, playing video games,

even went to school with me.

And then Malik came along, and...

Dante withdrew.


I wish he hadn't gotten out so early.

So he'd be someone else's problem?

I don't sleep at night.

I listen out for him,

to make sure he doesn't disappear again,

to make sure he's home.

I check on him two, maybe three times.

During the day too.

I drive by on my lunch hour,

or pass by when he's with you.

He doesn't have to live with you.

His supervision wouldn't be at risk.

Who else is going to protect him?

Who else would want him?

Look, I know him.

He wants to surprise you.

He wants to make you proud of him.

But how can he? He has no room.

We know different Dantes, Moses.

No, if you hold onto him so tightly,

with such little room for error,

you leave no room for success either.

And if I let go even a little bit
and he fails?

He's not like Leah.

She'll end up at UCLA,
not Yale, if she screws up.

If he screws up, the stakes are higher.

It's his life.

You keep doing what you're doing,

it's both of yours.


Some date, huh?

It's not over yet, is it?

I hope not.

Get the check.

It's almost midnight.

You have a curfew?

I lead by example.

So do I get to see you again?

I'll consider it.

Well, let's consider it over drinks
tomorrow evening.

You think
if you stare out that window long enough,

I'll take your sad face upstairs with me?

This sad faces just wants to watch you
walk up to them stairs.

Chivalry will get you nowhere tonight,
Mr. Martin.

I'm not being chivalrous,

just protective.

All I want is a sign you got in okay.

You want me to flash the lights?

Baby, you can flash whatever you want.

There you go.



Who's up? We are!

Here, boy. Come on.

Can you say hi to Uncle Dante?

Say hi to Uncle Dante.

Say hi.

What did you do last night?

Nobody ask her the same question, please.

Went to the arcade with some friends.

Glad you went out.

This is excellent, by the way.

Only three typos. I am so proud of you.


Thank you for adding me to the chain.

I didn't add you to the chain.

I did.

Hope that's okay.


Everyone, I have an announcement.

I'm not supposed to say anything...

but the truth is...

you're my family.

And, uh...

I can try and control
how you get this information,

or I can do the right thing,

and let you use the information
as you see fit.

The sale of the restaurant is happening.

And there will be changes made.

I got a proposition for you.


You going ring shopping already?

A tip.

Three days till she usually says yes.

What do you think...

about moving out of your mother's place?

She doesn't want to live with me.

- That's not what I'm saying.
- That's what you always say.

Look, sometimes it's better
if you're away from the problem,

rather than stuck inside it.

I was away for four years.

I'm only trying to help.

You're not helping me,
you're trying to help yourself.

And know what? Getting rid of me
is not going to make her like you more.

Yo, big D.

Yo, come here, man.

Hey, you know what?
I'm actually late to get home, so...

Oh, no. Come here.


Carver with you guys?

Nah, Carver laid up, homie.

He got jumped by some guys last night
on his way home from work.

He's not good, man.

Don't know if he's going to make it.

Your boy Cliff came looking for you.

He found Carver instead.

Something about getting jumped
at the arcade?


He surrounded my sis.

So he at the arcade,

at your cousin's apartment,

and following Carver home?

Dude got an agenda.

He not going to stop till he's stopped.

Now you know I'm...

you know, I'm sad to hear about Carver.

I really am torn up about that.

But maybe that's all he wanted,
a little bit of retribution.

You been gone so long,
you forgot how this go.

They know who and where we are,

which means the only way they gon' stop

is if they know that coming back
gon' cost 'em.

You understand that?


You do what you gotta do.

Nah, fam.

You do what you gotta do.

What the fuck is that for?

You think your cuz would be staying
in that apartment if not for what we did?

We did you a favor.

Instead of getting paid back for it,
we getting payback from it.

It's your mess, not ours. Clean it up.

I don't gotta pay you back for shit.

A matter of fact, you owe me.

I lost four years of my life
when you asked me to hold your shit.

All 'cause you heard cops coming.

You knew they was coming.

You probably told 'em to come look for me.

I don't know what kind of life
I have anymore.

But I know it's one
that I need to live away from you.

You don't do this,

you won't have one here or away from me.

Well, seems like Grandma had
a lot of questions about Miss Joanna.

Your dad will have something
to say about that.

Grandma has lots of questions
about everything.



Hola, Mami.

Hey, move over.

All right, you wanna get some work?

Just 'cause you're moms,
don't mean you can't get dusted.

Oh, you in trouble now.

- Look, what you gonna do?
- Oh, damn!

Just grabbing supplies.

Hold on a second.

Mom, what are you doing?

You need to have a summer.

Go be a kid while you can still be a kid.

Hey, Leah, what are you doing with those?

