Sorry for Your Loss (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Middle Finger, Thumbs Up - full transcript

Leigh tries to move forward with her life, leading to a confrontation with Danny, who's made sweeping life changes.

My husband's body had been
found near the hiking trail

at the bottom of a 42-foot drop.

He was our family, too.

We're allowed to feel heartbroken.

I hate when people use
the word "condolences."

I hate it when people ask me
if I was close to my brother.

Like they're trying to decide how sorry

they have to feel for me.

When I got diagnosed for depression,

it was one of the happiest days
of my life.

Doctor told me I had a disease
instead of a character flaw.

I wanna believe this
was an accident, but I'm...

I just don't know.

I don't know what you want me to say.

I want you to tell me
if you think he jumped.


I can't hang out with you anymore.

It's just too hard to be around you.

You have to show up for yourself.

What matters is that you do it.

Well, I have to stop
being in pain every minute

of the day, 'cause
I can't survive like this.

You have to go to the scariest place

to find out who you are
and who you're gonna be.

- Hey, Matt, it's me.
- I never really got what

you saw in her, to be honest, man.

But I get it, I guess.
I mean, I... I get how

you fell in love with her 'cause...

'cause I think I am, too.


I thought it was okay
for me to come over.

You invited yourself,
so you forced it to be okay.

The things you said to Matt...

you should just say to me.

What I said to Matt,
I said to him, not you.

Well, now I know,
so why don't... why don't

we just be honest with
each other and deal with it?

[door opens]

You were gone a while.

Well, you have no
parking on your street.

- Found my phone, though.
- Glove compartment?

- Cup holder.
- Ding, ding, ding.

- We have to head out.
- I just got back.

- Yeah, I know.
- I have to be at the studio

at 5:00 a.m.

You can take a Lyft home if you want.

- Oh, no, no, it's okay.
- We can... we can go.


- I'll be outside.
- All right.

[door opens]

- What?
- [groans]

Why'd you tell your girlfriend
I was talking... about her?

Dude, she knew.

You make it obvious
every time we hang out.

Then stop making us hang out.

No, I need you guys to be friends.

- That's not gonna happen.
- Okay, cool, bye, man.

- No, no, no, no, no, come on.
- Don't go, don't go.

I gotta get up early for work, man.

- Well, fake sick.
- I'll fake with my work.

Let's go to the beach.

We can't surf the Gold Coast
if you never learn to surf.

- Uh-huh.
- Tomorrow.

I'm teaching you.
We're doing this.

- No, no.
- A day with a sub

is a wasted day for my kids.

You're always talking
about what lazy assholes

your kids are.
Isn't every day a wasted day?

Uh, well, it's a little
less wasted when I'm there.

Dude, you gotta grind, man.
That's what grown-ups do.

You... you... you bust your ass
and you stick with it

and then you build something
that actually matters.

[voice fades in]
Crazy positives.

Everyone thinks you're a grinder.

The leadership skills
you've been exhibiting...

and I know it's been
some tough times here

the last couple months,
but, uh, yeah... no one here

felt it at all, so, uh, we thought...

this made sense for your year-end bonus.

Check out all those stock options.

[scoffs] I quit.

You what?


[upbeat music]

[both panting]

- Hey.
- Hey what?

I was just wondering if after
this, you maybe wanted to...

Whoa, why are you
thinking about after this?

I was just... if you
wanted to grab food or...

No, I just want to do this.


Is that okay?

That is... that is definitely okay.

That is so much more than okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Are we good on time?
- Yeah.

- My mom and sister are at work.
- Perfect.


[breathing heavily]

Oh, my God.


No, Jules has 20 more minutes of class.

When she gets out,
you need to not be here.

- I won't be in 20 minutes.
- No, no, no...


Hey, Sabrina's got
a conference this weekend.

- Okay.
- So I was thinking maybe

we could get out of town.

Like Ojai or Temecula,

find a B&B, do a wine tour.

Richard, no.

You're a nightmare on vacations.

[laughing] How am I a nightmare?

Well... you only ever
want to have room service

and you're horrible
to share a bathroom with

and you never use the spit bucket...

- Who uses the spit bucket?
- At wine tastings.

People who don't vomit on their
wives at 3:00 in the afternoon.

- You are also a nightmare.
- I am not.

But I still want to go with you.

- [moans]
- So tell the girls you have

a silent meditation retreat
and come away with me.

I just wanna spend some time with you.

- Oh, God.
- And I promise...

- No.
- I'll use the spit bucket.


Five, six, seven, eight.


And pose.

Now give me all that booty.

Okay, that didn't even
register on the Richter scale.

I wanna see tectonic plates.
Let's level buildings, people!

From the top, full out.
Don't hold back.

I know what those
booties are capable of.


Just find a spot
on the floor, anywhere,

just spread out.
So sorry for that wait, ladies.

[upbeat pop music]

- Okay, guys.
- We'll finish

this combo tomorrow.
Great job today, seriously.

Jules, my class starts at noon.

It's five after... oh, no, six after.

- Have a great class, Lacey.
- Thanks.

So you skipped grief group for sex?

- It was my hour.
- I did what I wanted with it.

Do you think you'll go next week?

- I don't know.
- Group used to be

what I needed to get through the week,

but I... I need different things now.

I get it.

I was almost
gonna tell Group about Trevor

but I didn't think they'd understand.

- They wouldn't.
- Honestly,

me a year ago wouldn't have understood.

I would have judged you
for dating someone

and I would've judged myself

for sleeping with my Postmates guy.

- [laughs]
- But I don't care what

that bitch would've thought,
'cause she had no idea

what was coming.

And this is my life

and I'm going to do things
that make me feel good.

To having sex people
would judge you for,

if only they knew about it.



So, wait, uh, Matt's comic
comes out this week?

- Tomorrow.
- That's crazy.

You made his dream come true.

No, Matt made his dream come true.

I just didn't stop bothering
his editor to publish

the unfinished manuscript.

Griffin's dream was
to go to the Grand Canyon.

- That was his dream?
- No, I know.


Uh... we have...

a half hour before class.
You ready?

Your class is very hard
and I'm never ready,

but let me pee and I'll be more ready.


[classic rock music]

What... Top 40 are we
listening to this morning?

I wanna hear.

- One more time.
- [speaking Vietnamese]

Our next phrase is,
"You're welcome."

You tell Mom about your trip yet?

Whenever Mom's involved with anything,

it becomes The Amy Show.

Yes, it does.

Have you looked into flights yet?

I feel like I need
to learn some Vietnamese

before I can even think about flights.

Well, backpackers
go to Vietnam all the time

without learning how
to speak the language.

Yeah, but for those backpackers,

it's just a vacation,

and for me it's going back to the place

I was born, so... I just wanna be ready.

I've been, uh, waiting
for you both to tell you

this thing that's really cool.

- Oh, what cool thing?
- I love cool things.

My student Crystal
is friends with Britt Dillon,

who owns The Sweat on West 3rd
and Crystal showed

her Instagrams of my class.

And now this lady's coming

to my class tomorrow
and if she likes it,

I think she's gonna ask me to teach

for her on Tuesday nights.

Oh, my goodness, that's great, Jules.

I wanna hug you before
you get too famous!

I'm so proud of you.

Okay, even if I get too famous,

I'll tell my bodyguards
to make an exception for you.

I really appreciate that.

I'm... gonna head out.

- You gonna see Matt's comic?
- Mm-hmm.

- Want us to come?
- No, I'm good.

- Welcome.
- Hi.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

What do you think?

So is the idea that
it's just, like, uh...

it's a mix of freestyling and posing?

Um, there's also sexy
walks and butt dancing.

My students like expressing themselves

and making the combos their own.

Also, most of them aren't good enough

to do actual choreography.

Oh, got it.

[music stops]


- I think it's really good.
- I like it, it's fun.

I... I just feel like you have
this crazy opportunity tonight

and... you should just,
like, bring your A-game.

What game do you think
I'm bringing right now?

I don't... it's, like,
somewhere in the B range.

- The B range.
- Okay, Jules,

you asked me what I thought.
Do you want me to tell you

it's perfect or do you want
me to tell you the truth?

I thought they were
gonna be the same thing.


Don't you need to go
to your silent retreat?

- Uh, that's later tonight.
- What's going on?

Apparently I have to redo
my whole class in two hours.

Jesus, Jules, I didn't tell
you it was in the F range.

A B and an F are the same
thing, everybody knows that.

- Sweetheart.
- Um, if you're not ready,

I'm... I'm sure that
this woman can reschedule.

I... I'm ready.

Look, I'm just gonna
redo the combo, okay?

- Okay.
- I have to go meet Drew,

but Jules, hey.

I was really just trying to help.

- I know.
- I just needed a second

to process and... you're right.

This is a B.
It needs to be an A.

And you've got this.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, you got this.