Barry's here. We're going to draw.

Barry? Oh.
I forgot something in Sam's apartment.




Did you go with Leah to the arcade?

You said she could go.

With friends.

Yeah, we're friends.

I'm not her friend,
I'm her goddamn brother.

You lied to me.

Yeah, she did,
'cause of what you're doing,

- 'cause of what you always do.
- Oh, please!

You tell her she can do
whatever she wants,

and the second she doesn't do
whatever you want her to, she's wrong?

This isn't about you going.

It's about you keeping it a secret.

I will not have lies in my house.

Well, then stop making us feel
like we have no choice!

I mean, her fear of disappointing you,
of letting you down?

- She can speak for herself.
- When?

You got her thinking you all changed,

but I see you.

I know you.

Mom, he has changed.

- What the fuck... What are you...
- Yeah?

Now, go on.



Just got out of prison,

and still with this?

Still running with your crew.

Still creating mistrust in my house.

Putting your family in terrible positions,

or worse.


Oh, my God!

No! Barry!

- Bang!
- Put that down!

Don't scare him! Dante!


Barry, hey, um...


What you got there?

I found it underneath the sofa.

It's okay...

Hey, tranquilo.

Take it easy, okay?

You found it in the sofa, okay...

I want you to listen to me.

It's not a toy, okay? This isn't Splatoon.

How about you give...

How about you slowly give it
to Uncle D, okay?


Nice and slow, nice and easy.

Hey, want to give that to Uncle D?

Stay there.

Get that out of here!

- What's going on?
- I was gonna fix it!

It wasn't mine.

So you would just holding it
for someone else.

How'd that excuse
work out for you last time?

I was gonna get rid of it
before Barry got home.

- I didn't know he was home.
- Now you gonna blame Barry?

For finding something
you put in his apartment?

- Annette, calm down.
- Mom, stop.

Neither of you know what he's capable of.

So why don't you tell them?

Clearly you're dying to say it,
so go ahead, say it.

He ever tell you about the time
I found him stashing drugs

in the tank of the toilet?

Or when he jumped that kid
in the courtyard,

beat him so bad
he had to go to the hospital.

Or the times he came home bloody himself.

How about when you ran into the apartment,

made me turn off all the lights
without telling me why.

We had to turn it into a game for Leah.

'Cause the police were looking for you
and we had to pretend no one was home.

But they found me eventually though,
didn't they?

I bet not soon enough for you.

Bet you wish
you'd turned me in yourself.

No matter what I do, how much I change,
you're never gonna let me forget.

How have you ever changed?


you put me out there...

I don't know what's going to happen to me.

D, you're not getting it.

I don't care no more.

♪ Tell me ♪

♪ Is life just a playground ♪

♪ Think you're the real deal, honey ♪

♪ And someone'll always look out for you ♪

♪ But wake up, baby ♪

♪ You're so totally deluded ♪

♪ You'll end up old and lonely ♪

♪ If you don't get a bullet in your head ♪

♪ We'll never get free
Lamb to the slaughter ♪

♪ What you gon' do
When there's blood in the water ♪

♪ The price of your greed
Is your son and your daughter ♪

♪ What you gon' do
When there's blood in the water ♪

♪ When there's blood in the water ♪

♪ Good luck ♪

♪ Good luck in your new bed ♪

♪ Enjoy your nightmares, honey ♪

♪ When you're resting your head ♪

♪ When there's blood in the ♪

♪ Good luck ♪

♪ Good luck in your new bed ♪

♪ Enjoy your nightmares, honey ♪

♪ When you're resting your head ♪

♪ Look me in my eyes ♪

♪ Tell me everything's not fine ♪

♪ Or the people ain't happy ♪

♪ And the river has run dry ♪

♪ - You sold me, sold me
- You thought you could go free ♪

♪ - Sold me down the river now
- But the system is done for ♪

♪ - If you listen here closely
- Tell me ♪

♪ - Is life just a playground
- There's a knock at your front door ♪

♪ - Think you're the real deal, honey
- We'll never get free ♪

♪ - Lamb to the slaughter
- Someone'll always look out for you ♪

♪ Blood in the water ♪

♪ - The price of your greed
- Wake up, baby ♪

♪ - Is your son and your daughter
- You're so totally deluded ♪

♪ When there's blood in the water ♪

♪ - When there's blood in the water
- Good luck ♪

♪ Good luck in your new bed ♪

♪ - When there's blood in the water
- Enjoy your nightmares, honey ♪

♪ When you're resting your head ♪

♪ - When there's blood in the
- Good luck ♪

♪ Good luck in your new bed ♪

♪ Enjoy your nightmares, honey ♪

♪ When you're resting your head ♪

♪ When there's blood in the water ♪