- Yeah.
- Okay, see you later.

See ya.


And we are...

- published.
- Yay.

I think dumb quizzes are your calling.

Please don't ever say that again.

You're my best dumb quiz writer.

I wanna be your
best smart, real writer.

[laughing] We don't have smart,

real writers on our site anymore.

No, no, no, no.
It's just sad,

pandering clickbait.

But can't you,
like, Trojan Horse pieces

so that they look like
clickbait on the outside,

but they're actually really
smart when you read them?

No, I can't, because
I edit 50 posts a day

and I'm an empty husk of a human.

But our beauty vertical is expanding,

so if you wanna write,
like, a makeup review

that takes down
the patriarchy, be my guest.

Yeah, okay.

Send me makeup.
I'll give that a try.


Don't spy on me.

Don't text Danny.

I just...

I haven't heard from him in a while

and I don't know what's going on.

- I do.
- He's in love with you

and he feels appropriately
terrible about it.

- No, he's not.
- He's just in...

so much pain right now
that he doesn't know

what he's feeling,
which I get 'cause that was me

for, like, the last six months.

Yes, it was a stupid voicemail.
It didn't mean anything.

- Okay.
- Didn't mean anything.

- Look, can I just say...
- Mm.

I feel like...

Matt's phone has
only brought you trouble

and that maybe you should put it away.

I like looking at his
photos and videos before bed,

'cause it helps me fall asleep.

Oh, you shouldn't be looking
at anyone's phone before bed.

'Cause the blue light
and the LED screens.

Also, you realize it's the 21st century

and you can put anything
you want from Matt's phone

- on your computer, right?
- Yeah, I know.


What is this really about?

It's not really about anything.

I'm good.

I'm fine,

I'm moving forward with my life.

And you have more of my quizzes
that you need to edit

'cause people need to know
which Taylor Swift song

best describes how they
lost their virginity.

- I'm using that.
- Great.

Okay, back to editing.

- Don't text Danny!
- I'm not gonna text Danny!

[knocking at door]

[muffled television]

Uh... is...
is Danny around?

- Oh, no.
- We apartment swapped.

You what?

We're subletting from each other.

- Oh.
- Yeah, I wanted to be closer

to work and he wanted
to live by the beach.

- Okay.
- Craigslist is awesome.

You know, people always talk
about the serial killers,

but there's other stuff, too.

Yeah, I don't... I don't
think Danny's a serial killer,

but I haven't seen him
in a while so you never know.

Have a good one.


- We gotta... we gotta surf soon.
- Let's... let's get on this.

Yeah, I know, uh,
it's just been so busy,

but, um... I don't know.

We'll... figure out a day.


Hey, you know,
Leigh's always been wanting

to learn how to surf.
Maybe you could teach us both.

Stop with the Leigh already, man.

She's actually trying
and maybe if you tried too...

How 'bout I just stay
out of you guys' way until

the two of you break up and then you get

a new girlfriend that I actually like?

That's not happening.

Here's what's happening.

I'm gonna ask Leigh to marry me,

so you need to figure
out a way to like her.

You... no.

Don't do this.

She's gonna ruin you.

Leigh's going to be in my life.

I want you to be in my life.
You need to figure out

how to have a relationship with her.

[dance music]

So what's your deal?

Let's see, I quit my job,
got a motorcycle,

and I went on Tinder
and swiped right on a girl

holding a baby llama.
Here we are.

His name is Lima, 'cause
that's where llamas are from.

- That's awesome.
- You're awesome.

[phone buzzing]

Do you need to get that?


You have reached
the voicemail box of...

Danny Greer.

At the tone, please
record your voice message.

[line beeps]


We said we weren't
going to hang out anymore.

You didn't tell me you were never going

to speak to me ever again.

It sucks that we were
in each other's lives

and now you've dropped
off the face of the earth.

I think... I think it sucks.

And you know who else
would think it sucks?

Matt would think it sucks.
He would hate it if he knew

you were doing this to me,
so why don't you just

think about that
the next time you decide

to ignore all of my messages.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

What's going on?

Well, Jules has this great opportunity

and she's really excited, but...

I have this horrible feeling that

it is not gonna turn out
right and I am so afraid

of what is gonna happen
when she gets her heart broken.

And Leigh says that she's moving on,

but it's only been
six months so, I just...

They need me and I can't leave them.

- Okay, okay.
- They need you, I get that.

But, Amy...

what do you need?


- Okay.
- You guys got this.

Let's just take it from the walk, walk.

In five, six, seven, eight.

Walk, walk, step, step,

passé, and look.


Great, let's just keep going.

Circle, two, back, four,

and five, down six, fan, kick.

Are we not doing any
of the combo from yesterday?

You guys are just doing so awesome,

I thought I'd kick it up a notch.

I thought what we
did yesterday was good.

Oh, I did, too, but... this'll be good.

It'll make more sense
when I put it to music.

♪ ♪

In five, six, seven, eight.

Step, flick.

[music stops]

- I can't do this.
- I know, me neither.

Okay, uh...

good job, you guys.
Let's just break it down.

I'll go really slow, I promise, okay?

[dance music]

That voicemail you
left me was messed up.

- Well, it was the truth.
- Your truth, not mine, Leigh.

I don't wanna hear you talk about what

Matt would have or wouldn't have wanted

when we both know
he wouldn't want any of this.

Well, I think Matt would've wanted us

to look out for each other.

The person who made
us in-laws is dead.

We're not family anymore
and we've never been friends.

I still think that we're
something to each other.

What if I don't wanna
be something to each other?

What if I'm trying
to move on with my life,

but I keep not knowing
what's going on with you

and I just need to know you're okay,

so that I can get on with everything?

What about that?

I don't wanna always be texting you.

How about you just sometimes text me?

I don't want to have
to think about what to say.

You don't have
to think about what to say.

Just, like...
Why don't you send

me an emoji?
I'll send you one back.

That way you know I'm okay
and I'll know you're okay.

I'll think about it.

- What is there to think about?
- It's an emoji.

Dude, I am asking you for so little.

Hey, you wanted
to have a conversation.

Now we've had it.
We're done here, Leigh.

Good night.

You haven't left for your retreat yet?

- I canceled last minute.
- You want some tea?


[phone dings]

I have a weird question.

Oh, that's my favorite kind.

- Will you cut my hair?
- Me?

You did it for me when I was little.

- And you hated it.
- You always wanted

to go to a real person.

You're a real person and I would like

you to cut my hair.

- Why?
- It's...

been six months since
Matt died and they say you

grow half an inch every month.
So that's, like, three inches

of grief hair and I don't
want it on my head any more.

And I don't want a stranger to cut it.

[door opens]

- How was class?
- Not great.

Are you okay?

No, but I'm hungry.

Are you making cookies?

That's for you.

You bought me cookie dough.

Well, I think if there
was a salmonella outbreak,

we'd know about it.

Or you bought me cookie dough

because you knew I was
going to tank my class.

- No.
- No, no, no.

I was... I was just at
the supermarket and, um...

I... I... well, I thought it could be

celebration cookie dough
or consolation cookie dough.

I've never eaten
cookie dough to celebrate.

I've only ever eaten it to hate myself.

- Sorry.
- Mom was just trying

to do something nice for you.

Didn't work.

Hey, Jules.

Tonight didn't go your way
and I'm sorry,

but that is not Mom's fault or mine.


Actually, I think it's mine.

I trusted you and I should've
maybe trusted myself.

But I can't stop seeing
myself through your eyes,

this idiot child who is always
going to screw everything up.

And the longer I stay here,

the less I'll be able
to see myself any other way.

Where are you going?

- Richard and Sabrina's.
- When will you be back?

I'm not sure I'm coming back.

[door shuts]


So Richard texted and said
that Sabrina and Jules

had been up all night talking

and apparently...

she's asked if she can stay there

until she gets a place of her own.

I mean, do you think this is real?

I don't know... I...

I feel like she's
just figuring things out

and we need to let her.

So, sure about this?

- Oh, yeah.
- I am ready.


[soft dreamy music]

I don't know if it was
an accident or a choice,

but whatever the hell
it was, it was stupid.

It was just stupid
because you had everything.

You had Leigh.

I never really got what you
saw in her, to be honest, man.

But I get it, I guess.

I mean, I... I get how
you fell in love with her,


because I...

[gentle music]

I know Christmas might
be hard, but it's a time

for the whole family to come together

and, you know... Team Shaw.

- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna jump in the pool.

Do it.

- He was...
- in my dream last night.

- Matt?
- It was really nice

to laugh with him again.
It felt really real.

Do you dream about Matt?

'Cause I don't anymore.

Is there a way that you can

make your mind dream about someone?

You're hoping that Matt's gonna come

and visit you on your plane.

But if you wanna see him,

you're gonna have
to find him on his plane.